Let me be a Servant too.

On Sunday Morning I heard a dream from one of my more artistic and literary friends. The main part of the dream is that she just knew she was to be a servant now. She was amazed at the understanding that came to her and said her whole life would be different from now on. This dream, on the surface is just a dream but because the dreamer looked inside, this dream is awakening her. She has some years to call her own. She does not need to do more things. She already knew it was connected to seeing God in the other person all the time.

The Hymn with the words; “Let me be your servant too” came to my mind. The Universe in its oneness never ceases to be a servent in every direction. From the ground we stand on to the infinite heavens there is servitude. We have free will to not be servants and of course we have taken the liberty to be our own little gods, with little reference to the oneness of all. The energy is high and is climbing toward being a servant of the most high God. Stop the talk of nothing and place the heart of God in you on them.

Let me be your servant too

How can I be that servant too. When I walk, I pull back from my own rigmarole of thoughts and reference the up and down of the energy of God in me. It has a grounding and expanding effect as I breath into my center. I mumble to myself ofter “Thou art my dwelling place…..” A little breath work and intention goes a long way.  I connect it to the following reading from Edgar Cayce.

All that we ever have been

“For in the body there is that center in which the soul is expressive, creative in its nature – the Leidig Center. By this breathing, this(Leidig Center) may be made to expand and open the seven(spiritual) centers of the body …Thus an entity puts itself…into association or conjunction with all it has EVER been or may be. For it loosens the physical consciousness to the universal consciousness.”(2475-1)

A depiction of image from 2nd dream about Life Seals

Life Seals

I had a dream about the concept of “Life Seals.” The evening before I read about them and thought of the Life Seal that was painted for Edgar Cayce. It highlight the symbols that were important to Cayce through out his past lives and brought forward to help find his way spiritually in this life.

What we bring to this life that helps us in our journey toward the divine.

The Life Seal helps with having some symbols around that will remind the soul of helpful areas from the past when the soul gained in the journey toward God.

More things on heaven and on earth than are dreamt of in our philosophy

I thought I could never do that. However during the night I awoke to an image of an oval, surrounded by gold and a line of gold across the center across the front and middle of the pendant. On that gold strip across the center were three symbols, a cross, a heart and a shamrock, depicted very small. I was not all that sure of all the details as it was a fleeting image. I was delighted that I got my first image relating to my Life Seal.

Next day I told all the details to my friend and the next night I dream into this Life Seal again. I am with my friend again in the dream and call out to him that the symbols are here again and I can get a better look at them. We are looking down on them.

Angel of the morning

This time I see a blue cross that has a base. It is much bigger image than the previous night.

Next morning, first thing, I walked to my office where I have my oil crayons and mandala paper and proceeded to draw the blue cross. Then I wondered about the other two symbols. I decided to place the shamrock behind the cross and noticed that the shamrock makes heart shapes when put there.  I made the shamrock green, for its connection to the heart chakra and its energy in us. 

Symbols from the unconscious

When I look at the symbol in terms of the MARI cards, it adds another layer to my Life Seal. The cross itself lends itself to the place on the MARI that is connected to endings. In this one there is a blue and green behind the symbol which links the card to an attempt at healing the pain and being in control of that process. It lets me know I am comfortable with changes and trusting the process. Yes.

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You can read news of a dream group starting in mid September. Contact me if interested. It will be a small group and I will cover what it will take to get started with recording and interpreting your dreams, the unopened letters to yourselves.

Love from Rose.

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Anger Management Part 2

The Importance of Relaxation

When I do the anger management class I usually do a breathing and relaxation exercise within the class. When everyone has checked in and told the stories of the week and if they had any anger, I like to put some emphasis on the usefulness of knowing how to relax completely. This relaxation puts them in touch with the Vegas nerve.

I often would work with a client individually helping the person understand the links between the body and the mind. What we are thinking does affect us.

