Lost Leprechauns

The Leprechauns Lost

photo 5-51

Lost to each other

They were having a difficult time with directions. He agreed to meet her at a certain place and then he saw her there. He did not like to call out and draw attention to himself and so she did not see him and slipped away among the trees, not seeing where he parked himself, so close behind her, he was. She was there one minute and gone the next. It was no time before they met up but getting over this vanishing, under his nose, challenged him and in his haste he felt obliged to blame the other. She insisted it was his fault, not communicating with her at the time he saw her. They went their separate ways until later. She was a little enraged and sat under a tree to cool off, reading something she found nearby in the trashcan, only a little soiled, about mindfulness written by the Rural Pen. There was a lot of talk about NOW and Now. She drank up her reading and her water and was glad to cool down from the hot sun, her little temper fit and her earlier exertions of getting there.

photo 2-69

She sat down near the yarrow which is in bloom now

The next day they arranged to meet again in a favorite pace, in a different park. They had often walked there together, following the path of exercise stations. However when he got there she was nowhere to be seen. Her broomstick was there, unlocked, but not her. Was she abducted? He followed in the pathway around three times. He asked others if they had seen this person with grey hair, but nobody had. He thought of waiting with the broomstick but considered she had fallen and hurt herself and it was his duty to find her. Perhaps he should call for help.

photo 3-73

Their paths did not cross

On her part she had ambled around the exercising stations, slowly walking. She stopped at all the stations, following instructions of pushing on this iron and pulling on that, swinging up her legs and pushing herself up thirteen times and looking out for him all the time. When she realized she was spending all her time worrying about him she decided to concentrate on hanging upside down on the back exercise machine and to look at the soles of the shoes of those passing by, as their legs now upside down to her, flowed up and down in an opposite way. It amazed her how surreal it all looked, as a father and young daughter went by in unison of steps, observing the underside of their shoes as that showed itself to her in her position. He told his daughter that she was doing a back exercise, not realizing she was falling into the current of their movements as they went by.


resting her feet in the park

She had good energy, her knees felt better, and she decided to include the old walking loop, where she had once observed a family of Pileated Woodpeckers fly across the path, low to the ground in front of her. She had a dream of this bird, earlier that week. They were a grand sight, as they flowed past her, mother and father and three young ones, black with flashes of white and red, in a dropping motion that is part of that family’s flying way. Another time, just before a snowstorm, she had watched the Pileated Woodpeckers walk up and drop down tree barks, as she stood still to see them, in this same area, getting in some good food to sustain them through the storm.

photo 1-86

Her mother loved geraniums and so does she. 

She found some water to drink, and in no hurry; she arrived back to see him set off in the direction of the beginning of the path. She called out to him and he asked her where she had been, for the last hour and a half. She could only laugh this time. She felt empower by having completed her exercises and just knew he was nearby, looking for her in his own way.

The energies that caused such mix-ups was broken up and they enjoyed a good evening together, with communication better than ever, and feelings expressed that pleased them both. They went to a local feast, sat at an evening outside fire there, and played a game of crowns. A perfect end to the day. The End.

photo 5-38

The sky in Ireland

When Rose woke up the next morning, she remembered a dream about the sky and how some lovely little squares of sliver sparkled though the white clouds. The dream only came back to her as she looked to a beautiful blue sky with bands of white and shirring above that morning, as she started to go through the Qi Gong sequence of exercises, with Elizabeth Scott.

2017-04-20 20.06.35

We all smile after QiGong in the morning

They both tried to stay mindful so they could pay attention to the flow of energy in and through the body as they moved this way and that. They confessed to each other about where their thoughts went, pulling them back time and again so that they might get the benefit from the chi they were pushing around to “strengthen and to sooth the meridians” and to notice the “jade dragon weaving around the body.” We never knew if we were doing it right but we always knew we were moving the energy, as we are both full of smiles at the end of it and in a great mood to do what needs to be done.

I have decided to print up a Dreamer’s Way Booklet in the next week, so it is available to those who want to work with their dreams. If you have a dream about a black disk behind the mirror or some mirror like silver up in the clouds in the sky, be sure you are dealing with a little something that will benefit from attention. May your dreams have their way with you and bring you to the thoughts of your heart. Have a great beginning of the week. Love from Rose.



