Soul Dreams and Soul Work

We have our five senses that we go by. Then there is the Soul and its senses that go down through us, through our backbones like a sword in the stone. We can learn to carry that energy in the strength of our spirituality, as it is meant to be carried or keep pulling on the locked down sword. It takes discipline and focus and intention to soften the stone up.  

Another king of sword

Do not rely wholly on the five senses, as there are other higher ones that are attributes of the soul, which get us in touch with our own Tree of Life, our sword, our Kundalini.      

The dream world is a sensing sent to us from our soul to get us in touch with our unconscious, a true connection between us and out spirit. The dream world connects us to the Tree of Life. Dreams get us in touch with what we hold in shadow, what is between us and that Tree of Life within us. It is not about what is good or evil. It is about where is the life in the situation that is calling us out. 

As an example, I dream of a puke green bird-dodo on the shoulder of a man, representing someone in authority. I take this dream as a message from the soul to tell me I have a chip on my shoulder.

It is inner male animus energies that are an ugly yellow green, a chip on the shoulder and hard to see as it is on the backside of the shoulder. It is not a true green heart color, but a green associated with bile and vomit.

The splash on the shoulder is big and looks like a hand, when I draw it with one pointing finger. The dream is telling me about the power of the index finger to put my energy toward another in an accusatory way.

It kept me awake one night, not because of the person involved but because I have male energies inside that are easily unseated, thinks it is right and is not humble. I am in my personality and my earthly senses. It is nonsense to listen to this talk in my head.

So this soul dream comes to give me pause again, relating to an issue that trips me up easily. 

Approaching the soul work wth masculine energy

The second dream I wanted to share is about the soul also. In real life I had been talking about doors, and doing some poetry and even some person sent me a note saying, “Open the Door.”

Then the unconscious uses those things that I am flirting around with, the doors to bring me a dream. The unconscious has a message from the soul for me and the unconscious sees a little opening to raise my awareness.

The dream: There is a room with huge open doors, higher than usual and maybe twice the width. I am coming along to the door with a clipboard in my hand and a pen. Inside I see a woman who is all tied up in black netting and without the use of arms and legs. She is crying out really loud and flopping around in a consistent and steady way. I was all set to go in there and speak but the atmosphere is such that I cannot, do not go in. I hear beautiful music filling the room, coming down from above.

I felt this dream was about my soul and that I have tied myself up in such a way as to prevent my soul operating in me that would be for its own joy and my own good. 

I honored this dream by rolling around, flopping on the floor over again and again.

When I thought of the music, the word “Brahms” came to mind. This made me laugh as I had bought a cd at the second hand store and it said something about “Messiah” and without looking at it much I had put it in my player and was repeatedly playing it for some months now. It turned out to be the “Brahms” music.

I have a black netting over the banister near my bed and that was similar to the dream netting. I crocheted it thinking I was making a shawl all made of wool. It seemed to have a mind of its own as it grew and grew. I use it for Halloween at times. I have still to wrap it around me and try rolling in it.

My soul sense of hearing is involved with hearing this Divine Music in my dream. Perceiving the sacred in the situation, not trouncing into the room full of rubbish talk but being able to stand in silence and listen is also an attribute of the soul.

I am meditating twice a day at 8 am and 8 pm. This is another way to connect with my soul energies. It is a way to talk to God, asking for help with our political issues, lack of unity, racial issues, and all the great pandemic issues. My specific prayer in this area is to say “For the Leaders of Nations, especially our own, so that they all reach toward the highest good for all the peoples of the planet.

From the dreams

If we have as much faith as a mustard seed, we could move mountains, like those mountains of chaos above. We just have to ask for help, our souls are listening and will lead us through the lessons we are learning. Join me and we can pray together and for each other, accepting all we find around us and presenting it as needing help from above. Intention is everything.   

Photo taken on New Years day after a little swim – seems a long time ago.

 Love from Rose         

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Who Owes What to Whom?

Moriah the Leprechaun was with a trusty friend, Gympie, known to her for many years. She has often met with her of a morning and gone for walks to keep their old bones limber. This morning Gympie was complaining about her cousin and was incensed with her. Moriah said that she was having trouble with her cousin because of some issues left over from past lives and they were in an intimate relationship with each other to work out the past karma.

Gympie paused as she stared at the beautiful primroses in a huge wheel of creamy yellow flowers in the mossy bank. “She was only meant to stay for a little while, a month or so and now it is four years.”

Moriah said “I rest my case. Fate has a way of pulling things together that need working out.”  

Moriah noted that Gympie’s face became a little red as she bent over to get a primrose and stick it in her mouth. As they both chewed the slightly sweet honeyed flowers Gympie’s color receded. “I do not believe in past life rubbish. “ said Gympie.

Moriah did hold to this doctrine of reincarnation from the east brought to her by her Druidic Beliefs and from Druid Bernie in particular.  He liked to think you could not get away with anything in this life and that every jot and tittle had to be accounted for. If you were harsh on someone, they came back to you to give the harshness back to you, in the next life. 

Moriah’s friend Gympie

Someone turns up on your doorstep and insists that you have nasty high expectations from them that are beating them into a pulp, when you know in your heart you did nothing of the sort to them. However their perception is correct, because you were cruel and unusually harsh to them in the past life. We hold these strings out to each other for a good fight about it all how ever long ago and far away.

There is no end to the variations, whether it is about dishes, teapots, money, land etc.