As I said in another blog on Anger Management relating to the Vegas nerve, when we manage to relax completely, the war department, meaning the department of anger, shuts down completely and the Vegas nerve gets in charge of repairing our bodies, digesting food, building up defenses against diseases, among other things. So it is in our own best interest to know how to relax completely.

Angel of the morning

When I did anger management classes at the Community Services Board for a few years, I always had another person doing the class with me. My friend Tracy had a book of relaxation imagination exercises, which we relied on for relaxation.

We just picked one from the book.

A little red in the face

One time my helper was a tall man who worked out and looked marvelous. On that evening, he was chosen to read the relaxation exercise to the group. I choose the longest one in the book, firmly convinced that longer was better and did not have time to read it in advance.  As it turned out, this one went through the whole body, suggesting relaxation, even mentioning, I forget now what exact part of the body, but it was unmentionable in a big mixed class of anger management clients. 

The clients

I kept my eyes closed as I was relaxing, and glossed over the offending words. But he later let me know what color his face turned. We laughed a lot but some trust was lost and I had to read the relaxation exercise after that.

Popping the popcorn

Once a client volunteered at check-in that he had a dream that he was popping pop corn in his kitchen and that it started to fill the whole kitchen. His dream was bandied around the group room as we started up the anger management class filling out room with popping laughter. I suggested he make some popcorn so he could get over that time his wife threw his food into the trashcan. He had angered her, but did not know the reason.

Feeling relaxed near water – Behind me to the left are the 108 steps down to the water at the bottom.

Breathing Exercises

Over the years I have been exposed to many different ways of presenting breathing exercises. Harry brought us through the four square breathing. My understanding of this was to imagine a square shape. Then you could breath in one side of the square to the count of four and breath out across the top of the square for the count of four, and breath in an in breath for the count to four down the far side of the square and an out breath again across the bottom of the square and so on in a rhythmic fashion, staying present to the breathing. The square would occupy the mind enough to let go of other thoughts.

Relaxing near Staunton

Other ways to pay attention to the breathing is to focus on the nostrils as the air goes in cool and comes out warm. Focus on the back of the chair where the lung cavities push the back against the chair, again gives focus for the mind to be away from the brain and its many thoughts.

Relaxing at the beach with the wide eyed ones

It comes to me that breath is mother to us, taking care of us, bringing oxygen into the body, replacing the carbon for oxygen with each breath. There are intricate systems, airways within the body that brings this oxygen into every cell in the body, down into the toes and up into the brain. Without this grand mother we would not be alive. The breath is infused with prana and prana is of God.

We breathe automatically. Paying attention to each breath, taking our awareness into different parts of the body is our privilege. Pain can take the focus of this breath and then change as a result of this focus. I do not want you to think about the pain but rather to go with the breath into that part of the body where the pain resides. It will make a difference that you will see, when you focus there again in a few minutes.

As I tell my clients in my classes, do some breathing and relaxing exercises before sleep and when waking up. You will have no problem finding out about mindfulness breathing and my advice above will get you started.

Dream Therapy Group

Dancing in delight – dream images

I am starting a six week Dream Therapy Group on Thursday nights, starting on the 19thof September, here in Harrisonburg. Let me know if you are interested. It will be a small group and will last ninety minutes, starting at 6pm. Cost will be $10 per class, with sixty dollars payable in advance for the six classes. I look forward to hearing from you. This class will get you started with bringing in the richness of your own unconscious, your own creativeness. It will be a lovely way to not just think of me and my dream work, it will be a way for you to have a window into your own dreams. 

You can get one of my dream therapy books at that time for $15 or you can bring your own dream journal. Please bring some markers and or crayons also to the first class as mandala drawing will be included.

Each class will have a different focus, covering the basics, as set out in my dream leaflet. There will be time left over for working directly with your own dreams. I look forward to hearing from you and your desire to work this important element of your unconscious into helping you heal yourself. Love from Rose. 

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Mariah is Darning the Slippers

“Darn, Darn, Darn” Mariah said out loud. Her basket for darning was full to overflowing and she had her eye to mend Uishneach’s slippers before they lost the run of themselves and fell into a thousand little pieces. The guts of the right slipper were looking out a hole in the back. Underneath the other slipper there was a round hole or two. 