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Knowth and its Passages in Ireland

A short story about outer meeting inner in Ireland.

photo 5-46

Mounds are our energy centers as pyramids also are

I had a lovey time at the family reunion, orchestrated by my sister Frances Longworth, in Glasson Golf Club Hotel, in County Westmeath. I sat with my cousins, one of whom visited India and we traded stories. Next morning we discussed dreams and got into the grit of our lives. The River Shannon also runs by this hotel and a number of lakes are formed nearby. I walked with my sisters on the road the next morning enjoying the views of the water. Later we visited Clonmacnoise and Ballinahoun, where there is a Longworth wall. See below for images from the wall which include the trust, owl, cuckoo, robin and grouse.


Next morning we arrived at Newgrange after a two-hour journey, past castles.

photo 4-61

Delvin Castle

Newgrange is on the River Boyne. Here it flowed beneath a walk-over bridge at the site.

photo 4-62

Boyne River at Newgrange

We missed the shuttle to Newgrange itself but were in time for Knowth, close to Newgrange and with similarities. These sites are said to be 5,000 years old.

photo 2-68


It was early afternoon, when we started our guided tour of Knowth. We were taken inside to see the passageways and to be inside the mound. There was a photo of a flint mask inside. The guide said it was found much deeper in the mound than other items and the man who found it kept digging as if attracted to the spot where it was found. The mask has a look of Monk’s painting of the scream, with an open mouth yet has a pleasant pattern for the face and the shading adds to the character of the mask.

photo 1-82

A mask made of materials impossible to carve.

Ambling about on the top of the mound was intoxicating. It was covered with sweet smelling clover, warmed by the sun. The fragrance of the clover and other wild flowers was all around, relaxing us into other in ourselves. There was an opening into the mound from the top. We were advised not to fall in but now I think it may be the place where the energy from within meets the energy from above. We were affected by it, coming so close to a stream of other, right under our noses. Looking back I think this was the most powerful place on the site.

After meditation that night I dreamed that there was an iron bar across the right side of my neck and it was being pushed down onto me. I begged for help twice, mentioning Jesus by name, and the second time it worked, breaking to srivers the rigid iron in my neck and bringing me to a feeling of energy exploding out from the center in a brightness that started as a circle and went outside my body to a diameter of many feet all around about me. I did not leave my body but as the energy came back into my center I woke fully up and felt a great energy buzz through me, which gently subsided.

photo 4-60

Drawing of the dream

This energetic dream happened on the night following the visit to Knowth. It brought power into me to move a block in my neck. The neck chakra is associated with the Will of God versus my will, and I appreciate freedom to fall into such knowledge, into the mound of Knowth in myself.

photo 5-50

My photo of a passageway in Knowth

On my travels on the bus I stole a dream from a young woman in college, in USA visiting Knowth, with her mom. She told me of the dream of a young man sticking a needle into her as she tries to find her way, away from her mother’s ideas of who she is. I encouraged her to continue to find her own way, as that is her job now. The injection of the male energy into her, her own animus energy, not sexual, will be helpful to her as she “gets a clue” about where her life will lead her and what she came here to this lovely blue planet to do, separate from her mom. She thanked me for my attentions to her dream.

photo 1-81

A great stone bowl found at the site.

On the airplane, back to states, a young man connected to the political scene told of a bear chasing him through his basement. He is a father to a two-year-old child, who grates on him a little. He also noted relief when not dealing with his mother but her energies have invaded him and will not be helpful to him as he deals with a two year old within his care. I took the trouble to advise him to watch for his mother moods, a negative anima, when they invade him as they will not be helpful to him in caring for his son, and to get some parenting classes to help deal with the moods of his young son. This young man looked like he was a teen even tough he is getting to forty. I wished him and his two year old well. Our discussions made for some well spent time on a plane that was in a loop over Philadelphia, waiting for thunder storms to subside in Dulles.

photo 3-68

A dream given to me to think about on my travels. This is my representation.