We can learn in unconsciousness and in pain, having fist fights or shillelagh’s fights and or going to jail for a very slight reason, or we can pause and say that surely I owe something to them from a past life.

Through working with the person, praying privately for the person, and wishing them well, we begin to mend the breach and forge the path between us. We thank them for what they did to us and ask them for forgiveness for what we did to them.

Forgiveness was always available.

Gympie said “Are you trying to tell me that my cousin and I are intimately connected from another time and I have to accept that we have work to do together to resolve the issue, me accepting her accusations, and working with her, not pushing her out, but working together to resolve the issue.

Gympie’s cousin

Moriah and Gympie continued their conversation as they drifted up the avenue beneath the tall hedges trying to meet in the middle above their heads. The small robin redbreast hopped along before them picking at grass ends and foraging for breakfast too.

A huge white looking larvae fell out of the hedge close to where the women were standing. The little bird flew away but then decided to brave the nearness of the leprechauns and darted in and carried the larvae off to the shade of a pine tree, where she doled it out to one of her offspring, who suddenly appeared batting its wings and opening its beak. The baby bird swallowed the larvae whole. Moriah thought of having some eggs for breakfast in that moment.

Wheels of primroses

As they went along, Gympie said she had a mishap at her house, as there was a small hedgehog dead in the grass just a few feet from her door. Her dog and cats went out to smell the decomposed animal, and Gympie felt it as a personal insult to be near this rotting smell. She was glad her dog had not rolled in it before she cleaned it away.

Moriah said it was just a reflection of the vibrations going between her and her live in, represented by this stink in the grass. Gympie got a bit red again, composed herself and said “No, that was just a coincidence.” They were munching little shamrocks of green sorrel by now swallowing the bitter taste, knowing it was good for them.

They both felt refreshed and went their ways at a fast clip back down the lane. Moriah lost some ground to Gympie who was determined to hear no more about Moriah’s opinions about accountability, at least not on that day. The end.

The little birds flew about them.

Dear Readers,

The PayPal Button. If you go to my site, you will see a button to pay me. I put it there so you can email me a dream, work a number of minutes with me over media and pay in this way. A suggested donation is $10 for ten minutes or whatever amount above or below that amount seems right to you. 

I would like to work from home and retire from my regular counseling job. In this way I can devote more time to my area of expertise, which is dreams and drawing.

I also love to write stories like those above and usually have more that come into my brain but leave again as I need a lot of time to do this writing.

I always make time for prayers for you and those who ask for this spiritual support.

Our combined prayers with move mountains especially if we have the faith of a mustard seed. As for me and my house, I am continually referencing the seeds of the mustard and smiling, so much so that I felt them bouncing down from above in my mediations this morning. Love you Rose.

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The River And Little Robin Redbreasts

As sometimes happens I have Saturday to myself and when the river beckons from the mountains in the west, I have little option but to drive out there, past the ice cream parlor and on to Rawley. By the time I got to Rawley, it was down right raining but as I was almost there I went to the little parking lot and figured I would get in the water, as that had been my intention all along.


As I rumbled around for the right swimsuit and shoes in my trunk a young man and woman came down from the rock/steep incline from the left and the woman was smiling like she knew me. I thought she was familiar. 

She had met me at the co-op some months ago and I seem to remember a sunhat and blue dress, a bike with a cart pulled behind. She said I was very helpful with a dream she shared with me.  She said she had a dream a few weeks ago and said she wanted my contact information so she could contact me about her new dream. I was able to unearth a business card from the trunk of my car and give it to her. I am looking forward to hearing from her. Her partner had long black hair and said he could not remember his dreams. 


When the young couple left there was no one to be seen at the watering hole. I ventured in a little bit at first, up to my knees and gradually started to swim against the current, which swiftly turned me around and sent me into shallower water. I enjoyed this back and forth taking a little time each time to get out of the water and walk around a bit until the next time. 

As I leaped in and out of the water I noticed a young longhaired man crossing the stream, where the rocks make a little waterfall and it is not so deep. He looked intent as he went by. He had a knife attached to his belt that was sheathed. When he came back to re-cross, he was carrying a big fork. 


I overcame my anxiety and I asked if he was catching fish, maybe spearing them with this fork. It was two feet long and silvery and sharp pronged.  He said he had caught three trout. I thought of following him blindly but I had eaten heartily earlier and now was on a mission of my own to soak in the water. He too had long black hair and a beautiful smile. 

It turned out to be a beautiful evening full of sunshine and warmth. I was glad to chat with a woman my age that told me a lot of her life story and wanted to know if Jesus was my savior. She felt that any mention of Mary was idolatry and God could be taken over by the devil very easily. She too had a beautiful smile. I laughed as I told her that God wanted her to try the silent thing. She wanted to hug me as she left the beautiful water. 


In the interest of friendship, I choose silence at times and focused on her being a soul just like I am and that I recognize that in the situation. Nameste, I salute the God in you. 

Robin Redbreast

Two robins built a nest in the lilac tree just outside two of my windows. As I go upstairs to the attic I can see them head on, and from the armchair I have placed near the window in my kitchen I have a sideways view. 

When I first noticed them the little chicks were down in the nest and all beak.  When ever they heard a sound they opened the beaks wide for food. The parents flew in at great speed. They fed someone at random and took away a poop in the beak. 

Sometimes they brought tiny morsels I could hardly see and at other times big long looking larvae what vanished down a beak in no time. 