Threading the Needle

A story encompassing a dream of the needle and the ceremony of darning socks and self.

She went outside, basket in hand and found a place under the tree and near the hedge. The light was good enough for her aging eyes and she settled to threading the needle where she thought the thread should go. 

It was an exercise in psychic precision and guessing where exactly the thread should go, unable to see that small eye of the needle in its entirety. All the while she worked on the thread, slimming it down to go through the eye of the needle. She put the thread into her mouth to streamline any little threads sticking out. In the end it seemed as if the thread knew where to go. She started her darning job.  

Darning the Slippers

Mariah squared up the hole underneath one slipper and started at one side going in and out in a darning way until the hole was covered once. Then she started perpendicular to this former work making a lattice, over one thread and under the next one. She ran her needle in and out a few more times to make it more secure without making it too lumpy. 

While she was darning she was also mulling over a few different things that were throwing a needle in her. 

The Lunar Energy causing problems

She was trying her best to bring peace and love into the relationship with Uishneach. She had been succeeding to some extent, quiet happy playing the game of bones, both doing their own thing and walking along side each other, no small thing, holding hands. But some lunar energy got under old hurts and wounds and caused her to have some words with Uishneach, making him a little afraid of her and her sharp words.

They were having a little trouble connecting with each other

She focused on issues of old gold and spun around on this wheel of fortune. She had become his chief bottle washer and housekeeper and resented his determination to not be involved in the small details of the house keeping. He had become her lodger. She wanted to be a special lover. 

A dream of the needle

 She remembered a dream where she and Uishneach struggled mightily with a needle, she trying to avoid it and he trying to put it into her. It was hard not to take the dream personally but it was most likely a part of Mariah, her inner male aspect trying to stick it to her in some way, force her into obeying the patriarchal needle way in herself, as set down by her father and society in general. This is my opinion, it is right even though it does not suit the situation. The softer way of working together was not an option in her yet.

The dream of the needle

The Druid’s Full Moon Sermon

She had listened to the Druid Bernie at the last full Moon Gathering, where the moon was bright and high in the sky. Druid Bernie spoke of the need to be of service to others and not to do everything for self, prayers for self, meditation for self, eating good food for self and basically doing everything in a selfish self way. 

It was better to make up your mind to serve the creator and then everything you do would be in the service of others. In this way, eating healthy would be so that you could have a healthy body, the better to serve the Creator.  This would ensure success because of aligning self with the higher power, source. Others would see this connection with the infinite and trust you. The selfish needle would not be interwoven in this. 

Many people attended the full moon circle


With all this in mind she wondered how to be of service within the relationship with Uishneach. Maybe he had not forgiven her for how she treated him in the past and this was why he could not be giving toward her relating to small issues in the home. Maybe she could look to herself and say the same things to herself that she found easy to accuse him of. She had not forgiven him for past hurts. 

She was going about her way, serving herself, and unconsciously, he felt her selfishness and distrusted that. She could not easily weave his words into her life, something could not be darned but left a gaping hole.

Uishneach weighed the quality of her response in the little things in life, like who would do what and who would acquire needed items. He unconsciously felt her selfishness and like a large rock, would block the way of the flow of life for her. 

She herself was the obtuse thing blocking her own way. It was easy to accuse the other of this block. 

Attunement plus Service

Mariah’s geranium were always in attunement and had a big head

The druid had finished his talk emphasizing that service without attunement to God ended up in the do-gooder camp and manipulation and did not work out. And attunement to God without service ended up in the person having a big head and crippled by paralysis. 

She insisted in playing it safe, being nice with Uishneach, but it did not work out for her because she was not working on her own guts hanging out, ignoring gaping holes in herself. She would go back to that dream and get that darning needle that she had stuck in the mattress for safety and start mending the breach and forging the path. She would continue to go down the road loosely holding hands with Uishneach as they found themselves on the old waste places of their lives. She would let go of her need to be the boss, to be right. 

