A little Interpretation

Moriah is up at night and is pushing and shoving,  dragging and drawing up her back bone. She sees the colors of the rainbow from red to violet stacking up and throwing out those colored lights in every direction. She sees how the orange and indigo love each other. She sees how the evening sky often brings those two colors together for her, after the sun sets below the horizon, when she likes to play some notes as a farewell to the light and greeting to the night. 

An evening fire

She got that marvelous dream of the open door with the light coming through. Moriah was reminded of the story of the man in the desert who wanted to see God’s face and God advised him to get into the cleft of the rock so he could live and see the back of God as she went past. 

The feminine faces of God, with the light coming through the center.

The owner of the dream managed to think of her animals, about seven of them, and that helped her not be killed or blinded by God’s light blasting through the open door. Moriah wondered if she had seen one of the Everlasting Doors.

The horses found Mariah a little funny, when she acted as if she owned the mushrooms,

Moriah want to Denore and that great field that her father used to own. She often went there and dallied among the horses and climbed the wall to go down to the river. She remembered the dream of the horses all around her in a circle nudging her. The dream came on the heels of the time she walked across the field and found a ring of mushroom, all white and ready for picking.

A big field, by the river

At the same time five horses came over to investigate her and when they saw the mushrooms they decided to eat them. Moriah was indignant and yelled at the horse, saying at the top of her voice “I was here first.” The horses  gave up on eating the mushroom feast to try to understand the mad little human woman that wanted the mushrooms for herself. Moriah quickly picked some more and took off toward the fence. She thought she heard a few snorts as she went as quick as her bowed legs would carry her. 

Near where the rivers came together

There was a great tree hanging over the river and as Moriah stepped into the water to cool off her knees. She was a bit unsteady and reached for a root of the tree sticking out just below the water. The root gave way instantly and her hand bent backwards a little as she plunged into the flowing water. It was not very deep. Now that she was down in the water she thought she would stay in there for a few minutes. .

After she righted herself, she looked up the river to see it flowing toward her around a rock and below the trees. The contrasting evening light and shadow danced as she listened to hear the commotion that two river make as they come together below her, babbling over rocks, joining with the bird songs. A goose with two goslings were on the far bank letting out the odd honk. 

Starlight through the eyes when she fell down into the water suddenly.

Moriah lay on the bank of the river after cooling off and fell asleep in the warm sunshine. Her unconscious got ahold of the image of her falling into the river and in the dream she fell into a fountain. It was round and manmade. Moriah said in the dream that a “now that I am down in the water, I can stay here.” The fountain needed some attention, maybe some cleaning. 

Moriah mulled over the dream and noted the word “fountain.” Surely it is a good thing to be in touch with the fountain, even if her personal one, needs cleaning. Could she, would she clean up her eating habits, her thinking habits, her emotional nonsence and clear out what was making so much inflammation around her bones. She thought she might be able to do that but also knew how sloppy she could be about eliminating this and that that in her experience told her makes things worse. 

The setting sun

She would have to try harder to be in touch with cleaning up her own personal fountain. 

There was no point is setting off into the setting sun. She turned her donkey and cart around and went between the little stone walls, around by the castle, over the stream and through the four roads of Denore. The donkey was in good form after eating her fill of grass on the green land of Denore and tipped on home swiftly on her little white and grey feet, down the hills mostly, toward home. That donkey loved her home place. 

Moriah took her weary bones inside her house and found a few embers in the ashes and fanned the fire aflame in no time. Father Bernie saw the candle in the window and knocked lightly on the door. “Did you have any dreams” he asked. Moriah was always in favor of some talk of the dreams. 

She told him the dream about finding some very old crockery on a slab/alter outside a fallen down house. Initially she thought it was located on her father’s farm but realized it was in the field beside the Holy Well, over on the west side of the Hill of NaCosta. Father Bernie was delighted to hear of the dream and expressed a wish to visit the field where the holy people of the druids used to live. The Holy Well was said to heal eye complaints. 

Bernie regaled Moriah of stories of the healing rituals of the Druids that he heard of and saw as a child. He talked of the circles they created, throwing up the hazel wands, in the springtime, covered in catkins, making secret patterns that had to be learned by him when he was a newcomers into the circle. 

The hazel wands flying around.

Finally they wished each other a hearty good night making plans to visit the Hill in a few weeks. The end. 

Love from Rose Marie. 

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The Ephod of it all

The two big fully leafed out trees darken her view as Moriah looked out at the night sky. An expanding gibbous moon is hiding in the horizon on the east, lighting up a heart shape in the dark clouds above. The outline of the heart is decorated with a lacy white border around the outer edges, beckoning Moriah into prayers and meditation. 

She moves to the kitchen at 3.30am getting together potions that will sooth her old woman bones and bring her ease. She is looking for and is invested in that cloth of woven linen to smooth her way to her Maker. She is trying to move out of her body and her thoughts by taking both down into stillness and silence, and is moving into a reach for some connection with the higher dimension of her soul and its Maker. “Arise my soul” she says.  

She goes through her rituals of breathing and humming into the wheels in her backbone, before she feels some lasso to that other, higher and tries to hold on to it and become receptive to increasing her awareness of her own love and the love that comes from where her soul comes form, from where she comes from, where she now is. 

She hears the strains of a song “I am listening, God is listening, The angels are listening” and hopes the Angels are concerned about her. Traveling is a little harder now with aging and she is trying to make a deal with the Spirit to heal her in exchange  for something the angels might want from her. That her creator might want from her. To be a receptacle, a carrier of the creator love. 