I hope you too are caring for yourself and getting to go out of your own dodge and get a lovely break somewhere and if you are triggered, by your mother or your two year old, may you look to the dream for understanding of moods and your lack of knowing where you are headed. This will help you with your relatives and help you meet yourself trying to have a relationship that is meaningful and full of care for all of those near and dear to you. Love from Rose.










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Clonmacnoise in Ireland

photo 3-56

Rose Soaking up holiness from the stones in Clonmacnoise

I had a high time feasting on the best of foods, prepared by Nora, my brother’s wife, while in Ireland. My brother noted how unselfish she is and I agreed with him. Her food does a body good when eaten up, regardless of the ingredients and calories. I gathered nettles and dandelion leaves and ate them cooked in vegetable soups and the women folk there seemed to enjoy that too. There were fresh hen’s eggs to be had also for baking the cakes and for breakfast. And I ran my hands and knees into bunches of nettles for the healing effects on my little digits and my knobby knees. It was something my mother did regularly to keep her fingers in fine shape.


Besides the medicinal and culinary delights, I also took pictures of castles and stain glass and especially enjoyed visiting Clonmacnoise, an early Christian settlement. I lay on the ground soaking up the holiness. My lovely older sisters were not in favor of getting near the river itself in case I jumped in and delayed everything and or embarrassed them, or drowned while in their loving care.

photo 2-54

The River Shannon, longest river in Ireland


I remember being here with my mother in her later years and going down to the dock on the water. A tall man with blonde hair and German accent came down from a cruiser, with a kitchen chair and set it at the end of the dock so mother could sit and see the river from this perfect position, about fifty feet out into the water. Seeing the white boats come around the bend in the river was a lovely sight. The river itself drains the bogs of the midlands and is slightly brown. It has a clensing and medicinal effect on the swimmer.

On that last occasion I was there with her, we both walked uphill away from the river and lay down in the field, only to find a herd of lovely cows standing over us, to investigate and surround us in a complete circle. My mother had her own language with the cows and probably thought they were closely related to the Holy Indian Cow, and that they were caring for her and blessing her. I let her handle them as I went away toward the gate.


I was interested in the seven church ruins at Clonmacnoise. I wondered if they are related to the seven chakras, energy centers in the body. There were seven stones in one church. I think that both, churches and stones, are touchstones, with their own powers to shift energy through the energy they emanate. Having lay there for hundreds of years, often in the presence of holy monks, determined to talk with God, they are surely loaded with an ability to bring holiness to those who pause long enough to consider their worth. It also brings to mind the seven churches in Reverations which are also connected to the seven spiritual centers in our bodies.


Some doorways were ornate and going through these doorways would change the energy field of the person going under their mantle. Leaving down something before entering, is a given, whether there is awareness of this or not. That these were used by these monks so long ago, with such passion, enough passion to build seven churches together in one site, brings me an excitement and I never leave Ireland without increasing my attachment to this site.


There are three towers on this site. One of the towers, behind me below, is at the highest point overlooking the river and may be related to the highest chakra.

A few years ago, I dreamed these towers were connected to music and singing. That ancient knowledge of sound taking down the wall of Jericho comes to mind. In my dream huge sounds came out of the stones as I levitated with it. It had the heft of organ playing and many voices. What old knowledge is held in the stones scattered there among unknowing visitors, coming here on narrow roads to feel something of that levitation? I just want to go back and ask again for the opening into what the monks were after, knew what was there. That the chief abbot is depicted with a flute to his lips and was called the chief singer also got my attention.

photo 2-56


The next day we visited another site; much more ancient and I had a dream following that visit. I will be writing again soon.



I worked through a Dream Leaflet this morning.These are some of the considerations that came to me.

I am in a pattern of what I care about. Do I only care about being in control or does it go deeper into controlling myself into caring for others. I care for those who come to me, to bless them on an individual basis. I am able to deal with whatever conflict that comes to me, what ever urge to control comes my way in selfishness and ego, a way to meet myself and to smooth down again with breathing and with mediation and to be often in prayer for myself and others and to face into the caring for the soul of others which in turns cares for mine.

photo 3-16

The lovely cactus is still blooming

And if you would like to start considering feedback from your own unconscious, from your dreams, be sure to contact me and we can arrange a way to work with you. I work through skipe, phone or an individual session in Harrisonburg, Virginia. I look forward to caring for you.

photo 4-47

 My role will be as a mentor to you on your journey. You will benefit from someone who has an active spiritual life and works with herself, her inner life. I am also a Licensed Professional Counsellor. May you consider going under that marvelous archway though which you find your true self. Love from Rose.



