The Radiance Broke Through

photo 3-277

Evening sun brought a certain radiance onto the wall above the flowers coming through antique glass

I visited Rome with family some years ago. I visited a church that was at the top of one of the seven hills, in order to see a piece of art that I wanted to see. I sat under and looked at the beauty of the two statues, one of the angel Gabriel and the other was of the Virgin Mary. The Angel Gabriel was announcing to her that she was to conceive the soul that would become the Christed Jesus. She is looking backward from her position at the angel, both looking young and beautiful. A certain radiance was very visible for all to see in the fortunate pose struck by the artist. I am always so glad I saw that art.


Seri Amrita and Hubs, John Bradley standing in the light in Guatemala last year.

When I saw a certain radiance in Seri Amrita after class some weeks ago, I put a paragraph in my blog and she put a paragraph on her blog. They were written separately without consultation, other than the agreement that we would both write about it, the following is the result of that agreement.

Seri Amritas account is as follows:




A few weeks ago, Santa Rosa Maria – a regular Kundalini Yoga student in a class I teach on Monday evenings, had to leave early.  Usually she reminds me before class (she is part of a monthly dream group), so I am expecting to see her rise up a bit early and quietly head out the door while her classmates are often still in savasana. This particular week, we’d not had that conversation, so when I heard movement in the room at that point in class, my eyes opened to investigate.

Our eyes met and instantly, in silence, I understood she had to leave and guessed why. But the experience we shared in that moment was utterly profound and went far beyond that of non-verbal communication (though that was pretty cool too).

The vibration in the room may well have set the stage for it, for it had been a very beautiful class with all there making their best effort and being so focused and Present. Nevertheless, this was a unique gift that by Grace, Santa Rosa Maria and I were given. As I looked into her eyes, which incidentally, are glacial blue and crystal clear- yet still manage to be warm, full of wisdom, humour and love, what I actually Saw was her Soul of purest Light.

I began to beam, because I could not help it. She smiled back at me and what I Felt was that A Great Blessing had come upon me. The impulse to bow to the Majesty of the G-O-D I was witnessing in her was impossible to disobey, so I did. There were tears in my eyes, because one cannot glimpse the Divine and not be overcome.

(Pictures above from retreat to Guatemala led by Seri Amrita in June 2017.)

My Hubs had missed class that week on account of that most dreaded of all diseases, The Man Flu, and when I got home, this was the first thing about which I told him because my heart was so full of it. I began by saying: “Rose and I had a moment. I got to see her Soul!”

Santa Rosa and I did not speak of this for several weeks. Then suddenly after another class some time later, she came up and tried to go after touching my feet. I stopped her by saying I needed to touch her feet. I told her I was so glad she too had felt the sanctity of that experience. We concluded it was a pure gift- two souls sharing a bit of The Journey together and the Magic of really Seeing each other. Brown eyes met blue and their shared Vision was of Wonder.

photo 1-311

Rose’s account posted on 13th, April 2018 went like this:

Rose went to the Kundalini Yoga class led by Seri Amrita as usual on Monday nights. Rose, known to Seri Amrita as “Santa Rosa Maria” loves these classes in general and the way she feels afterwards. Santa Rosa Maria feels full of smiles as she sings the closing song, her arms wanting to rise in the air in delight and jubilation, energy vortices spinning around.  On this particular night Santa Rosa Maria had not told Seri Amrita that she needed to leave early for her dream group so she stayed on, always glad to stay to the end. She folded away her blankets, put away her props and hurriedly went to say goodbye to Seri Amrita. As she looked into her smiling face, in that moment, she felt a beautiful connection to her. She can hardly put into words what she saw and felt. It was in the smile, in the white even perfect teeth, the aura, the whiteness of both, a light shining through her countenance, a slight bow as she trailed around her, her clear eyes connected to hers, brown and white, her arm extended in Seri Amrita’s direction, wanting to bow to her, to kiss her feet. It was not thought out and Santa Rosa Maria did neither, but felt she took a light from her that trailed with her, of glory, of the stars as she left Seri Amrita still sitting in lotus posture near the door. Both blessing and blessed.

photo 3-276

I have thought about the whole moment and conclude that a certain radiance, as Seri Amrita said, broke through in both of us. It was indeed a pure holy and saving  moment, which will stay with me. I am going to Morocco on retreat with Seri Amrita and her “hubs” and will lead a dream workshop in early September, there. Details are on her site ( and there are just a few spots left on this retreat. Pictures below are from our retreat in India and Nepal in November 2016.

