Lost and Found

photo 3-53

The crow was talking in the trees above her

Mariah had a feeling he was on his way home because the crow in the tree above her was talking non-stop. Uisneach appeared soon thereafter but he did not bring back her quilt, the one he sailed away on at the beginning of his journey. He did however bring back a marvelous poncho, which he said was created at the top of the world near a great deep lake.

photo 1-121

The Sirian sun, he said, beams its light into the lake depths, stabilizing the entire Universe. She felt attracted to the marvelous stripy patterns of the poncho and the hood and its full length. She rolled herself up in it and was amazed at its ability to transport her up above the pine trees and into the clouds.

photo 3-105

The lovely pine trees

And she felt warm in its depths. She examined it intensely for signs of her quilt as she thought she saw some of her own patterns within it but could not be certain of anything except that the poncho was familiar and lovely to her.

photo 3-94

Uisneach had lots to say about his travels especially the portals into other worlds and ceremonies and ancient temples created by star people. He was given a tea and while he did not care for the purging, he put up with it.


When he settled down to his visions he was not satisfied with them and kept saying, “tell me something I do not know.” He did find the visions hilarious and spent a lot of the time laughing.

photo 3-29


On her part she felt that he was changed by the trip but could not quiet say what the difference was. He was very complementary to her as he had been when he first romanced her. She liked the feeling of lovingness that this brought her, praising her up one side and down the other.

photo 1-98

She likes his praises

When she asked him about her quilt he did not know what she was talking about and set out telling other stories from his travels. She resolved to make some special food and cross it with some herbs to see if she would jog his memory and loosen his tongue into telling her where she could find her lost quilt.

photo 4-92

Orange and yellow and purple would surely help her.

Every evening, she got busy with her dishes and he enjoyed her food more than ever but he never did tell her the story she wanted to hear.

photo 4-93

Sage and stuffing was on the menu

The end.

Rose dreamed about being in the basement and having to deal with a rat that was attracted by the smell of left over fish, left in the kitchen overnight. The fish bones were ready for the trashcan but she did not want to go out in the dark to dump it the night before pickup. In the dream the rat moved quickly on her bed. She threw projectiles at the rat and missed it several times. Finally she hit it.


Shadow rat in center

In her mandala, drawn the next morning, she can see the projectiles, of blue and green, and the black shadow rat in the middle of a contained box. This mandala was quickly done without trying to draw the dream.

This dream reminded her of a rabbit that was eating lettuce in her garden thirty year ago and she told it to “shoo.” It froze in place and she took up a flat stone that hit the rabbit on the neck and he fell over. Her black lab pup, could not believe his good luck and sat licking it lovingly before swallowing it whole.

photo 2-104

The innocent rabbit eater

More recently she quarreled with the squirrels. One set up his quarters in the crawl space over her front porch. When she practiced QiGong in the mornings with Elizabeth Scott, on the porch, the squirrel could be heard getting out of “his bed,” plop, walking over to another spot above and starting to eat nuts stashed in “his apartment.”

photo 2-105

The squirrel found his entrance here, to the left of Annabeth’s painted stick.

Rose pounded the ceiling with a brush handle to make him leave. She brandished the painted stick, trying to hit him, as soon as he stepped onto the tin roof. It was a lost cause.


She got a trapper involved who did not catch the squirrel but blocked all the entrances. The squirrel came back and tried to get in through the wire netting, gnashing his teeth against the aging wood. He had a scar on his face. He had his girlfriend with him.

photo 2-103

The fence and the tree that the squirrels like to travel in and on. She found the dead squirrel to the left of the fence.

