Happy New Year 2019

When the Druid asked Mariah why she though she was on the earth, walking about, she mulled it over in the next few days. She knew it was the time of the change from moving toward darkness back to light, the days would be getting longer, the nights shorter from here on out. She knew she could have another go around the sun this coming year and she would try and make some difference to something. She was sure the Druid would have something in mind, new year revolution and new year resolutions. 

Mariah out in the moonlight looking for meaning

She roamed about watching for the full moon as it cast its light into a cloud above. She sang the old song to the moon, “Moonlight so light and pale, from the sky falling.” Then she dropped into the old wooden seat beneath a tree and watched the last moon of the year rise up. She saw some meteoroids streaking through the atmosphere. One landed near her feet and she saw it glow briefly. She would pick it up later and keep it for a talisman of that night, a stone tachyonised by coming through the atmosphere, something to see through even though it looks black on the outside. This Cintamani Stone would be treasured by Uishneach and he would be very interested in seeing what she had found. 

Pleased to see a Cintamani stone at her feet.Two faces in one maybe.

She decided to meditate in the here and now, to see if she could raise herself enough to see into the next year and what she could do to improve everything. First of all she was very quiet, very mindful, trying to think nothing. She kept her pen and paper near in case something spectacular happened. 

She left paper nearby and the cat was a bit of a disturbance for a while until he left her.

She thought about breathing down into the five petaled pelvis, bringing light down, bringing blow down into the pelvis. Orange was pushed out of the right side. The red and yellow went up and around. The eyes of the healer were on both sides. The division, the seeing around the corners. Throwing herself away, less and less of her and into the center to access the blue line up and down, full and overflowing.

The light she saw in meditation was not this light.

Then she saw a brilliant light in that space as she breathed in and out and held that breath out. In that space, which was three dimensional, there was a nanosecond of light. It was so quick, so bright, so diamond, so silver. She said her Source is a nanosecond of light that is brilliant, running. God is all time, God is all space. God is the time she puts in, in the space within looking for the Face. God cannot be forced, God cannot be taken. Om Mani Parma Om, traveling into that which covers the farthest Ones. The longer she stayed quiet, the more peaceful and loving she felt. 

She fell asleep there on the bench, feeling at peace, saying that she and the Heavenly are One. She dreamed of a great tree with water all around the bottom of it and she was standing up to her knees in the water. There was more to it but she did not write it down and so was left with the image of the big tree, which at the time just after having the dream seemed a marvelous thing. Happy New Year she said to no one in particular as she made her way home into the warmth of her house. The end. 

The tree was 9″ across or more

Rose made her way to Purcell Park and not being too anxious to vex her knees by walking, she decided to do her Qi Gong exercises beside a pond with the river behind her. It was only as she was finishing her set that she realized she was under the biggest tree and had her photo taken there. And while she was not up to her knees in water, there was the pond in front of her and the river behind her. She remembered her dream of the night and was taken aback that she failed to notice that lovely tree when she stopped there first. She loved being there for a change as she often spent time there with her children in the past when they played on the old airplane for many contented hours. 

Last night Rose went to a great after Christmas Party at Lois Crawford’s home. Rose had a very jolly time talking about dreams with a few people that shared a dream or two. She had a hard time sleeping later but managed some nods and winks until she woke about 2 am and meditated. She is looking for the “peace that passeth understanding” and sometimes feels a little glimpse of this as she insists on going inwards, deeper until she crashes into that touch of light that is nothing like anything she can describe, but is everything like she needs and wants. She hopes to put herself in the way to rise up that light of Christ so that that can make all the difference to herself and others, that is her ideal for the New Year. This is that which will make a difference to her personally, in her community and in her country. (If you raise me up I will bring all men to me.”)

She started out as a pen drawing self portrait above and evolved in the last day or two with the colors.

As the New Year comes in, my feeling of anticipation is less. I hope to do a poster board representing what I want to bring into the New Year coming, 2019. I will put some representation of my ideal there. Hopefully I will not forget what I am about. I want to be of service to others through my gift of the dream interpretation. Come share in this through dream counseling and I will help you find your ideal and your gift that speaks to the reason why we are both here in this lovely blue planet. It will speaks to the Druid Bernie’s original question above; why we are here in the first place. Happy New Year. Love from Rose.

