Go Sin No More – and Other Confessions

Part of many religions is the idea that we ask forgiveness for sins and this was a prominant ritual in my Catholic Faith. We set out for church for Mass and Confessions and especially at Easter time. While this was largly an unconscious act for me, I am more aware of it now as I tack in the injunction “Go Sin no More.”

Mrs. Murray, my national School Teacher, prepared me for my first confession. The school was under direction of the church and was up the road just a little bit on the other side from the school. It was flanked by graveyards on either side, a place that contained most of my ancestors on my mother’s side of the family.

Mrs Murray helped lead ups through the rituals by showing us what was involved.

Mrs. Murray brought us into the church and we stepped up into the Confessional and had to stand, as we were too small to kneel. I have no memory of my sins but we were prompted by our teacher to find some sin for the priest. In those days, not obeying parents and forgetting prayers was part of the list. We were taught the “I confess to almighty God” and “Oh MY God I am heartily sorry”, a prayer known as the “Act of Contrition.” We then were given “Penance” which could be “Three Hail Maries.” We were all of seven when we were doing this.

Spring Flowers

We could “Make our First Communion” after the “First Confessions.” We dressed up in white dresses and veils and wore new black leather patent shoes and white ankle socks. This second sacrament after Baptism, happened in the springtime, maybe May.

We did a trial run at the church with the “Holy Communion” opening our mouths so the “Host” could be placed on the outstretched tongue and taken into the mouth. Mrs Murray was our stand-in for the priest, for the practice run. We had to be fasting that morning of the real communion.

Sometimes we were given small amounts of change, sixpence or a shilling, from relatives or friends of the family. It was a special time and a celebration into the awareness of what is sin, and then made clean so we could receive God into our inner selves.

What brings me to the story above is that I have not been a practicing Catholic for many years but always felt free to go to confessions and Communion, as I felt inclined.

On the Way to Confessions

When I was upset recently, I though I could go to Confessions. It was an impulsive move, as I rode past the church on my bike. I parked my bike between a shrub and the wall and went inside. There was a young man, who looked like a priest, had a collar on him, and said that if I wanted confessions, he would hear them.

Speaks for itself

He took out two folding tinny chairs, and we sat opposite each other and he decided to put on the “Stole”, a purple scarflike vestment for around the neck. He said he would make it official. I said the invocation prayer “Bless me father for I have sinned” and told him what I considered my current sins, including annoying the life out of a relative of mine. She said I was “oblivious” and other such things.

After getting all my sins out, he asked me “Are you a practicing Catholic?” I said no I have not been for some time. He stood up, took off his stole and said he could not hear my confessions unless I intended to be a practicing Catholic. He opened the door and put away our chairs and his vestment for confessions.

Four becomes one in Harrisonburg – four unkindness become one in kindness

The act of confessing itself was a ritual that freed me in some way. The ritual of feeling the need to say, I was wrong and I would like to fix that in myself, is what I needed.

I told my sister in England what had happened. She is married to a Deacon of the Catholic Church and she “went off” on this priest who “retained my sins.” I do not think I will return to the fold of the Catholic Church, for a number of reasons, not necessarily connected to the above event. I will always be a follower of the man Jesus who became the Christ, “Me and the Father are One,” he said.

/Me the priest and the Confessional

The important thing is that I am able to forgive myself for anything awkard, shamefull, and even for being oblivious. I then become more conscious as I move forward  trying to “sin no more.”

I imagine that Jesus, Buddha and Gurus all fall down laughing, as their followers insist that only they are right.  By looking at their different teachings, they each can help us to have a properly human experience, forgiving ourselves and stemming the tide of the permission we give ourselves to give others an improper human experience. “Go sin no More” is implied in the whole act of confessions, and is now taped to my forehead as I go about my day, looking at ice-cream parlors etc.  

Looking down on a Redbud at JMU

As I look into the dreams, gifts from the unconscious they help me identify where I need to change. Waking up out of the oblivious is the fruit of confessions.

Wherever you find yourself on your spiritual journey, do not be afraid to confess your sins as you find yourself in the spirit and of course go sin no more. To sin no more includes the idea that something I am doing or thinking is leaving me in a mess either mentally or spiritually. I can intuit what that is, line upon line, here a little and there a little as I move myself away from unhealthy habits of cursing up a storm or eating trash or emotionally blowing lots of wind into half truths about others and myself. This is the truth that will make you free and no one will do it for you. Love from Rose.

In Harrisonburg – a climbing wall
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This morning I was at the ocean front at daybreak. There was a line of what looked like clouds and I did not see any rising sun but could see that light change in a warm way. I stood there for a while and sat cross-legged afterwards.  My feet were bare and cold so I immersed them in the sand. It had a warming effect. Then I tried meditating. A large black lab came up and slobbered all over my face. His owner, a youngish man said his dog thinks everyone is his friend. 