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The Old Rail Trail in Westmeath Ireland.

photo 4-53

My brother John Jo holding my mother’s cat

Hello, I am back again in the good old USA after an eight-day stay in Ireland at my brother’s farm in County Westmeath, very close to the center of Ireland. All my siblings and some first cousins all gathered for a family reunion in the Glason Golf Club Hotel. My sister Frances Longworth organized a great evening gathering and staying over until after breakfast next morning. It was one of the most satisfying events, as we had time to catch up and share our lives with each other.

The night sky breaking into dawn over Ireland was a delight to see and I was very happy to be home again in the motherland. I will write a couple of stories about my travels with this first one focusing on the Old Rail Trail.

photo 1-72

The morning sky from the Airplane at 4 am prior to landing in Dublin

An old railroad runs by my brother’s farm house, through his land. The railroad has been paved into a seven foot wide bicycle trail that runs for 40 kilometers between the towns of Athlone and Mullingar, both towns in County Westmeath.

photo 1-75

It is now called The Old Rail Trail and has a gentle grade. It was an active railroad and I, as a five year old, holding onto my father’s hand, remember seeing a steam engine train go under the bridge I was standing on. After it passed I raced to the other side of the bridge to see it go out of sight. There are gates and a way to bring a bicycle on to the trail from the house.


Freight trains ran by in the middle of the night, mostly ignored by us sleeping humans, rumbling along shaking the house, invading our dreams.

This holiday, most days, I spent an hour or two on this Old Rail Trail exploring and taking photos, sometimes with my brother, my nieces,Clare and Mary and my sister in law, Nora, having good laughs along the way.


Many kinds of birds live along this sometimes-shaded path. The blackbird’s song was especially sweet. Both sides of this path are pleased to be covered in wild flowers, daisies and the weather was mild and gently sunny, encouraging bicyclists and flowers in every way.

It only took twenty-five minutes to go to the nearest town, Moate, by the rail trail.


Most visits home involve a little conflict as we get among ourselves. I was late for an important date. (I went riding the bicycle for too long) and I was reprimanded. I threw the bicycle down and begged for forgiveness as I prostrated myself. One of my sisters who did not seem too invested in the whole late thing, laughed and said I was not contrite enough and kicked my gently on my behind, which was up in the air. Several other family members had a great view of this from the house where all were waiting for my arrival back home. It was a lovely sunny day and they had a perfect view. My niece Clare said,  as she clicked her fingers, “someone give me the popcorn, as this is the best drama I have had in a long time.”


Later in the day as we visited New Grange site, Celine was taking photos and talked us though the whole scene with much laughter,  emphasizing the part where my behind was in the air and she kicking it.

photo 4-59

Bridey in Moate on her bike spinning her wheels.

I wanted to spin my wheels about what happened on the Old Rail Trail but with focusing on the present moment and with meditation,  I am on the other side of the tracks now and am in the laughter of what happened and in the present moment of appreciating a great family gathering and great days visiting old holy places thousands of years old. Those visits will be the subject of my next blogs.

photo 5-40

Daisies everywhere on the Old Rail Trail


And if you would like to tether your ego and not spin your wheels so much, and start considering feedback from your own unconscious, from your dreams, be sure to contact me and I can arrange a way to work with you. I work through skipe, phone, or in individual sessions at my home office in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Come for a week or two and squeeze in a few sessions on dreams. There is nowhere more beautiful than the Shenandoah Valley. I look forward to hearing from you.

I also encourage clients to work with my Dream Leaflet through snail mail. Yes, there is some homework involved but who would not want to give up an hour to investigate oneself, and your hidden treasures and strengths. These Dream Leaflets are a way to work with your dreams in a practical way, seeing how the dream is connected to your current issues and goals, highlighting attitude, encouraging efforts. My role will be as a mentor to you on your journey. My forty plus years as a Dream Specialist and twenty years as a Mental Health Counsellor will benefit your quest to know yourself and your strengths. May you go onto that marvelous Old Trail of Dreams, through which you find your true self. I look forward to hearing from you. Love from Rose.