Thirty nine year anniversry, married in Ireland on 29th December 1979

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pps this is the link to blog I wrote last year. https://roselongworth.com/2017/12/28/at-the-party/

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Dream from the Anima

Foraging yellow kinglet went up one side of the tree and down the other side and flew in front of my face to show me its beautiful yellow markings.

After the Druid Bernie left she thought she would get her new warm knitted socks on and go on a walkabout, as it was a fine evening and she liked watching the birds, with the sun shining. She could only find one of her socks. Where could the other one have gone? Then she searched the usual place of the socks; she searched her clothes; under chairs and beds, by the doors, in the blankets but had to settle for an older worn pair. When she put her foot into her boot, after warming the boot on the hob, it was then that she found her sock. It had stayed in her boot, lining it and not visible. Her foot pushed it down before her toes and it felt like an errant mouse scrunched in the bottom. She thought of all the times things had gone missing on her lately and felt like giving a long list of memory failures to the inanimate sock, but let it go.

Work in progress

Because it was the end of the year, the Druid Bernie was going around asking questions randomly of people – “Why do you think you are here and having answered that, why are you doing what you are doing now today.”…. As in sojourning on the earth and what is the reason for all this fuss of your life.

Yellow kinglet

The two women at the local market did not want to answer either question and continued venting about the chief druid, and all the things he does that are incorrect. One was sipping a hot drink, as it was cold and she looked very pale and shivery. She could not be persuaded from her task of venting. Another said she was there to help her friend pack up after the market because she wanted to help her. The Druid seemed happy with this talk and as they walked to her home, he said the latter had the right idea, that finding ways to give love, to be a servant was in the right direction.

The new socks

As she was getting the turf fire higher she heard the Druid Bernie say that she does have free will. She remembered one of her village grandmothers’ saying she did have free will to choose her attitude, the rest was a matter of having an accepting attitude to what ever life dished up to her.  The druid said that if she could accept that, she would be able to move forward more lightly on her path. 

The lovely river attracts a lot of birds

“Okay,”she said, “so I accept I can choose my attitude, redirect my attention to other thoughts, so now what.” The Druid said that it all depends on the intuition, the dreams, the meditations, inklings, the holy writings. That is a lot of variables she said.

Mariah said, “I have an attitude of making some lovely tea for you and I am glad you are brightening up my room right now and that we can share. I do not have any milk this morning for your tea, as the dwarves let me know there are some problems with delivery.

A little mood just caught in her thoughts.

Will I get in a mood about that Druid Bernie wondered out loud? “Well there you have it” she said, “what mood are you going to choose about this tea?” He pulled out an orange and offered her some and he sipped his tea without the milk. They got in a very good form as the mood enhancing tea took its effect. “I have redirected my attention from my greedy desire for milk in my tea” said the Druid with a half smile.

Some of the family

The Druid said he had a dream of being with another fellow, who was helpful. This fellow wanted him to write out his ten favorite words. He showed him ten favorite words left on the wall by a woman who had been there recently. The only word he brought back from the dream wall was “Lest”. Mariah turned the tables on the Druid and quizzed him. He said the word “lest” was one his grandmother used, as a caution, to make sure and do something “lest you end up a lazy old slob etc.” She used it many times to force him into the way, the path she thought he should go. “What is wrong with that?” asked Mariah.

“Well now that I am an old Leprechaun, I have to make sure I am not using this method on myself to force myself to do certain things lest my Grandmother’s curse come upon. My job is to look to the dreams and intuition to help me. My inner woman is that woman who left the word for me in the dream, “Lest.” I have to look again at what was put into me from a very young age by the women in my life, mother and grandmother. ” Oh I see” she said. “Yes, Grandmother was a formidable matriarch and had a strong influence on me in a strangling way and it is my job to loosen those bands and drop them.” “Do not drop them on my floor” she said as she swept the last of the dirt out the door. “My old grandmother’s attitude will not serve me well now as I try and let go of all the “lest” in my life.Thanks for the help with the dream” and he went his way.