And if you want to bring more radiance into your life be sure to bring your dreams to me for consideration. And if the dreams are mined for more information they will surely bring more radiance to you. Love from Rose.

(Pictures below were also taken on retreat with Seri Amrita in India and Nepal, November 2016.)

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Druid Bernie

photo 5-209

Sometimes Druid Bernie would tell an old story instead of addressing the family problem directly and this is the story he told that time. The problem was one of not being invited.

photo 5-216

Brenda’s Tulips

Once there lived a huge family, in the avenue bank, and they were of the hedge dog variety. Some were hedgy and some doggy. There was one among them that was everyone’s black sheep hedge dog. Her name was Posey. When there was some anger built up in the family and no one to project it onto, well, she would surely oblige them all by being late, or by being the favorite of the father hedge dog. When attacked she went off screaming in many directions. She has some ice blue eyes and a certain warmth when she was not squealing like a pig about the injustice of being blamed for this or that, discouraged from doing this or that. She was no saint of course.


There was a family gathering coming up and Posey wanted to bring her old boyfriend with her who was a skunk. She fancied his stripe as he marched along with his find tail out behind him and his nose up in the air with an old skin of a vegetable in his mouth, bringing it to her for consideration.  Posey wanted to bring him along to the gathering. She was told to not bring him along because of the stink he might raise in the other hedge dogs at the sight of him.


Druid Bernie at this point pulled out his aromatic pipe. Soon there was smoke visible over the hedge from his pipe. They were now walking on the avenue near where the hedgehogs lived underground. A mother hedgehog followed by two babies came out of the hedge and went across the path at some distance. They disappeared again in a second.


She had a baby hedgehog pet, much loved, when she was a young child and if he felt threatened he would roll into a ball of needles and only come back out if he smelled some cooked bacon. She loved that pet a lot. Druid Bernie was excited to see them as he seldom caught sight of them even though he knew they lived there. Durid Bernie’s parable went on.


Posey decided to have a meeting with the head hedge dog to see if there could be any thing different. They sat down to tea together and after the mood was lightened they started to talk.


The went over the choices they made to live together, to be related as a group, experiencing this or that life, this or that hardship and this or that lesson.

 photo 1-309

Mariah mumbled she was sick of learning lessons, and dealing with hardships and why did it have to be so mean and difficult.Druid Bernie said “Because you only learn to find your true heart in the face of such difficulties.”


What true heart is that Mariah said? “Well the one that love the enemy, that does good to those who hate you and accepts those who …”


Mariah was tired and sat into the side of the hedge for a rest. Mariah ate some primroses, mint, dandelions and other sour green shamrock type vegetation, growing in the hedge. She had heard the sour greens would clear her liver out of anger, in the springtime.


Druid Bernie thought they should meditate here and they did. After she had finished her silence, had waited for enlightenment, she opened her eyes but the Druid was gone and was at that place in the avenue where the hedgehogs had disappeared, leaving nothing but the indent where he had sat into the hedge near her. Then she thought she saw the hedgehogs following the Druid in the distance as he left the area. She wanted to ask him why he was calling them hedge dogs when surely he meant hedgehogs.

photo 2-252

Still sitting cosy in the hedge with the sun warming her, she fell asleep and had this dream. She was mad at Uishneach because he had said that he wanted to never see her face again. He was all set to go into the woods with a backpack and shovel. She took the shovel from him and she set off instead into the woods. She put on an extra shirt. There she fought with the dragon and tried to push him down into the quicksand. But she got caught in the quicksand herself and then the dragon came back up as a crab with a few legs too many. It was coming toward her and she awoke with a start.

photo 4-219

“Musha” she said, I will have to think it all out again and she did as she wandered home to make some soup. She worried that she might become too much of a dragon and in an effort to change into a crab she would end up with a few legs too many which would make life hard for her. Crabs swallow a lot of garbage. She worried that all her whining and carrying on would distort her, give her energies that do not fit in, like extra legs on a crab. Being mad and trying to straighten herself out with her meditation, did not go together, especially, as she did not easily let go of the judgment against Uishneach. It had all morphed her into something unnatural.