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A Prickly Dream


photo 1-25

The evening sky from the Labyrinth at EMU, Harrisonburg, Virginia

It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood. My cactus flower is completing the circle of little red flowers around its crown and they are of such a delicate color of red. They only open in the sunlight. It produces one ring of flowers each year as it grows upwards. I got it in the market a few years ago from Port Farm Owner and I look forward to this blooming yearly.

photo 2-15

The prickly cactus with flowers from heaven all around its crown


I am in Ireland and there is a big fish in a tin bathtub with lots of colorful stickers on it. It is dead. Later I see the fish on the ground, minus the stickers and I have to step over it and am struck with the fear, that it is still alive and will make a swipe at me, as I go past. I notice I will have to clean it out and see a large safety pin, like that on a kilt, inside the fish’s skin. The fish is also looking a little bloated, as if cleaning out needs to happen soon. I am flirting with a man as well, maybe the fish catcher, but I hid behind my current relationship by saying, “I am with X” even as we are physically very close.

photo 4-11

Drawing of the Dream with fish images and couple. The two sides of the tail may represent left and right side of brain. 

I had this dream after I meditated, after 3am. During that time of meditation, I thought about an earlier upset I had relating to a phone message that I thought was hostile to me. I connected it to Karma. Say for instance I did something terrible to someone in this life or a previous life, and then when I meet them again in this life, things will not go so smoothly. That is Karma. Lots of these interactions send me into a tail spin. Some debts are involved, especially if, I am accused of something I think did not do. I am still running back and forth with defending myself this morning but managed to paint two pictures and find the image of the beast from the last dream. (See previous dream about the ego and beastie.) I think that the images in this morning’s art, in their own abstract way depict my unconscious, with the fish images in the mix as well as the flirting man and woman.

As I studied about the right and left brain this morning, and connect it to this dream, I see that I am in left brain as I defend, argue and try and get the better of the person involved. I move to the right brain when I want to be helpful and consider how I will listen and respond, with a view to helping the person. Patience will be helpful in connecting into the right side of brain. The Pituitary Gland is between the right and left brain. The angel of this gland will be happy if I hold the left and right together, so that the highway of my desires, to be helpful, to love, be thankful will create a censor of prayers that will connect the both. And if I give in and gossip windily about that person, it will not be helpful to either of us, and the censor is broken. Our angel of the Pituitary throws fire into the censor and throws it to earth so we can start over again on the morrow, with our job of uniting the right and left brain open again to us.

photo 5-3

This picture was completed some years ago when I was studying the right and left side of the brain. It is a marvelous depiction of how both send down a message into the body depending on our thoughts and desires. My thought were running more left at the top according to this picture. 

I have no permission to have a secret agenda within, with thoughts of how to put the person down, to be one up on her. I know I can do this. It is the un-cleaned out fish, with the safety pin inside, ready to stick and swipe me at any time if I do not being my awareness up and accept any and all things that happen to me. May I get that man in my dreams, with whom I am flirting, my inner masculine side, the animus, to help me clean out the fish. May I rely on my own inner energies to help me, by painting and writing and caring for my self.  No time to be lost on the mental gymnastics that get me no where. The fish is very big, at least my size. He is the beast from previous dream, changed into a fish that has to be cleaned out. I still have some fear of it, but I am being careful to step over it, as I examine what has to be done. Stepping over the phone call, not reacting to it, will be very helpful to me too. The pretty stickers no longer in evidence and work to be done.

photo 2-16

Scary beast from previous posting, representing the point of view of the ego

I am now offering my Dream Leaflet, and you can see details at the bottom half of my Home Page. I do hope you will consider this work of individuation, of bringing both sides of the brain together in yourself, through dream work. Dreams have always been considered as the unopened letters to ourselves from our unconscious. This work is not for everyone, but there are a number of you out there that will benefit enormously from focusing on the inner life. It gives me great pleasure to do so. It is the work of my hands. I am also seeing people at my home office to work individually on the dream work as it comes up and morphs and beings us into alignment and into an understanding of our chakras and their interface with the spiritual potential in us.