Grandmother and her Lest

When Uisneach came home, Mariah talked about their ten favorite words as they played their game of bones. They took out pieces of paper and wrote down many words, which were crossed out just as often. They settled for the words that came up through the game and make up poems for each other with the words that presented themselves. These words gave them license to say things, to consider things they might not bring out into the open, otherwise. They felt they went on a path where the spirit was leading, giving them mighty words, which they flung around the room letting them land where they may, ringing in laughter into all corners of the house. Some others joined, brought in by the laughter and there was music and good cheer before the night was over. They finished up with the song “Love is my Religion” sang by the band  “Melon and The Batticus.” Mariah was very grateful for a full and fun filled evening, having laughed her sides sore.   The end. 

Happy Holidays, Happy Christmas, Happy Solstice and Sat Nam to all my readers. Hope that you find all your favorite words to fall out of your mouth, and all your favorite foods to fall into your mouth. I was cooking lions mane mushrooms which I got in the market and other winter vegetables as that is my task for the party.

All the above came to the party and while they may look serious, there was a lot of laughter and even though the joke was on me a time or two, I laughed more than 200 time that evening. Let me know if you like or if you laugh as a result of the above words.Love from Rose.


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Mariah was sick of all that sweet stuff hanging around, cookies presented so well, breads of all shapes and sizes, oozing with juicy oils, smelling of marvelous spices, and toffied at the edges, all to celebrate winter setting in, in earnest. The sweet treats did not sit so well in her guts. She was determined to eat no more of them, yet if they were in front of her she was apt to reach over in spite of her best intentions and pull out a magnificent clump and swallow it whole even though it is laden with fats and sugars of all kinks. She was currently just a little bit swollen in the wrong places and resolved to make some of her mother’s favorite oatmeal squares to balance everything up.

Looking into the bowl of oatmeal

When her mother made the squares, she would get cut or whole oats and throw boiling water on it and let it sit in a warm place. She added some bran if she had it and some seeds if she had them, even some seaweed and or salt.  After the water was soaked in, her mother would stand over the bowl and squeeze the oats with her bare hands, until it became a bit slimy, creamy. As a child she was sometimes allowed to get her little hands and arms into the mixture. She patiently waited beside her mother’s often-pregnant belly, to be allowed to do such things. Or she would just move in when her mother made a foray to make sure the fire was right for cooking the oatmeal. She worked in some salt and or seaweed then. She used some butter or animal fat or nut butters or sesame butter. Sometimes she had some sesame butters on hand that she got from the Druid. She liked the latter the best. He got it from the dwarves who had many things on sale for gold.  

Mariah was trying not to be Greedy for gold

Then she flattened the thick mixture out on her big iron pans, made squares on it  and covered it, placed it in the coals on the fire, put some red coals on top of the lid and set it to cooking. When it started to burn or brown at the edges, it was time to take it out of the coals. It was always best when fresh out of the pan, with some butter and or honey and a hot cup of tea. The Druid sure had a nose for such fare and was sure to show up around the time it was ready. 

All the family loved oatmeal squares

She told him a dream, which included the fact that she wanted to go to the money keepers and avoid letting her friend know she had all her information about her gold. But first there was a problem with her hair. There was a streak of gooey mixture on it and no matter where she went to wash it out she was blocked. The stream went underground, the bog hole was dried up, the door was locked to the bathhouse. She was so frustrated. The druid said that, as the hair was what came out of her head, there fore that would represent her thoughts. There was something wrong with her thoughts about the woman she was dreaming about. 

Something stuck in her hair that needed washing out.

Well, she and the woman of her dream had had a fallen out, and while Mariah wanted to fix things up, and had sent a note to her to this affect, she had not been successful in mending the breach between them. The druid thought she should think again about what had happened between them and consider that she is blocked because she is set in her attitude that she is right and that the other is wrong. Mariah did not like very much what he was saying, as a few grains of honeyed oats slid down his chin as he talked with his mouth full of her oatcakes. He looks like a horse she though. 

Watching the druid eating the oat cakes.