Holding Hands.

That night they held hands as they lay side by side. She asked him to  be quiet in case she got het up by what he said. There was silence for about fifteen minutes. As he turned away toward the window, he wished her a good sleep and happy dreams and that made all the difference.  The end. 

They both slept well that night
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MARI Cards and Mandala Training.

I had an opportunity to be present at training for MARI Cards at the Ursuline College, in Cleveland Ohio this past weekend. My mentor was teaching a group of seventeen students the basics of MARI and she allowed me to come along. MARI stands for Mandala Assessment Research Instrument. I am a practitioner. I came as helper and had a lovely review.

A Labyrinth is a Mandala – This one is at the Usurline College

The students, when doing their own MARI cards was very open in discussing what came up through the cards. Two students made us laugh, when they said the “MARI told it all” even though they were determined to leave certain subjects underground.

There was tears and laughter before it was all over. The teacher and the student were good at making that “intuitive leap” when looking at the placement of the cards and the colors and how it might help them make a “therapeutic shift” for them to see and understand their cards.

It was a humbling experience for me to be there and it filled me with renewed passion for the psychoanalytic. I learned I do not have to invent anything for my client as the cards themselves, that the client is drawn to, will access a healing dimension of the client’s energy and they can shift as a result.

I have some letters after my name relating to these cards as I have completed my training.

It is a long way to Cleveland Ohio and I set out on Friday so I could visit Berkley Springs about two hours north of home. I sat in the 70 degree stream, with others including children. Then I went to get a massage.

I was chilled out so I loved the fifteen-minute hot bath offered before the massage.  My massage therapist worked on me for over 30 minutes and declared my right leg to be tighter than the other one. He seemed like a priest of the profession, Japanese, Zen like on initial impression. He laughed when I said so. He told me a dream. 


I stayed in a motel, that I had not booked, in a little town north of Berkley by about an hour. I settled in and rode my bike around. I saw a beautiful sunset and got up early to finish my journey. The turnpikes were not crowded but had high tolls.  The rest stops were easy and even had gas on hand. 

I stayed in an AirB&B in Cleveland on Saturday evening. They were friendly and I had company on the back deck, as I sat out in the evening. There were no mosquitos. My host’s husband was bathing his feet with ice on the deck and offered me some of my own. He said he once stayed covered with ice for almost a minute.


Getting feet into ice, while very chilling initially, was also very relaxing. Severe pain from the ice gives way to a relaxed feeling when the feet are pulled out of the ice. I waited a while before putting my feet into the artic circle again. My host’s husband was from Egypt and I very much enjoyed hearing of his life, dreams, family and religious practices. I was given a bowl of soup, close to bedtime. I slept well.

I brought some food in jars with me and seemed to have enough for a lot of meals. The cooked corn seemed to multiply as I went along. The beans and the “baba ganoosh” stayed fresh enough until I had it all eaten. I finished off my two jars of sprouts, alfalfa and green lentils.

The tomato wedge came in handy for a mouth

I had rye bread on hand. I got fruit and water from the hotels also. I ate out once – not great, but it filled a spot and I was with my teacher mentioned above and I liked that connection. 

On Sunday morning, the brother of the host was outside. I asked him for a dream. He told me of a healing experience he had with someone else. I though about it. I asked him if he could do this for me. I knelt down. He put his hand on my head. He was tall and blonde and his prayerful words, asking God for help for me, not from himself but from God, was an appropriate activity for a Sunday Morning.

I told him I needed the healing, but I also asked for this to remind him he could do this for people and also that this is the time to bring in this healing, that it is in the air, falling down by tons, and available for us all.  

This is my second time to be at the Ursuline College but did not realize in the past that it was Catholic. There were banners up indicating what the saint said about education. 

The sainted Ursula perhaps.

I rode my bike all around campus on breaks and walked the Labyrinth in the middle of the day. The statues were beautiful and a group of white lilies and an aspen tree with a white bark were gifts to my sight.

