Mariah’s Halloween Love Stories


Artwork from Morocco

When Mariah visited with her friends, a marvelous story was shared by a widow of some years, of how she was able to leave her deceased family man/lover of many years and move without regret into her new lovers arms. The widow and her new lover had discussed and planned the where and when of the start of their new life together. It was in the nights between the first two moons of the year and a few nights before their tryst. It was cold in the widow’s bedroom under the roof, well cushioned by feathers, well fortified by insulation, and she warm as toast underneath, sleeping alone.  She was thinking deeply about these new arrangements, with a little backwards salty staring into the past thinking of the separating of the pillars of her new and old lovers.

photo 2-4

Pillar in Marrakech, with holy writing on upper part.

There were no opening in the room and yet it felt like there was a movement of cold air around and around. But she was falling into sleep, she was hypnogogic, between lovers, between sleep and between the sheets. She tried to rouse herself but was too far gone down and yet with all the commotion of the moving air, she began to feel a form, spooned onto her back, an arm resting lightly on her, holding her tight and she with her hand laid on his arm near his wrist. It could not be her new lover, as the weight of him did not feel right to her but the form brought her back to her deceased lover. She called his name, as she rose up only to see him fly into a thousand pieces of white ghostly papers that faded through the air leaving her alone in the dark room.

photo 2-6

Old lovers/old olive trees

Her old lover, of many many years, some long and hard, wanted to hold her one more time, wanted to say good by, wanted to tell her it was all right to go to her new lover without a smidgen of regret, of hesitation, free to love again on this little earth. She felt all this as sure as she felt the certainty of his form holding her. He broke through from the other side riding in on her elevated emotions, her love for him, her excitement, her growing forward. He brought the cold circular wind to hold him together enough for her to feel him, to communicate with him. It gave her a holy blessing of finishing up something of her past life and starting again.

photo 5-5

 Rose in Morocco. They offered me a job, nothing else.

Unlike poor Orpheus, who went into the underworld to get his wife back, the widow fully appreciated this visit from her old lover, wishing her luck and saying goodbye. She did not need to have him back but she had the same experience as Orpheus, seeing him fade through the air, as she looked around.

photo 4-4

A pomegranates growing on the roof of the Jasmine Riad in Marrakech. This fruit is associated with the underworld.

When Mariah heard the above story, she linked it into the blessings that come through contact with the dead, that comes in the form of vision/dream. This is a loving story, the making of love, of love infused into life on this earth, first with one person and then with another in the best possible sense, trailing blessings in the going forward, bringing love and sweetness anew into life here in this earth.

photo 5-8

Other lovers negotiating; maybe the price for the fine red fez hat! The city of Fez is below and front.

This also reminded Mariah of the dream a woman had in her sixties the night before her second wedding.  Her dream shows her being linked by her father, to give her to her new lover. She was all dressed in white and white blossoms of the Spring in her hair. The bride took it as a lovely confirmation that it was ok to go ahead with this marriage, making a love start into her life again as she negotiated her later years.

photo 4-8

A lonesome man and his horse in Morocco.

And of course there is the story of Mariah’s mother appearing to one of her family members saying that practicing love on this earth is the most marvelous thing, the greatest opportunity, the ideal place. When all the feelings are filled with love, this body starts operating like a giant love station; complete with turbines inside designed to envelope the givers and the receivers with love, miraculously changing everything. The end.

Rose had a lovely afternoon in Hallandale Park. Sunday is her day to go there with or without company to exercise. She slowed down to watch a cardinal eating from one of the big yellow things fallen from the tree and littering the path. One had broken and the bird was very busy eating seeds from the inside.

photo 5-4

Rose started to stalk toward the bird and it remained there until she was within about six feet of the cardinal. In this quiet stalking Rose could hear all the birds singing in the nearby trees. She saw a Wilson Warbler with a little yellow on its head. It was very small bird, on its way south for the winter. The half pared walnut was on the path under a walnut tree. It seemed like the squirrel did not come down to retrieve his nut. So far  there is little color in the park but the path was pretty with nuts and leaves. Rose did the exercises and one of her favorites is on this one below.

photo 1-7

Lovely tee shirt as worn by Melon Pie

Contact me if you want to tell me of such similar things that happened to you relating to love. There is great wisdom to be taken from such contact with loved one, dead or alive, and from the loving reach from within to complete you, to fill all your feelings with love. Love from Rose. 