One chick seemed to be growing the fastest. He had no problem standing on the back or head of the others and preening and picking at his feathers all over the body. 

He looked very precarious wobbling about but kept within the nest perimeters. 

When eating breakfast this morning I observed the biggest one was not getting fed. The parent fed the littlest one, then jumped on the back of the smallest one, removed a parcel of poop and flew off, wings spreading in all directions over the nest 


Immediately after, the biggest robbing, extricated herself on to the back of the smaller one and stretched her wings just like the mother did before flying off. I could see that chick thinking, “did you see that?” and “Maybe I can do that too! ” 

Not long after I looked again and all tree little heads were down in the nest again, as if their bravery frightened them and they went back to being newly hatched. One gave a big yawn with the fright of it all. 

When the storm came, I noticed both parents got on the nest and one of them kept her wing stretched out over the side of the nest for more protection. It was sweet to behold. It was windy that time. 


Another time the little ones were left unattended in the rain and one of the chicks picked at the water dropping off a leaf. They learn early and well their life skills. 

They do not worry at all about what is happening all about them. There are crows, cats, fast traffic, weather, wet or windy. They are living life with all their might. They just see opportunity and claiming ability to fly. They are not concerned about their clothes either, other than that preening they do.


Next morning the nest was empty. Two were sitting on my kitchen window ledge and the third on my deck. They were off into the wild blue sky, and me left with an empt nest and a lovely enlivened memory of their business. 


So I will leave you with love and hoping we can be like the lilies of the field and the birds in the air, in touch with our instincts and claiming all we came here to do. Love from Rose.

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Call to Prayer at Eights AM and PM

The Little Froggie Story

The old outdoor shower attached to the house near the beach, had two layers of boards underfoot and sand below. I was given fair warning not to bring sand into the house, so I obediently went into the old outside shower. I considered wiping off the sand in there. But it was a windy evening and where ever the sand could go it had gone and my hair had become a massive repository of the golden granules.

I turned on the tap and it was cold, but cold and I can agree for a little while and it was somewhat ok. Then I looked for the hot tap and the water was soon much too hot.

A little gentle jump caught my eye in the right hand corner of the shower. A one inch high frog was in my shower, blending in, brown on brown, almost not there, except for the gentle jump out of the hot water.

The frog put its head into the space between the boards and its little “hiney” was in the air.

A falcon with a fish in its claws

When I got the water adjusted to the right temperature, the frog came back up again and sat in the rain of the shower, right side up.

I smiled as I watched and washed.

When I finished getting that dune of sand off my scalp and was squeezing my hair with both my hands, I leaned a little toward the frog so he would get the benefit of those extra few drops even though the shower was now turned off.

The frog glanced up at me, with a minuscule adjustment of its head. I felt acknowledged and I said “hi.” I laughed gently to myself. I slowed down and took advantage of the small miracle at my feet, watching the way the rain in my shower fell slow and free and the calmness of the frog claimed me.

I did not think to kiss the frog in that moment but I could have.

Bayside inlet

I think I was infected by the frog’s good feelings about the warm rain falling on him.

I can see now why poems and fairytales are written about them.

“Twenty frogies went to school, down beside a rushy pool…” comes to my mind unbidden, complete with the image of the frogs in little green coats sitting on green leaves on their pond.

There were often frogs about in the cool damp banks beside our avenue in Ireland and I grew up without any fear of the frogs. My siblings and I chased them trying to catch them before they jumped out of reach again. We placed them in the palm of one hand and the other cupped over as they made jumping motions.

Like the frog, there is some heat I might want to avoid in my life and I would want to put my head in the sand. However, it is always best if I sit up and look about and in that way catch the gentle rain falling from heaven when it does fall, slowing down to become gentle with myself.

Meditation and Prayer

While at the beach I found a little notebook I wrote in this time last year at the beach. It was fun to read. I wrote a little something about Buddha.

“Buddha knew what he was doing under the tree. He was draining all of himself and let it go into the winter sleep of the ground. He waited then for that gathering of sappy energy into a huge ball below the tree, waiting for that rush up the tree that he knew would carry him up into ecstasy. He was in the basket of the Divine Mother. The tree sprouted leaves, flowers and fruit one hundred fold and Buddha became enlightened giving out the fruits of the spirit to us all and even does still for those who seek.”

Just to think we have everything inside us we could ever need, we just have to be silent, slowly going back to claim our souls. I am seeing a cross of light, with the upright going down the body and through the back bone and the vertical going out through the arms.

Many people pay attention to the breath coming up the body over the head and down the body in the front. The chakras are electrified in this loop.

From the dreams

Currently I am inviting people to join me in meditation twice a day, at 8am and 8pm for twenty minutes more of less, so we can be in that happiness and we are blessing and are blessed. This was inspired by the need to pray for our country, for unity, for our law enforcement, our health concerns with the virus, our dying and dead. We can include our own concerns at this time also. The whole world can be included, no exceptions.

From the dreams

Keeping the time for meditation straight is getting easier and sometimes something will remind me. I look at my phone and it says it is 8.01. You know how to set alarms and I know you know a lot about prayer already. Each to his own is very acceptable at this time of sacrificing our time for the others, praying for them.

Mantras, as in Rosary is magnificent prayer to the Divine Mother, which my personal mother could never get enough of. I was once told that I said so many “Ave Marias” in a past life, that my soul was continuously saying them still. I hope this is true. A camper, at the Edgar Cayce Summer camp told me that she was learning off the psalms and putting her favorites to music. I still remember her face and bright eyes, thirty years later.