A couple of days later she was cycling down the road, adjusting the gears and not looking at the road and nearly ran over the already bleeding squirrel, fresh road kill. She felt guilty and shocked at his eye staring at her from the road. Her roof space is quiet again.

photo 4-59

There are many other squirrels on the big walnut tree in the yard next door and she “shoos” them if they put a foot in her yard. Just days ago she found a dead squirrel in the yard nestled in her longish grass, under the walnut tree. A suppressed scream escaped her.

photo 3-106

The wonderful walnut tree

She would like to think that the squirrels would not have any good luck if they invade her area. Where is her compassion, she asks, to leave the animals of the earth to themselves. What unruly energies in herself, not of the spirit, is on the loose within her. Her blue and green projectiles, from the heart and from the will, the fourth and fifth chakra, are both helpful in knocking down that which causes a stink in her both physically and emotionally.

photo 4-90

The summer flowers are all in tune

In meditation she is spending more time, using mantra and breathing and insisting on listening to the Devine if only for moments within the time she sits. She is holding the feeling of peace and love within her until she feels she is building something that comes as a turning over in herself. She is making a bigger effort to let go of her grumblings and complains in general and in particular. She says mantra right through exercises, turning that time into a time in prayer and when not feeling focused will sing some holy tunes to bring her into atunement, atonement.


She must remember to take care of that which belongs in the trashcan and not let what she is releasing stink up her living space. It will attract the wrong kind of energy. She can welcome such a nasty dream knowing she is facing fears, and getting a hold on her shadow. She has work to do. And as she deals with her personal shadow, the rodent of her dream will not be as attracted into her living space. The squirrels and rats have their place on the earth. If I deal with the shadow within I will not attract in the invasive animals that has no place in the home place.

And if such a nasty image comes to you or the myriad of other hybrid animal images that can come in dreams, then I will welcome you to work with such shadow stuff. I embrace the chance to help you throw something at it. Love from Rose.




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Inner and Outer – Hair and Thoughts

I was at the local ice cream social on Wolfe Street, a place to meet neighbors, old and new. A new neighbor’s child said to me that I had hair like her favorite doll. This child had thick wavy flaxen hair. Her description of my hair included reference to curls in spots, pushed up at the back, curly and dark near the neck and fuzzy and bright up higher and then the rest of it “stuck out all over the place.” We had an audience.

photo 4-84

The tree in the hair

There is the caption “Hear no evil, See no Evil, Speak no evil.” Many people say that the politics has got them all upset. There is a lot of hearing, speaking and seeing, that is twisting people into being less than their relaxed selves. Ignoring certain marches completely has been helpful to me and also not listening to news in general is good. I hear plenty anyway.

photo 1-107

Politics can get us all upset it seems.

A recent dream brought a book of evil, bound with human skin to the dream of a young person. There was a long narrative surrounding this image and the dreamer thought of writing the whole dream as a short story. Evil was up front and center including the two lovely maidens, by the water, turning into evil creatures. A little cunning kindness may help decipher this dream.

2017-03-18 10.23.46

Just pretend

Sometimes evil presents itself in the dream, especially to those who consider them selves above such evil and having no connection to evil. To take some responsibility for the overall evil in the world is sometimes a challenge. What can we do about the evils of war, domination by war, poverty, pain etc.

I am not in charge of what goes on between warring states but I am in charge of the square inch house in the square inch field of myself. By improving ourselves we take over a lot of acres of the earth in this way.  Some people think that placing certain kinds of crystals all along the East cost will protect the great USA from evil. In my case I am in charge of the amount of love and peace I bring to my little field, or  the amount of anger and surliness I bring. The dream from the unconscious is trying to make its way out through archetypal images presented to have us claim some of our personal shadow as well as the overall shadow of our countries. Reducing the cloud of complaint and grumbling is an option, even if a difficult one. Claiming our personal shadow frees up the air around us. Considering the past collective evil will surely alert us to the fact we, the inhabitants of this earth, can be anything but good. The dream will give this shadow content to us.

photo 1-82

Am I in charge of my health also? This illness will help my soul develop and will test my patience and my attitude. I can say to myself “ there must be something I am doing, I have done, to have caused the illness I find myself in at present.” The tension of claiming that karma alone draws together something that transcends the illness.  As I apply myself in meditation, I open my arms to the possibility of a flow of energy, in the right direction, going out before me in a new day, meeting others in a new way, praying for their healing, seeking my own. This is my form of applied spirituality. This shift from fear of illness to pouring out the spirit  before our feet in a pale blue and green is magnificent and can easily be done in a daily practice.

photo 1-115

Candle lit during daily practice of meditation

When I have issues with others, can I consider that in a past life or this life, I was unkind to them and see what the dream or active imagination brings. Is there a “cat o nine tails” involved and who is wielding it? Sometimes it is hard to see through this glass darkly but considering these options brings me back to the only way forward. In meditation to ask to be forgiven, to let go, to look into the mist of time and consider there is a reason for everything. As time goes by, the one who meditates becomes more psychic and the one who meditates in the morning as the sun rises has better chance of everything being brought to remembrance. That is the promice.

photo 1-57

Morning sunrise

And also to bring in the prayer, the intention of being in the light from this day forward, asking for that which is of the light to come down in meditation and change the heart into one which considers love, peace , patience and understanding into every situation. Owning your soul is the goal, to let the soul develop.