This crab has ten legs like it should.

When she served the soup to Uishneach he liked it a lot. “Fishy” he noted with his nose. “Extra crab legs” she mumbled.  He said he could not attend her upcoming gathering, as he would be busy out hunting for gold on that day and all the stars were in favor of finding gold. She was to attend on his behalf and she was to wish them all well.

photo 2-244

“Musha” she said again. Now she would have to reconcile her own nonsense thoughts and let go on behalf of herself only. Unwinding herself from the thorns that beset her was always a challenge and she was not trying to eat too much bacon. The dragon was still around blowing intermittent bouts of fire up out of her quicksand, in all directions.

photo 2-280

However the blue crab with the extra legs made her pause just long enough to feel her true heart in an effort to stop talking out of both sides of her mouth and growing something distorted. She was slowly reconnecting and hoped she could find her honeycomb heart soon. The end.

photo 1-310

Talking out of both sides of her mouth

And if you have a dream to share, to tell, you can find me and I am happy to work with the dream, in the park, in the office, in the pool. Spending time in dreamland is always a privilege for me and I welcome such delightful work, such beautiful people carrying dreams too and fro, and up and down from the unconscious.








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Buddha under the Tree

2016-11-03 10.26.45

Buddha as depicted in a Napal Temple

Buddha sat under a tree waiting for enlightenment for a long time. Rose is experimenting also with sitting under the great walnut tree that hangs over her yard. She felt it was very powerful to sit there as the sun goes down, doing a little secret chant to herself, affirming her prayers, her intention to be linked into who she is and where she belongs. The green in the grass wells up and looks like liquid all around her. Blue orbs settle in the bare mulberry bush as it gets ready to burst into flower. From below her there is a gathering up of what it is that make the sap rise in the great tree. She feels the presence of the Divine Earthly Mother who is creating all around her. She feels fortunate to be able to sit so close to it, waiting for a lifting up too. The sliver of a new moon is high above her.

2016-11-03 10.40.18

The Buddha eyes

People come to Rose and say they were told one of their chakras was spinning the wrong way, or that some other one was not open at all. They were disappointed it could not be fixed immediately. It took Buddha quiet a while to get through all his chakras and be enlightened. We all have them and they are our link into the higher dimensions of ourselves.

Buddha sat under the tree and the earth received all that needed to drain from him. He lost from the first chakra, at the lower end of the spine, all that he had superimposed on the energy residing there until it reached a pureness, whiteness, no longer distracted by red advertisements of himself and his earth.

photo 5-215

Red is for Tulip and for the 1st Chakra

At the second yellow chakra he lost his temptation to split himself between the judgment of good and evil, right there in his lower pelvic bowl. There he sat at the door waiting for it to open. Finally he learned to knock so he could see the one behind the door that takes him into a oneness that opens the door into his higher dimension, sucked up into the City of Brotherly Love, into the Holy Name.


Yellow is for the 2nd Chakra and for Daisy

In the Solar Plexus he lost his right to hold grudges and waited until he had forgiven everything, until he was forgiven everything including the forgetting of who his name is, where he came from. He found that turning, that strength of having the flight of the hind, able to jump a long way getting ready to rise up to the heart.

photo 2-264

Yellow is for primrose and for the third chakra

Like the salmon scaling the waterfall he climbed into his heart and started to dig through the rags and bones until he had thrown out all those useless ideas about what was of value, until he found the pearl of great price. It was as hard as finding a needle in a haystack but he knew he was on the right track when a White Light guy showed up with a gang to help him.  The whole thing took a long time, going back and forth and up and down, until the rivers ran clean, no longer parching, no longer thirsting.