As she waits and listens, she sees a great orange ball briefly. She is under the shadow of her maker and it makes its presence felt by enclosing her in a misty cloud of purple and midnight blue. She feels a lovely feeling of being loved, of being in love. She feels she is held in a loving embrace. She protects herself with the feeling she has toward her maker and is so thankful for the love her maker brings to her from the shadow of the midnight blue and purple. She is blessing and is blessed.

Moriah feels a little cold as the early morning light starts to percolate through. She distributes the energy she has raised in meditation, taking it down through her body and asks for it to heal her knees and hips and ankles. She send it out to family and friends, and sends light to those who are passing over to the other side to meet their Maker and to those that are brave enough to chance another round on this earth, spinning in space, the gestating soon to be born – the incoming souls.

She gets a little food from the cupboard to satisfy her hunger and notices a little mouse come out of the floor boards to eat up the crumbs. She is torn by her impulse to call the cat or to let the mouse, like herself, be satisfied with her lot. She is reluctant to let go of the feelings of love that came to her in meditation.  Panger Ban, her white cat, sleeps on at this time. The mouse knows to scatter if the cat as much as twitches. 

Yesterday Moriah saw a bluebottle fly, all excited around her and around the light, coming in with the sunshine. Moriah splotched him inside the curtain and saw all the eggs that needed to be laid. She had some feeling for the pregnant fly and so when she saw one again, large and excited, she got a soft cloth and encircled it and lifted her into a ball and put him outside.She flew off at great speed. Moriah is making no promises that she will save all flies from now on, as they are often to be found in her house. 

Moriah wanted to put a hen house in her yard as she loved to look at the beautiful hens, as they went about their business of being hens and laying eggs. She even had a dream that she was given eggs and she was carrying them on her arms and felt she might loose some of them easily, or break some of them. They looked the color of whiter than white, bright shining white. When she was given more eggs, she really had to juggle them to keep them up. She knows eggs for the miraculous food they are. 

Her daughters were more in favor of putting the henhouse way back behind the house. Moriah thought that would be an invitation to a fox to eat them up, here a little and there a little until she had no eggs to be laid during the mild winter months. 

That particular piece of the dream about the egg falling down, was a mystery to her. She wondered if she had too many things going on, what with her traveling and being busy just like the hens. Moriah was laying white eggs of a different kind and finding it hard to nurture and care for them. She thought she might get back to her writing, draw people’s faces more. In the dream she was trying to clean out the house and the henhouse, full of accumulated dust, like Aegean stables, not cleaned out in a long time. She too might need a flood to clean all her inner waste places out for her. 

As the morning wore on, Moriah could see the shape of clouds on the mountain and the nearer hill sides before her. This mottled landscape outlined the nearer hills through the cloud shadows shapes bringing distinct color relief against the hazy hills further out. 

Moriah was content now as all the muscle spasms had left her again, taking away the mood of pain and depression. She was free to ponder the beautiful landscape and consider what treats , she would make for lunch. The end.

Love from Rose Marie. 

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The Curley Dreams and the Curley Parsley.

Moriah felt the stir of the springtime, even if it was a bit early in the year, and set off on some travels, visiting family on the way. The pony has his head up to go too. 

The pony was ready to go

She fell into a reverie, trying to remember a dream from the night before, but she could not get it back. She decided to remember some older one about a fat cherub angel dealing with a hugh snake, with a cudgel, hitting the snake blow after blow. Moriah was afraid of the snake and wanted the cherub to club it on the head but the angel ignored Moriah totally. This angel had charge concerning this snake, and that snake was getting blows from the cudgel. 

Cherubs playing music

She stopped at Bernie’s place and he said the snake represented the energies in her back and that they were sluggish and so need this beating from the angel. He thought she should pay more attention to her breathing and gave her an exercise. As she sat on the cart she was to breath in and see the light go out nine feet through her nine bodies of energies. Then she was to breath out and suck in her stomach and lower regions so that she was all pulled up and felt a push in her back bone, from the inside out. 

Breathing in and breathing out

Moriah tried this and found that she could do it easily. Bernie said that it would loosen those bones and those nerves that were settling down too much and causing her to be stiff and sore. 

Moriah was for anything that would help her with this. Bernie said that she needed to continue to pull up her attitude toward the positive in herself and in others. 

She set off again and decided to focus on the cherub a little and do the exercises. She sang some holy chants to the Name of the nameless one as she went along. 

She had a chat about the dream with Druid Bernie.

When she thought of loving God, Moriah had a hard time figuring out how that would look. But lately she came to the notion that God loved her before she ever thought of loving God. 

She looked around and saw the snow drops dancing in the breeze, coming up through the sandy soil and thought of them as a Love bouquet from the floor of the Mother Earth. She could not wait for the primroses to come up in great irregular wheels on the damp banks along the lane.

Wheels of flowers

She met two sisters on her road, and they travelled together for a bit. They were older like Moriah and said they never had children. Moriah asked why and they said that they had noticed when they were about eighteen that the cow who had a lot of calves looked worn out and was slaughtered and the cow who had no claves looked great. They were laughing when Moriah decided to turned down the lane into the bog. Her pony almost stepped on a young fox sleeping there but the fox sprung into the air, oriented itself and was gone. 

A little bog hole

Moriah alighted for her lunch and let her pony graze on the green grass nearby. She lay on a bank near a bog hole full of black water. As the sun warmed her she thought of getting in to the pool but not knowing its depth or how easy it would be to crawl out she stayed put on the bank. She knew that cold black water would enliven her if she slipped in. There was a very light covering of ice around the edges. She rubbed a little ice on her knees. That was plenty. 