The exercisers in the fog

As I sat the clouds became a fog that came and surrounded me on my little perch on the edge of the ocean. The birds, the people and dogs were surreal. When the lab dog’s owner came back up he stopped again and commented on the fog as my face got another licking. He noted that he took videos of the fog, as no one would believe what he had seen. He said it had a mystic quality and the sun looked as the moon.

The sun and the fog gave me a glow.

Yesterday when I meditated, at the edge of the dunes to avoid the breeze, it was a sunnier morning. Pelican groups were flying up and down the beach over the water. When I opened my eyes there was a flock of them making a beeline in my direction. I could not believe it. They use their wings so sparingly, almost stopping in mid air. When they were within a few yards, they literally stalled in the air, shifted their bodies back toward the water, and flew in that direction. 

Sunrise at the beach at Kill Devil Hills

They have this way of undulating as they fly and from where I sat on the beach, as they flew back into the trough between the beach and the ocean, it was as if they were flying full tilt into the sand and disappeared, only to come up again, one after the other and into the air over the water. 

As the morning wore on past nine o’clock, I was pulled toward the water and a quick immersion. I found it bracing, stayed in long enough for a wave of the water to climb my back and wet some of my head. I was not cold as the fog lifted and then the sun was hot. 


I met a couple from the mid west, as I left the beach. Their son was vegan and they were resisting his cooking and other such thing. I wish I had a son with grandchildren. I would surely move in and love the food. Her son also works on the attachments of muscles to bones and can relieve his father of all his pain. Definitely moving in. 

From the dreams

I have had two treatment at the Spa here at ARE and the first was a colonic. I now know the meaning of the words “showing my butt.” When I was in practice in a smallish town in Virginia, some of my country clients would say such words as “I showed my butt” or he “showed his butt.” One of the other practitioners of at the spa told me that she once was the demo for a class of students of the colonics. She said that took some courage. 

Blue Angel Statue in Meditation Garden at the ARE

I wanted another treatment and without thinking too much I signed on for a cranial sacral hour. She told me she was free from pain for fifteen years She avoids all sugar and each day when she gets up she asks how her body is and if she has any pain or inflammation. Then she tries to look at her diet from the previous day to say what she did wrong for her pain body. She said she never gets pain now and can eat a little sugar sometimes. . 

If a snake and a cat and a chicken comes to bite you in the dreams, you could investigate it with me.

She also meditates five to ten hours a day. She starts her day at 4 am, is very energized and gets “lots done everyday anyway.” She also said she feels that she goes out “into a field” and that what ever she needs comes her way. I was highly inspired to meditate more. 

Sun coming through the blooming shrub – stayed blooming all winter.

I asked her about her relationships and she said her ex has fallen in love with her again. I guess she may have some karma to work out there still. I said nothing on that subject other than to say that I liked the film “The Garcia Girls” which modeled an older woman having a sex life and enjoying it. I enjoyed it immensely – the movie and the treatment.

A litte watercoloring on the Sound side beach in Hatteras.

As the cranial sacral session went on I went silent and felt her energy as she worked on me. I got more relaxed and toward the end I breathed out something. This was followed by seeing a flower that was purple in color with a lightening strike going through it. 

In the lawn at Kill Devil Hills

She said her session would take twenty four to forty eights hours working on me. As I lay in the sand later and meditated I felt that sinking into the ground that brings peace and calm with it. I went through the motions of meditation and felt happy just to be, appreciating the bliss all around and in me. 

A breeding Double Crested Comeratn in Seashore State Park

My bliss is to be near large bodies of water, work with people and with dreams and to write. All three bring me immense satisfaction. If you have some dreams to share, be sure to contact me. I am on Psychology Today as a Licensed Professional Counselor. I do Telehealth and in person Counseling.

The pine was blooming where I did Qi Gong over the phone with Elizabeth Scott while at Kill Devil Hills.

Thank you for your reading. You can sign up and follow me so than an email comes to you when ever I post a blog such as this. Please like if you do and I promise to send some lightyour way and you can send some my way.

I am reading and watching some Joseph Campbell media and it reminds me how I watched his shows a long time ago. I understand it better now that I am older and a meditator. Bring on the Bliss. Love from Rose. 

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Moriah – Larger and Smaller issues

Moriah told her friend, Sonie, that she often prayed for her. Sonie felt that Moriah’s voice surely had the ear of God and that would do a lot of good for her. Sonie had a hard job working on teeth and was lamenting loosing her assistant. 

Sonie’s spiritual Master’s prayer was “Only what pleases thee, oh Lord, do I want.”  But it was not easy to accept what she felt was a “bad thing.” Moriah hoped it would work out for the better and sent the light to surround her dear friend. 

In the night, Moriah thought of Sonie and what she had said about God’s ear. Moriah was working on breathing as well as chanting and she smiled very broadly when thinking about God’s ear. 

It was then that Moriah found myself stretching all the way out her body, as if her legs went out that far window and her arm was out the other one to the east. It was very pleasant and gentle and was represented as a group of lines reaching out in both directions. It lasted a few moments. Mariah felt that she was much larger than her little house. 


