Welcome. My name is Rose Longworth.

I immigrated to the US in my 30’s from Ireland where I was born. I chose to study and become a counselor because I love hearing people’s stories and helping them understand themselves better. I have a Masters in Counseling and am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). I studied at both JMU and EMU in Harrisonburg, VA where I raised my three lovely children.

My interests are in dreams and their interpretation. I have been recording and studying my dreams since I was 21. Along with studying to be counselor, my undergraduate degree was in art and creative writing. I have been interested in mandalas throughout the years, using a circle form in which to color and get in touch with the unconscious psyche.

My inner work at this time has led me to develop an artistic tool to interpret the wisdom of dreams through drawing and writing. I have created a Dream Leaflet that anyone can use to engage with his or her unconscious. The emphasis is on using the right side of the brain to increase sense of well being and security.

I have a daily meditation practice that is the center of my spirituality. It includes yoga, singing, chanting, as well as stillness.

On my blog, I will be writing about my thoughts, prayers, blessings, inspired during and after meditations in the mornings. I hope to post my goals, watercolor drawings, and dreams. I hope reading my blog helps you on your path in life as well.

If you’re curious about what I can offer to you as a counselor, go to Find A Therapist.com


Personal Statement from Find a Therapist is as follows:

Personal Statement

When I work with you, I work with your dreams and your art and associations for an hourly session weekly as needed. I use artwork to illustrate your dream and look for a rhythm showing the inner conflict displayed in the dream.

I have developed a Dream Leaflet into which you put your dream, your personal dream illustration, your prayers, your goals, your issues, and your new focus for yourself. There is space there to place a message to yourself from your dream: that, “Opened letter to your self.” This work will bring struggle, satisfaction, laughter and energy to you. My attention to symbology, mythology, religions, archetypes, alchemy, poetry, psychic phenomena, chakras, art, bodywork, health, all coalesce to bring light into dreams, “The unopened letters to you.” This kind of attention brings out what is most important and what is most painful to be resolved. The dream links into the unconscious, bringing the possibility of transcendence, through the symbology. It focuses on blocked energy, it gets under depression, and releases energy into a new freedom whatever stage in life you are facing. On this pilgrimage of life, there comes a time to look into the Dark Woods and go where there is no path, to find yourself. The possibility of stimulating the deepest layers of the psyche, of understanding soul is there, through a walk through your own dream, your personal symbology.

I have recorded and studied dreams since I was in my late teens and have worked professionally and personally with dreams for the last forty years in therapy and in groups.


I am presenting a new way, an ancient way of making your way to “the way” for you.






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