She fell asleep and had a dream. 

Spring Parsley

She dreamed she was back in her home place. She was out  in the back yard. There was a blue/black man there with a knife intent on killing a baby, six months old. He had an old sharp knife. Moriah spoke kindly to him and seemed to get the baby and the basket from him. Moriah did not see his face frontally but the side view of one eye. It was white. Moriah went over to the turf shed to hide the baby. She considered putting turf all around the baby but worried it might cry out and give the place away. When Moriah reached into the basket, the baby was not there, only lots of finely chopped parsley, curly leaf. 

She awoke with a fright and was glad to see the pony looking into her face, snorting a little at her anxious fit. Moriah lightly slapped her away,  as she rose up, ready to be on her way. 

Some collards came through the winter in spite of cold temperatures.

When she met Druid Bernie, she asked him about the dream and he said that it was about how the old masculine energies in her would want to kill off the new born sacred coming up in this next round of her life. It was a good sign that she wrested the baby from him. And what about that Curley parsley in the basked, Moriah asked. 

Moriah was eating lots of greens earlier in the year -all 54 leaves piled up.

Bernie asked her about her garden. She said there was lots of parsley coming up all over the place. Bernie said to be sure to eat it three times a day, raw and cooked. 

Moriah agreed, but was secretly thinking, “Nobody eats parsley for breakfast.” 

Bernie, as if he heard what she was thinking, said she could make parsley tea for breakfast and pinch off bits and pieces anytime she passed by it in the morning and chew into the sweetness of the green Curley leaves. The end. 

Love from Rose.  

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The Wheels on the Cart go Round and Round

The Donkey and cart races were very popular except when there was some practice runs before hand, that could get out of hand. Like the time Moriah was traveling on her donkey and cart and two others went racing down the road and one hit Moriah’s wheel and sent it careening down the road and into the river below the bridge. 

When the wheel was knocked off her cart.

The head Dwarf was sent for, who sent for his retinue of workers who examined all the details and said the offender had to pay her two and a half pieces of silver, to right the wrong of the whirring wheel. All this was arranged and payment made to Moriah. The cart was mended in no time, with a few bangs of the hammer and cuts from the saw. Moriah kept the silver pieces in her pocket and liked the jingle they made and liked thinking of how she might spend them. Sometimes it kept time with the wheel going round and round on the road.

The Dwarves

As time went on, Moriah felt a little bit uncomfortable in her own skin when she thought some more about the five pieces of silver. The spokes of that wheel went along groaning about how easily she got the silver. 

As her donkey tipped along on the road, his four hooves stepping high, a light grey, smart pony, she came to Farrell’s bend in the road over the stream. She pulled on the reins, as she noticed someone under the tree, sitting on the stone wall. Only one foot was visible. Bernie, the Leprechaun was comfortable on one of the flatter stones and was lighting up his pipe. 

Moriah stopped her journey when she was Bernie.

Her pony went toward the water as she greeted Bernie. They were delighted to see each other and to catch up on all that needed review in their friends and families. Moriah shared her sour dough bread, flavored with honey, nuts and seeds . She put a thick wedge of yellow butter and cheese, on each slice and they enjoyed. They finished it all off with the sweet water from the springs that poured into the river from the Hill of Na Costa, in front of them.

Bernie was energized with the food and the talk and he got his tinker’s can and made tea for them both and they felt there could not be anything nicer than this tea served away from home. 

When the race was over

They could see the hill in the distance and just about see a flock of sheep on the slopes. The fairy forts, dotting the hill, their circles of trees, could also be seen, where the fairies lived, and while their eyes lit on them briefly, they did not linger, preferring to talk of other things. 

There was a rain shower but they were sheltered by the overhanging branches above their heads. They enjoyed the sight of a rainbow over the hill. As Bernie was going her way, he joined her on the cart. The pony walked up the hills and around corners between the bushes and the trees, that outlined the road between the fields. Sometimes the trees met in the middle above their heads. 

When Moriah talked to Bernie about the wheel and her five silver pieces, Bernie said “Karma.” 

The wheel under the bridge in the river

And when she looked back into his kindly eyes and smile she was reassured. Could she have dealt with it differently.. but she had not. Now she had to put up with any misgivings she had. 

“What do you want to do about it now?” He inquired. She knew that turning back the clock was impossible and her hand was glued to the five silver pieces in her pocket. The karma was between the wheels? Or between the dwarf and her? Or between?  How did the Karma work anyway? 

The silver in her pocket jingles

“It is like this” said Bernie, as he claimed his second sight. “That person who run off your  wheel, owed you money form a past life. And now you have it back.” That is why you got a little  extra.

“Suppose they can not afford it, or it causes bad conflict in the family, or some other awful outcome.” Moriah belabored. 

“You, Moriah, are not in charge of what transpires within other people’s lives. That wheel that fell off caused them to be in touch with you and the Dwarf came and helped them pay a debt to you.” 

Moriah puzzling about Karma

Moriah began to wonder on what to spend the five silver pieces, maybe she could trade up her cart for a bigger and shinier one. 

Maybe she would visit the family she had fleeced for the silver coins! If only she had not sent for the Dwarf. It did not matter what Bernie said about Karma, she still felt bad about getting the silver. 

She was having a hard time putting one foot on dry land and one in the stream in an attempt at balance. She hoped that she could be more alert to her feelings and pay attention and not get caught up in greed for the silver pieces.It was hard to turn things back now.