The thought of the ear of God so close to Moriah slipped her out of her body into an expansion, into a different dimension. 

Moriah was living alone and had not seen Uishneach for over a year or more. She had asked the dwarves in charge of legal issues to help her get her inheritance back for this and that lifetime. She understood there were three dwarves working for her. She tried not to obsess about it and to feel she was right in pursuing this avenue. 

The whole spread of it all.

The dwarves were looking at the whole spread of what was owed and what was interest. Mentally and emotionally it took a toll on her, but like a dog with a bone she could not let it go. She would have to take the burden of this decision onto herself. 

One of the legal dwarves

Then there was the issues both Moriah and her sister Bernie had relating to older sons, who had no women in their lives but liked to off load their emotions onto to Moriah and Bernie. Both felt a bit sucked dry.

Moriah’s son, Kristy wanted to know if a better horse or a better house would help. Moriah wanted to know what was wrong with the existing horse out there grazing on the hill of Uishneach, eating buttercups and mushrooms and his nose all covered in yellow pollen. 

The sons

Well, he said, she is a very big girl and when he looked at her walking he saw a river shimmer. Moriah suggested that maybe he should yoke up his two donkeys and have them pull a cart for his lady friend.He never liked Moriah’s solutions much.

Her sister’s son was a bit older, called Inky for his dark hair and his dark complexion. His marriage broke up and he was depressed and was leaning too munch on Bernie. Moriah was a bit afraid to say she should stop suckling him along as he laid his tears on her, and let him find his own bottom of the well. 

The Leprecaun women, mothers, sometimes were too attached to their oldest sons and it always felt better to breath into their son’s lives than to breath the breath of life into their own. Moriah felt pleased she did not live with her son, but keeping her mind at home was always a challenge especially as he consulted her about the horses and the big girl he had found. 

Moriah was lost for a bit.

Mariah was out walking, going to meet Bernie at the Goddess Bride’s well near the Hill of Uishneach. Sometimes she happened on her sister there. As she walked her path she soon found she had daydreamed and was on the path of no path. Perhaps it was the path the animals took in the moonlight at night. As she followed along, she remembered the old story that her uncle Druid Bernie told her about following the path that would bring her to the den of her own heart. 

Moriah took a good luck around and soon found her way to the well and sat down on one of the big stones there and had a drink of the delicious cool water dancing in the dappled sunlight. Her sister was nowhere to be seen and Moriah soon was fast asleep. She dreamed of a little red door that was blocking her way. 

And in that sleep what dreams may come

She breathed into the door until her breath made it bigger and bigger and soon she was able to walk right through. There were two big burlap bags on the floor. She breathed onto one of the bags and soon saw a lively landscape where she was a young child running around bossing her sister and taking her toys and her food when ever she could. 

She did not have time to look into the other bag because she felt a hand on her shoulder shaking her awake and she looked into the smiling face of her sister. They hugged and sat and talked of stories going around about and had a lovely time drinking the tea that her sister brought along. The cows milk and honey made it delicious and the tea brought warmth to their hears and they felt their closeness. Mariah took out some cake and could not remember if she put the herbs into it to make things smaller or larger, so she said nothing and hoped for the best. The end. 

In the kitchen in the evening sun
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Ralph’s Dream on a Sunday Outing to the Park

Last Sunday I went to Purcell Park in Harrisonburg with a friend and his daughter. I enjoyed seeing my companions climb trees, pine and cottonwood, and watch the beautiful outlines against the cerulean blue sky, as the evening shadows began to fall.

When our time was over in the park I decided to ride by bike back home.  As I left the park I pulled around in front of a house with a tree and a young person sitting outside. I said hello and smiled as I teetered onto my bike. He was holding a guitar and offered to play a song for me. I immediately got off my bike. 

I mentioned the an old Irish song.  He said he would look it up. I asked him for a dream and he told me of one where he is with his ex and she it talking about something that is lost, forgotten, left behind. He is a young man in mid twenties, has bachelors and is a construction site worker currently. 

The women, in the dream, is his ex girlfriend. His unconscious is using her as a symbol as it knows he has a certain reverence for her and uses her as a fresh energy to discuss with him what has been lost, left behind and forgotten. This inner woman figure is trying to tell him he is not in touch with something that he knew about at an earlier time in his life.

She might ask what did you do with what you were given.

Often young men in their teen will know exactly what they want from life but because they get no encouragement from the older male figures or educational figures or from religious figures or their peers, that quest will slip away into oblivion. Our society is concerned with financial and political issues with little concern for young men and their spiritual paths.  

In order to get knowledge about this thing that is forgotten, lost or left behind, it will be necessary to have a conversation, in imagination, with this woman and find out what she is talking about. Yes that sort of talk is going out on a limb.  

He can do this by drawing her, and by drawing some representation of what has been lost. They do not have to be something concrete. It can be a color or a shape. The unconscious will be happy to look into what has been offered and bring in more light.  Right now there is a darkness over the dream until he brings out something that shines from it. Would it not be great to figure out what the dream is talking about?