photo 5-175

Green is for the heart chakra

It was a long track up into the fifth chakra, into that alter in the throat. It was high in the mountains and it was necessary to leave behind his screaming, screaming self until he reached the outlook, that all is one. He jumped and jumped until he found the hind in himself that can cross over and disappear into the above. Now he was emptied, had left behind the worst. He pulled out from under the alter those who were waiting for him to cross over, dressed in white raiment, and who now found him Holy and True, able to see him through the blue mist.

photo 2-278

Blue is for the 5th Chakra

The caves were the worst, as he saw how he was blind, poor and naked and in need of white raiment and gold tried in the fire. His luke warmness, he spewed out of his mouth. Now he is hot, now he is cold and could go on inward on his inklings, until he found the fountain that sent out the river of pure crystal. And on the banks of it was a tree on either side that had leaves for the healing of the nations and twelve fruits for any and all ailments.

After that Buddha reached the City of Brotherly Love, the chakra of the violet lights, his heart was in harmony with all whom he met. He had reached nirvana and was enlightened, and went his way preforming miracles, preaching, a Christ to his own people filled with a fountain of love for all.

photo 2-273

Violets for the 7th Chakra

And if you want to make a journey of your own through your chakras then be sure to make an appointment with me and we can see what your dreams have to say about your chakras. Buddha had to start somewhere and he finished under a tree for a long time. Looking at your dreams is like sitting under a great tree of the unconscious, that is pushing up so much sap your way, that you will be enlightened too, each day you take the time to look inward with your dreams.

Love from Rose.







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The Birds and the Bumblebees

photo 2-274

What is the matter with that great bumblebee? No matter where Mariah sat today, the bee was just over her. She thought she could see into his black eyes as he hovered inches from her nose. Often the shadow of the bee was around and on her even when she could not see it.

photo 5-197

The bee is back. She did not think she would have enough courage to do it in. He seemed like a spy, watching her, two black eyes. Hovering, than some quick fast movement in different directions.



Earlier, she heard a dream of raccoons when she went on walk about. The raccoons seemed to be attacking the owner of the dream. He imaginatively attacked the raccoon after the fact of the dream.  He thought he should throw spears at them, especially the leader of the pack that was pretty huge. Mariah thought he should draw it and then try talking to it. If he was lucky, he could find out more about the shadow side of himself that shows itself as racoon, even as the dreamer does complicated exercises to make himself more perfect.

His association to the raccoon was that it is sly and would impose its own agenda on him. He was a bit surprised that Mariah thought it was part of him. He was looking at it as something from outside of him. He liked that perspective, that it represented a shadow side of him. He felt he would relook at the dream, not feel intimidated. He looked into the distance for a moment of contemplation and then gave Mariah a warm hug. Both went on their ways satisfied.

The bee is back, coming in backwards toward her face, glances around and dashes off again. What is that unknown dance the bee is doing, what is the attraction in her immediate vicinity? She is looking down on him now, half furry yellow ochre and the tail end shiny black. It is a chunky bee.

photo 5-155

The birds are very busy and as the leaves are not on the big tree, she can see the birds up there, when she lies down under the tree. She can feel the almighty rush and burst of the sap in the tree, about to push out thousands and thousands of leaves, all together onto the tree, in the immediate future. She felt held up on a huge grid of energy criss crossing everywhere, not just underneath, but also overhead, making myriad eggs and birds, flowers and nuts, fruit and grass.

photo 2-278

The sun was near to setting and she decided to sit under the big tree, and look toward the setting sun. It was making its way down through the branches of a big berry tree, a warm yellow, about sixty feet away. She slit her eyes to avoid getting blind from staring into it’s yellow depths. The sun rewarded her with long beams of yellow that struck her heart, as she squinted her eyes.

The tree itself, over there, started with clumps of purple, diffuse color here and there in the bare branches. Then there were royal blue orbs all over the tree. It was better than a Yuletide tree she thought. She felt a relaxation coming up from beneath her and holding her in place. A big squrrill was near her looking for nuts in the grass and he did not see her for a while. When he did he scampered off to climb the fence and into the pines nearby. The sun is down now and the bumble bee is gone and it is time to go to bed to look toward her own dreams.

photo 2-230

She would seek out Druid Bernie to catch up and ask some advise about a family problem she is having. She was asked to a family gathering but Uishneach was not. She was sure he would have some good advice for her. The end.

photo 2-273

Rose had a wonderful day staying home in The Burg. The sun was shining and it was near eighty on the front porch and back deck. The bumblebee was her constant companion on the back deck. She played Dominos in the shade of the front porch, exercised on the back deck, cooked a little vegan recipe,  burned some incense, sat under the great walnut tree, watched the sun go down and shopped a little and generally had a lazy day relaxing in the sunshine.