“ All is one, one is all, there is only one” is one of my personal favorites., that came to me following a meditation, while staying in a motel in Cleveland Ohio attending a Mari Conference.  

Sand in the hair

I also love the Aquarian Sadhana chants and of course “Sweet Heart of Jesus” in whose heart there is room for all expressions of prayer toward God, especially the prayers that come through your own heart, regardless of faith orientation. Get started and more will be given you from within.

Love from Rose. 

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Are You OK Then

“Are you ok then?” one of my teachers asks. Luckily that morning I had something to report. 

How are you feeling then?

It all goes back to Bible Study and the words that God will answer your prayers, in ways everlasting rather on our terms. St Paul said he asked God trice to heal his infirmity but God said he had to leave it there to keep Paul humble. Paul seemed delighted with himself reporting on this issue. 

Then there was the assertion that God knows what you have need of before you even ask. “I know the plans I have for you…” 

I know the plans I have for you.

I completed my morning Aquarian Sadhana and I was transitioning to my little block of silent meditation. I was referencing God in the higher chakras and thought of this God knowing what I have need of relating to leg issues and I felt a wave of something coming down through my body from above. It was slight but noticeable and it came with the thought of “God knows what I have need of.”   

The huge difference in all of this is that I usually think I have to figure out how to heal myself all the time. This keeps me running around in circles, from exercises to massages, from food choices to scalding baths. 

There is the circling energy everywhere in the universe as well as inside us in our chakras.

What a relief to think I do not have to mindlessly do a load of things by rote.

I have to let this energy of God come down through me and have its way with me. This is different from the way I try and get a hold on this stick of God and beat myself into shape with it. My new mantra for today is God wants to help and heal me. No more to be said. And today is the acceptable time.  

Is there something else to be done? I had planned on oatmeal boiled up with a load of dates for breakfast. I could feel those soft mushy dates almost getting stuck on the roof of my mouth. Then as I started to make this breakfast my eyes lit on the plastic see through jar of corn grits and I had to change my greedy plan and have a savory breakfast.       

What will we have for breakfast?

It is Saturday morning and I was finishing up on taking atomodine in certain quantities in the morning following suggestions from the Edgar Cayce readings relating to arthritis. I had decided on the three-drop regimen. Then two mornings ago I realized that I had to put five drops into my cup accidently. The Edgar Cayce readings have a great spectrum of suggestions and it is hard to decide which one will work for you. I felt that accidental five drops was a way for me to change to what might suit me better. 

Directions given to you by using the intuitive muscle brings you to know for yourself. The above is an example of me trying to be intuitive about how to work with the help God wants to give me on a daily basis. 

This little round fat cactus is full of circles.

In my practice I am working with teens again. I forgot the pure need to be creative with them, especially over telehealth. One told me a dream or rather could not tell me a dream but said something awful was going to happen in her dream.  

For me, any suggestion of a dream makes me happy to hear. “Were there people in the dream?” I ask. “Yes two people” she said.  “Draw them,” I said. She immediately complied.  My homework to her was to develop a conversation between these dream figures and we may get an answer to her feelings of dread both inside and outside the dream world. And if she does not get to do this I can still work with those images that came from her unconscious, in our next session. 

From the dreams

And there are the parents whose support I rely on all the time. They are wonderful people. Sometimes I want to tell my office manager “no more teens for me.”  I have been working with teens on and off since starting my counseling career nearly twenty years ago. I did teen groups in the Children’s McNulty Center working with teen that were court ordered to anger management classes and I also worked with teens and parents in a court ordered group. 

I also worked in Prevention Work in Schools, mostly High Schools, at the beginning of my counseling career. 

My boss

I got some serious training from my bosses and the sheer number of groups I did gives me a comfort working with young people. 

Maybe God thinks this is what I have need of “to prosper and not harm me.”  Healing will come through me in their direction, and it will even flow back my way as I do what I love best. Sometimes the Shenandoah river flows backwards in times of flood.

And what of the dreams? I had a strong one about the person I was working with in a forgiveness prayer highlighting my fears about setting boundaries. 

My problematic inner male energy.

I did a forty-day forgiveness prayer, which could be done over forty minutes, forty days or forty hours. I choose the forty hours. My phone obliged as I got started, ringing a little bell every hour on the hour.  I had to do it through one night, and am not sure if I got all the hours covered. I mumbled the six lines many times as I turned and twisted in my bed. 

It was a strong experience. The forgiveness prayer has you pray to the person and to yourself. There is a thankfulness line for all we did for each other and a forgiveness line to each other for all we done to each other. I felt some fog lift from over me and it helped me solve the problem that I was having, from my point of view. 

Even with forgiveness prayers, we have to remember we are not in charge of the other person in any way. It just became clear what I would have to do and I acknowledged the soul residing in the other person also.

I wish I was at the river now and may still drop into water yet this evening.

Love from Rose. 

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If I Want Your Opinion ….

The dream went like this: I am with a couple I know and the woman’s name is my name, Rose. The man of that couple says something and I say “If I want your opinion I will give it to you!” We all laugh heartily at this and I notice that the man touched that part of my leg where I have pain, just under the knee in the outside right. 

From the dream – watercolor by the river.

The above pain was one of the first indications that my leg was turning in a way that was painful. I did not recognize it at the time. Some years have gone by since I noticed that. The connection between some twists in the body and those in the mind is a matter of opinion.

