Leprechaun at the River

Next day Mariah put on her shoes with the upturned toes and a bell on top and every time it rang a little she said, “I am.” She was on the old river path on a lovely warm fall day.

photo 1-172

She planned a long walk by the river at The Springs where she might dip in the cold water and write a little and paint, while sitting on the rocks. She would have a forest bath by being out in the pranic air and a water bath in the mountain stream. She heard there was a door into the other world new here and she was looking for that too.

She through of truth versus the lie. If she was in the truth then she did not give her energy to the lie and she would be free. The lie was always nearby wanting to syphon off energy for its one uses. The lie is heavy to carry. She often duped herself into the lie that she and her world were mortal enemies that she was owned, or she was controlled in a great big collective way. This fear was only an excuse for the lie to gain control of her to prevent her from going on her true path and celebrating her life with love and joy and kindness every day. When dumped the lie shrivels up and dies. She wanted to walk out into love without letting the lie have the use of her. Sometimes she felt between a rock and a hard place.

She was tired and lay on a rock above the water. There she fell asleep and soon she was looking at the door in the rock and made herself ready to enter in.

photo 3-159

She sat on a flat rock among the bubbling waters and started her prayers and chants so that she could have the experience of going through the door. When she was ready she got up and went over there and the door keeper asked her for the tool and she just knew that she had to leave down her head at the door. It did not seem to be any bother to do and she went in with her awareness looking out of her heart.


When she was in there her heart was connected into a sun that lit her up and she felt bright and connected to everyone else in there. There was a feeling of love running on the connections between them, which allowed the radiance to go in both directions. There was great delight as they experienced each other, because each person was different from the other. Depending on what their experiences were they brought different knowledge to each other as they opened themselves up.

photo 1-171

In one connection she experienced the ability to see how that person travelled between the stars and what that felt like. Going to distant galaxies was more than she knew about so it was new to her. When she got to Pleiades with them she was offered time in the healing chamber and she was able to see how it worked on her bodies, all ten of them. She was the grey matter leave her all the way into her pink heart. She rotated until she reached a perfect place within.

photo 2-155

In another connection she was able to go inside and travel into the cells and into the smallest units of matter. She began to understand gravity and how each cell is a small infinite black hole. She bounced like a ball around in the net and laughed and could see how her laughter would make its mark on the skein of space and time.

photo 3-153

She could see how the collective, all putting their hearts together could heal her little blue planet, heal the forests, clean the rivers, harness the infinite energy, protect the great all. She felt powerful as she realized what was possible.



After a period of time she felt full of radiance, love and hope. Two of the beings in there helped her to find the door out again. After a ceremony of bowing and exchange and of sealing up her new knowledge, they came out into the lovely stream and she dipped in the water and breathed the air deeply and watched as yet more healing came into her body. She could feel the two sides of her body coming together. She was told to keep her secrets to herself, as no one would believe her.


photo 5-122

She went home via the riverbed

Next thing she knew she was floundering around in the stream as she felt herself falling off the rock into a shallow pool that almost covered her. She took some deep breaths, wrung out her wet clothes, put on what was left of her warm dry ones and got ready to go home. She went home via the riverbed and carried her shoes with the bells to let the water drip out of them.

As she went her way she looked forward to the concert this evening in the glen, as it was a warm dry evening. She knew all the instruments and the players would be collected there and they would be singing such songs as Mirror Eyes, In the Garden and Honey comb Heart. Uishneach would be in his element as there was nothing he liked better than a good concert. Mariah also hopped she would hear the new Canyon song those women who called themselves Larkspur might sing.

The end.

When Rose woke up that morning she was in a pickle about arranging a house concert for her daughter. She worried about her house being too small and the crowd being too big or the other way around. And letting them all know it was on…She would let it go and let the notes fall where they may. She was sure the music sounds would do her and her home a lot of good and clear out all the unstable vibes. November 11 might be the date for it.

photo 2-152

Gravity for the leaf coming down

She listened to a video on u-tube about gravity and loved the narration by Jean-Luc Pickard (Patrick Stewart) and the scientist, Nassin Haramein involved in the discovery of how gravity works. His numbers are slowly lining up into perfection – sacred geometry that has the power to change everything all over again. The scientist was upset as the old guard was blocking his discovery but it will not remain under a bushel for long as the new young ones with haul it out, it is burning so brightly. It included the idea that we, humans have a part to play, a choice to make in how things are. She was full of optimism for the future.

