I specialize in Mari Card Readings.

What can a client expect from a Mari Card Reading?

You will begin by choosing a total of eight cards from the deck.


Then you will draw a mandala. Here are some examples of hand-drawn mandalas. There is no need to make a perfect drawing– this is just a tool to gain access to the unconscious.

Then color cards are chosen from another set of cards which depicts all possible colors.

Your mandala cards are then lined up with your color. I will then set another appointment for a 90 minute session.

During this session, we can use the cards to assess your current situation and find healing solutions that will leave you empowered to get through what is currently blocking you psychologically. The cards also bring special insight and suggestions that we would not otherwise be able to understand.

The first session is 45 minutes.  You can come to my home office near downtown Harrisonburg, VA. Further sessions can be booked as needed.

For more information about Mari Cards, click here.

If you would like to book a session or simply get in touch with me, simply contact me.

2 Responses to Readings

  1. mysticrosetherapy says:

    Really fascinating and stirring to the soul! Try it!

  2. Angel says:

    I think this would be beneficial for my teenage daughter who is very artistic and is having a rough time right now. Please contact me about scheduling this and pricing. Thank you Rose!


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