Yesterday I asked my sister in England about something that was troubling me but was not moved to change my opinion. “Do not bother doing that as nothing will change” she said.

we often ask our family members for advice – their overall view is valued

My old friend with whom I discussed my dreams in the nineties would say that I had a strong negative animus, opinion, inner male and in this case I am making fun of the opinion of the male. The Jungian slant would be that a woman gets her opinions from her father and at some point the woman will have to abandon those opinions, in favor of a more nurturing way of treating herself and others. The dream gives me pause. 

They all had a good laugh

Also the last blog had a number of my opinions relating to another’s dream. I did not sit and discuss all that with him so I am wondering if all those opinions of mine are not so helpful. I am challenging my own opinions here with this new dream. I will do some drawings down at the river as it is a lovely day again and a dip or two into the water is in order. Seeing through a glass darkly or face to face would be helpful. 

At the River

A good rock: to sit and to paint by the river

Of course many things happen at the river. The river is much higher than last time, as much rain fell and filled it into a fast magnificent flow. We were able to get into the water at the swimming hole and be swung around into the shallow stones. I went in with my walking sticks and was pushed over when I squatted. I enjoyed the submergence, as I had been trying to do that for the last hour. Two lovely people ran to my rescue and I submitted to the help. I did get in again and got my head under so that I would have a good baptism.

Trying to warm up after a dip in the water

As I was standing in knee deep water I spoke to a woman who had much grief ten year ago when her two-month-old baby died. Other family members died near that time belonging to her husband. There was great chaos. 

She told me the dream of the rainbow socks where she was sitting apposite a recently deceased twelve year old in-law girl who put the “souls” of her feet to hers and she felt she was connecting to the soul of her deceased two month old baby.

Mandala Rainbow

 I just love the way dreams span the divide between the living and the dead. We also talked about how this baby changed her completely and while wildly broken was able to knit herself together in a new way. The woman stood in the water and I helped put some water on her head. This is something I often do instead of dropping down into the water over my head. We were both refreshed by our respective dips. 

Swimming at Blue Hole a few weeks ago

In my practice I was given another dream of a woman’s feet being covered in sticky stuff and I asked her to bath her feet in hot water each evening as she contemplated release from the sticky stuff in her life. Finding a ritual to coincide with a dream is a good way of loving yourself. 

Before the storm showed up – back yard view

On Friday evening I got it in my head to deliver my taxes to the City as I awaited a great storm to land. The sky was low and full of dark clouds and four buzzards floated, black against that navy blue,  in the rising air and were lovely to watch. 

When I went to deliver my taxes, there was a big car there and a woman in the driver seat putting together a check to pay her taxes. I went around her car to drop my taxes off in the drop box and she apologized. 

They were still trying to make sense of everything that happened to them

We bemoaned the fact that the only sure things in life are “death and taxes.” She talked to me of her mother’s death ten years ago and how she is still paying taxes on her house, even as it leaks and is filled with her mother’s things.  And then she told me of the murder death of her son. She has never slept in her bed since that time. Hopefully my wish to be helpful to her is enough to ease her heart. She told me she loves to talk on the phone for two hours with her customers about her life and their lives and that satisfies her now. The storm blew over. 

A dream is like a blue jug in the middle of everything. It needs to be poured out. It is in the pouring out that the miracle happens.

She remembered talking to me before and I remembered her smile and her face in some way too. She remembered I was wearing a big coat. 

This rock looks like a great big jug in the river

Sitting around in and near the river for a few hours showed me that the water finds it’s way between the stones and I have to find the way between what is stony in my life. That which is flowing fast past me will round me off, so that I am different by reason of the decisions I make. As for those opinions of mine, hopefully I will keep reaching past them into the flow that will carry me between the stones in my life.  Sending out a prayer for you. Love from Rose.

The evening of this picture the water was lower.


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And then the Elastic Snapped.

A dream is like a blue jug in the middle of everything. It needs to be poured out. It is in the pouring out that the miracle happens.

 I am sleeping under the eves for a few months now and I am getting used to the sounds the long wooden oak beams make during hot or really cold times and I am hearing the patter of tiny feet onto the roof made by my fellow sentient beings where they jump from the tree, newly grown up, and onto the gable end. I hear birds in the gutters getting a drink in that one that is not draining well or just poking around in the gutters looking for some sentient larvae or other, to eat.

Spring time in my yard. I thought these green stems were weedy grass until I saw the marvelous purple.

When I looked out my new great window in the attic, the other morning, I see what looks like a rather long wet stain on the green tin roof. Something a little large must have relieved himself there. I did not hear the whole affair. But It  was newly done as it had not rained. It looked like a narrow stream and then a round wet space at the end where it accumulated before dribbling down out into the gutter. 

One of the attic windows

Maybe the Daddy Squirrel is trying to lure a new female here, as the other one and her two babies, have been relocated to Hill and Dale Park a few short miles from here. I worry they are packing their suitcases even now and are planning a come back. At any rate there is no shortage of replacement squirrels in the area.


There is a central space in the attic that goes up into a pyramid shape

Before starting my chants last night, I had found my elastic band and after several tries had made a loop, which I felt would fit around my knees. I needed some resistance when I did the half shell knee exercise, during my chanting. The halfclam shell consists of lying on your side, knees pulled up and the upper leg then raises as far as it can for the count of five seconds. It affects the buttocks where the muscles meet tail bone and lumber area of the spine. It has a way of relaxing the area there.