She tried to correct the druid to let him know she had done everything to get back with her friend but he just looked at her from underneath his bushy white eyebrows, with his piercing blue eyes and they dropped the subject. 

Later as she ambled about in the maze of well-kept lanes, she though she would tell the druid the whole story of how she stopped helping her friend in the past when her own gold had dried up. Maybe she would tell him she had cut her off, as she felt resentful of some perceived slights and thinking her friend should help her now. She spoke harshly of the good she had done in the past. Maybe she would confess to taking the love that had been between her and her friend, since they were children, and confess to letting it fall down in the hard times. Maybe the druid would have some advice to give her about how to mend the breach with her friend. That last note she sent to her friend had been met with complete silence. The end. 

To mend the breach, to forge the path

If you, like Mariah have stories you would prefer not to tell, and it causes some dream stories of their own, then this time of the year is a perfect time for going into the unconscious to unlock the place of cleansing, the place of getting the thoughts cleaned up. I put the dream story above together from some fragments I heard lately. I put some sacred music on today and cooked some oatmeal squares to try and keep my thought out of cookies and to try and not be too cookie so that Christmas Day can surround me in all its calmness and peace. Happy Christmas to all my readers. Love from Rose.

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Cleansing by Fire

On Sunday morning I asked a group of fellow meditators to pray for me after we had meditated for an hour together. I was dealing with my toothache and wanted some help. It can be a little difficult to ask a group for help but the pain did not give me leave to ignore this opportunity for some relief. 

This tree is down a long time now and is rich in litchens

So I stood up and asked to be held in the light. They were a diverse group ranging from twenties to eighties. Some had a life long meditation practice, others less often and less long. My request was held for a minute in silence, while I was held in the light.

Moments after I sat down, I felt a fire in my stomach. It was an abnormal heat, in the bowl of my pelvis, all the way up to my belly button, where my guts reside. It just appeared and stayed there. I immediately connected it with my request for healing. It lasted maybe fifteen minutes. Was my elements melting with fervent heat as a result of “all holy conversation and godliness?”(2 Peter 3) I read about the coming cleansing by fire and linked it to my request to be held in the light.

I often go to the Park on Sundays as I pass close by the entrance. It had rained for a few days and I had not been out much so even though it was still raining a little, I put on my coat and went walking and exercising. It felt just like what the doctor ordered. I took my pictures and was joined by another for a bit. I felt I could not have asked for more.

Later in the week there was a squirrel on the place where I park my car. It was hardly moving and I could see later there was a painful looking bump on its back bone. He could move but only slowly. It just got to me even though I am not in love with the squirrel in general but this poor unfortunate really got to my heart and I began calling him a sentient being.  

The black cat that was on my porch this morning sitting on my electric blanket, preening himself, leaving a slightly damp place on the blanket from licking himself, left a certain amount of hairs there. I knew he was there from seeing him through the window. But by the time I was out the door onto the porch he was gone. I mention him because he must have found the trace of the squirrel on the lawn and when I came home yesterday evening, he was stalking low on the grass smelling the grass. When he saw me he looked my way with a glassy look in his eyes but did not stop. He lay down on the grass and was rubbing his cheeks alternatively on the grass as if he was totally in love with what he was doing. I let him have his joy but hoped the squirrel had acquired some safe place or had died. Nature has to have its way too.

Walking in the park

My street can be a fast moving place for a squirrel or for a motorist turning into Sterling street. No accidents lately. Hopefully the angels on the corners are holding back any bad luck intended for there.

The stick fell from the tree and laid in very uniform geometric platterns of parallel lines and triangles.

Sometimes I find myself in the position of talking to a grieving person who is so lost to accept the death of a beloved person in their life. Again I felt like dissolving into a puddle as the person cried and cried. I admonished myself to not loose the grip in my role as counselor. I find myself burbling on about birth into this world and the birth out into the other worlds at the end of life. There are over sixty five books about near death experiences. Then I always ask if the person has had a dream or two of the deceased. No not yet but her mother had an experience while cooking dinner of his presence and his wanting certain foods and in certain amounts. This spoke to the grieving person, as the deceased loved food in large quantities. This always helps the person and may also bring in the consideration of the existence of life beyond death. I have become a strong believer in such possibilities from my own experience with in my family. I have blogged about my sister Mary and Mother, both of whom are deceased in the last ten years.