And if you have some raccoon dreams, some paranoia about the bumblebee encroachment in your space, then be sure to come to see me. I love to work on such dreams and will swallow the shadow side whole, in an effort to digest what part of me is the bumblebee and what part of you is the raccoon. May such deliberations help you hold the shadow side of you to account and bring in the energy held in such wily animals back into the fold of you. Love from Rose



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No Words

photo 2-277

Rose heard a lovely story from a grandmother. Donna agreed to watch the eighteen-month-old toddler when his sister was due to be born. Donna’s son and his family came at 4.00 am to her house so she could do her little duty of caring for the toddler as the baby was born at the hospital. But the second baby’s birth would not be stopped in daughter in law, and so the baby was born at Donna’s house.




Donna minded the toddler through it all. Whenever the baby cried, the toddler would wake and ask to see the baby. She would oblige the little one and go see the baby. This happened many times as the night went into morning. Grandmother was tired but she did her duties. Then as the day went on she decided to have the toddler connect with the new born by propping him up. She put her arms around the toddler and baby, as the toddler held the newborn baby.

photo 2-275

Levy’s Bloodroot

When the baby was laid into his little brother’s arms, the newborn baby gave a deep sigh of contentment, noticeable to all present, bringing little shivers inside. This new born baby, coming from the stars, full of grace and trailing glory, recognizing who she came here to be with, the importance of a bigger brother, soul mates from other lifetimes, rebirthing into her own soul group. This baby got a great start to her life.



Rose went to the Kundalini Yoga class led by Seri Amrita as usual on Monday nights. Rose, known to Seri Amrita as “Santa Rosa Maria” loves these classes in general and the way she feels afterwards. Santa Rosa Maria feels full of smiles as she sings the closing song, her arms wanting to rise in the air in delight and jubilation, energy vortices spinning around.  On this particular night Santa Rosa Maria had not told Seri Amrita that she needed to leave early for her dream group so she stayed on, always glad to stay to the end. She folded away her blankets, put away her props and hurriedly went to say goodbye to Seri Amrita. As she looked into her smiling face, in that moment, she felt a beautiful connection to her. She can hardly put into words what she saw and felt. It was in the smile, in the white even perfect teeth, the aura, the whiteness of both, a light shining through her countenance, a slight bow as she trailed around her, her clear eyes connected to hers, brown and white, her arm extended in Seri Amrita’s direction, wanting to bow to her, to kiss her feet. It was not thought out and Santa Rosa Maria did neither, but felt she took a light from her that trailed with her, of glory, of the stars as she left Seri Amrita still sitting in lotus posture near the door. Blessing and was blessed.



Rose went on a trip to the ocean, getting out of Dodge for a few days. Her train was three hours late, a police man stopped her on the way to the train and she fell upside down on the escalator, in New York, her bags and pull along case at odds with her, going in different directions.  The hair on her head was not hurt in any way, but the moving steel, her feet in the air, walloped her around, her bag contents scattered.  Something trying to get her attention, some shifting of energy, some need to change was what she took from this.

photo 5-212

The dream that came to her was of the woman dressed in green in the half-light who said something to Rose, which she missed. When she asked for the words that were spoken to her the woman made a point of not repeating herself, as if to say to Rose, I have spoken, now you reach into the getting of this message.

photo 1-296

The more Rose tried to penetrate the words given, the less distinct it was, leaving her with three colors falling off the hand of the woman, blue, indigo and violet. The three incidence of hardship above helped her reference this fragment and she thought of it more than a few times in the aftermath of the fall.