Looking for balance

The old shadow, her own shadow, had won out – pleased and hardened into not melting down anytime soon, leaving her without enough sight in what she choose to do in this instance.

Moriah felt very glad to have seen Bernie. When he alighted from the cart at the end of the lane, Moriah let the horse gallop home for his evening ration of hay. Moriah was tired out and fell fast asleep in front of the hot turf fire.She dreamed of a naked woman coming toward her with some kind of a shekel on her right hand and left foot. She had five pieces of silver in her hand.

Moriah would have to make a bigger effort to connect the dots in herself, as well as both sides, so she would not be blinded by the dazzle of the silver and cheat herself of some true gold trying to emerge within. The end. 

I am seeing the river as God, as a loving meander through our landscapes.
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A Course on Dreams

To my Prospective Students at Life Long Learning Institute

I can be found at these sites: RoseLongworth.com and Psychology Today

Man and his Symbols is the book I choose to reference. It was written and conceived by Carl Gustav Jung toward the end of his life, as a way to get the attention of the ordinary man. He felt he was 500 years before his time with dream work. He said that “Dreams are unopened letters to ourselves.” Through this course we will open some letters to ourselves. From the Bible they are referred to “God’s Forgotten Language.”

From work with my own dreams and others, the dreams are an organic part of our own offerings, uniquely ours, as if we are an only flower and the dreams are our unique conversation with this flower that is ourselves. 

I drew this image while at LL JMU Open House. I asked a woman for a dream and she told me one and I drew a representation of it here.

I recommend reading the above book and it will stimulate the unconscious, from which the dreams come to us. The book will give you an overview of Dreams, as set out by Marie Louise Von Franz. It is with her material in particular I wish to work with you. I would like you to consider drawing the dreams, recording the dreams and then telling the dream and getting feedback from others during this six week course.

I would like to give you an example from my own dreams on how they change as you work with them, how the underlying feelings can come up and help you see how that feeling may be blocking what it is that is in front of you right now. 

1st dream:- Naked woman picked over and her need for me to help her and my doubt about my ability to do that. See Blog “Keeping Belief in the New Year 2023” recently blogged. 

2nd Dream: a woman who has a book and is writing down how she is not happy about the work I have given her to do. She is noting that I do not have the right attitude to healing myself. 

3rd Dream: My old Dream Mentor is dying off near where I am with others. I interpreted that dream as the need to let go of being the student and becoming a mentor to others myself.

4th Significant Dreams:(see drawing above) I am in a dimly lit alcove, a cone-like structure above and wood looking appearance in the light of oil lamp or candle of other days gone by. I realize that I am there to facilitate the wedding of the man kneeling beside me to the left. Then I become aware that he has some gift for me and it is a black stone that he gives over to the center of my hand. When I turn it over it is carved. I am choked up to be given this marvelous gift. 

I am excited about this dream because the above dreams have morphed into this unity of a coming together. This wedding is an inner marriage, bringing together two aspects of the psyche, the sacred marriage that allows the person to be whole in a spiritual way. My inner work bring this rush of beautiful appreciation and feeling for the work I am to do. 

A baby owl appeared in the dream of a friend of mine. It was being sheltered under the feathers of a hen that was on fire.She loved this mug that is at my house.

I will walk you through “How to record your dreams.” and how to stimulate the unconscious to give you dreams if that is needed.

I will give you “Helpful hints to successfully record, draw and interpret your dreams.” 

These instructions can be found on this web site Rose Longworth Counseling. Click on Resources and find “Instructions for Getting Started with dreams.” As you read and scroll down throng this section you are invited to click on original blog dated March 29th 2018. There you will find ten instructions for getting stared with dreams and 9 instructions on drawing the dream. Also there are instructions for drawing your own mandala. There is also advice on dealing with nightmares. (Compiled for a class/workshop I gave at EMU to a class of master level students.)

Other subject may look at the interpretations of dreams in the Bible. There may be some talk about the Butcher and the Baker and why one lived and one died.

I have the privilege of working with individuals over twenty years, and always found myself asking for dreams. Because I am able to see the feeling in my own dream, my interpretations will be more complete. 

And you are invited to work with me in this group with one of your dreams and to watch them open up to you over the period of the course. You will be well on the way to being your own interpreted, considerer, and watcher of your dreams as they morph and bring you wonder, awe, deep feelings and sometimes cautionary pushes to reign in your shadow. 

I wrote the above to make sure I am ready for the class coming up at the Ice House in Harrisonburg Virginia starting at 10.00 am to 11.15 am on Monday, 30th January, 2023. I look forward to getting started. 

I has a little worry dream about it all last night and it went like this:

A little drawing of the dream

I remember this dream after waking up. I was reading the section of Genesis about the Tower of Babel – you may remember  ..it is about all the people babbling and not being able to understand each other, mostly because they had acquired the wrong attitude to God. 

It triggered remembrance of my dream as follows: I dream I have to read two pages out loud but am worried as I have not read it prior and notice there are symbols within the writing. Someone reassured me I have taught it before and will have no problem with it. 

I could interpret it as giving me reassurance that this is a good time to teach my class and that even though we will be a little intimidated with Carl Jung’s book, we will not be intimidated with our own material, which will come out flowing into our class and we will know and interpret our own symbols deep down, as they come bubbling and babbling into our own minds. 

Love from Rose Marie.  


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Keeping Belief in the New Year 2023.

Image from another later dream.