I am going to Guatemala in two weeks. There are two spots still available for two more people. If you would like to come to heal the wounds of love in you self you can contact me through this site. I will be leading a two hour workshop during the retreat. I am looking forward. 

I am also available for dreamwork. I am glad to do this work and look forward to hearing from some of you.

Love from Rose

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Leprechaun and the Key

She, Mariah, knew that he, Uisneach, had a plan but as usual she did not know the time or the hour. She was out at the line folding the bedclothes when he came by. He took the four corners of the quilt she was folding, She has spent a long time proudly putting it together.


The quilt

The quilt started to billow and he started to rise into the deep blue sky. She knew he was going, she just could not believe he would be taking her sewing project with him.

She immediately knelt down to pray to get the quilt back but after some time she gave up, as no amount of beseeching, pleading or ordering helped. Even her favorite prayer did not work “ Bring back, I beseech thee Oh Lord, my quilt into my heart…”

photo 5-17

Other prayers she liked

She was on her own for a few weeks and was immediately confronted by locked doors. She forgot to bring the key with her three times in all. As a symbol she wondered what she was dealing with. One of the pears she got, free offering, from a magnificent pear tree nearby, rolled out of her arms two times, coming to rest on the same spot on the ground both times and she wondered how that connected to the key problems.

She found herself complaining to one of her sisters and felt very awkward and nasty as she did so, but unable to stop herself. She could see herself technically opening and closing her mouth, the sounds far away. She hoped she would be locked out of doing that again. She hoped she would be locked out of her old self, that always came to rest in the same place, complaining and going over, old “not in the moment” stuff.

photo 1-65

The pear rolled into the same place on the floor twice.

When she was finally back in the house she had to make up her bed without her favorite quilt. She found an ugly shrunk sheet, and had to be satisfied with that.

photo 3-17

Shrunk quilt

That night she had fitful sleep and in her dream she was lured through a door into the room of the plates. The plates were demanding, telling her stories, gossiping, complaining, in bad tempers, broken, plates high and mighty on the walls and all at the same time. The noise was deafening. It woke her up.

In a later dream she had a big long conversation with the plate that used to be part of the druid Bernie’s household. The plate claimed to read his mind when he was eating off her surface. She was a little in love with his beautiful face and always knew when he was distracted by other women. He was a celibate man and she had to show him visions on herself of his holy mission to bring him back to his calling. He usually cleaned off his plate of the porridge and greens and other fare before she could get his attention.

Mariah woke up early and  wandered into the kitchen and heard her neighbor’s dog crying for its owner who was on some pilgrimage of her own to the beach. She wanted to walk out in the moonlight and console the dog but he did not want her. He was having a fitful night too as he cried and slept in turn.


The sun is up

She resolved to stay up as the light was brightening the morning sky. Later she saw vultures circling in the updraft and the wind was blowing them over her way. She loved to see the big birds in flight above and one came directly over her head where she saw the underneath of its wing flash bright as it caught the sunlight coming up. He moved in a slow rhythmic way away from her after she thanked the bird for coming directly overhead. He was soon joined by twenty four others that circled and moved with the wind toward the south east. When they went out of sight she put her mind to the days chores.

The end.

photo 1-115

Morning meditation candle

The next morning Rose woke up in a low mood to go with the weather, which included frequent downpours. She knew her roof had started some leaks after the last storm. She was waiting on a quote from a roofer, who was busy. She was caring for her neighbor’s cats and went there after Qi Gong exercises. She fitted in a short meditation before ten o’clock, lighting some white sage and a candle. It was 11.30 before she finished breakfast and sat down to write. She planned to get some more watercolors including sage green, and ultramarine blue. She might go for a swim and when the sun came out she photographed flowers, mushrooms and the lovely wall where she parked her bike. She also edited a poem below about her visit to Cleveland. It describes some thoughts after a meditation and a reaction to three huge bronze statues in the Contessa Gallery.