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Mariah and what she dreamed.

photo 1

Getting near to Halloween

Mariah thought it seems strange to pigeon hole the complexity and complicity of God/Source into a place, out beyond the march of time and space, out through portals, out beyond Orion and Sirius. Uishneach had been expounding some of his source theory again. Her head was so full of it she soon fell into sleep.

photo 5-5

At the end of the lane

Mariah had a dream she was pulled up by the color bones to go out past the board, blocking the way at the end of the lane.There she found God and his twin brother sitting behind the boards, looking at their experiment, that is the leprechauns, in all their complexities and complicities.

photo 2-3

God and his brother

God and his bro had reduced their earth to a box on the table holding the worlds with out end. They were wondering if they should let it go on. Mariah got a shock but kept listening from behind the boards.

photo 1-4

The box on the table

She heard them say that the earthlings can be all so petty and blind, even the best of them – fighting about who is in charge, ignoring the pain and suffering of the poor, of the working too hard, of disease and death; it is all there, they mused. And when the earthlings come to the boards here at the end of life, they are all carrying the basket of their experiences, huge megabytes of Akashic records.

photo 1-317

Carrying records over the bridge

God and his brother became like a pair of drunken spirits as they wafted in the upwelling that came from this little box on the table. All those emotions, complexes made them greedy and they could not do anything but let it go on. This whole fascinating earth had become much wider than they expected from this feeling point of view. In spite of the cruelty, in spite of those who liked revenge, who liked to pull out nails slowly so the person could remain out of shock and fully experience this punishment, this exquisite pain, in spite of wars, pestilence, famine and the many abuses of each other, they had to let it go on. That pain all around and the troubled water itself that gave it up could continue. Water, over which spanned the bridge of God, separated by them on that day, long ago, from the deep and laid out beside the dry land, was fascinating to them.  They were simply sipping on that exquisite nectar offerings coming up from that bottom and that box. God said he way preferred the love that came up and the bro said he much preferred the other.

photo 5-315

Both sides

She dreamed the Druid, in white robes covered in black overcoat,  came up to her pointing gently at her and saying, “Step away from the board and bow your head and ask for God’s blessing.” They both dropped to their knees. The dropping down went on for a long time so that she was falling and as she awoke her head was bowed into Uishneach’s back and he was trying to wake her up. He said she kept bumping her head into the small of his back and it was giving him a pain.

photo 2-381

The pain got to Uishneach

He had to make a visit to the Druid’s healing place and ask for help as he was bent over in pain. The druid’s helpers were inclined to leave him waiting so Mariah had to stick her head around the corner and insist he be seen. The druid was very busy with an old man who was deaf and was shouting. It was hard to get any attention.

photo 4-2

The bird of Halloween

It was many hours before he was able to get a potion for his pain. The Druid mumbled about a block in the waterworks and some stone blocking the way and causing the pain. He said he had just the thing for such pains. It worked immediately. Uishneach was happy to meet up with two witches whom he had not met for many years.

photo 3-3

One  witch had a little accident

Mariah wanted to talk to the Druid about her dream but the druid was not very responsive as he was having a busy night with other emergencies. She went home exhausted, looking up at the stars and mulling about her dream. She was a little happy for the walk in the cool air.  She would surely have a good nights rest and no more nightmares after all that. The end.

photo 1-3

Growing outside under some butterfly bush

Rose is having a busy week dragging in the plants to avoid the promised frost and sweeping up the mess left behind. One of her bedrooms is like that of a hoarder so she hopes to clear it out soon. The halloween decorations are getting into full swing on the street.