She brought in all the plants because of the frost. Her Christmas cactus continues to put out lovely pink blooms. Her other one, which stayed inside during the summer is not in any rush to bloom so she is looking forward to two beautiful plants blooming at different times.

And if you want to make the journey between your own inner and outer worlds, the unconscious and the conscious, increase your awareness and find out what is truth for you then contact me through this site. And if you want to bloom, whether early or late, be sure to come visit me with your dreams, your active imagination, your optimisms, your knowledge of yourself and we can look at how co-creation can happen in the here and now. Love to hear from you. Love from Rose.

photo 3-158


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Leprechaun – Truth or Lie

photo 2-153

Mariah had a few clan’s people who lived in the close vicinity to her. She was very close with Roisin Dubh prior to her union some years back. But since that time she often felt on the outs with her and she puts up with it gently as Roisin now had to cleave to her new leprechaun, Seano, and Mariah did not feel wanted and needed in the old ways. She was basically happy for her for the most part. She would let it go if that door was locked to her on occasion. She understood the inconvenience of the unexpected visitor, the third wheel.

photo 4-137

It was easy to have a misunderstanding

And if Roisin says that she wants Mariah to stay away from her festival, that Mariah does not even know is going on, then she has to swallow it. She notices how it pulls up the rags and bones of rejection in her heart and gives her plenty to chew on. Cough, spit, release and let go she says. There is nothing else to do. The bones will only cut up her throat and the rags, who wants rags in the heart? When she heard she should stay away her heart felt crisscrossed, chopped up, a frozen lick. Like when her grandmother left her in the cold place when she was a year old. Now she remembers she is no longer a year old and she is not cold and not going to this festival is fine. It does not suit to have Mariah wandering in off the beaten path without an invitation when she is outside the realm of Roisin’s immediate family plans. It is ok.


photo 4-141

Sometimes she was just seeing a reflection 

She meditated in the night considering the whole thing and not considering the whole thing so she could get really silent in herself. If only she could pull the pain of dislike, the caul, over her head and lay it on the floor so it would not be inside in the way, between her and the pale blue rippling light.

photo 2-152

A leaf units way down through the blue light

She through of the truth versus the lie. If she was in the truth then she did not give her energy to the lie and she would be free. The lie was always nearby wanting to syphon off energy for its one uses. She often duped herself into the lie that she and Roisin were one and the same, with the power with her as she was older.  The feeling of rejection is only an excuse for the lie to gain control of her when they are on separate but authentic paths on that day and they both can be in the truth of celebrating their own lives in different ways. When dumped the heavy lie shrivels up and dies. She wanted to walk out into love without letting the lie have the use of her.

She sang the mantras that lit up the rags in the heart, that washed them so she could string them up as many rainbow colored prayer flags, sending out good wishes for the festival. And there is not that many more years until she is a pile of bones herself. She felt herself relax in the process. She wanted to know the Love that loves her so. She let it come near to her. She would send a present when the time was right. She left something down and out of her head and was at peace.

photo 4-142

Memory from before time began

And if she had to go back to the memory before time when they were together and delighted in each other, she would. She was sure they were coughed out by the Great Spirit together and have remained in the same clan ever since. The end.


When Rose got up that morning she trundled off on her bike to the Farmers Market to see if she could have a loving crab cakes for her breakfast but the cooks forgot to bring for her their delicacies that morning. Rose had to let go and go on gathering up her greens, carrots, rhubarb, eggs and other supplies for the week.