Exercising in the dark

I had reached the third chant, which I think is so beautiful, even as I am not a great singer. It always brings me into my heart and I am raising within. It was at this moment that the week kneed elastic band choose to snap, just like that.. and I was almost at a loss as to where to place the sound. The chanting must have created an altered state. The unmistakable snap and my conscious mind kicked back in and I realized what had happened. 

Sunshine shadows from the attic

The only thing I could do was laugh to myself out loud in that attic space raising the rafters a little and making the place a little more my own. I took advantage of that mirth to go on a little long as I welcomed such bouts of tummy rippling. It got me past my freak out point so that all manner of things are well. 

From the Dream World – Dream of the Sheep and the Polar Bears.

The sheep are in the corner of a pen and they are jumping up on each other, as they are afraid and cornered. Then the sheep start to turn into Polar Bears. 

Cornered in a box

The images of the sheep and the polar bears brings some conversation about letting go of the farming of the sheep due to it being retirement time. 

The dream is not about this but about the sheep being cornered. 

The dreamer’s attitude and emotion’s are somehow being cornered in himself in such a way that is negative. There is the fear of the sheep and the morphing into a fearful animal also to be considered.  

Mama had her own attitude and emotions.

Many people are fearful of the current virus in such a way that is negative to them.

A man gets attitude and emotions from his mother.

He says his mother was a wonderful person. 

A young son especially soaks up what the mother wants to a point where the young son puts his own feelings and emotions away in favor of what the mother wants. It did not matter when he was a child and he was called a very good child.

Of course a Dad is important to a young son also.

However in later life, his obedience to his mother’s bidding perhaps, to the bidding of the negative anima inside is not helpful to his relationship to other women or to his God in the current moment. 

So looking into this dream should bring him to his moods, attitude and emotions. He might note he has a lot of negative things to say about politics, to society in general. Perhaps he is feeling his age and is bitter about this seemingly pointed slide toward old age and passing into death’s door. 

Perhaps an ability to see what life is really about will beset him, until he realizes that he is here for the joy of his soul and his soul will be delighted to go to the other side when life’s lessons are finally learned and his should would be delighted to sit and discuss his dream.

Where the soul cries for us to facilitate it’s joy.

Some more detailed looking at this dream will help him consider what he might do as a result of having this dream 

He might consider establishing a meditation time to get in touch with his shadow emotions which he is very free to vent. He could get a dream journal and start recording all his dreams instead of jumpig up  like the sheep in his dream, feeling cornered and rushing into a fearful day, not knowing what is biting at his heels, and letting his fears get a lot bigger, as he does not force the fears into the safe spaces that show up in meditation and journaling.

With or without the dreams I recommend that you meditate and establish your relationship with God, that you are protected by the awesome energies that are there for the taking, that only need your daily time to engage. I recommend a minute for every year of your life, as a starting point. May you be in the Spirit. I will pray for you and you can pray for me. Boomerang is the name of the game in prayers, they come back to you and find a home in your heart, with wings on. 

Love from Rose.  

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Stop Squirreling Around

The squirrels have invaded the space above my porch and there is sometimes constant chewing and activity up there. So here I am with my hands joined at the chest, with five pounds of pressure between them and my thumbs pushing into my sternum and the noise above starts up.

I hold my prayer pose, but my meditation is hijacked and my mind jumps. Letting go of the constant movement, two baby squirrels playing, or chewing was a challenge.

I thought of Vicks, because a sales rep at the CSB once told me that squirrels do not like that cool smell on them. I was having a little trouble some years ago also, asking everyone and anyone what to do with them. There are squirrels in Ireland in the cities I think, but were not on our farm.

So I reset myself, which involved saying the squirrels are there to help me see what I do with my thoughts. I pulled back my projections and saw the seeds of all hassle with squirrels. I noticed these thoughts sit on top of all my father’s energies relating to animals that got out of line in his book. He could be a bit severe.   

I asked God for some help. I then realized that the problem is not with the squirrels but with my roof that needs attention. As soon as I saw the squirrel pulling at that piece of tin that prevented him getting in there, I should have gotten help and that was some weeks ago. 

Poking the ceiling under the squirrels at play above my head ultimately did not help anything. Poking at my own thoughts, and pulling them up for the weeds that they are is the only thing that helped. My thoughts cause stress and tension and an avoidance of seeking help for the squirrel problem. 

Where it goes from here I do not know. As I came down the stairs to greet the day, I thought of another person I trust. We have spoken about dreams in the past as he completed work at my house. 

He had a number of squirrel stories to tell me of his son’s house and it is not a pretty tale of squirrels breaking back in after they were thrown out and a battle to keep them out. 

I guess I will have to ask for more help in prayer and meditation for this to be resolved in a good and timely way so that all manner of things can be well, even squirrels. 

I continue to try and bless instead of having an attitude of grumbling. There is little I can control except my attitude. Keeping worry and anxiety out of my head about this situation even as it is being resolved is the challenge. I cannot expect my sensitive stomach to be in the vagus mode, quietly digesting and being creative with what I am eating, if I slip into the fight the squirrels’ mode. 


The other mountain coming into my horizon is the mountain of God. How do I really ask for help. The promise is that my leg and hip pain issues can be helped by God. The holy Spirit works in the heart chakra with groanings. All these years I have been asking and I have described the ups and downs of such struggles. At present I feel I am simmering on top of this possibility.