I dream that I see where I left out two blankets on the back lawn at my old house.  The top of a head comes out from under the blankets near me. It sees me and dashes back in and crosses under the blanket at the farthest corner. But I am there and when they run out they run into me. There are four people. One person is holding a naked woman by the legs and they are running wheelbarrow style together. The others are not noticed if at all.

Naked and wheelbarrow style.

The woman was saving her legs as she cannot walk much and was walking on her arms. She stands up and is emaciated and grey haired. Her body has been attacked and her shoulders have been picked a lot by some bird, a crow, and is all messed up, skin spiking up away from the shoulder joints and other joints also. I have huge feelings around how I am going to help her, especially the joints.

Sometimes I think of myself as part art therapist as I use images to help with interpretation.

As the two weeks go by I have a number of other dreams. One is of an Art Therapist who is helping.  Can not see what she is doing except she is bending over her.  I interpreted that to mean I needed to draw the dream which I have. I rewrote the dream. Later I notice that I left out the shoulders picked over part. I keep looking at the dream, even as I get new dreams about a woman.

Another dream came of a woman, who has a job that I gave to her. She has a little notebook and is looking down. She has written reasons why she does not like the job I gave to her. (The unconscious wants me to change something.

I kept looking at her in my imagination and eventually, either she or I swirled around and I saw her eyes which had star light coming out of them. 

Starlight through the eyes the woman I gave a job to that is not happy with me.

I associated the first dream above to that part of Revelation, concerned with the church of Laodicea, where there are some verses saying…” I spew you out of my mouth because you are lukewarm. Don’t you know you are naked and blind and poor. Buy of me gold tried in the fire and white raiment…. “

The reason for the blindness and nakedness and poverty is because I do not believe I can help this girl, an older woman with hip and leg trouble. I am distraught in the dream that I can not bring her back from her wounds. I do not believe that I can do what is required for healing to happen for her.(even as I ask for healing I have no faith.)

If I consider this naked woman as part of myself, that has autoimmune disease etc, then I need to see how I do not have belief that I can heal myself, no matter how I try.

The church of Laodicea is connected to the Pituitary Gland, the highest center, that is associated with the master gland of the body. It is associated with the third eye and .. “If thine eye be single your whole body is filled with light.” 

Little churches of light on the North River after recent low temperatures.

This master gland can be connected with God, if used aright and it is from where healing goes to ourselves and others. The pituitary can send down a star from Heaven to help us, hence the stars in the woman’s eyes. 

I use the Edgar Cayce Readings to help with locating centers, chakras and glands in the body. One of the books(John Van Aukan) I have found helpful goes through the Book of Revelation. Based on the Edgar Cayce readings, he uses the Revelation material to show us how John the Devine was transformed through his associations with Jesus and through his own meditations, as set out in the last book in the Bible. 

A helpful book if you want some direction relating to meditation, mantra, breathing, and transformation.

The more difficult parts are not about the then political scene but about the internal scene in John, when he fought his way out of the ego, the shadow and went about turning himself around right until he was transformed into the fourth dimension of himself and had access to his higher self, the Christ Spirit, healing and Love. 

Why the picked over shoulders on the woman. It brought me back to the time I was in Ireland and the ram had not bothered to fight off a “scawl” crow who was picking its way to the bone of the hip, as the Ram sat there. (Those were the crows that attached the baby lambs, taking eyes out first. An association to Christ, the Lamb.) 

The upside-down of it all

My brother brought home the Ram and doctored him with some green salve, but I had serious doubts about his recovery. My dreams are trying to have me sink into the feeling of my lack of faith and to change that.

All of this interpretation is to say, I have to get busy and not abandon myself to laziness and generally let myself off the hook with my mad emotions and thoughts, my addictions to sugar etc. I know to change things, because I believe. The action comes out of belief.

I resolve to pay attention to these dreams and work through them, like a hen with new chicks, protecting them with love and with attention. Attention to dreams, to chakras, to body work, to what I ingest, mentally, emotionally and physically.

I think my mother had a prayer “My Lord and My God, I believe. Help Thou my unbelief.” 

Happy New Year, integrating the new born Spirit in you, whatever your persuasion. May you raise up, with the help of the Holy Spirit to knock off all that picks at you in an evil way. Happy dreaming to you and may you remember your dreams, associate to them, draw them and be happy to find out how to refine yourself, to be a better vessel, temple, God carrier on this earth making this a truly New Year full of a new song, a new belief. Love from Rose. 

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Rainbow on the Water

In August, my green thumbed partner planted greens, at my request. We went to the local store and the only greens left, of which I got five different varieties, included endive, collards, turnip and two  kale varieties. They all came up with some September rain with gay abandon and I have had greens on my plate almost every day since then. I also got about fifteen kale plants from a client who generously was thinning her own and gave me the extra bounty. They all survive too. 

The collard greens

I have rounded up a good few of the green larvae, that are intent on eating those client plants, as fast as they can. I remember my mother, in her Irish garden planted in different field’s in different years,  using her hand to squash such larvae, who had the nerve to attack her cabbages.

I do not want to loose these plants in this round of frozen wind, which has arrived today. Other frost does not seem to have bothered them too much, except to stall out growth while it is happening. 

A frosty morning at sunrise

I have decided to pray for them, as I am not ready to have them disappear. I had hoped that the snow would cover them up but it was around thirty seven degrees yesterday, when it was raining hard. So no cover up. Right now they look hunkered down out there, frozen stiff, and no movement at all in the wind.  I had started a pack of parsley seed,  which is very young, I hope it survives also. 

On a mild day I take the greens to the river for an outdoor lunch. Chickweed and endive are in this salad.