She was invited to a poetry and pie party in November and she might bring along these poems:


Drinking tea at the red lights

It is raining hard

Student carries her sandals

Under her umbrella

Wet fit tan legs glisten

Out of short shorts

On stoney ground

she lifts her bare feet fast

Followed by long black boots

Soon gone from sight

photo 1-168

After the rain the river runs again

He stands on the other side

One among many

Dressed for himself

Close fitting berry cap

Priestly and black

Short trimmed out dark beard

A chiseled face

Arms are biceps defined

Beneath a tight fit shirt

And slender pants

He glances at another

She glances at him



Dress for yourself

Just this once

With head beam

For the golden truth

Raining down

Oh that she could dress

for that slender truth

Not to carry the lie

Glancing to that alone

Glancing at another

Seeing that in them

That Love that loves them so.

The end.

photo 3-155

Pictures from Rawley Springs

If you would like to work with where you are feeding your energy be sure to schedule an appointment for yourself. I am well qualified to help with this having learned the side step as a young girl in Ireland and now at this time pinning myself into the corner, into the hologram of truth a little more often. We both may find ways not to be withholding from Love. With love from Rose.

photo 3-154




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Leprechauns and their Auras

photo 4-139


She went about her ways trying to polish up her aura as best she could. She knew her aura was that light that shone about her as she lived her life, getting darker with black moods and lighter with loving thoughts and meditation. Sometimes she had a sense of it.

She was temped to eat the grass, the brews and the junk pods but she knew that they would not do her aura any good. She knew that her aura did better when she ate the green tendrils and blackberries from the banks of hedges everywhere.

If her aura was brighter her knees would be less stiff. She wanted to persuade her knees to stop turning altogether. She was never sure which way they were turning, in or out, but she knew they were coming together in a most disagreeable way. Her friend MaryAnn espied her in the distance one day and laughed a lot at her knees saying they were “bowing” out. Mariah suppressed a little rage at this and hid it all beneath a pained smile and longer clothes. She muttered to herself, “Those who love you love you, and those who don’t, May the Lord turn their knees and you will know them by their limping.” She hoped her aura and her knees would escape a downward turn even as she made her little red wish.


The Knees

She liked to say a mantra to increase the width of her aura to nine feet wide in every direction. She had to imagine it as she did her exercises. This involved imagining her aura going out through all four walls of the bedroom. She would end up half way across the dining area, out over the bath into the yard and out into the front porch. If all came together correctly, she might be able to see outside the box room she was practicing in and see Uishneach as he took his nightly bath, scrubbing his round white head, working the bubbles into his parts and laying back down for a rest in the lovely waters, and smiling to himself as he thought of his gold. She was never sure she was doing this right but she practiced often, full steam ahead.

photo 1-166

Uisneach after his bath, Mariah practicing her aura expansion

Mariah adapted a little girl with the flaxen hair called Annamarie. A long drought was over and the nearby stream filled the swimming hole again with water and it was flowing over the stones. They went there together to gather clay from the bank and put on beauty masks. Annamarie made mud tattoos for fun. Mariah leaned forward, a willing subject.

photo 4-138

Mud tattoos

Annamarie made some river monsters with the stones and they both went for a swim to wash and cool off. Tiny fishes nibbled their feet. Then the sunshine warmed them up.

photo 3-152

The river monster eating a leaf or two

They both agreed that this relaxing activity left them feeling bright and pleasant. When they met Annemarie’s father he played some lovely notes on the beautiful instrument that had five holes, played by his fingers.


The music maker puts everyone in tune

The notes came into the air full of love and lift. Annamarie was learning the tunes from him. Being in tune had a good effect on everyone’s aura. Everyone who heard it brightened up.The end.



When Rose got up that morning she remembered a dream of being back in her home place in Ireland. A rowdy black bullock nudged her on the knee as it galloped around her excitedly.


Rose was working with her car, which had turned into a convertible that had a bicycle seat that was wet. The car was low to the ground and had no top. Her handbag was missing and she was late for work. Rose had to propel it herself. She had to drive it up the stairs to the landing.