Her plants outside have gone mad and the ivy is trying to cover up her house. She whacked some of the hedges back. She meditated in the night and felt pulled up by the shoulders to write the above story/dream from Mariah. She found ants trying to set up shop on her counter under some neglected papers. She startled them into scattering in all directions. The line of ants near her computer spot is no longer traversed by ants looking for a left over crumb covered with honey. However there is an ant that has found his way onto the frame of her glasses and goes back and forth whenever she is two busy to swat it out of her life. She eventually laughed at the profound interest this ant has in her.

photo 4

I  had a lovely session on dreams today and much satisfied to be working with the psychoanalytic and art therapy modes and some cognitive behavioral piece that asks the dreamer “what action is needed now as a result of having your dreams.” A dreamer had a dream of the waves of the ocean being contained by a glass barrier for her even though they were eight stories high. She noticed she had a smilar dream a few months ago where it was again contained with glass. Working with her dreams prevent her from being drowned even though she is going through some big relationship issues. Contact me through Psychology Today. I also have a Facebook page. Please comment, share or like as you feel moved. Love from Rose.

2016-09-24 17.57.41







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Life after Life


photo 2-381

Scary Halloween mask. All that slashing across the page brought the two sides of my brain together.

In Woodbine Cemetery near my house is a gravestone with pieces of colored glass making up the main square of it. When the sun is low in the sky and shines directly through that thick glass, it becomes see-through, luminescent, saying you are more than dead, that you are a being of light and that the graves holds “Your mortal remains” but the spirit, the rainbow colors of you have left that rag and bone of you in the grave and you have escaped elsewhere. When you do not realize this coming birth to the other world, you are not dead but “sleepeth” in this life. This life is the opportunity to be and show love and anything else you care to do with all your might so at the end you will review it as you leave down your rags and bones and bring your everlasting soul with you having gained or lost depending on how much love you managed to manipulate into everything. And just for good measure you have to figure that all out by yourself, your unique slant on it all. No two lives the same, like the snowflakes.


A little snow from last winter. Igloo built by neighbor Josh behind my house.

How to get unasleep in life? God/Spirit/ Devine Beloved is behind the door. How not to ignore, to try to see through the glass darkly? So that at least this forlorn Divine Beloved knows we are making an effort and so that the furnace of love in our Divine Lover’s Heart light up and melts that glass behind which we hide.


Behind the glass darkly/brightly taken in Marrakech.


When our hearts begin to expand into that love, then we can love one another and our Source, as Jesus has loved the Father and you. So we can be set down, no longer carrying that heavy door on our backs, filled with wander lust for what is behind the colored solid glass door on our backs, so close. Turn and Turn and Embrace.

photo 1-317

Carrying something maybe

I came across a dream from a few years ago from a friend. She said that she was asked to walk on water. She got great help from skunks and porcupines who ran off the bad guys. She saved a herd of cows for the village. She is repairing her church. She did active imagination with her image of walking on water with me and it was beautiful. That is all I said in my journal about her dream.

photo 4-185

My tea leaf reading.

My friend Maria Prytula related this poem in church in Spring 2012. I had my journal there and wrote it out as she said it. She was a sweet friend and mentor to me after my divorce. Her tea was always spectacular. Neither of us read the tea leaves.

Be gentle night
So I can taste again
This morsel of delight
Do no freeze the bulbs.
Walking in the Arboretum
Fences of stick,
Pools of light
Tiny white bells heralding Spring
Envelopes of Love
Spangled by stars.

By the pond the show is free
Spring Heart to root
Sing with the birds
Laughter is song
Sweet showering unseen
A healing pall.

Bewitching the drunken heart
Deer breakfasted on Tulip bulbs
Mocking Bird, a choralist
Long scolding, follows me about
As I grow old I love my weeds
The mocking bird is gone
No one to scold me now.

I miss Maria and our private tea drinking.

Friday morning with no schedule, but a load of maybe this or that, I settle at last to some drawing, always a soother for me.  On this beautiful day on the porch I settle down in the sunshine and take out those oil pastels. They have a way of making their mark. Once it is made there is not getting rid of it.

photo 3-392

She was not inclined to smile for me

I was frustrated with the first drawing of my self-portrait. I left it to “draw without looking” at the paper and got my Halloween drawing (above) and finally did a drawing of my pain(below). It feels much better an hour after the drawing. I then finished the self portrait and laughed at my results. She was very dour but I managed to drag her lip up on one side and she seemed a little less put out…and it is finished.