In Cleveland on 8th July 2017.

The goose with her seven feathered goslings walks across the road stopping the traffic

The pine tree talks to me

Everyone you meet completes you

Welome them

The sun is up

The blue and the green pour down in ripples



The Contessa Gallery

The three bronze kneeling statues

Fill the room

arrest me into a deep breath

drops me down

A radiance pours forth from their knees

Stops my traffic


And if you have a mind to find the key to some of your dreams and understand what is standing behind the door of the unconscious for you, be sure to come to my front room and we can pull away and see your path to your interior castle.

Love from Rose.









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Welcoming Love

photo 2-87

Joe, my live in partner, is on a trip with the Earthkeepers. He writes from Peru

“Today we visited a moon temple in Killarumyoc and had the eagle/condor union ceremony. It was very moving. The Canadian chief’s son broke down and cried when he tried to sing a song. Then, amazingly, a condor circled overhead. They are endangered specie.  At the next site in Moray the condor appeared again, way outside its normal range. Our guide who is an Inca shaman was amazed himself. Tomorrow we go to Ollantaytambo where the megalithic walls are ubiquitous. This land was called Og, a place where Atlanteans fled before the flood and these sites reflect the beautiful spirituality and technology they possessed.”

I am helping with Joe’s business, while he is away. I had a lovely time with his clients, who came to benefit from tachyon technologies, through having a time in the Tachyon Chamber and using the Laser.

I stayed over in Waynesboro and had a dream as follows:

photo 1-102

I am laying on the Tachyon Chamber with my partner Joe on right side and another man on the other side. This other man is healing my stomach and is removing something very heavy. On his third blast of healing, he sinks down off the chamber on to the ground and then Joe reaches under me and under him and brings him back up again. I was amazed with this dream as it happened while I was in the chamber.

My Family

About forty years ago I was left in charge of my two nieces and nephew, while the parents went out for the night. When the parents came back, the third child immediately put her two arms up into the air, welcoming her parents back and asking to be lifted up.

I cannot remember if she was taken up immediately but the image of her in her black corkscrew curls and little red dress with white bib has remained with me over the years. She was only six months old, not yet mobile to move from her spot on a blanket. At poetry group recently my friend, another Rose, suggested that raising our arms to God, physically, is a good idea because no Father can resist that plea to be lifted up.


Hands in the air




I Cannot Loose for Love

She sucked in her belly

To make room for the round

Blue ball and said

I cannot loose for Love

I suck in

To make room for the sun and moon and stars

To shine through my eyes

I cannot loose for Love

I can loose the boundary

I can loose the tea set

I can loose the argument

I can loose the fight

But I cannot loose for love

Love drops

Into the deepest spots

To syphon up

I cannot loose for love.




The sun is up

The end.

My son leaves for Iraq mid month. I love the connection with him and wept on my way home from his Airport departure, appreciating that he is someone on this earth that loves me. May he find all that he needs in his new assignments! I know that I cannot loose for this love.

photo 1-104

Drummer goes to Iraq – sketched at one of his concerts at JMU

I have returned to regular counseling work on Tuesday at the Center for Marriage and Family Counseling. I will be available other days for work with dreams at my home office. I will of course continue to write. I hope you will consider the unconscious elements in your life, which come through in your dreams, to make you whole. My unconscious is telling me there is some healing afoot and that I am connecting positively with my own masculine energies, and those same energies are working together, helping each other within me. Contact me through this site if you wish to follow up with me. I will welcome such contact with open arms. Love Rose.



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Beating the Ears, Hands at the Heart


2017-01-06 11.14.01

Artwork by Rose of river in Timberville

Small Boy at the River.