She interpreted it as telling her that her moods are influence by what happened in her home place as a small child. “Not that again” she thought. “I though I solved all that.” Then she remembered she had been in a mood the night before.  If she remembers that, that kind of mood is from when she was little, and shift out of it again, that she will be truly converting herself and getting along on her own steam. Her old identity(handbag) is not needed and she will not be late for the work that is hers to do.

photo 2-151

The rowdy black animal that gently nudged her knee from her dream

She was glad that the drought was over and that it was raining again after many weeks of lovey blue dry weather.

photo 4-140

The Christmas Cactus is blooming a little early his year


If you would like to polish up your aura, bloom a little early, consider your black moods, conflicts, your spiritual calling, your soul, spirit, mind and body then come work with me. I see people in my home during the week. I am not available on Tuesdays. Love from Rose.

Rose Longworth LPC


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The Leprechauns and The Negalmankies.

The Leprechauns and The Negalmankies.

photo 4-12

The Negalmankies

When Uisneach discovered Mariah had thrown out his Negalmankies, he was livid. He felt she had vandalized his place and had taken what was his. The day had come to mend them and then he discovered they were missing. He stood there, arms pressed to his side, asking if she had thrown it out and when she had said “yes,” he put his right hand into the air above her and cursed at what he saw was his personal loss, her act of vandalism.


She got rid of his property – he was not happy

He even stomped his feet. She quickly said she would replace it, as she did not like to see him frothing at the mouth. She had no idea where she would find other Negalmankies for him and she felt certain resentment toward replacing it.

photo 4-127

She only wanted good chi in the house


She was just trying to remove the bad chi from the house, of something that was essentially broken. Why he had to make such a fuss was beyond her. He said he has one new rule and it is that Mariah cannot throw anything out belonging to him, broken or otherwise. He loved his Negalmankies and now had come upon the resources to mend them. She suspected him of needing to make some bad vibes between them.

photo 5-103

His mother and family

It reminded her of his mother and her unreasonable ways with her in the past. If he were not careful he would end up like her. She did not consider that what she did was a bit unreasonable until she aired her grievance with others. They told her to replace them quick and soon. “Humph” was all she said.

photo 4-130

Some of her friends.

When she tried to see if any blame could be laid at her door relating to his loss, she wondered if her resentment about the loss of her quilt had played into the whole thing. She knew that hidden resentment could end up in a bad judgment that would turn out sour for her. And that night she dreamed that she had a problem with addiction and that she was being treated, was getting better and taking good care of herself. Yet she saw that the girl treating her was holding an old bottle of port wine behind her back. She was divvying it out to all the people on the porch and it was called “Port on the Porch.”

She had to think about this dream a bit and eventually concluded that she was less than honest with herself in the way she was treating him and decided to apologize and replace his Negalmankies for him without any more complaining.

photo 5-110

The head dwarf

She told her story to the dwarves, with whom she engaged to remake the Negalmankies. As they hobbled them together, the head dwarf ventured that she should return them to Uisneach in a broken fashion or even make it in some hidden broken way. She laughed and laughed at this idea. Her shadow side was delighted at this vision.


Her shadow side could not stop laughing

She had to have a long talk with herself about what her goal was in the relationship, what would be the gold to be obtained from this. She told the dwarf to make them fair and square or he would not be paid his gold pieces. He said, “humph” but agreed to do as he was asked and he went off in his overlarge blue shoes to get the right materials to complete the project. She resolved to supervise him and his crew, as they worked.The end.

photo 1-159

Roses on the tea table

Rose woke up that morning after a day working hard at her new “one day a week job.” She made a cup of tea and that helped with her mood. She was sorry she missed the best part of her blooming Cirrus. It only lasts a few hours. It was closing by the time she noticed it. The photo of last years Cirrus graces the top of her home page. It creates a delicate flowery smell in the room as it closes.

photo 1-162

She wondered about the dream she had and was reminded to paint on the porch more, as that was her inner work, her port on the porch, to her unconscious.