What can I say today to get you into your dreams and check if there is any invitation to walk on water, to do the impossible? My friend in her dream was getting in touch with her instincts which help her save what is of value for herself and those with whom she is in contact and she is also finding her spiritual side as represented by her rebuilding her church. I have not managed this walking on water but once in a dream I levitated. It gave me a fright so that I woke up screaming.


Picture above taken in an ancient city in Nepal. We were not lost. He is speaking of the earthquake that shook the area and how it affected his family.

As for me and my dreams, I am lost in Washington after a big day there and I am so frustrated to have missed my ride home. In reality, I do go to Washington on a yoga retreat for the day tomorrow Saturday. I am looking forward. I am wondering what the dream is telling me about my preparation. I am staying home today being quiet, eating vegetables and generally laying low. May do some quiet time to mentally get ready. Light the candle etc. Nobody wants to be left in Washington for the night after the retreat. No doubt you will be hearing about the retreat when next I write.

architecture attractions building city

Photo by Pixabay on Washington here I come.

Love from Rose.


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Meditation and Chakras

photo 2-378

Vague attention paid to drawing while counseling

It is Guru Ram Dass’ birthday today. He is associated, like Jesus, with a lot of love and compassion and he was connected to the building of the Golden Temple in Amritsar in North Western India, a place of great devotion, energy and spirituality.  That was about five hundred years ago. When my son was joining the army, I took the trouble to ask Guru Ram Dass to protect him. I was doing a yogi weekend at the time and it was the Guru’s birthday week and there was lots of chanting to him. Every time I wanted to worry my son’s decision, I would refer him to the Guru, three chants and leave it there. Thankfully I no longer worry my son’s decisions. I since put these lines to an old Irish lullaby, and I feel the unifying power of the chant.

photo 3-390

My son playing drums quickly drawn in a half dark auditorium when in concert

It has taken me a while to figure out where to put the Jesus/Guru Ram Dass, Lords and Masters of the Spiritual worlds and this one too.  Because of their association with love, they naturally are associated with the heart chakra. How to connect the heart and head is the challenge. But a few thing have come together to help. I can definitely feel love when given to me without any conditions.

photo 2-380

My son’s friend playing on same stage

I went to a Psychic a few years ago because she came recommended by a good friend.  I remember after her session I felt very grounded, loved for a few days afterwards. Some major problem I was having faded into the background, as she expounded on how past lives figured in this problem. I needed to speak up for myself. She drained all the worry away from me. The feeling of love was unmistakable. I want to be able to do that for my clients. I get some feedback and I am helpful to them.

photo 1-435


She helped me understand the chakra connections that I have between my head and my heart. She said that my higher chakra,  the Pineal was directly linked to my heart and that the two together came out in my hands in my art, and would be very helpful when I used my mind with intention to be this healing presence.  It was an energetic connection and a pure link. She insisted I have many past lives doing counseling work, especially using the art component. I feel that connection as I practice with art and dreams in my counseling practice. I also see that the dreams are there as a unique letter to the client about how to proceed and well worth taking the time and energy to investigate.

photo 5-318

Fun times on the drums

The head chakras are associated with God. Our Father from our christian faiths, says “Our Father who art in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name.” The former “Father” connects to the Pituitary and the latter “Name” to the Pineal. This put the dynamic within. God within, Heaven within. Jesus said “The Father and I are one” and “If you have seen me, you have seen the Father.” He was referencing the two major spiritual chakras in the head. He gave his heart to the Father. He got past the time and space, into a oneness within with the Father. The Father was not placed up in the sky but within. I appreciate the macro component of God being everywhere also. But I want to feel the micro component inside to be carried around by me.

photo 5-317

Most likely an attempt to draw the moving conductor – it might be Mr Dotas.