Recently, while I swam near Riven Rock Park, a little boy, just shy of three years, went walking up the gurgling riverbed with both his parents, leaving us at the swimming hole with his grandmother. He was out in front of his parents and he went up a path to the left and circled around to where his grandmother was sitting in the sunshine. When he walked back into our area, he leaned forward with his arms pushed back near his sides, questioning, “do you have mom?” We laughed as we saw her in the distance coming back down the riverbed. She was among the big pinkish stones in the river and on the bank. Impatient, determined, he started walking back the way he came to find her.

2016-08-13 13.30.00

This swimming hole can be five feet deep in the center

As soon as the boy was directed to her advancing form up the river, he placed his two little hands at his heart center, with fingers pointing out in her direction, palms up. His whole demeanor changed to openness and love for his beloved lost mother. He climbed onto a huge big rock where his hands joined again at his heart, open to her. I would not have been surprised if the river started to flow out of his hands, so strong was his connection to her.

2016-08-13 13.31.09

He made a high-pitched squeal in her direction. When she acknowledged him, he used both of his hands to beat the tops of his ears as he danced on the rock. I though I could see the detail of her face in the distance, reciprocating his love, red faced, guilty for having gone her own way, if only for five minutes. She was carrying something for him in her hands.

2016-08-13 13.34.16

It was a great pleasure to see these interactions, between mother and small son. The mother bond with a son is very tight from the beginning, mother having produced something other than a replica of herself.

photo 1-111

In the palm of her hand

A mother’s gradual letting go of him has to be deliberate so she does not scorch him with the telescope of her profound attention as he gets older and so she can let him fall into the energy of the father.

I recommend the little river boy’s way of greeting to you for those you love, with the hands held at the heart, sending out a stream of beloved energy. I also recommend the beating of your ear tops in delight. You will feel energy fly, and be lit up with light and joy for the other person.

photo 3-83

I wonder if his ears are under the paper bag.

A recent dream of mine

I had a lovely dream about being with another family member. I was out in the sky with her and we were floating. I asked her to come and hold hands with me to make a square formation. My left hand on my right wrist and my right hand on her left wrist and on around until it forms a square with wrists and hands. It would cause us to land safely.

When I was at the Shensara Festival I was fishing for dreams in the river or in the meadow, and found both profitable places to trade stories with others. I told this dream of the hands to a few dreamers and they made the formation with me. We could feel the strength of the four hands together. They told me about their soul work and we looked at the dreams for the information from the unconscious that brings strength and safety to me and to fellow travelers doing soul work.

photo 2-95

Seven minute mandala. He/she has one ear high up on the head.

If you want to do dream work, and form that four square of the unconscious in a safe way, let me know when we can meet. I will be happy to make an appointment with you to help with strength and connection and if you want to experiment with beating the tops of your ears, to see how it affects you, I will be happy to be a witness to that too, to experiment with you. The more we know about this energy as shown to us by the little child, the better.


Love from Rose



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Virgin Mother Mary

One time after my mother called the opening Rosary prayer “Our Lord, May You Open our Lips” to which the rest of us should say “Oh Lord Make haste to help us.” One of my sisters, then grown, said “That he may close our lips again.” This brought up a little titter of laughter from someone which was followed by fall on the ground laughter. My father who was kneeling agains the soft armchair tried to stay above it all but he gave way to the mirth filled room. It took some time before my mother succeeded in restarting the Rosary again.

photo 4-33

Rosary Beads

Every day the Rosary to the Virgin Mary was said at our house and it was a tradition that went back into the forgotten past. There were nuns and priest in the family and a Bishop Plunkett was said to have been killed by Cromwell’s army at the square in Drogheda, while calling out the Rosary to his five thousand parishioners. They were not armed except by prayer. He was canonized fairly recently by the Catholic Church.

photo 1-71

I routinely ask people about their spiritual efforts in the course of asking for dreams. A woman of christian orientation, told me of how she uses the “Hail Mary” mantra to calm herself when she takes her grown daughter to the airport to go to Europe. She would say the whole prayer “hundreds of times” as a way to relieve her anxiety and bless her daughter.

photo 3-91

Plates given by “Moddy” to my parents at their wedding.