She went to the Festival in Hallandale Park and enjoyed it and above are some pictures of her friends, Marlyn and Dee and the dancers. She was on the front page of the Daily News Record newspaper on Monday Morning, showing her dancing with the Aztec dancers.

photo 3-146

Rose Dancing in Hillandale Park with the Aztec Dancers

She completed a Mari Card Reading for a client. Over a period of a week she wrote 2,500 words and was amazed that even in the last revision she noticed something she had completely missed earlier. She was glad for that and for the heart connection evident in the lovely color that was all over the client’s selections. Drawing a Mandala is also part of the process and was reflected in a shape of one of her card selections at one of the stages. She is excited to e-mail it tomorrow to her client.

photo 3-148

Teacup Mandala completed on the Porch by Rose

Rose has just obtained her final certificate completing her Mari training started in 2004. The psychoanalytic nature of this Mari tool was a great attraction to her, working with drawings, colors and shapes. Including clients’ dreams gives an added dimension and weaves completely into the process.

photo 2-147

Certified Mari Practitioner

And if you are interested in a Mari Card reading, I have endless energy for writing up such psychoanalytic findings with an insight gained from forty years of working with color, art, dreams and combining it in a psychoanalytic way. I feel that I can bring you a new vision of where you can go with inner work. The Cards also have the ability to change your direction even as you select cards bringing you past an impasse stalling you for some long time.

I look forward to hearing from you. Love from Rose

photo 4-136

I have been practicing as a Licensed Professional Counselor since 2004









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Anger Management and the Spiritual – Part 4

photo 3-145

This plant has produced one little flower and I almost missed it.

There are two ways to look at anger. One is to be a victim, the other is to use it as a stepping stone into the spiritual life. So to review, when thoughts of anger connect to emotions,  they trip us into feelings and we are high on anger. This in turn moves us into an angry mood. I should know as I often “trip into the anger.” Cleaning the house for anger was not unknown in my house, when I was a young woman. I now clean in gratitude for a little movement before going to bed at night. Getting angry would ruin my sleep.


photo 1-160

Looking for flowers under big red leaves paid off.

So we climb into the four lower centers and are all fired up.  The original energy goes up through the tree of life, growing anger weeds in the first chakra and there we water the weeds by emotions, as in crying, as in adrenaline release, at the second chakra. The intense feelings in the third chakra starts up some coals of anger. If there is old anger there, they join together. The fire is up and roaring, especially when it is  taken up to the heart center and the air its blown into it even more. Like airing your grievance with yourself and with everyone, increasing the anger. Many will side with you and affirm you in your anger. A big crowd with Tiki sticks in Charlottesville comes to mind.

photo 1-159

My roses are doing well at present

So going back to thoughts will be helpful. Ask your self “Why am I behaving like this, Can I refuse the mood of anger.” What ritual can you invent to stop and conquer the mood of anger. Walking away is a ritual as are many things people do.

photo 2-140

The Tree of Life in our local graveyard.

In a spiritual sense you can use the same four chakras to do the opposite to anger. You want to grow understanding, patience, peace and love, from first to fourth center or chakra. Understand that everything coming your way is meant to be and you can react in empathy for the person, saying that if you walked in their shoes you could not get angry with them. Can you stand in this truth. The spirit operating in your life has you in the middle of this situation. Who will you serve, who are you reference. You can change your thoughts and start the seed of understanding.

photo 5-107

Pattern on a  painted silk scarf I did years ago.

Having patience will activate the second chakra in bringing in a different emotion of tolerance and acceptance. You are throwing water on the anger flare up.

At the level of the third chakra you can make a wish of peace for your self and them, no longer lighting a fire of anger but of peace, forming a blue flame.  And finally when you get to the door of the heart center, fourth chakra, Anhata, you can look in there for the feeling of love toward the other. If and when you do you will detach totally from the angry mood and get in to a loving mood. You send out a prayer for the others. You lift yourself over your emotions, no longer identified with them. The selfish is dropped so that you can attach to the Self, all that is not the little ego, which is a small part of the real you. Look up inside to see the feet of the Perusa, Jesus or Buddha.

So what ritual can you make up to do to shift you into the spirit of Christ and Love, into thinking of the other and dropping the selfish thoughts that make it all about us. What will you carry around on you to remind you, to put fingers on, to hold you back from going into anger? It can be worked. Let me know what works for you.

I remembered the last time I was angry, I briefly wept, talked to someone, wrote a story and was invited to play cards all in the space of half an hour.