When he offered his dream I had gotten off my bike.  I was on the grass on an incline below my dreamer. My view was of him and the tree and the house behind. He nodded to various cars and people on the street and watched them and spoke to them sometimes in the middle of this dream chat.  

He said he had another big dream that was very memorable from when he was younger, early twenties maybe. He thought he might have been doing yoga exercises at that time. I thought that sort of activity might have brought in the dream to him.

Plenty of diffuse white light here.

The second dream had him in a room what was filled with diffuse white light. He was in the center nailed down with big nails that went in a line f rom his hands through to his breast-bone and then down his body and down through each leg, nailing his feet almost flat onto the flood. It terrified him. He was naked.

Diffuse white light, in the river, of the sun shining back at me

To the left of him was a woman who took all the blame and or shame. To the right of him was “an innocent woman.” On one of the other sides, the one toward his feet probably, he said a woman was born out of the wall, which now looked like flesh and had colors of maroon, green. It looked like a genuine birth of a woman who came out whole and complete. He felt a malevolence from her that was terrifying.

As I lay on the grass I was mesmerized. I stretched out my arms and saw those nails nailing me down and my feet flattened. I sat up. He mentioned Jesus and said he had a strong connection with his religion. I mentioned Gulliver Travels where Gulliver is tied down. We were stumped.

A dream woman

Does the women represent his anima, his inner feminine based on relationship with a personal mother or is it a dream of our present times, where the masculine is tied down by a very negative Madusa sort  who bases importance on money and politics and has little interest in the spirituality of the young men. As we claim blamelessness and innocence does it give the negative a chance to nail us all down? 

I bid goodbye to Ralph, with him promising to look at my site and said he is not shy about having his dreams blogged  

I have often thought of the dream above since hearing it. I am currently working with pressure points without needles and sometimes I will follow those lines using pressure with my fingers. I start at the fingertips of one hand and go to the other hand bringing myself into the center, going down the body and down the legs and onto the top of my feet. It feels very energizing.

One of my books on Reflexology which I am currently using.

This dream has a luminosity of itself with the room full of diffuse white light. Whether it is Ralph’s private myth or a collective myth, he may not understand it for many years but it is a glimpse into his/our future.

Our dreams are us, whether they are vision or dream or a message directly from God. They are our current representation of where we are going and in getting into an awareness of our current free fall we can enjoy where we find ourselves. He may have to deals with some malevolence in himself , and we in our society and in dealing with it we will know our shadow and that will be the bringer of light for us. Enjoy the free fall into where we are going. Love from Rose

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Shadow and Light a Ladder Make

Seeking Wholeness – Knowing our Shadows and Our Light.

Once upon a time there was Darkness over the deep and God said “Let there be light.”

And God made his people out of the clay and after much climbing God’s people were able to appreciate the sunrise, that beautiful light in all directions. They did however forget from where they came.

Shadow. and light

And God said “How will I let them know about Me.”

God consulted with the Devil. After some walking up and down and back and forth, their compromise was to leave man’s knowledge of God in the unknown and man would have to work hard to pull that light into the clay and become a God fellow/woman.

God watched his people with great interest as they struggled with all their might to come to some semblance of oneness working with the shadow and the light. They were visited regularly by the darkness from the unknown both inside and outside.

The People

They were blinded by the light that knocked them off horses and other such events. There were wars, there was peace, illness and health, plague and plenty, there was the best of times and the worst of times.

God’s people, all people, were pleased to be in their own movie, directing it this way and that. Joining with others and others joining with them and things going back  and forth and up and down. Great swinging about in all directions and plenty of mud slinging to make enough tension to spring them up the ladder. God squirted in the light and the Devil the darkness. It was always up to God’s people to slap them together and climb.

Knocked down in the ice

Some of the clay men and women sat down on the mud and asked if they could go backwards back into the mud and they often did, buried eventually. They were surprised at the freedom they got when they left the earth but nonetheless just adored and loved the life on earth. They resolved to come back time and again promising that they would remember the light and promising to gather up the darkness and inject it with light this time around.

And sometimes they realized they have a lot of light to raise and send out to everyone, friend and especially foe and to chastise themselves for there idolatry of the Sauron kind. They seized the chance to pull the darkness up until it was no longer in their own deep. Then they would feel that solidness in their belly, giving out light, carrying light and recognizing that Oneness in light between all of God’s people, no longer them and us but all in this together.

The Sauron Kind

Then they did not forget their job to see God in all others, enemies and friends, Pray for each person they see or think of or mad at or irritated of.  They tried to “Love your enemy” and all souls, and see the moonlight running up and down their spines until the light within lifted them up out of the clay. 

In the midst of the chaos and the confusion and the love and joy some of God’s people slowed down enough to consider many things including their dreams that came to them in the night. Through the dreams they talked to the unknown.

There were great fights depicted between the light and the darkness, being chased and being gagged at the same time. Being locked in mortal combat with an adversary, with a huge darning needle, both trying to impregnate the other. Fighting with the one that has a sharp knife that intends to torture you slowly and to flay you lovingly. What emerged was holy writings and great art pouring out with a flow of light, inventions and love and kindness, loving God with the whole heart and neighbor as thyself.