The aspen tree guarding the fountain and the lake.

I was twenty minutes from Lake Erie and I decided to go there on Sunday Evening after the training instead of turning for home. I loved the pull of the water while in the lake. I swam for a while before leaving. I saw a group of Irish people who advertised their picnic. They invited me to the pub, which they said they would “open up” at five. I reluctantly turned away saying “I have miles to go before I sleep.” She laughed at me.

Lake Erie as seen through the trees in Simms Park, in Cleveland Ohio.

My new phone and alarm let me sleep until seven and I had to hustle to get to my part time job and do my group on Monday at eleven. I got there two minutes late.

Almost perfect.

I hope you are finding what heals you and lessening what ails you. I hope you are eating what is good for you. I am meditating to take advantage of the extra energy around full moon and an eclips. I kept trying to meditate after I got home but I kept falling asleep through my practices. The try is counted I am told. I am rested up now. Love you all and am staying awake again as I am praying for my readers. I appreciate the purity of your prayers for me. I feel it. Love from Rose.

Traveling can make you appreciate your home and your kitchen but there are big rewards for this walkabout in other places. Surely the people you meet are meant to come into your circle however briefly. I am always satisfied with this traveling to unknown places.
A little breeze interfering with my perfect hairdo.
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Taming Anger with the Vagus Nerve

I have no anger issues at all

My Anger Management Group

I have always been interested in anger management. I have a tendency toward anger and fire in myself. The anger was always there, for as long as I can remember. My father, my favorite person in the world, also had a similar trait.

Now I’m doing anger management groups each week, I find they are my favorite part of the week, because those who come share their stories and their particular brand of anger.

“I gave the person a little slap.”

Or “I threw the phone and it bounced somehow and hit her lip and there was a lot of blood…”  

And the most hilarious of all, “I have no anger issues at all.” 

The Pituitary Gland -associated with the Lotus flower and its many petals

Anger and the Pituitary Gland

I tell my anger management clients that there is a fine big computer in the brain, the Pituitary gland, the Master Gland of the body. It is listening for our every thought.

So if the thoughts are angry, rushed, aggressive or hostile, the Pituitary directs the energy into the war department within us. This spurts out adrenaline and stops all digestion and any repair going on in the body.

This sympathetic nervous system leaves us feeling shaky, hot under the collar, or any other of a number of symptoms. These reactions to our own anger are as different as the number of people who have them. 

So consider when your life feels rushed and angry. Fall back into music, exercise, whatever brings you into the slow mindful life.

When the pituitary hears the purr of positive thoughts, it says, “Stop the war and come back up here. We will go out on the vagus nerve that flows everything down that will help the body.” There is no fret, no war about to start, and the need for fight, frozen or flight is gone.

The Butterfly Effect of Positive Thoughts

Looking up into the tops of pine trees on the Cape Henry Trail

While recently at the beach, I rode my bike in the early afternoon on the shaded biking paths of the Cape Henry trail.

I just love this easy ride feeling, every sensation on the side of deep relaxation and the parasympathetic.

I saw two big yellow butterflies doing a mating dance together. They were close to me, just skirting my eye. I hopped off my bike just then to avoid a mud puddle, and was able to better see the two butterflies.

As they danced, their bodies lined up. A vibrant blue streak, the color of the indigo bunting bird, appeared to me, whether real or imaginary. It seemed to be moving in a zigzag pattern. For an instant, I was moving with that blue streak.

My little blue bike at the base of the three pines

When you have good thoughts, thoughts of blessing and prayer, it goes through the Pituitary where it flutters around like a butterfly looking for its mates. It may be a beautiful all-yellow thought. When it finds its mates in the memory bank, they fly up and down together until an electric, ecstatic blue force draws it to the imaginative realm. This takes up, as into a chalice, all the beautiful prayer of our saintly self, making a sweet odor, a beautiful flight of the yellow butterflies, an offering to the highest that is in us.

Relaxing with my daughter.