What came up is that her thinking and therefore her emotions were off base. When she had the dream she associated it to her feeling of needing to fix someone else, in that critical controlling way.  She needed to take those colors and see how she could get out of the literal desire to project her problems onto another, to now taking herself in hand, to go about rising out of the literal into the spiritual. It took a few days to realize she needed to write a letter to myself, to not fix anyone but herself. And it was more than that, she has to go on into a higher dimension of herself, that includes love and kindness.



Long Beach Island was marvelous where she attended the weekend with fellow Gaelic speakers, people learning the Irish Language. The Gaelic for dream and vision is Brionloid and aisling respectively. She got one dream from a girl who dreams of a key. After some talk she was happy to think she has the key to herself and could take that with her from her weekend away at the shore learning Gaelic.



The grey skies cleared on the last day and she spent some time soaking up something from the Angels of Water, Air and Sun. She had some lovely conversation with a ‘Druid Bernie’ look alike. He noted that the literal translation of the word Leprechaun means half a person, as in half the stature. He also noted that the Druids, connected to the Celts, had women and men in their leadership positions and the women were the successful negotiators. Saint Brigit was also Bishop Brigit connected to the Christian traditions, prior to their take over by the Patriarchy in Ireland, about a thousand years ago.  It is nice to consider that women held their place in the great scheme of things, useful, intuitive and able to mend the breach and forge the path in earlier times.

photo 3-267

A path on the bayside

And if you find yourself falling upside down into the unconscious, I sincerely hope the hairs on your head are not hurt. Looking at the dreams will help you figure how you can move dimensionally, up and down in yourself and abandon the need, the compulsion to project the heavy bags, to point at others, need to fix others. May all your dreams lead you into your own pathways where they will be pleased when you pour around them. Projection can be halted, both personally and globally.



Love from Rose.





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Anger Management Part 5 – The unexamined and examined life.

photo 2-269

I just came back from a great visit to New York and New Jersey. Most of the images here are taken in the underground between Amtrak and the Subway. Other images are from the City and the Beaches in New Jersey.

I have written about Anger Management. It has always been an interest of mine. Anger plays a part in most of our lives, for good and for ill. Be angry and sin not is the biblical injunction. I have been doing Anger Management for some years now and find myself working in this field again with plenty of delight and with beautiful souls. After the dreadded thirteen sessions are over, I have a certain love for them and their first names and their souls. The flowing poem comes out of this work. I have inserted some class words, some dream images from my own dreams and from half heard dreams(I was late to here the dream in completeness) at my dream group.

photo 3-268

The two dream images I am working was are of taking the bribe, keeping it secret and of hearing some strange word from an indistinct woman who is sitting in green clothing in the half light. I do not hear her words and she refuses to repeat them. I come to the conclusion that I have to reach out into what she is saying and make some other decisions for myself. These are the poems.

photo 1-296

Rules of Anger Management

1 – Unexamined

You have no power over

You cannot fix anyone else


photo 1-295

Even if she throws things at you.

Even is he steals your fifteen year old son

Even if she gets the police involved

Evan if her sister does

Even if he blocks your way

Even if she tell everyone how awful you are

Because you were the one to intercept the projectile

Because he fell over blocking you


Slapping faces

Pushing down

Squeezing jowls

Flicking filth from behind

Fixes nothing

photo 3-265

The unexamined life

The best one among them all

Was never any good

photo 5-208

Are you taking the bribe

To not examine

To not let others see

To insist others agree

With your un-examined life.

photo 1-293

Examined – 11

Letters  from your childhood

What rules from where

Were written into you

Boxing you in here

Scraping you down there

Forcing you out of center

photo 3-264

Find those little words

Find that letters of their love

Dismantle it slowly

Find pieces

Treasure of great price

Those little gems

Flecks of shiny red and gold

Flecks of the greater green

All part of you, their obscene

Your unseen.