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That Little Beastie, the Ego


photo 1-61

That old devil called satan

I had a recent dream that sent me back to my own drawing board in my efforts to feel I understood it. It had a nightmare quality and goes as follows:

I dream that I am in the front room of my mother’s house, which was her bedroom for the last years of her life. She had a double bed in there and I went in there to get a pillow to frighten off a rather large squirrel, mostly hidden in the trees outside. As I turned with my pillow I see this very large animal that is about a foot high and maybe four feet long come into the room on very short legs. It has broad shoulders and is mottled yellow, going from lemon yellow to ochre colors. The features of its head are not defined but it is using its sense of smell. I become so frightened that I become powerless and can only make very primitive fearful sounds as I see it investigate the room. I am awakened out of my dream.

photo 2-54

This is a substitute for my drawing of the dream. The one I did the other day on this has hidden itself someplace. This one of the Revelations beast looks more benign. Drawing brings the fears down and puts them away in the right side of the brain.

photo 4-48

Depiction of goals in art.

The dream had me review my goals. Physically I want to be healthier, lower pain etc. I want to become more familiar with energy paths in the body to free out the old waste places where stiffness has settled, and keep it from progressing. Also accepting responsibility for the state of my body to prevent things getting worse as I age. This involves thinking, exercises, eating habits, meditation etc. Spiritually I am looking to the relationship with God in Meditation and Prayer. I am becoming clearer in wanting to give myself over to the will of God and what that means for me. To be silent within the meditation time to allow memories of who I really am, spiritually, come to me. To improve the quality of the silence, to breath into the body space. To let go of me as I think I am to find who I really am.


photo 1-55

Someone is painting the roses red at night as they start out yellow

My relationships are also to be noted, to love them as myself, whether partner, clients, neighbors, relatives. This involves sending out good thoughts to others and also directing my energies back to how I project onto others, what I need to deal with in myself. And finally Mentally and Emotionally I am watching to reduce thoughts, to get into the present moment, to use mantra and song,to write, to bring in uplifting emotions that improve mood and let go of the sentimental, poor me habits. I want to pray for those that bother me.  I can go mentally to the area in my chest and see blooming roses, breath in that marvelous aroma there and then to think of the person I am twisting myself up about, so I can untwist myself energetically, and give them a rose or two. You can see that all three of the above intersect as well as being separate.

My associations to the beast image above, brings me to the Book of Revelations, which I have studies as a handbook to look at the spiritual journey of the soul for the past 30 years. I opened to chapter 16 and 17 and it relates to the beast. It took a while to find that the beast refers to the ego. I found all my old free style drawings, where I translated the text into image. Here are some of them.

photo 3-57

God and devil having a chat

A recent drawing I did had me puzzled until I decided that the drawing was of this scene of God and Satan having a chat about my consecration to God and Satan sending in a fearful beast to frighten me senseless. Granted, the hair on my head was not hurt , just risen. I was disturbed for a number of days by intensity, which resulted in projections onto others and a general black mood. I was much more sinner than saint. Now I look at the face below on the drawing and I say “Go ahead with your sly seductive comely look. I am on to you. I am so busy that your efforts to  manipulate me will not get anywhere. ” He is pretty confident he will get me again. I am sure  that there is much more for me to learn about being humble.



I also thought of the Faust story, where Faust sold his soul to the devil, and in the story I wanted to help him get it back so badly. But he was never able to conquer his fear of what the Devil said he would do to him if he did not go along. Letting go of the old waste places, the habits of who we are, is a formidable task and will take years to accomplish. Working with my shadow in dreamwork is the key, where I can see what is behind me and take it out in front, to give it the fight it needs and to put it away in the right side of the brain, redeemed for all time. I am on my way and more so now, after the dream of the evil thing.

It took me until Sunday to ask for help, to walk in the park, and to acknowledge what the dream was about, to name the drawing above, to draw the dream, which left me free to find myself again. It took this time to take the air out of the fearful beast and reduce it to the little beastie it is. In this work we have to be certain of where we are going and not let any test take us down for very long, and preferable, not let it take us down at all. This encounter with evil, my own and collective, teaches me to reassert who my refuge and strengths are and to call on them often. I was taken by surprise in many ways by my fear.