From the dreams

They could call on God in the silence, letting God open to them. Opening they could listen to God and to see their shadow and their light through the dream characters. They could feel the warmth of the sun on their faces. They could climb Jacob’s ladder out of the mind, out of the mud into the place of silence where their real inheritance from God, the chakra wheels imprinted with the soul, held God’s light within for them.  They could read their Holy Books, listen to the mystics from all persuasions to get help. They could talk to their bellies and insist on the reversal of the chakra wheel from cursing to blessing and step out onto the plateau of God always waiting, not so out of reach. 

They could feel the Dan Tien, the Solar Plexus, setting down, shedding the fears and the anxiety and pouring out blessing and being blessed. Love from Rose.

Harrisonburg News

The weather has been in the seventies and I am soaking up too much sun already. Motor bikes go by with voluminous music blaring above the din of the whine of the bike. The boys across the road in the eight flat house in the residential area are out on the flattish roof above the porch toting dark brown bottles and being happy. One of my visitors fell in the ice a few short weeks ago and while I called him a dead man walking he still walks his walks in the morning chanting. “Oh God My Hearts Desire.”. I am doing telehealth on my dining room table, I am meeting on my porch or in my home office depending on your personal preference. I am hearing great dreams, littered with shadow and light, bullies, getting the last laugh, and other fun considerations.

I got a new chant his morning “Allah Whoo” as I breathed in and out in my Qigong exercises. I was saying it before I heard it. I reminds me of the God out there and God within as I breathe in and out. The other bit of news I want to impart is Air comes in through the lungs, and Prana comes up through the feet from the ground, mother earth. That is all the news from the Friendly City here in Virginia. 

In Santorini in 2019 above the blue Mediterranean Sea

Sending out a prayer for you, May your prana be rising and mixing with the oxygen in your belly bringing you an abundance of balance, energy and peace and new spring sap. Love from Rose.

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Sweet Peas

During the last two weeks I was involved in an eleven-day chanting/ Kundalini class that included a daily walk and chant. I added this practice to a nightly practice of doing the Aquarian Sadhna Chant, which I have been doing for almost a year. I have been chanting for our political situations, with appeals to my Church Group, Bible Groups and my readers, among others, to join me on a daily meditation for Peace at 8am and 8 pm. I also remember to God, my readers, my family, my clients etc during these meditations. All of this case load coalesced into something more, both internally and eternally

During this eleven-day practice time I was in quarantine and alone at my house.  I met to chant nighty on a Zoom Group. One of the participants shared she went “very deep,” and saw a quick vision of a female destroyer Goddess, who was all in flames. It was a quick flash in her sight. We did this powerful chant for 31  minutes on the tenth night, with one hand on our heart and the other hand on our knee.

The above visionary had a marvelous feeling, and said she fell asleep that night in the breath of those flames.  One of the lines of our chants relates to God as “Destroyer.”  Calling on Creator God, God as Liberator, as Infinate, Nameless and Desireless were also part of the chant. By using a word that comes with a breath from our naval area, we were connection our higher and lower chakras. 

When I do Aquarian Sadhna, I always wait until I wake up in the night to begin the chanting. On that tenth night, I did the five seven minute chants. This is followed by a twenty-two minute chant that praises God and address the Soul. I felt the need to get off my back and onto my side. This is always a bad idea for me if I want to say awake.

I did not stay awake as I usually do. My timer clanging in my ear after the twenty-two minutes awakened me. I caught a glimpse of a vision. It was five flowers silhouetted against the wall and they were blue purple, just hanging there. A man I was holding close to me at hips told me to breath toward them to make them more real. I almost did not catch it. (My inner man, male and female energies, coming together within me in order to see such a vision.)

Next morning I got ready to spend an hour with my church people, who spend the time in silence, I had plenty of time to sit with my visionary flowers from the early morning time. The colors involved are blue and purple, the colors associated with higher chakras.  I breathed up into those flowers,  until they become a circle that came down and circled my neck, an area of the body where the fifth chakra is set. I would try and not be a bent and “stiff necked people.”

During the last zoom class, our Kundalini teacher spoke of the Pineal Gland, one of the higher chakras, and raising the energy from the bottom of the back bone to the top, where the Pineal Glands resides, within our brain.

During that class I got an indication of where that Pineal resides in the brain. It is connected to the fontanel, that soft spot on the brain we have as babies, and is called the tenth gate and the place through which the soul leaves the body when we pass over. I lost a sense of my uprightness and was in that spot in the brain for a moment, going the route of the backbone and up into the center of the head. 

On the day before the vision, I picked up Revelation, focusing on the Churches, writing up an explanation. The piece I was writing up was about the Thyroid, Fifth Chakra and the Pineal the Sixth Chakra. I felt my dream\vision of the flowers was connected to these two chakras because of the blue purple colors of the flowers, colors associated with the higher Chakras. 