I meditate, and I do have a daily/nightly practice. It ranges on the good days from two hours plus to 20 minutes squeezed in someplace. I am always so happy to do this. I am feeling the link between the heart and the head, something happening at the same time in the heart and the head. I am more than this physical body. This body is a vehicle for the soul, is the home of the soul.

photo 2-379

Drawing a friend at a meeting around 2012

While meditating on the above birthday, I went outside to connect with that time when it is said that the greater understanding comes to us, when the sun is starting to come up. The great Walnut tree was between me and the brightness coming up. The artisty of those black branches silhouetted against the brightening blue air was shocking. Squares, circles, faces, glasses on the faces in those branches. I felt the tree connect with me. I was sure I saw the third eye of the tree. I saw the life there and it is in us to be claimed also.

photo 1-433

Quick self portraits done deliberately with the help of a mirror can be shocking also.

When I looked at the tree for these connections later it was not there.

photo 4-353


And after the Kundalini Yoga class on the eve of Ram Dass ‘ birthday last evening, when the teacher mentioned her Guru, I saw a huge oil drop in the air, golden and infused with light. My face was filled with smiles, as the head chakras are associated with the cup, that run over, both spiritually and physically. It is these hormones and harmonies that bless the body with wellness, finding their way into all the cells in the body. Our mental efforts to connect with the spiritual within brought this vision. It was nothing more than a flash and at the same time it was everytning in the moment. I feel very connected in those moments and happy.


The magazine Venture Inward from the Association for Research and Enlightenment  (Edgar Cayce) comes to me once every two months. I look for it in the mail. The stories this past time were connected to the arts music etc. I found encouragement to use my art, especially my drawing of faces, both mine and others a worthy pastime. I have not got up in the night to paint yet but I did some self portraits recently just looking in the mirror. It was fun. I also draw my body especially when dealing with pain (two above). The other shapes and faces are less conscious and are drawn while talking to someone. Sometimes I loosly attempt to draw the person in front of me, an initial concentration at the beginning. Then I let go into doing the work of counseling. The drawing keeps me closer to the right side of the brain, where I am more intuitive and more connected to what needs saying and doing and my listening ear is attuned.

I am blessed to have found the work of my hands and the meditations of my heart in this life. I am blessed twice when you come and work with me and your dreams. I look forward to seeing you as we accommodate those blessings that come down on us that there is hardly room enough to receive. Love from Rose.

photo 1-434

I tried to give this glorious picture to the occupants but she was having any of it. They are a lovely couple.











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Fall into your dreams.


The geraniums were one of my mother’s favorite flowers.

It is Fall again so unexpectedly. I am glad it is here as it makes a change from the heat and the weather is so perfect with blue skies. As I mentioned previously, I have a steam cabinet and its job is to relieve me of all my toxins so that I will not have any ailments as I journey into the autumn of my life. It has its way of making me feel very clean, inside and out so I think it is time well spent. I wish I would get into it more often. It takes an hour most times at the very least.

photo 3-62

Masks are often created to represent the masks we wear in life. These masks were for sale in Marrakech.

In the steam cabinet I have a fine view of the back of the garden where grows the sunflowers. My eyes and the top of my head are the only things visible. My steam cabinet essentially acts as a blind and I go unnoticed by the wild life in the yard.

photo 4-45

Beautiful sunflowers in late August

The sunflowers no longer look fresh but are filled with the black gold sunflower seeds, which the birds love. I saw a cardinal trying to negotiate the procuring of one such seed. He was on the back side of a lower seed head looking up at a large seed head bowing over him. He took a number of leaps at the seed head above his head without much success. Finally he leaped, caught a seed in his beak and pulled one out with his body weight and some push from his feet. He fell away and gained flight. Mission accomplished, he flew off into the loblolly pine near by to enjoy his feast.

photo 3-17

At the back of my yard

The one pumpkin at the back of the garden is having some problems keeping its skin on. Cassy,my neighbor,  who threw last years pumpkin there, was very pleased when this pumpkin plant volunteered in her territory and produced one small round pumpkin. She thinks that a squirrel has been relieving her pumpkin of its pelt. I think that some of the green and yellow striped snails living under the black plastic in my compost black box, are making a nightly run to that great orange pumpkin about three yards away from their home, and slugging around on this beautiful Halloween globe, no longer destined for her Cassy’s porch.