From there they land on the heart, the soul area, where this pure thought of love and blessing lowers the barriers between the soul and the spirit. This creates a radiance breaking through, a part never forgotten, which is in the heart waiting to be awakened.

This positive vibration gives us a leg up into service to others, an education from all the memories of happy past times, coming in to help us on our way.

Sunrise – Sunset

Sunrise and Meditation

On the fourth morning at the beach, I made it out to see the sun rise. I had only a few moments to spare. I scanned the dark red line of horizon over the ocean.

Then a little area of pure pink appeared in one spot and became more light-filled and warm as the sun emerged. It was a glorious gold and red.

I stood at the edge of the ocean on the gradual rise out from the water where the waves were breaking. Every time a wave broke, the water that flowed back reflected the gold and red of the sun, before the water sank into the sand.

I did my meditation for an hour at the water’s edge, with very few people around. I noticed a yoga class in progress closer to the sand dunes and I joined them and did their class. When I was finished, I went home for breakfast, where I acted like a starving child after my early roaming on the beach. I was ecstatic that the god of the golden grains fed me corn and left me feeling satisfied.

The Trouble with Coconuts

I bought a big beautiful coconut at a store at the beach. It was a white coconut and felt really heavy. True to its weight, it produced loads of coconut water, which was lovely and cool fresh out of the fridge.

Once I had emptied it, I threw the coconut hull seven feet down to the cement area where I park my car, to break it open. It cracked almost in two, but it held onto the essential roundness and it rolled toward the road and out into the center where it stalled like the head of an almost bald child before rolling back toward the curb.

As I ran down to retrieve this sweet morsel of coconut, what should I see but a police car slowing up to not run over my little treasure. I was suitably mortified as it rolled over to my feet.

I was smiling broadly at the policemen in the car, but they had very quizzical looks on their faces as they slowly gathered speed and went on their way.

Not so amused at my shenanigans.

Dear readers, you have made it to the end of my writing. If you’d like to make sure you get the next one in your email inbox, you can sign up to subscribe to this blog. Or simply like this post if you do, so I know which musings you enjoy the most. I also love reading your comments, as this is all a growing body of work and understanding that we’re co-creating.

Please please please record your dreams! Email me at rlongwort (at) gmail.com or call me to order up a session to look at life from both sides now, the conscious and the unconscious.

Love from Rose.

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Workshop – Mandala Making

Mandala created by a young girl

Drawing Mandala can be a challenge for some but it really is very easy to get started. I watched the above mandala being made and there were many corrections with a pencil before the creator was satisfied with the way it was going. I was impatient to see it unfold but there was no impatience from the young person drawing. As you can see the mandala above is full of life and direction and energy.

Before you begin, prayerfully, playfully ask the Spirit to be present, guiding you through this exercise. Take your time. You can be creative, as you are when you paint, draw, write poetry, dance, sing, and plan or make valentines. You enjoyed these and many more as a child, making your own fantasyland. 

  1. Listen during guided meditation. See if any image comes to you.
  • Use colors drawn to.
  • Use the color where you feel like it belongs, where it has a place.
  • Leave aside preconceived ideas about good or bad – no judgment here.
  • Listen for the inner voice that directs you about the stroke of the pencil/brush or the making of a dot.
  • Anything goes in the making of the Mandala – drip, dab, brush or finger paint.

1 You can blend oil pastels, scrape them away again.

2 You can drop water on the page if you are using paints.

  • Fill all space up, inside and outside the circle and stay with it until time is called.
  • If voice is negative – paint voice on other sheet. 
  • Ask Christ/Divine/Higher Self to stand between you and the critic.
  1. Paint or draw with non-dominant hand. 
  1. Sit and let the drawing rest for a moment before looking at it again.

Love from Rose.

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Instructions for Getting Started with Dreams.

This gallery contains 6 photos.

Originally posted on Rose Longworth Counseling:
Instructions for Getting Started With the Dreams. Do You Want to Get focused on your dreams. Are you someone who never had a dream or they are a bit fuzzy? Do the following activities to…

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