photo 2-270

1 plus 11 equals 111

Un-examined and Examined

photo 3-266

A new dream


To pull from the shelves

The rules

Bent out of shape

Fallen down behind

Under the old dead


The left overs

Don’t be afraid to examine

To lie down and

Turn over what is underneath

Your own stones

Your own stories

photo 4-243

11 and 111 equals V

The Goddess speaks in color

Refuses to repeat words

As she scatters  indigo

Violet and blue

To you

To dance

In your finding out

There is only the dance

The dance of finding you


Love from Rose











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Mariah and the Bee Dance


She was sitting outside in the sun wondering if Uishneach would be back this evening. She heard the crows cawing and sometimes this might be an indication of his meandering back toward the house.

photo 2-253

Ten days ago, she has gotten a bad cold after he left on his walkabout and she was in the worst of twist coping on her own. She kept thinking it was going away, until the next day when there was a new layer added in of suffering, progressing from a little sneezing to fevers, shivers to not eating, various drainages, which cess pooled in places with little outlets, to the point her little nose was raw and her lips and lungs were rattled and dry. As the sinus headache got worse she wondered if she had a brain hemmorage while listening to the pounding between her ears.

photo 2-251

She had a cold

Eventually she got some good sleep. She had lots of time for meditation and tackled it in earnest on the seventh night of the cold. The breathing helped clearing up her sinuses when she lay on her stomach. She found concentrating much better. She had a brief feeling of being completely filled with roses, all the way out her mouth and in her chest, even to top of her head. She sang some of her favorite songs three times knowing that the sounds would help change the vibrations within and get her more deeply plugged in, even if the sounds were a little croaky.

photo 2-135

After the raucous noise created by the crows, she decided to walk out to see what was delaying him as she felt full sure he was within earshot for her to feel some presence of him. And there he was standing talking to a group of elves, with blonde hair and beautiful ice blue eyes, who were watching his every step. He had laid some sticks down in some patterns and he had taken to jumping among the sticks in order to show them where he felt sure gold was to be found. Mariah had not learned this bee language but obviously the eleves had and were concentrating and copying in his footsteps. There was a big green frog nearby, watching from the safe distance of a moss covered rocks.

photo 1-9

She retreated; She was not going to get into this game of his and hoped he would be home soon. When he showed up an hour and a half later, he limped through barely noticing the lovely fire blazing and said he was exhausted after his travels and headed straight for the bed. She knew she would soon be listening to snoring and she would be wide awake. She decided to leave him alone and to enjoy the lovely fire.

photo 2-216

Mariah enjoying the fire.

As she sat there she saw the green frog again sitting calm and collected within the fire.  She sat forward in her chair thinking she would address him, ask him if he had some message, what was his name, why he appeared with Uisneach’s return.? As she formulated her questions the frog became less visible. So she decided to be totally quiet.

photo 5-199

As she lay back into her comfortable chair, the bee dance steps came back to her and soon she was dancing with the frog in a beautiful bright glow. A jump in the air here, a sidestep there and both in lovely unison, at one with each other. She was young again and in love.Rose petals came out of their feet and they were dancing on those yellow tinted petals with the rose blush, which filled the air with an aroma of roses.


He pulled out a chair for her and said “Welcome”.” She was served some beautiful food by an old crone and Mariah’s father had come back to life and was nearby. The dish was very sweet and rich, highly smooth, something of the smoothness of the roses.

photo 1-152

Painting the roses pink

She awoke with some tears on her face, to the fire that had burned to ashes, and she stiffly got up and went to bed. Uisneach had turned her bed into what looked like a pile of snakes in the half dark and she had to keep her temper not to turn his night into a hot tin roof right there. She slid into the covers and was soon fast asleep, in the heat of the nest. The end.

photo 2-263

Recent Mandala

Rose is on her porch. You may or may not have read of the crash that was here a few weeks ago that coincided with a dream of a crash she had. Well, this morning the police pulled over a young man right behind the hedge. He did not pass the sobriety test, which involved a lot of steps, and counting, which Rose half observed through the hedge. It was another kind of bee dance that resulted in the car being towed and a young man sanctioned. She felt a lot of empathy for everyone involved.


And if you want to nail down your own dream dance, be sure to let me know and we can work with this underneath stuff that makes its way into our lives through the dreams, and has a humorous way of linking up with outer reality. I am smiling here as I finish up, as I had no idea what might fall out this morning into this basket. I hope to hear from you soon, when the time is right for you. Love from Rose.






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