The final connection between the events in my life and the vision came as I read St Teresa’s writings about the Solomon’s Song from the Bible. There is a line in there about flowers. Teresa treats the lines as the inner journey and connection with the sacred other. “Sustain me with flowers” I noticed connected to my dream. 

The first line of the Mantra we used in our Kundalini chant mentioned at the beginning above, says “Gobinday” a word I fell in love with the first time I heard it. The meaning of that word encompasses the word “Sustainer… The one who created me sustains me.”

I hope you can see the positive connections that happened, as I was in the midst of meditations, chants and exercises for eleven days. I love the way they all joined forces to give me my personal vision, which has faded a bit but will never leave me as I intend to be sustained by those flowers. While they are just the shape of the sweet pea flower that grows in profusion at the side of the road on Hill Street in Harrisonburg I will always be reminded of my vision when I see them. 

Let me know if you are having your own visions, whether red snakes that rise on your heart chakra, bringing in the feeling of profound love or if you are dreaming of lovely pigs sleeping in the parlor with a rotund man, similar size, all together cheek by jowl. 

I love working with clients who are actively working with Kundalini energies and actively being shown their inner animus man. These are my area of expertise. I love to hear from you through the Psychology Today Website where your information is safe and my credentials are verified. Love from Rose. 

Bonus Note.

When one of my clients saw one of my last blogs she wrote me an email and said she says the following prayer for me when she meditates in the morning. 

May you be safe and protected and free from inner and outer harm May you be happy and contented. May you be healthy and whole to whatever extent possible. May you experience ease of well being. Feel well and bless.(You too can say this prayer for me any time you please.) I am sending out a prayer for you. Love from Rose.

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Stepping Stumbling Blocks Stones

I had some trouble sleeping so I went to the end of the bed to catch the moonlight on my face that was coming in through the skylight from the waxing gibbous moon. I was soon fast asleep with her beautiful beams going deep into my face and going through my eyelids and into my eyes.

Origami, a gift from Matty.

I awoke later with the moonlight now hanging high on the beam above my head, making a square of white light on the ceiling above me. My thoughts went to the Bible Study the day before.  I had to leave the study early, as I had a visitor.

As I left the Bible Study, the leader asked what I wanted prayed for and before I could quiet answer, it was agreed that they should pray for me and my company. The study itself came back to me in my room, as a little loud with me countering anything I could and with our fearless leader insisting through reference to “The Word” that I could ask for anything in Jesus’ name from God and it would be given to me. I have used the phrase “in the Name of Christ,” in meditation often and my old mentor had me tack it onto any and all requests voiced in prayer or meditation.

Origami in the evening light – another view from above

In the darkened space in the attic, something akin to a fog seemed to come in between me and the earlier noise and I was able to say “I get it now” and started to pray in a new way for me, asking in Jesus’ name for light and love and healing from the Father for others.

It was not as if I had not heard of these relationships that I could avail of at any time. Was I too proud to ask, and had I any belief in doing this? As I stepped up over this stumbling block of unbelief looking for a stepping-stone onto this light and love and healing in my nightly prayers, I said “I mean it now.”

Origami from the side – full sunlight

I remembered to God, my neighbor, who makes beautiful mugs.  I asked God to put light and love and healing into all the mugs she makes. I had told her the day before about a sharp pain in my hand. She was holding on to her dog with her leash, I to my bike before leaving my house area. 

She told me to get some nettle tea and she offered to leave me some on my deck later. She brought tears to my eyes with her concerned look as she gazed upon me across the intersection, with her empathy. I imagined loose-leaf nettle tea on my deck as a monster heap. I was feeling expansive from her concern for me.

Origami with a little shadow.

When I came home through the back deck, I found that lovely mug on my glass outdoor table. In the mug there was a lovely card to me explaining she could not sell the mug, as there was a little uneven circle in the bottom inside. I do love circles.

This mug with its imperfection becomes the corner stone of good feeling between us and I found four “Nettle Tea Bags,” individual packets, in the mug also. These were easy things to pray for, to present to God, to put love and light and healing into every mug she will ever make in Jesus’ name.

I had a load of other prayers for her also as I had met her on the Greenway some days earlier and she was with, her fiancé. He was squatting and she was bent over. When I got there she said I had “caught her looking at the dog’s poop.” They said he was not well, as his tail was between his legs that morning and they were investigating his poop.

During that meeting I asked directly if they were getting along and they admitted they had a spat the day before and I claimed dog whisperer status and said they had upset the dog and made his tail to fall. So I included a prayer for the love between them. They are a beautiful couple.

These are two books I had to get for my teacher training MARI Course – I like them both but especially the lower one.

Over the years when asking her for a dream or two I found out about one of her family member’s needs and included him in the prayer mix.

Then I moved on to some prayers for my daughter. The Bible Study said they would pray for her as well as me, as she was my visitor. Later that afternoon I got a number of texts from her that I was pleased about, when to visit and other such plans coming up.