photo 5-22

It was a perfect pumpkin

I heard some dreams about going down and down in a circular type stairs into the unconscious. The dreamer found herself on a mud path, which was narrow and high and slippery at the same time. It seems to be something that has to be accomplished alone, much like that cardinal having to feed himself with what was on hand. There was a young sapling there to be held onto but was of doubtful assistance to the dreamer. The larger than life male who appeared offered help that she rejected. Inner work is something that has to come from the depths of us. We can sit hugging our knees in fear but eventually we get up and start to take action based on our dreams.

photo 1-429

Still working on hip and knee related inner work

The action I am taking at present is to draw mandalas and if they look like some shape to be found in my mari card sorts, and if I can link it to colors, then I consider some interpretation based on my Mari books. My dreams are quiet at present but I can always review some less that worked on dreams, reconnect with my goals and what action I am taking as a result of former dreams.


Last nights dream gave me a snippet of owing some large amount of money. After thinking of my taxes, (yes they are paid) I was drawn back to having to consider how I am handling something that is of value and important to me at present.


Having fun with the lovely food in Morocco – There might have been some pumpkin like veggies in this dish. Seri Amrita, leader of the Moroccan Tour sits to the right.

I am having to avail myself of more body work to keep upright. I get massage, visit healers, osteopaths and am starting physical therapy again. It seems to be something that goes along with inner work. I may complain but “not a hair on my head is touched.” I loved visiting the spa in Marrakech and enjoyed everything about getting rubbed and scrubbed, washed clean. Then I was kissed on my forehead by a young barber woman worker, who had ministered to me, as I left to recover and to sit and sip hot sweet mint tea and cold water. For a wet minute, I felt like I was a baby again. It was great.

photo 5-305

Bubbles were created as our bodies and hair were scrubbed.

I am very happy working with people who bring along their dreams to me on a regular basis. I am about 100% busier that this time last year and there is plenty of room for more appointments. My work is insight based and the person leaves feeling a lot better than when they arrived. I love working with people and the unconscious, knowing that the dream brings out what is needed now.  I see the brokenness as well as the strength of my clients. The mandala art I do while the person is with me brings in an energy that turns things around right. Their drawing allows what needs to be said, to be said, as well as allowing the association to come through that will be most helpful.


No dreams yet of riding the camel

We can go over your dreams and drawings finding out what is underneath. This time of year is associated with a certain darkening, ripening and  preparation for what is coming. In the same way the dreams bring us into preparation for finding our strength and our wholeness and our necessary actions.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Love from Rose.









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Snake Dreams

photo 1-428

Snakes, snakes and more snakes.

Everyone has those snake dreams. Some bite us in unmentionable places or on the hands. Snakes are associated with instinctual energy and the appearance of a hostile snake, or a hostile animal, may mean we are going against what is in our own best interests, our own instincts,  from a wholeness point of view.

photo 1-430

Fridge art at present

The dreams usually get the attention of the dreamer, precisely because of the fear that comes with them. The unconscious has been opened a little by some fear that has come up in the recent past. Then the image of the snake can come up or something else equally frightening to help us pause and consider other actions would benefit our wholeness and happinessA snake is an energetic animal. It has such speed and power and seams to move on its own internal rhythms. It can be a representation of the Kundalini energy held asleep in the base of the spine awaiting some spiritual use to be made of such power.

photo 1-425

On the square in Marrekeck in Morocco. Snake charmers were nearby but I missed seeing them.

I heard such a snake Dream from a young successful woman travelling for her work, taken in by me, while in the skies between Marrakech and Casablanca over Morocco. When I told her I was a dream interpreter she told me her dream of a cobra snake that was behind and toward the left side on her, like it was around her in a way.

photo 1-432

Not many snake images in evidence in Morocco. I found this image in the market in Marrakech.

She felt it was connected to pain she is experiencing in her upper back and neck. When I asked her about her life she told me of a beloved grandmother with whom she spent her time until she want to school at five years old. She let me know her grandmother worked with people. She would hear her grandmother talk to spirits in the people and do her work.

photo 5-312

She talked the bad spirits out of inhabiting ordinary humans.