It turned into a great morning and now I only remember the laughter.We played Uno and I would be far ahead and then forget to say Uno, usually saying it after the fact, so that I would have to pick up five more cards and so I did not win.My open mouthed scream was guaranteed as I realized my error and everyone broke into laughter. I like to win.

We all won as the laughter gave us good endorphins, even an explosion of them, as we roared laughing together. This laughter puts away stress, and strengthens the immune system. There are many other good health reasons to laugh. Making a few people laugh each day has been a long time aim of mine and now it seems to come to pass most days.

If I can say something within my intimate relationship that is as ridiculous as saying “there is a potato on your head” and laugh then I have not got the stress cortisol going but have the benefit of the laughter and the endorphins right then, improving health and sleep. It is a fine line and making sure I stay on the right side of the brain in this will help. Breaking the anger pattern is important, however you achieve it.

And if you need to find something to laugh at, or someone to laugh with, be sure to come to see me and I will un-doubtedly see a melon on your head and we will discuss the lemon on mine. I have openings in my groups and in my individual schedule at my home office. I look forward to hearing from you.

Being creative is so fun. Love from Rose.

ps A poem I wrote a while ago.


The day the soldier son left

She stubbed her little toe in Lowe’s

Pain shot through her bones


Lots of Tiki sticks on sale at Lowe’s

Lit her brain

She heard a woman complain

“good luck” was all the assistant said


Send “Good luck and good prayers”

he said


Her Aloe plant was broken in the repotting

Tears descended in puddles

Upon its broad stems and against its trunk

“Good Luck” she said as she propped it up

with her holy stone

from Clonmacnoise

In Lowe’s good potting soil.


Sending care package with

Good Luck and Good Prayer

Peanut butter and prunes

Protein bars and pecans

And a can opener

Chia seeds against crusty white bread

Was all she would do


In her prayer life

she searched for something

Other than solids

Sifting in the night

Into an acceptance

of the mixtures

Between what is here

and what is there

where he is sent

where she is left

Finding his way

Finding his base

No wishes, no luck

but good prayers.

The end






























The day the soldier son left

She stubbed her little toe in Loes

Pain shot through her bones


Lots of Tiki sticks on sale at Loes

Lit her brain

She heard a woman complain

“good luck” was all the assistant said


Send “Good luck and good prayers”

her son said


Her Aloe plant was broken in the repotting

Tears descended in puddles

Upon its broad stems and against its trunk

“Good Luck” was all she said as she propped it up


Good Luck and Good Prayers she sent.















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Lost River

photo 3-138

I was away for the weekend with nine women friends at Lost River State Park. I went hiking and stopped to paint and rest and to fight with the mosquitos. I may have gone over the legal limit on killing them. It was close to high noon and I could see their shadow on me before they landed making them easy targets. The lacy scarf seemed to protect my head and shoulders. I was among the horses going on trails and near a little old house that is no longer in use.

People hiking up to see the view were very friendly. I asked them if they would like to carry me to the view and I got different responses. I could hear their laughter as they went up the path and left me sitting under the shade of a tree. My water color paintings developed over a period of about two hours. I enjoyed a lunch of salad and dip and fruit and I had tea with me too. The tea water helped with the painting, supplying me with liquid for the paints.

photo 3-141

I forgot to bring my hiking poles with me this weekend. I got a new pair to use in Guatemala and they were great for going up high stairs to the Temple at the top of the building with a great view over lake Aztlan.

photo 5-86One morning after practice, with prayers, chanting and exercise, I had an hour to walk outside before breakfast. I walked on the board walks over the water and near the hotel. The local people used it to get to their work. When I used my hiking pole to block their way and greeted them they treated me to smiles from ear to ear.

photo 1-135

One stopped in a totally open stance and was in no hurry to go on. One young man saw what I was doing and tried to go another way but it was blocked by massive vines.

He had to face my question and he knew English. When I greeted him with my question he laughed and remembered when he had to pay a “troll toll” to get into “Burning Man” Festival on the West Coast. I asked him for a dream and he did have one for me. This made him reflect on his live and it made for a lively morning for me  and I felt alive and connected in the process. Breakfast tasted good afterwards too.