The Music Makers – From the dreams

As she is a musician, I prayed that all the songs coming out of her mouth would take great flight taking others up, getting them in touch with the place, where love resides and hope comes down. I thought of the prayer for her “I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not harm you, to give you hope and a future.”

It is over two weeks since all of the above happened and I have been quarantining as I have the Covid 19. I am going a little crazy being home alone and not feeling like much exercise. I call it Covid Light as it seems to be responding to the Vitamin C and D and others supports.

My friend Sundri, who lives in Trinidad, recommended steaming my head, and it seems to have relieved the headache whenever it hit. It was hard to submit to the steam but every time it totally relieved it. I slept really well last night after my sister said she prayed a lot for me. I had a dream of a lot of yellow tomatoes. I am topping up on citrus daily. I got two gallons of tomato juice, bottled in glass jars, in the summer, and they are honoring the dream.

I have kept my prayer and meditation times even as I fell into a cranky funk yesterday. But a little mild exercise, my sisters prayers, two bags of groceries, telephone call with my sister in Dublin,  and a bit of typing have dragged me back into the land of love and the living and I am grateful for all the wonderful supports I have. Keep those prayers going for me and I am praying for my readers. Love you. Rose. 

In Santorini in 2019 above the blue Mediterranean – oh to go traveling again.

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The Stile

Moriah stood before the stile. They were a collection of rocks, which were stacked in such a way as to form steps, up one side and down the other.  People used this stile to go out to the “Slug Field,” which separated the lane from the field. 

She remembered her earliest attempts to get over the rocks and follow her father. She was chastised initially, as that was a throughway between the villages and her parents did not want her to be out there on her own. Finally her father relented and lifted her over the stile with a warm smile on his face.

There were blackberries, and elderberries in abundance, as well as trees of all kinds along the banks on either side and all the wild flowers and grasses laced there ways around the edges of the way. Wild strawberries, so tiny, and sloes, dusty green gray,  grew in abundance on the banks. There were great wheels of primroses in the early springtime, on the side of mossy banks wherever they could get a hold. 

When she was a bit older and could climb over, she followed her mother on a mission to “thin the carrots.” She would hand Moriah some of the bigger carrots to munch on as she sat between the rows. They were very sweet and crunchy and shared with her younger sibling.

She sat on the stile and lapsed into the memory of her father’s anger with a cat, that ate some pretty young ducks, two yellow ones in particular. He slung the cat againt the stile nine times, one for every one of the cat’s lives. The cat was just able to scamper away and never came back.

Moriah and her siblings watched from a little distance, as their father morphed inot a mad man, with his ordinary blue cardigan on and his old dark tatty britches, getting his anger out bang after bang.  The look on his face was staring and his eyes glassy. He was not smiling now. 

Mariah was about five years old and had twin siblings who were double that age. Within days her siblings got a hold of Moriah and with one holding her arms and the other her feet they slung her against the stile. She was petit and pulled herself up after the first shock of hitting the rock. They did it again. She got up more slowly. They did it again and each time Moriah was less aware and able to get up. Then she lay there in a heap and her dead weight was too heavy and her sisters went away.

Her father found her there on the ground and carried her up to her mother who was an anxious woman, who hit her when she came too and gave her a good dose of herbs. Moriah had seizures after that as she had a brain injury. It was treated with a visit from chief druid of the herbs and she gradually got better except for an occasional seizure in the night.

When this happened, she was with one of her twin sisters who held her tight and related the affair to her mother. Her mother consulted Druid Bernie who got a group of his fellow Druids together to heal her. They put her in the center of a circle. They each had a three-foot long stick from the hawthorn tree. It was springtime. The sticks were dark and bare and just a little suggestion of green buds coming out on them.

Moriah was well wrapped up in wool and fur and she soon fell asleep as they circled one way and them the other around her swinging the sticks above their heads as they circled. Some times they made individual circles and other times passed the sticks around above their heads as they went around in their flowing robes.

They created vortexes within themselves and within the center in which Moriah was laid. She was soon fast asleep as it was early morning and the sun was not up yet for a few hours.

As she came awake she remembered a dream. She felt parts of her body down deep in the ground, other parts out to the right and the left. She felt the swinging back and forth, like the hitting of the wall in reverse.

When she awoke fully the druids were sitting in a circle around her and they had made a tent of their sticks, which came together in a loose point held together with some gossamer threads of grass. The sticks were now covered with foliage and with blossoms, white and fragrant. The sticks had bloomed during the cermony. The sun was in the sky above and the knot of the point of the sticks shielded the sun from her eyes. She sat up blinking and smiling at Druid Bernie.

He whispered some words she did not know as he helped her out of the tent of sticks. He gave her a bag of big red apples, jenneting variety, sheep nosed at the top, and told her to eat one each day for 10 days. Mariah stared into that bag and was mesmerized with their red shiny color. She had a hard time not eating them one after the other.