Eating those greens is very helpful for my health, especially arthritic tendencies. I have some days when it is very little, the pain, I mean and energy is great at times too. With the deluge of parties and presents it is hard to stay on the straight and narrow of little junk food. Right now I am looking for some balance, meaning the sum of the squares of the greens is equal to the sum of the squares of the other trash foods.

It is easy to get unbalanced and pick up some cold/flu stuff which is going around hotly in this neck of the woods. I am particularly having conversations with Jesus (as advised by my bible study group) to help me look forward to more greens and leave the rest.

One of my sister’s mother-in-law is dying. She has been sick and the family look after her all the time now as she nears the end of her roundabout on the earth. I felt moved to pray for her and my sister and her family, as my sister spends time at night with her dying mother in law. My sister is a true believer and feels the peace and silence of God in the night, keeping vigil.

Christmas Cactus in bloom a month ago – it could not wait.

Last week I went to the river twice on my bike, so I could pray by the river. I have found a log to sit on near the water, and I sit and listen to two rivers coming together. The river to my right and the river further down to my left have two distinctive sounds coming to me in stereo. It is a quiet place to meditate, back from the road and with a bank behind shielding me with privacy and silence.

A recent picture of the river at sundown, when family visited earlier this month.

The old yogi said he always sits to meditate when he is near a body of water. The water is up in the river due to recent snows and rain. 

It is getting on toward evening and the sun is fast lowering in the sky through the trees. The sunlight plays on the water. I see some purple and blue mist above the water, reflected in the fine spray just over the far bank, where the sun  give me the start of a rainbow. I settle to meditate and close my eyes, but not before I take some pictures and see a green streak show up in the middle of the river joining  the other river. It is a luminous green. 

Another time when the river is lower and slower and like a mirror all over.

I hear the beautiful river sounds and feel the wave that accompanies the river flow, flow over me too. I say the Our Father, I connect it to my chakra, up my back system and into my head and feel a flow of peace of my own. I watch and pray within and then before I finish I send out love, light and healing to my sister’s family. I finish with the 23rd Psalm and then I open my eyes. 

My eyes come across the water, watching a misty rainbow all across the river. The lowering sun caught the mist, over the fast flowing water, just right to give me the lovely rainbow right beside me. I could see the glassy square pieces of the rushing river, acting mirror for the sun, now below in the water, shine up to create the rainbow ribbons above the river for me. 

While the rainbow did not translate in the photos I did get this photo of the near river and the one further away, further up the screen.

The colors were moving and moving to me in my meditative state and I remember I saw rainbows, around the time my mother died.

A good friend’s son died earlier this year and she was relieved when the dog died, as she knew it would help her deceased son to have the dog with him. I can not imagine what that transition does to a devoted mother and send prayers for her and her husband now.  

Where the two rivers meet giving an idea of the blueness involved.

As I speed my bike home, I do not think much about the uphills, but stay lost in prayer and in the beautiful river images. 

As it comes to the end of the advent period before the birthday of Jesus, I send peace, love and light to all my readers. In your prayers and meditations, as you increase your own, you have more to send out and of course it always comes back to you sometimes one hundred fold. Be calling on that by which the creator creates – abundance one hundred fold. Love from Rose. 

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The Two Beasties of Revelation

The first beast is supposed to represent fear and doubt and the second one represents double mindedness. I always have had trouble making up my mind, one way or another, and fear and doubt are staples of the mind.

I fought with double mindedness, wanting things both ways The Biblical version is thinking we can serve God and Mammon at the same time. We do the thing that keeps God out of the equasion.

From the dreams – bringing up emotions from years earlier that are coming up again now.

Having things both ways might be to go in meditation into the Holy of Holies and then to have some thoughts that are “unclean” and certainly ruin the silence needed within having travelled into the sacred place of the Most High. Having created the sacred chalice within, we blow it to pieces with our planning and our worldly concerns.

Image from the vision mentioned above. The key above was linked to the key over hell death and the grave – from the owner of the vision. Drawings by Rose

Having decided to write I need a desire to write something that will be helpful to others. That is a goal I have. My ideal within that goal is to be discerning, which involves lots of editing. Sometimes I should have fear and doubt about what I am writing. I am serving the god of laziness and lie when I need to be in that of truth that will make me free.

Seeing circles within the cavities of the body, the sacrum, the thoracic and the head respectively.

So with this single mindedness to do God’s will for me I put my heel on the head of that serpent of double mindedness now. That creates the vessel, which we are, to hold that sacredness that we are going toward.

I foolishly fell into the problem of double mindedness about coming to the mountains, where the air is clean, the wind howls over the trees and the sun is burning my face just a little. It is so cold but I have a sunny corner on the porch, blocking the wind and capturing the sun. I feel cared for and healthy to be outside writing. The wren pops around near by on steps just below me. 

Sitting around on the warm porch.

Bringing together the yes and the no of it brings me to the alchemy of “of course I do not wish to stay at home.” Go out and find God in nature in the mountain. Be delighted with where you are. Stand on the mountain and insist that the sun is not going down, so much as I am on the earth, that it is twirling at a fast pace in the vast domain of space. 

Standing under Seneca Rocks

On the way to the Mountain we were eight miles from Seneca Rocks. It was early enough and we were charmed with these rocks bursting up out to the mountain, like great earth teeth, irregular and mighty. We were back in the car and Spruce Knob was just another ten miles out. We heard there was snow.

Going up the mountain we got this view of the many layers of the mountains.