Beautiful in transformation

I am hoping to have a few dreams with the full moon coming, with a meteor shower and solstice all coming together. I will go to a Kundalini Meditation event at the Center here on Saturday, 22nd at 6pm with Siri Amrita. I attended her last yoga class of the year last Monday and had an experience after she played the singing bowl, made of crystal I believe.

I love the fast moving water

My experience was of going around with the sound now going around in the top of my head, as she made her bowl sing by going around the rim of the bowl. It was very loud. I do not think I slept, as how could I, with the volume of sound it made? At the end, I got up and looked around at a loss to remember what had just happened, including forgetting the sound and the bowl experience. Then it came back to me. This sound is said to clear out our minds in a beneficial way and that is what happened.  I am looking forward to the gong experience. 

The stream is fast flowing near by, over the rim of the handlebars of what I call the rocking horse exerciser.

I am finishing up my work for this year but will be back to counseling in the New Year. Doing dream work is a lovely New Year present to give to you. The ego will not want you to do it but sometimes we have to wrestle with it and win what it takes to open to our potential, as in moving up to a new dimension of ourselves, finding our creativity, finding the fast moving stream in our psyche. I hope you do that, as the world needs this kind of attention and love, through you the individual and then in a ringing out unto others in this coming year. Happy New Year to my readers. May yours be filled with loving service and all your feelings filled with heartfelt love. Love from Rose.

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Mariah’s Toothache

Mariah had a little tooth ache

She tried to ignore her tooth for as long as she could because of her previous experiences with the dwarves. She forgot about her tooth most of the time but experience had thought her that this ignorance is not bliss and she needed to make her move before the weather got too bad and made travel impossible. A cold swallow, which gave her a sharp pain, first thing that morning, got her thinking in the right direction of taking care of the problem. 

Snow fall

However when she looked out the door, she saw that a few inches of snow had fallen. She had to think twice about going out. Uishneach had been out already and in again and had trailed a bunch of snow all over the place. She felt in a temper about these mud puddles and threw his house slippers at him as she admonished him to not track any more mud into the living space. He was in no mood to remove his shoes for her but her glare changed his mind. She watched him take off one shoe for a few minutes and absently mindedly put it on again.

She wanted to tell him of the latest nerve jumping in her mouth. He wondered how she would be able to get to see the tooth dwarves, seeing as, she was against getting snow on shoes. She said testily that she would use her bat wings. Uishneach though this was funny. She relaxed, as she wondered what she would do now. Uishneach found his potion of clove oil, which she rubbed on her offending tooth.

They usually held the offending weapon behind their backs until she was half out of it and would quietly submit to their method of leverage. Once she fainted when she was young and the dwarf though she was dead but she came quickly around and he sent her home refusing to do anything else with her offending mouth that day. He sent for a pitcher and drank deeply of some strong smelling liquid to calm his nerves.

The dwarf kept some secrets under his hat.

At lunch time Druid Bernie came in to her turf fire with his feet frozen and wet. She poured some hot water into a tin tub and he pulled up his brown robes, bared his knobby knees and rested into the warmth of the hot water. She gave him some tea and refused her glass of stronger stuff saying he was a little afraid of such stuff while there was a threat of more snow around. After he was suitably heated she mixed some of the clove oil with other oils she kept and a mutton tallow mixture and he rubbed it into his feet and lower legs. His socks and shoes dried out on the hob and he was very pleased to feel warm and toasty again.

She would wait until the afternoon and see if the sun melted the snow enough for a little travel. She would try and find out which tooth dwarf would be available, the father or the daughter, and send word to find out when would be a good time to arrive for some attention. The dwarves had to have their own ways about which method they used. What ever they did she would have to breath deeply, drink a potion and hope it would be over before she figured out which method they would use.