I have slipped into doing Aquarian Sadna in the night and toward the morning, whenever I wake up. I usually have had a good chunk of sleep by 2 or 4 in the morning. I do not set an alarm but once I wake I know what I will do next. 

White Iris that came with my house

I surround myself with the protection prayer and then chant the various chants for anything from 5 to 22 minutes, as recommended. The time flies by.  I might do some of the recommended exercises for my back during this time (I mostly did pelvic tilts last night) or just put my hands in prayer pose.

From a dream about a mirror – trying to break out of the box.

I am listening for intuition during this time. I have come to love these chants and for the way they make me feel. When I stop I feel the expansiveness in my chest, my worried forehead is smooth again, I can feel energy moving in my body that I usually do not feel. 

From the dream about my soul

There is one chant I struggle with, while I know the others for some time. Sometimes I will try and remember it trying to see the words without help and sometimes I will put on the flashlight and look at the words. Either way it is a journey, which leaves me in peace by the end.  

Afterwards I notice I can have some dreams and I think I had a dream of my soul.

I had spoken to my friend the day before and he said the Hopi Indians said that the times are here for God to open the door in the top of the head. (He had a dream that included the image of working on the top of someone’s head, making adjustments down in the scull.) 

Blooming in the garden right now

My dream included a huge door that was open. Inside is a woman (I know) encased in a net, and doing “soul work” on the floor. There is divine music playing. She is making these lunges, even as she is in the net and she is crying, distraught loud. I almost walk in but realize I cannot and I start weeping outside the door. 

This was a strongly felt dream complete with the music coming through the open door. That is what sacred chants do for you. They open the door. This morning I keep putting on the alarm so I could wake up with a dream. Then I dream a  man in blue colors, greets me with a sideways hug, that lifts me off the ground. Perhaps he knows about social distancing. It felt pretty good. 

Sign up for my blog and that puts you on my prayer list. Prayers boomerang back to you and give you a wonderful happy slap. Happy dreaming to you until the next time. 

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Moriah and the Magpie Cipeens(sticks)

Moriah was in the inner rooms of her house cleaning out the last of the mice after the winter. She had a new white cat called Puddy Woody with a dark patch on the end of his tail that was helping. Some believed that this dark patch grew in proportion to the number of mice she kept out of Moriah’s house.

Where the sun came peeping in at morn

She heard a big commotion outside her house and realized the local drunk was outside. She thought of the last time he came in and scattered the ashes of his pipe on her floor and how he pontificated and lied while under the alcoholic influence of poteen. She was thankful she had changed the locks and did not have to deal with him, even as he crashed around outside.

One eye open and one eye closed –

Some months earlier, she decided that he would never darken her door again, and bring in all kinds of dirt on his shoes and out of his mouth. At that time she had gone out to that pile of rejected magpie sticks and picked two of the longest and the most crooked and half walked and half ran at him, with her eyes flaring in anger and pointed those sticks at him and said her truth ordering him out and never to come back.

He was caught off guard at her lack of decorum, her lack of meekness, as her words tripled up, coming out of her mouth. Her people would not like this lack of gentleness and hospitality. Surely he was hers to care for no matter what! But she felt in her heart this strangeness, this feeling of murder, of being transgressed one time too many and would not be stopped in her gallop, like a murder of crows after a young hawk.

From a dream

Her blood pressure went up just thinking about it all. So she took a deep breath and banked up the turf in the fire, blew on it a little until the cipeens blazed up under the clods of turf and settled down to let the fire become a bundle of coals. She had some fresh rhubarb stalks and she wanted to bake some pies and she had intentions of lacing the pie pieces with whipped cream.

As she sat there in the growing heat, a piece of turf coal jumped out on to a flagstone in front of her and sent up twirls of smoke. She watched the smoke rise into a shaft of sunshine coming in one of the windows. As the smoke rose, she could see all the different beautiful patterns rising to the left and right of the coal. The smoke was blue in color and some rose in long curly whisps and other into shorter clouds with their own unique patterns weaving in the warm air.

A nest in the making

Those patterns brought her eyes up to that great arrangement of twigs, high in the branches, carrying the speckled eggs, belonging to the magpies. She thought of that arrangements between the two birds to let the female decide on this nest and the male carry in all manner of sticks, which she would use until she had a nest that was well in all manner of ways.

It did not matter to either of the birds that most of the sticks were rejected, flung out of the growing nest and landing at the base of the tree. They became firewood for Moriah’s fire.

The couple followed their goal of building something round and safe for the new brood. Mariah was trying to make her house safe and round for herself and keeping him out was a definite goal. She thought he must surely bring her something she could use but it was the same story and she no longer got fire in her eyes for him, but knew how to keep him out. He could definitely look in the windows but not out her windows.

As the mother bird would not tolerate anything that did not fit into the roundness near the sky, so Moriah was rejecting him as one of the wrong kinds of sticks to have in her life and he could no longer make presentations to her of any kind.

As the momma magpie was in in the process of growing some round miracles eggs to be laid soon, Moriah was forming her own goals now for growing her new forming worlds and for bringing out something that shines and full of flight.

As Moriah though of this, she warmed up some more and fell asleep and in that sleep this dream came to her, and when she thought of it afterwards, it gave her pause.