My great-grandmother “Moddy” said this “Hail Mary” mantra all her life in the form of Rosary. She was married to a Plunkett, closely related to above saint. She became crippled at the age of sixty from “rheumatism.” She sat at the sweet smelling turf fire with her rosary beads, in a small cottage in the midlands of Ireland for thirty years. She had her great grandchildren recite the rosary with her. They stood at her knee, included in the aura of her love and prayers. When she was on her deathbed, her two sons, priests, stood beside her bed and she told them the Virgin Mary was standing at the end of the bed, filled with light. The hair rose a little on their heads as they paid attention to her and told the story to the family afterwards.

photo 1-108

Church in Midlands in Ireland.

My sister Teresa, in England has a great devotion to Mary and prays the rosary every day, on her own or with her husband, who is a deacon in their church. She calls it the rosary walk, as they use the traditional call and response form of the prayer, while the walk together. She says the rosary is a great help to her when she had problems. She would stop and say a “decade” (ten Hail Mary’s) and after that she would be able to sort the problem out.

photo 5-55

Teresa and Rose in Ireland recently


Mary, my sister, deceased, also had a great devotion to the Virgin Mary. She did some healing work and called on the Virgin for help when needed. After her death Mary communicated, via a dream, that Teresa’s devotion to Virgin Mary would benefit her family for generations to come.

Teresa found herself the care giver for my sister Mary twice in that last year of Mary’s life. Teresa told me that Mary told her of two apparitions she had of the Virgin Mary during her last illness. Mary was mobile still and went journeying to a retreat center in Glendalough in County Wicklow in Ireland, with Teresa. Afterwards they visited a pub, in Dublin, which had the delightful combination of food and music on offer, both of which Mary loved. This pub was also said to have been a church in the past. Mary told Teresa that she could see the Virgin in the glass. The Virgin Mary was holding out the “host” to her. Teresa got up to see better for herself, and reported not seeing the vision. Mary’s eyes were filled with tears.

photo 5-54

A pub in Dublin with quotes from Oscar Wilde and Jonathan Swift.

The next time my sister Mary reported on a vision was at the home of her birth where she reported that my mother and her grandmother visited with her in spirit at the same time as the Virgin Mary came and gave her a “blue blanket.” The Virgin put the mantle around Mary and Mary reported on being greatly comforted by this.

photo 1-93

A distant view of the top of the house.

I am now reciting this prayer in my meditaion for two reasons. The words include the womb, which is in the first chakra, sacrum area, which connects  the body with spirit. The aim is to fill that area with holiness and light.  And the words “Pray for us sinners” asks for help, for advice relating to spiritual know how. The Virgin Mary is known as the “Mother of God” and my mother went to the best and highest source for help. It brings a great peace to me, when felt through the body, as it is recited. My middle name is Marie, a derivation of the Mary name.

2017-04-20 20.06.35

A representation of Virgin Mary

I went to a Yoga Festival(Samsara) in Luray this past weekend. I knew I was at the right festival when I got up early on Sunday Morning and sat in a nook on the Shenandoah River bank and did my meditation. The wide river did its magic with the sounds and with the flow so that I felt its waves go around and over me. It reminded me of Varanasi and the Ganges River where many come to the river to do cleansing and bathing rituals. I was invited in the course of this weekend to think of someone I did not know and to send peace to him or her. I thought of such a pilgrim at Varanasi doing ablutions and I sent him or her my prayers.

My prayer for you: May you go out into the dawn, before sunup, and get in contact with the circle of love in your heart.

photo 1-57

Morning sunrise

May peace well up though you connecting your Solar Plexus and your Throat Chakra, joining the yellow and blue of them both.

May you dip deep to find patience in your second chakra, and may you open the door up to the violet heights of the crown chakra.

May you above all find understanding of all that comes your way and accept it as the boon it is, to the red circle of the sacrum and the indigo circle of Third Eye.

Love Peace Patience and Understanding be with you all for all that happens to you today. 

May you work on your dreams and integrate them with your spiritual life and your body. I will be happy to be the go-between of that bridge from one to the other. Love Peace Patience and Understand be with you. Rose

photo 1-106






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The Leprechaun and her tea set.