Then she would see the people come back to her grandmother, give her gifts and thank her for getting the unholy spirit out of them. This woman, looked into my eyes, making sure I appreciated what she was saying, that the people came back healed. I suggested her grandmother was an exorcist.

photo 2-376


When she was five her parents removed her from her grandmother, as her grandmother’s work did not coexist too well with kindergarten teachers. She never was with her grandmother in the same way after that, with her grandmother dying when she was a teen.

photo 4-351



The dreamer did disclose she is very psychic, can read people very accurately, see their inner intentions. I thought she had a spiritual gift like her grandmother, just expressed differently.  For some reason she had spent time observing her grandmother as a small child, so she could be conscious of such spiritual healing. She has a fear to practice in any way her grandmother did but often finds she helps others in a satisfying way to her, when she listens to their stories. She thought the pain she is experiencing in her back and neck may be due to the fact she has turned her back somewhat on her abilities relating to her spiritual gift. She thought that the snake was connected to this spiritual power she has.

photo 3-386



I gave her my card as we said our goodbyes. As we sat side by side in our cosy seats on the plane, I hardly appreciated her beauty but when I saw her later in the bus into the airport taking us from the plane into the terminal in Casablanca, I saw she was tall, elegant and very beautiful.


Recent mandala created in response to pain

My dream about a snake came when I was suffering from disabling hip pain after I travelled with three small children to Ireland. I was referred to a body worker who may have been osteopathic in nature. He put needles on me, attached to some electric pulse. Left on my own attached to needles for a half hour,  I was a little terrified. Then he came in and pushed my tightened limbs around until they were free. It was a great release.

photo 3-385

That night I dreamed I pulled a snake from my hip and beat it senseless around the small bedroom I slept in in Ireland. I mean this was real energetic, blood on the walls beating. I did not look back after that to any pain in those years.


Moroccan Brothers

See below some writing from the same timeframe above, written up in an earlier blog titled: Healing the Wounds of the Heart.

I go with my brother to count the sheep and cattle in the Denore farm, which are a few miles from home. Our farm is the third one in from the road and we open the gates that give us right of way over a rutted roadway. We get there in the small red fiat car, filled with children in the back seat, both my brothers children and mine, going over the bumpy ground through the green fields. I hear my brother say a string of curses starting with the “F” word. He sees his ram sitting on the ground and a crow picking on the flank of the animal. He did his farmer thing with the ram, being doctor and nurse to him, carrying him home to the home place, putting green unguent on his hip and giving his a shot of antibiotics. ( I think he recovered too, although there was some question about his efficacy as sire for the new lambs, after that year. Being in USA often meant we missed out on the followup details after out return.)


white sheep on farm

Photo by kailash kumar on

And as a way of saying goodbye until I write again I will leave you with the ending paragraph from the above mentioned blog:

Dream work will turn you into scissors hands, as you start to see through the thick hedges into the sleeping self in the lovely royal bed. The attitude that  “I am a Queen and no widow am” keeps us in selfishness, asleep and getting stuck, as we ignore the need to get up into the next level of spirituality, next phase of awareness. Symbols, offered up from your own unconscious, come flying out of the hedges. You will begin to see when you are cutting yourself off from life and unable to move. Pain comes from refusing to look at you. Love itself is always there, inside, waiting to help with the hedge cutting. There may even be a huge hunk of love hiding in your hedge waiting for a responsible you to take that lovingness into you for liberal use on all that you encounter. Being awake to the offerings from the unconscious is a form of internal hygiene, a gift, an internal language and is activated by your intentions and attentions to the dreams.

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There is a place on my schedule just for you and your dreams. Do not make me have to go after you. You know whom you are, always promising a visit soon to work on dreams but dallying, as the hedge gets enormous.

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The hedge has been wildly growing outside the window of my office. It gives great privacy but needs to be wrestled with also.

Comment, like, write, phone. I look forward to hearing from you.  Love from Rose.


One of my favorite pictures from traveling in Morocco

















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Mariah and the Book of Secrets

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Whether it was a problem with a meteorite or with plasma  from the sun was hard to tell.