This weekend, it seemed a long time, as I waited to get my ride back to the cabin. The horses made strange with the acorns reigning down on them and became jumpy. The care taker came over to one and told him to settle down, up close and personal to his face, and he did. I sometimes do the same for myself when I think the sky is falling and it is only the acorns. I had a promise of a ride back to my cabin after the horse ride was over. I was glad to get back to tea and company.

I have been writing some poetry lately and this first one arrived last week after a period of meditation. As I got out of bed I had the impressions described below.  It stayed with me for a few mirth filled moments.

photo 4-126

She rolled out of bed at dawn
after practicing
so that she became
the round green in the heart
above the belly balls

of yellow orange and red
Below the blue neck roll
The rainbow balls ambled out

her body left behind

Lesser ones becoming a leg

The cushioned and the colored

In her laughing back bone.

Her face cracked into a million smile lines

What was heavy left behind on the bed.

photo 2-139

I also like to play with the Hail Mary and I liked another poem I read about the rosary. We always said it when we were children, with our parents lining us up between them. I am including the latin translation and I got it from my mother’s little hymn book.

Hail Mary Full of grace

Ave Maria, gratia plena

From your cathedral place

Plainly pure and blue


The Lord is with Thee

Dominus tecum

Inside in the ordinary oratory heart

Of a little would be  woman


Blessed art Thou among women

Benedicta tu in mulieribus

Stand near my gable walls

Pull me into your gaze

Star of the Sea

But not too bright

Your little blind woman


And blessed is the fruit of Thy Womb, Jesus

Benedictus fructus ventris tui, Jesus.

Creative sacred ventricle

Push from the bowl of the sacred bones

Help the birthing of a little woman


Holy Mary Mother of God

Santa Maria, Mater Dei,

Strike with lightening

Earthquake and thunder

Mother and Love

A little asunder woman


Pray for us sinners

Ora pro nobis peccatoribus.

Pick me up

Pull up into pure air

Into Oneness


A little woman

wanting some sacred heart


Now, And at the hour of our death

Nunc, et in hora mortis nostrae

To die

To dream into me and Thee

Rippling in blue

Now now

Make me a little little woman


And when I die ferry me

Across on your blue boat

In party dress

With your smiling grace

Holding my eyes

For the party you are

Hosting for me now face to face

Meeting that other little woman again

My mother

You covered in light soon after

Her flight.




Song of Love from Rose

You are a seed of love

In the deep dark earth

Kick away the dead heads

Water it

Warm it with passion

Between the upper and lower fires

Breath the air into it

Set the embers off

Charm it

Raise it into your heart

Shape it how you like

No end of flowers

You are your own seed of love

Love it up

In lovemaking

Pour it into food

Write it into your words

Hand it out in helping

Walk with love

You are your own seed of love

Charm it

Raise it

Shape it how you love

No end of brightness

In your flowering love

photo 1-155

I hope you are enjoying a lovely fall and that you are dreaming and that you have someone to share them with and that your inner Mary casts an eye on them and brings some meaning into them. I love to work with dreams. As one of my last clients said “They can be slippery.” I will be happy to work with you to pin them down. Love from Rose.










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Anger Management Part Three – The Chakra System

photo 4-125

When I told a JMU student I was a dream interpreter, she spat out a few sentence in a row, “can you tell my life? can you read my chakras? can you open my chakras?…” her long blonde hair flying around as she expressed herself. There is awareness among the younger generation of the chakras. Many healers concern themselves with “opening the chakras, or spinning them in the right direction” for their clients Also the word chakra is part and parcel of the Kundalini Yoga classes, that look at them as spiritual centers, wheels, and vortices of energy integrated into the spinal column and into the head of the person. The intent is to get the chakras working together for the good of the individual and for society. The white lighted crown over the head of the Christian saint, the tongue of fire, the Third Eye between the brow are all representative of the higher chakras.

photo 3-136

Someone has been painting the roses red at night

On a simpler level the chakras have their own seven colors, as in the rainbow, and we are told that “If thine eye be single, the whole body will be filled with light.” and they vibrate to the seven notes. Chant and singing vibrate the chakras which are themselves tuned to the notes of the scales. Music brings us into tune.

photo 2-135

My Fall Roses are in Tune

There is an Angel over each Chakra in the Book of Revelations. The Seven Churches correspond to the chakras. The one over the third eye, Pituitary Gland says: “You are neither hot nor cold, I wish you were hot or cold. And because you are lukewarm I will spew you out of my mouth.”

photo 3-113

There was nothing lukewarm about the coffee this lady served us in Antigua. She has been doing this for sixty years she said. 