The cup and saucer

When Mariah went visiting her family, she was assigned a bed on a couch under the dish cabinet. She was tired that first night and was quickly asleep. When she woke up she caught sight of her mother’s china in the cabinet, as the little thin dainty handles stuck out into her view and the sides of the cups with their royal blue designs glinting in the moonlight, as she looked through the glass darkly. Who knows how they came to be in the family but she had a longing for them in the half dream. They seemed to be full of moonlight, streaming over the sides and onto her heart where she lay. She missed her mother. She then had a dream of dishes growing on the trees.

She remembered her grandmother had taken care of her for the first year of her life, being a third child and no room in the other bedrooms for her. Grandmother doted on her, fed her and kept her warm through the cold of her first winter. She kept the fire going for her, in that far bedroom where she first smelled the warm smell of turf. She kept her warm with her body heat at night. She was also her Godchild and her grandmother had promised in the water ritual to take care of her soul while on the earth.

photo 2-87

The purse and the strings

When Mariah got married to Uisneach, the grandmother wanted to give Mariah an inheritance but Mariah’s mother, who held the purse strings by then, vetoed this. However Mariah’s mother wrote a will in which she gave the china belonging to the grandmother to Mariah.

photo 4-79

The will had words in it but the important thing is the drawing running down the center, where the flying saucer do not have her name on them for karmic reasons.

Over the intervening years the china changed hands a number of times and ended up in someone else’s cabinets. Her siblings had vowed to break the china rather than give it to Mariah. Having lost the love of her siblings, through some karmic issues, she did not quiet understand, she now wanted the china as a substitute. She knew this was useless and she returned home determined to forget the china forever. She blocked out the unkind works but as she rested on the way home she was crying. She fell asleep, as the journey was very long. In a dream, a stranger came on her, with the snail box eyes and sat with her.

photo 3-42

The little woman pulled out cards and told her about her real inheritance being an ability to read Cards and to interpret dreams and showed her how both of these psychoanalytic modalities are only interested in wholeness for herself and others. She also said that if the china dishes were meant for her that angels would carry them to her even now. Indeed Mariah saw a table set there, right beside her, complete with the tea set. A great love poured out of that woman as she spoke to her.

photo 1-102

The table was set with the cups full of the love of her grandmother.

They drank sweet ambrosia out of the cups, which seems all the sweeter for having grandmother’s kindness thrown into the bottom of the cups. This would never leave her. When it was time to clean up and to give the cups back to the angel waiting near by, Mariah decided she needed to cough up her envy and her jealousy and longing for love in all the wrong places. She felt she could fill the great River Euphrates with this stuff. The angel poured it out onto a waste place where it would not bother her or anyone else ever again. She decided the she would nurture the trees for the healing rather than the ones that grew cups and saucers.

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The helpful angel got the tea set for her and made the tea.

With the swish of wings she woke up and felt refreshed with the only evidence of the visit from the woman with the snail box eyes being a MARI card lying there near her blanket where she slept. The card referenced her meditation and it was backed by a golden color, something that she interpreted as inviting into her future the spirit of love, growing in the light of gold.

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She found her boat where she left it, ready to spirit her home.

She found her little boat and went swiftly home hoping that she would be in time for the concert she felt sure her Uisneach would be putting on that evening. When she arrived the band was in full swing and she danced the night away.

She had a fine supper on the dishes she did have and the food and drink were of the highest quality and best years. She slept very well that night well satisfied to be home again.

The end

When Rose woke up the next morning, she had some errands to run, words to write, and food to cook. She noticed the plates she had placed all around her mirror in the dining room looked in need of a dusting and she lovingly cleaned them off.  She was busy until the thunderstorm broke and she saw it as great way to cool off. She looked up into the sky, laughing at the beauty of the storm and the rain going sideways with leaves in tow.  When she closed her mouth again she found a piece of ice stuck to the gum line against her front bottom eye tooth, like a gem. She did indeed cool off.

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Sitting around the table

She remembered a dream in which she is sitting with a group around a table and they all take out their “implants” , from their teeth. The implants are black and red, very small, with disks on them, all different. She brags that she does not have an implant. This dream might take a little bit of mulling over.

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Rose Mulling over the dreams

So if you do feel like singing a soul song, come sing with me. I love to work on what is gifted to us from the unconscious, especially through dreams. You can contact me through this site.

Love from Rose





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