So if you have some shadow work to do and would like to look at a dream or two, I will be happy to take out that sword pulled from the stones in my heart, and cut away the waste and wasted, to find the path that is pleased to be poured around, to be investigated, your very own path on and through this earth. All love surround you, from Rose

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Uisneach and the Boat

When Uishneach was out this morning he had a chance to enjoy the view and to sip his tea. A black cat with white tuxedo markings came across his path chasing something. Uishneach got up to look, as the thing was too low in the grass for him to see. He saw some flashes of shiny black. It was a small snake about eight inches long, now totally visible, as it writhed ahead of the cat. Half way across, they both stopped, the cat and the snake, and the snake faced the cat, rearing up about four inches, to threaten the cat about three times. The cat went into the move of taking up one paw and dangling it up and down over the snake and then the other in an effort to do some of his own striking, but he never touched the snake. Uishneach felt sorry for the little snake and called to the cat, which gave the snake the advantage of making it under some stones. This is the cat that moved into his neighbor’s place and she calls him “Big Shot.”

photo 3-55

Big shot turned blue after chasing the snake

It took him quiet a while to leave that morning as he pondered where he would go next on walkabout to find the gold. He made his way into the hills where he stalled at a fork on the road and he had to sit there for a while to try and feel into which path he should now go.

photo 2-50

Should he go up to the right or to the left

While sitting he fell asleep and he dreamed he was high up in the mountains, where there were big rocks and trees.

He was sure he saw a silver dragon higher up.

photo 1-63

He scrambled up to the Silver dragon on the rocks but only found the silver sword which he pulled free.

photo 5-31

The sword he saw

The sword was light to carry and he went up further to the boat on the ledge above. He stepped into it as it started to move.

photo 3-53

The boat on the ledge.

It carried him out into the night sky where he lay back and saw the waxing moon high in the sky above. When he sat up again he had a three sixty view of the mountains. He could see great lighted temples that looked golden, submerged in the mountains.

photo 3-52

Pillars from old temples were everywhere and heart shapes on the rocks.

There were great silver heart shaped orbs of light as well. He knew the mountains had been absorbing the light of the sun and moon for eons and that he could have some for himself if he asked for it. He wondered if he should get the gold his father wanted or take this wonderful golden light into himself. He noticed at this time he seemed to have a little light in his own heart that grew bigger as he observed the light all around about.

As his boat came to land again he heard a marvelous sound of music as if on a stringed instrument, fill the whole place with words he could not remember later. It resonated through his body.

photo 2-48

In the evening light

When he woke up he was where he had fallen asleep, under some rocks in the evening light. There was magic in the colors and he felt satisfied with his dream adventures. He decided to head for home. He met a mountain woman who gave him some brown things to eat that were delicious.

photo 1-68

She gave him the recipe and he knew his wife would be pleased with such treasure. He sang a song to shorten his journey and it morphed into “All love surround you” as he went along. He would have to find the musicians, singers and chorus  again to help him have a concert later. He thought he might hide the sword under the bed, as his wife might not like its sharpness and its shine.


The musicians above

The end

When Rose woke up that morning she had a dream of a lovely smoky blue kitten cat that was fat and happy. She sat on the porch and a crowd of bikers went past. The only thing she heard was “And I looked her in the eye.” Their collective loud talk drowned out the other snatches of conversation. They blurred past the porch, yellow, wheels, through the gap in the tree and hedge.

photo 1-11

She saw the bikers through a gap in the hedge and tree

She mulled over a story she had to write and was soon tapping away, moving into the gossamer place of story, pulling together bits and pieces to knit her own carpet for the day.

photo 5-30

Enjoying Bear-fence Trail

And if you would like to increase the light in yourself and find your own fat blue cat be sure to contact me. I will take you into the dream boat to get a three sixty on yourself, so you can see better that shadow woman that is following too close behind you, or the one that causes dream crashes or the one drinking yellow stuff from the goblet without a flat bottom and subject those images to the sword of light.

photo 2-52

I am excited to share my Dream Leaflet.   Details can be found on home page. All Love surround you, from Rose








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