He was pointing to rebellion

An old black bird man, sitting in the corner, was pointing her in a direction toward youthful rebelling girls and boys, yelling and brandishing arms, in one of her inner rooms. He asked her to notice this young green spring rebellion and she should consider those green guns ready to shoot her into something new.

The pointing finger

Moriah fell forward and caught herself before falling into the coals thankful that she was awoken by the drunken yells traveling in the air away from her. She now knew she made that right decision and she turned her back on him. She was listening for the new language of harmony and love and she started making some rhubarb pie, that she could share. She knew Faith would like some and her two old women neighbors who lived alone. The end.

In my counseling work I sometimes work with people with substance abuse and also with people who have to live with the substance abuser. I got some of the dream pieces and some of the situations from others and I ran around it under the bird’s nest trying to bring out something that shines. 

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Moriah the Leprechaun wants some action.

Moriah was sitting out in the spring sunshine. She had been watching  a pair of Jackdaws going through the motions of making a nest in a tall tree in the back of her yard. She had a good view and was far enough away that her curiosity was beyond the awareness of the building birds. 

The Goddess of Spring was busy all around her.

The female was in charge of the nest. The male had the job of bringing little sticks to her to make the nest. She would take each stick in turn and both would go down into the nest and disappear. Them Moriah might see the stick being thrown over the side of the nest and land at the base of the trunk of the tree. 

One orchid bloom appeared on her plant after several failed attempts earlier – Moriah was delighted.

Then the male would have to go collect a stick form somewhere else and the ritual would repeat itself. It was taking two weeks to complete the nest. Moriah left a piece of colored shiny metal for the jackdaws and it was gone the next morning. She presumed it would make the chicks above average and their feathers full of the blue shiney. 

The jackdaws nest

One morning when Moriah was all wrapped up in her dowdiest brown and green garb, she must have blended in, for the pair of jackdaws, mated for life,  landed near where she was sitting and they proceeded to do their mating dance, with the male trying to land on the female like an unbalanced flying machine. Their coats of beautiful feathers took on a blue hue from the spring sky above as they danced around very close to Moriah.

Moriah was watching the jackdaws.

She remembered a time when she and her sister were about eight and nine years old and her sister decided to catch a baby jackdaw out in the fields. She leaped on the young bird and was so surprised when the sharp black beek, now captured between her hands and her chest was sharply attacking, so that she let it go again with a cry. 

She was looking forward to seeing how the young birds would fledge and she was looking forward to gathering up that lovely pile of kindling dropped at the foot of the tree by the jackdaws. 

There were jackdaws in other the doors nighter up.

Mariah noticed that the sap had risen in the tree above her and the catkins were all peaking out in every direction. She wondered what tales that tree would tell if they could talk to her. She had just seen a sparrow catch another sparrow by the leg, flip him upside down and hold on to the leg in the private part of the branches. She was so surprised and could hardly understand what she was seeing.

Somebody else besides the birds was upside down.

The sparrows’ lack of awareness of spiritual rule keeping seemed to be nil. When Moriah threw out the crumbs from the table, they might ignore this great bonus and leap at each other’s heads to try and run off the competition. She concluded she was not in charge of the sparrow behavior, only her own. 

The druid was approaching her door

She was surprised to see Druid Bernie coming down the lane when she was on her way in from the turf shed with an armful of sods to get the fire going and get some food cooked. She was delighted at his sudden appearance, with the only herald being a big group of starlings landing in her tree for ten minutes. She knew that meant something, but only after the Druid appeared did she realize the meaning. 

Traveling in the Wicklow Hills

He told her tales of his winter travels through the Wicklow Hills to see Glendalough, to fast and to do spiritual work with the monks. They were determined to find an understanding of the laws relating to the white shadow of the cross, to healing and to talking to Dia. 

“I want to do the same” Moriah said but the Druid waved his hand in the air and did not think she would bother herself, but to leave that sort of thing to the monks. 

She made some barley cakes for the druid as he was hungry after his travels.

Well she had got a hold of some good writings giving her some clues as to what might be involved. She was learning that being disappointed with others was to be used as a stepping stone to better things, and if she would look for the better things and expect the better things then she would stay optimistic and could ignore the depressing disappointment. 

When she told this to the Druid, he said  “Funny you should say that, but I was just thinking about that. The monks asked me to leave and I was disappointed. They did not care for my telling of the rules.” 

One of the round towers at Glendalough

He went on to explain that when he started on his way home he was greeted by a double rainbow that shone into the valley and onto the round towers and he took it as a sign that his time there was done and that the promises of Dia for him would be on the road home, where he had some lovely dreams, visions and apparitions. 

A smile from the virgin meant a lot to the Druid

He dreamed of a beautiful marbled, black and white stone, twenty feet long, that he found near the top of a cliff. His vision was of the white shadow of the cross and the power he felt when it fell on him, as he fell on his knees before it. His apparition was of a beautiful virgin smiling on him with a smile that put a warmth into him he could still feel. 

Moriah did not have any such good blessings fall on her but she make a concerted effort to pull her thoughts away many times from slights she suffered at the hands of others and only found relief when she sang some chants and seriously asked for blessings on the heads of those she found most offensive. Then she felt optimistic and let go of her ties to revenge and ick feelings. The end. 

Dear Readers, sign up for my blog if you will, let me have your comments and your likes and I will be well pleased and pray for you. I am trying to be oft in prayer  because I notice when I am not, my ideas and thought can run into negative rabbit holes and I sure do not want to stay there. Love from Rose.

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