This is the place where our thoughts have full influence. This Angel wants us to be aware of our intentions, our concentrations, our possibility for concecration. Then the Angel says “ Don’t you know you are poor and naked and blind. You should buy of me gold tried in the fire, and white raiment.” Spiritually this chakra is there to do our bidding but the Angel is not happy when we use this church in us for only selfish thoughts and intentions. There is the possibility for getting the fruits of the tree of life from there, one for every month and leaves for the healing of the nations.

photo 2-133

On the Rooftop at dawn with the leaves for the healing of the Nations.

The gold tried in the fire is the connection to the third chakra. The thoughts we have in our head are tried in the fire of our belly and if they are not found worthy, they are thrown back at us for another round. Did the anger we created by our thoughts burn us up, ruining our adrenal glands, wearing out our hearts. On the positive side of the third chakra, we have a white stone and on that stone a new name given when we use it correctly. Yellow is the color of the third chakra.

The heart and its associated chakra, our head and its chakras and our adrenals and its solar plexus chakra are all linked. They work in concert obeying our wish for revenge, for the feeling “someone has to pay,” for all that has been endured, all abuses. When we work toward a oneness, then they work together for our good.

photo 1-150

The pink light of dawn in Guatemala


The white raiment and gold is sent to you for your efforts to stand still in meditation and you are no longer blind and poor and naked, seeing the old memories and letting them go through the influx of energy from above. All things are brought to your remembrance. Past life recall is possible through this inner work, moving from left brain into right brain.

photo 4-125

Art activity brings you into the Right Side of the Brain

If I am angry with someone, triggered by my thoughts, I will spend extra time in meditation looking for the answer. It can come in a glimpse of a past life where you were less than kind to that person. It will come as a memory of past abuse. Then there is a rising up of what wants to be expressed toward the other rather than a flaccid ego wallow around in passive rage and complaint toward them.

photo 5-101

Rolling out of your own center

And when you feel yourself slipping into conflict again, can you remain true to you self? Do not slip into the temptation of pushing it all down. Do not slip into reaction to the person. Do not slip into arguing. Do not slip into defending yourself. Let go of the idea that you are better than they are. Then the city of angry thoughts and their fire can be quenched.

photo 4-123

As you can see Seri Amrita keeps both cheeks turned in the right direction

The injunction is to turn the other cheek, to love the enemy, do good to those who hate you, pray for those who would calumniate you. Prayer and Meditation are the cooling answer to anger and bring in the right brain perceptions that allow you to cool down.

My old mentor warned me that the more I meditate, the stronger are my thoughts and if I indulge in the anger, it has a bad affect on others and on me. As the ones I was/am angry with are often family, I have to consider what I am dong.

photo 5-103

I tried sending light to surround some people who wished me harm to my face, praying for them as a way to reduce the stress and anxiety. Over the years it worked in those cases but I did not consider applying it in the “seventy times seven ways” to all the little irritations and criticisms I have.

photo 5-102

My intention is to see the light in everyone, as a soul from God and it is not my job to fight or fix them. I will be better served by trying to control, observe myself and want for nothing from others except to send good prayers after them, see them as the same as myself, a person spat out by God, for this great sojourn on the earth, making progress in our own individual ways, in our own time, back to Oneness as a helper.

photo 2-134

I have been fertilizing the roses with coffee grounds. They look pretty high on caffeine

I hope you enjoyed my three Anger Managements and that it helps you understand yourself and set goals for where you are going. Let me know if I can be a helper to you. I can be reached through this site. I hope you get the help you ask for and that all love surrounds you. Love from Rose.








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