I was seized by fear and doubt as the snow got a bit thicker with less of the road visible. The driver never touched the brakes that I could detect. Then suddenly we were there at over 4,000 feet. The snow had covered the spruce trees totally with a marvelous glossy look, with a whiteness that sparkled as the sky lightened at times. There were many layers of mountains as we looked out from a two storied lookout whose sides were glassy with ice. The mountain shapes were barely visible through the misty snow.

The double mindedness now comes to me as the need to say some things or the need to hold back. I have to consult the Spirit, by just asking to see what is clear. A little spell in meditation, looking into the silence, asking, connecting with that center of presence of God in me, will be helpful. I have to weigh myself, shed anything heavier than a feather and float back to the cloud of love that is there to carry me and to love me and to include others in this level of love.

Two people I know are becoming grandmothers soon and I am delighted for them even as I am not a grandmother.

One of the young women who just conceived moves in my circle sometimes and I was moved  to get something for the mother-to-be. I searched in the co-op in vein and seemed to let the gift go. Then as I travelled we came to a dollar general and there I found the right soft toy with a washcloth attached. It was cute and bright and has a tag about New Beginnings. 

The red of the passion from the flowers and the blue of the Goddess. holding all in her hands.

 I painted a card and found words about new beginnings and sent blessings.I placed it on her pillow with the card so she would get it later. The young mother involved  was delighted. She showed it to the father-to-be and they came and surrounded me in the kitchen, where they found me and their arms encircled me and I felt this great new beginning gives me a singing in my vibrations and I was filled with shivers as they walked away together. This New Beginning has found a way to include me.

Right side of the brain exercise – and getting the shivers is always good.

Connecting with your very own Spiritual Path causes some trouble and you will have run ins with those Beasties that offer you choices that are not helpful to you and you may end up with some clean-up duties later. May you find your way also and pray that I insist on going with the movements of my own twirling until I turn around right.  Love from Rose Marie.

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What God Thinks of me

Hopefully God will not mid about the hair.

I did a small workshop at a gathering of friends and the subject was dreams. I concentrated on two dreams and as I peppered the one dreamers with questions, I gave the other dreamer time to contemplate. It was then that one of the dreamers, an active retired man, volunteered toward the very end of the workshop that some peculiar thought came to him on his way to the gathering.

He said that during that drive, in the heated and crowded traffic, that he started to wonder what God thought of him. I forget his dream now and what the dream brought to him but a difficult male figure was front and center. I do not forget his question about what God thought of him. It was a breath of air from above, a communication to him, to wonder where he is, as he stepps into late seventies.

Relaxing among the trees, figuring out a way to get the bear to leave the camera alone.

I have since got the feeling that God is laughing at me as I carry on behind his back.When I slip into a depression over what I perceive as a rejection, I have a hard time bucking myself out of that. I have to put a blessing out toward the offender and then distract with a mantra, a repeated prayer and finally come around to seeing the motivation of that person, which, as “The Four Agreements” says has nothing to do with me.  Others are motivated by their insecurities, their addiction to perfection etc. 

Pure relaxation out among the trees.

For good measure I can also say “I must owe them something” from a past life and that may be in the mix. Sometimes I can be more specific and say “I don’t have to go over that again,” a vague memory of harming that person in some past incarnation. This usually levels the playing field for me and I can leave down my gun and sword, my weeping and gnashing of teeth. 

Being chased by a little circle of life – make be he prefers the way things are, even if he has lost his back shoe … my back shadow shoe.

Even on the way to visit with this person, I have the choice to go over things in a negative slant, “woe is me, because they did such and such.”   I have to check myself and pray into a good meeting with that person. That reach out into the positive pulls me out of myself into a oneness. 

It turned out to be very helpful, with that person saying that they would have been “pissed as hell” if I did to them what they did to me. I acknowledged their valid reasons for doing what they did and they hoped “we could get passed that.” 

All of that is to say, these better vibrations, claimed as best I could, combined to give me a feeling of gratefulness for the rest of the day, and I felt agreeable and in good form, to the point I thought my life was wonderful. 

Love you Over and Over from a song by Annabeth McNamara. …. Can we do that all over the place.

The big Santa Clause in the sky, dissolved into a pouring down of warmth in the heart for others, a warmth for myself, is my answer.

 I am doing Qi Gong by Zoom with Sundri in Trinidad and with Elizabeth across town and stood out on my back porch looking at the wonderful colorful maple as the end of the yard. The mountains skirt out on both sides of this tree, around in a big semicircle. The leaves, while vanishing fast, are still lit up in many places out in front of me. The sun strikes some irregular shapes, onto the nearer hills. 

Some color left on the tree in the back yard.

I have been practicing Qi Gong for about twenty years with Grayson, with Elizabeth, with Jason and with Amara (Shen Dao fame)  and have the idea now that a daily practice is great. Sometimes lately I go into my open garage which catches the morning sun and pepper around in a whirlwind of moves raising that “Qi” inside of me. I wake it up and slip and slop around in it until my body is nearer normal and happy to tackle/cackle the day with a little more elasticity and energy. 

There is the added bonus that I can pray into the moves I make. Through Kundalini Practice with Siri Amrita, I have prayers from Sanskrit language, which I can weave around me with that Jade Dragon from Qi Gong. “Parvan Guru” translates to breath as teacher. Allah and out breath sound “OOO,” came naturally to me as I practiced. (my Muslim clients would put a hand up above their head, and recite some words which sounded like “OmDe Allah”as they prayed into something in the session, they might want to ask God about or Thank God for.