Mariah found herself alone again naturally,  as Uishneach had gone traveling, fighting with demons, who interfered with his Negalmanky, rendering it useless, and getting into great debates about whether Atlantis and Lemuria were pushed under by plasma from the sun or from a huge meteorite hitting the earth. There was great anticipation about the debate, which never happened. All the Leprechauns were gathered ready to take sides. The druid brought her word of these goings on.

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The birds did not mind the rain

Mariah found herself at home, sitting out the rainy weather. She began to wonder if Noah’s ark would be needed, as it would soon be raining for forty days and nights. Some said that the ark was needed when the above-mentioned catastrophes happened following the great destructions. So far she was just a little inconvenienced with puddles in her lower rooms, which flowed and ebbed with the down pours.

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The book of secrets

She pulled down her Book of Secrets, which had been given to her by her ancestors and was very old. It was said to contain some combination of Egyptian, Irish and Hebrew thought. It focused on the beliefs that people coming into this world had certain things happen to them because it needed to happen due to Karma as well as the need for understanding and learning about themselves.

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Circles of many lives

There was loose pages in the book about Mariah’s sister, Mary, who had died at an early age in her fifties. A psychic Leprechaun has done a reading on her as she was near death. As she went toward death Mary was falling apart in one way and in another ways coming together like a collage. Mary understood what was happening, was able to see why her life was over and accept it. She moved from her broken physical body into her spirit body a few months before leaving the earth finally. The ancestors all were around her, especially the grandmother and mother. They were singing and celebrating her return. She was complete, had come full circle. They were partying with lots of music of the realms. They all had an awareness of her imminent appearance on their side of the divide. She was not in pain and floated right out of her body. She was graduating into the next level.

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The Psychic said that Mary had a past life with her sister, Mariah. Both were given to a convent when they were about fourteen years old in France. They were so unworldly that the parents thought they would be better off in a convent with sisters. They were not blood sisters in that life. They loved nature, talking to God and praying. They saw spirit everywhere. They loved to sing. They understood God and were ok with God. Mary lasted twelve years in that incarnation with the sisters. Mariah in that life,  took care of her and when she died she took care of other sisters. In the past life she tuned into her dead sister, and she would go to the Grotto to talk to her. This was allowed as the sisters felt the veil between heaven and earth was very thin, in their case. The dead sister would guide her giving her instructions about how to treat others in the convent, who were sick, saying this one needing “sulfur” or that one needed a change of diet, or needed to be cooled down. In this way Mariah was able to bring wholdness and wellness into the life of many of the sisters who lived to old age, in their eighties.

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Mariah began thinking of her training with the druids. As a child she had a particular gift with art and dreams. This was accomplished by drawing in the earth or using a slate and a soft chawky stone to make marks. Small stones were also used. She had been trained to read the stones and the pictures. She had not practiced since her marriage, being busy with keeping house and her learning had lapsed out of awareness. She thought she might talk to Druid Bernie again and see if she could get a group of dreamers together and get started in bringing in her true voice of spirit through the art and dreams.  The end.

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Rose was watching a documentary about immigration of the Irish. She was not thinking of her own journey in 1985 when she came to United States. She saw that big airplane raising into the sky and though of her deceased sister Mary who also emigrated in the early eighties. Rose burst into tears for a while. It is easy to forget Mary and her close links with her. She always felt close to her and she felt understood by her when it came to talk about spiritual things. Mary had a healing practice in California and worked in music with children for many years. She is sure missed by Rose.

And if you want to work with your dreams, your own marks and stones, be sure to contact me for some work with your unconscious and find out more about yourself. Maybe your past lives will show up. Many people in other counties and in other religions, believe in past lives. And if my questions to others are anything to go by, many people here, with whom I have contact, also believe in them. As one person said, it was very helpful to consider karma with her mother, enabling her to let go of her shame and guilt relating to a very difficult walk with her. Drawing can also help you distinguish between what is “right” for you and what is “necessary” in your life, and be able to see how those two pull you around. I am still thinking about these distinctions.

I look forward to hearing from you. Like my writing if you do, comment if you can and I will be very thankful for your individual mark to me. Thank you and love you. Love From Rose.


No dreams yet of riding the camel

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