As she left the stick tangle, Druid Bernie led her and his druids to a table laden with marvelous food and a great fire lit outside nearby. Mariah was soon fed and ran away to play with her friends. Her mother brought out many dishes for the druids and she nodded and served as they laughed uproariously at their own jokes.

Their laughter and good humor spread out bringing a great boom rolling out in every direction, carried on the fragrance of the hawthorn blooms, which were everywhere growing, and all bloomed that morning in unison with the sticks used in the ritual healing ceremony. Her night time seizures left and never returned, although it took everyone a while to notice, especially Moriah. The end.

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Dream Sessions

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Moriah is Mulling about Her Cups

She is sitting at the river and the ball of pain in her right leg, that seems to think it can take up residence behind her long bones, is feeling the cold and so is very active. Moriah is trying to ignore it as usual and is threatening to dip it into the cold cold river if it does not stop. It hides away after immersion in the colder water, at least for an hour or two.

Two geese flew off when she arrived, a crow was cawing and the black sheep on the far bank were soaking up the sun as they nibbled on the short green grass. She tried to avoid the breeze by sitting on an incline toward the river with the wind at her back but the wind came around in all directions cooling her neck and face and was only stilled by the sun coming out and reflecting on the fast flowing water.

Beautiful River

Moriah liked the sound of Druid Bernie’s teachings  and was trying to link herself into this bounty of love, he spoke about recently but of course it was not easy. She continued with her meditation as usual and would see if she could feel that cloud of knowing love settle in all around her. 

Old religion and new religion, Love was always part of the mix she mumbled to herself.

Moriah’s mind returned to a recent long dream group  when she was getting stiff and sore from too much sitting. As the meeting finished there was an invitation to say how they were doing. There was a great silence. 

Moriah directed the question to one of her friends, whom she had not checked in with for a few weeks. Her friend said “leave me alone” in a loud voice. Moriah recoiled and tried to hide her feeling of rejection.

Her friend was surprised by the question

When she found Druid Bernie and complained about her friend, the Druid laughed and said this was a wonderful opportunity to practice forgiveness. But what about that feeling she got that her friend’s leg reached across the room and kicked her in the stomach.

Bernie said that she had that feeling only because she had a place in her guts where she hung up all her resentments, and her cupboard was overflowing with over full cups, leaning on her back bone and disturbing her long bones. Those missiles of energy that are flung at her will miss her if there is no hook for them inside. She was reaching out to catch them, from her own special place of angry energy.

Would she ever be able to understand enough to change her anger patterns

How will I improve my anger she whined to the druid? Well you could for a start give back the foot that invades you energetically. You could cover it with red holly berries, and ivy and all kind of decorations and laugh and cut the connection and start seeing the person for who she really is. She is a marvelous woman that fights her way through her own struggles, the same as you.

You forgive her by wishing love, joy and mercy to reign down on  her and in that way, the love, joy and mercy  comes down on you. It is a given that you are forgiven as you forgive her and all your little china cups from the past, full of resentments are emptied out and refilled with light. 

The Druid tried to be helpful

As Moriah lay there on the bank on top of a bed of the big brown cruncy sycamore leaves, some tiny creature found her neck and as it went lower Moriah was a bit frantic.    As she tried to feel its whereabouts on her chest this agile thing evaded her fingers. In meditation she tried to still her body, mind and heart. She abandoned the stillness even as she stayed lying down. When she was sure she had it she came back with one of her long grey hairs but no little creature. She settled some more.

Mandala of struggle

She thought of the old druidic prayer, which had you say “ I am praying to you, my friend. Thank you for doing to me all you have done and I am sorry  for doing to you all that I have done. “ This was followed with “I am praying to you Moriah, Thank you for doing to me all you have done and I am sorry for doing to you all that I have done to you.” There were many days involved with saying this prayer with forty often mentioned. The old Karmic idea that everything had its reasons and acceptance was a good idea. She did not want to carry around her friend’s leg forever. 

She almost fell into the water

She lay on the bank of the river and let her resentment flow off her into that beautiful river, like a flock of geese, all traveling together away from her. As she meditated she felt cushioned on every side in a bed of white mistletoe berries making her feel airborne. She felt pulled out into the blue sky and slipped around in the curtains of blue and green. As she finished up an ant was crawling along the side of her hand. 

Morah’s friend came out to join her and brought some great fruit cake she got from the monks on the Hill of Na Costa. They talked about oil remedies’ for chapped hands, fuzzy hair and blocked up ears.

I will keep my cups cleaned out of anger so there is room for the light than runs over.

Moriah turned over on her stomach and inched down the bank toward the water – she had a lot of clothes on and had to take care she did not fall head first in. It was a balancing act between hugging the ground and letting go enough to relax and not fall in. The warm sun on that leaf strewn crevice was glorious. 

As the evening winter wind got up again so did Moriah and she went her way fortified with the visit with her friend, the sun and with her meditations.

Evening Time

“By the hook and by the crook of it, that is where I am holding my anger.” She said, as she made up her mind to keep the cups cleaned out sending out blessings often and always as needed promising to serve the truth that would make her free.  Love from Rose 

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