At a meeting in Virginia Beach, an attendee said that the reason that Yahweh is nameless is that it is said with breath only.  Yah is the inbreathe and Weh is the out breath. Try it, it is the sound of “Nirnami” the nameless one. 

I do not want to leave out my mother religion. When ever I start meditating and many other times I will sing “Holy God we praise Thy Name, Lord of all we bow before thee, infinite, thy vast domaine, Holy, Holy is Thy Name.” Looking out here this is true, of the vast Domaine and if I look up at night at the stars.. even more so. (Fulll Moon and Eclipse on 8th November.)

Besides, there is the promise that I will make it into some “God book” for making such prayers to God’s name. 

Vast Domaine in every Direction

I encourage you to set time aside, in the night, as you exercise, as you walk, to go toward the vast domaine inside. 

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. I had a little chat with that tree this morning. I “communed” with it and if it did not answer me back? As I stared into the beauty of the tree before me, the tree appreciated this and drew me into those leaves and had me look back at myself on the old deck and say “was I not very beautiful too, just as wonderfully made as the tree itself in all its color and mystery.” I will leave you with this thought, praying for my readers, and sending out love.

And that is an answer to the man’s question above, coming from a tree in the back yard. A little love for self, a little love for other and nature, in this case the tree, and a little love fro God’s creations and the creator herself is helpful .  Love from Rose.  

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Wild and Wonderful West Virginia 2

I am sitting out here on a logging road enjoying the sunshine. I came down here on a “side by side”, four wheeler and am leaning up on a log or two and catching the sunshine before it goes behind the side of the mountain. On the way down we saw a big Buck, with its white tail flashing us, as it ran away from the noise we were making with the four wheeler.

A small jet plain flew above this quiet valley just moments ago. It was like the ones that fly out of Virginia Beach from the Air Station there. It was very noisy but brief and I barely caught sight of it above the ridge to the north. I still hear it warbling around in the distance behind these immediate mountains. There is another fly by later but I look up and do not see it.  A brown leaf is coming down silently at a fast spin on me. 

From the dreams – during session

I spent the morning exercising out of my hip and leg some pain and stiffness. The sun shone on a warm protected porch and I broke out in a sweat as I continued. There was a beautiful Pileated Woodpecker that flew into a tree beside me and I saw the magnificent white pattern on the underside of its winds as it flew away. 

A flicker sat at the top of a tree for a while and big sparrow landed beside me on the porch. There was a wren to my left and a flock of grey little birds with white breasts nearby. A flock of even smaller birds, no bigger than a quarter were picking in the gravel. It was a treat to see them all around me. I opened my hands in prayer in the hopes of some one of them landing on my hand but they did not. The Woodpecker flew over one more time. I was satisfied with that and though of the words to the song “For the Beauty of the Earth.” I might have sang it a time or two. 

Right side of the brain exercise

My leg is a bit better but reminds me of its existence with the sting some of the time on my upper leg between the knee and hip. I forgot it and insist on sitting here in the sun. I am taking some supplements and managing it better since I am using something called the Radiac Device. I usually meditate while I use that and that bring me a lot of peace too. Before I used that Radiac Device (From Edgar Cayce Readings.)I was crying with pain. I have used it on and off over the years since 1990. 

Last night I was helped by lying over the end of the bed with my knees hanging off and not on the ground. I was balanced by my feet. I had a dream about kneeling to help my leg problem. I did not do much  actual kneeling as it was so uncomfortable. I slip off the bed and did my meditation on the ground. I have no clue for how long or what time but was very peaceful at the end of it. 

Fall has been so colorful to me this year. This view was West Virginia.

Most of the time while exercising I am in prayer. I am “watching and praying” asking for that by which God creates to be with me. I  repeat and believe this will help. I do not seem to be open to operations at this time, other than those preformed by God.

Dream Time

My dream from last night 10/21/22. I dream of two sinarios side by side. 

One of them was related to the underlayment which is going to be part of the new carpet installment. There is some issue with it and Doctor Piedmont is down looking at it and trying to lift the top layer so we can use it. A daughter is nearby and seems to be shaking her head as if to say she is not helping with that.

These “black tulips” from my old house got to stay there. I loved to see them in the springtime.

A parallel dream, is about a big wolf/fox that I see at the same time as I see two beautiful twin fawns turning around. The fox animal has a beautiful coat of outer black shiny hairs and underneath brown/white hairs. It does not seem to be threatening the fawns. I get up personal with him, he is looking at me to see if he will take me on, eat me as it were. Then I am getting a hold of his hairs on his chin and trying to pull them out one by one and it is very hard, He is more like a man at this point. 

So I am drawn back to that dream about the fawns and the foxy man business. If he represents my inner man, my Animus, them I am taking him on. Will I continue to be eaten by the pain or will I engage with it hair by hair until I have pulled out that which is causing me to be not in touch with that by which the creator creates. 

Painting at the river – I tore up my old watercolors trying to find new images.

Can I keep those lovely fawns safe? I will need to watch or the wrong/bad attitude that does not want to pay attention to detail, that showed up in the first dream will cause trouble for me. 

My house sold and I did pray for the creative to enter and within a few days I had a contract. I am very thankful for  that experience with the Creator. I lean into it for myself now for interpretation of dreams, my own and others, and for healing. I am caring for my body better by what I told you above. I hope you can get past your own blocks, as I have to do the same. You pray for me and I will for you, my readers. Love from Rose here with the breeze rustling through the dried leaves on the oaks. Love you all.

Cool autumn morning in the mountains near Cast, West Virginia.
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