Mariah told Druid Bernie a dream about her teeth. She had a dream that one of her top teeth, toward the front of her mouth, had three diamonds, shining brightly out of her mouth. He hummed and hawed and went off into a speal about teeth being the defense and that if you dream of them all falling out than your defenses are down. No, her teeth are not falling out, except for the one needing to be taken out. Maybe it is connected he said. Mariah was impatient with his connection to defenses. She did not have an “ahah” moment about that.

The Dwarf from Egypt

She said that the diamonds, were three in number and full of light.  He said he once knew a dwarf, who came from Egypt, who had a big diamond in one of his teeth. He thought it was for show. She had though of talking to the dwarf about having a gold bar made to put in her nose, if she could get the gold from Uishneach, to balance up the little lines forming all over her face. The druid laughed. It is the inner golden light of the soul that counts, not the diamond light in her mouth. Besides, he said to her face, that she was inclined to chew over things too much. She was a little grumpy about his smug remarks. She would try and not chew on it too much.

Sunshine coming through the branches

She looked out the door again. The sun was shining and a thaw had set in. She went to find the dwarf of the teeth. He showed her some replacement teeth he had, some shell and bones. Where did that bone come from she wondered, and as if he heard her, he noted it was from one of her ancestors and would probably fit in very well with her other teeth if he stitched it into place. She felt a little disgusted. He looked in her mouth and said he could probably repair her tooth, grind it smooth where it had become bald looking and finish off with some resin he had acquired. It would last a few years, he said.

The grille

She asked him about diamonds on her tooth and he said no bother if she had the diamonds and asked her would she like a gold grill as well. She did not have the gold. The dwarf and his assistant held her mouth open, almost dislodged her jaw, scuffed up her lips and generally made her feel smothered. But she forbore all this to have the nerve pain fixed, which it was. She bit the side of her jaw as the numbness wore off.

The pain stick was made from special wood and infused with the oil of the weeds.

When she visited her friends that evening, for a surprise birthday party, she complained about her tooth trials. They gave her the pain stick and some mint oils for her neck and jaw. Then they gave her a heated pillow of rice and she placed it on her neck to relieve the remaining pain and she settled into enjoying the party. There was marvelous music and Bart and Melone sang “Love is my religion.” Everyone joined in and a great time was had by all. The end.  

One of the musicians
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Angels and Stars

Angels of Joy visited today and left that lovely snow on top of everything, easy to brush away and eye candy for those of us in love with a white morning. The angel brought beauty to our eyes and delight to our feelings. We were in the snow globe looking out the windows everywhere to the white feathery flakes falling.

I made my way to the PT place and went into the wrong parking lot due to the cover of snow on everything. I locked my car. The parking signs were different but that did not stop me going toward the door. There I found a much different door and at last stopped and realized this was not where I was supposed to be. It felt a little surreal, like a dream even, until I realized what I had done.

I am working hard on getting my legs in order with the help of the PT team. I try and explain where I am at, to my therapist, fearing to be too enthusiastic, in case the treatment ceases, and at the same time knowing I am making some progress. Some healing is going on in the dark recesses of my psyche. Am I able to walk she asks. I avoid it like the plague I reply. In reality the pain levels have gone from a ten to a three. I am feeling warmer in my lower half all over. I am exercising their exercises for an hour or more each day.

In addition I am interspersing yoga breathing into my exercises, doing breath of fire sometimes and at other times other complicated yoga breath exercises I learned in my Kundalini class. These are accompanied with words, in another language, prayers really. And I am using my familiar Our Father to center me in my body also.

Bible study can be a lot of fun

And just for good measure I have an array of oils, some plain like castor oil, others like peanut and olive oil as well as pine needle and sassafras oil mixed. While I am doing all of the above I am rubbing in oil to offending places, fingers, neck, lower back, knees and feet to name a few. A yellow band is around my kness some of the time to create tension in the body part being exercised.After about an hour or more of the above, I go into my meditation period for a further time, totally relaxed, and ready for some silence, some releasing with the breath, some waiting to be blessed and some blessing of my own for others.I finish off with “The Lord is my shepherd” psalm 23.

Other modalities I am using are castor oil packs, and exercise in the water, hot tub, baths, gelatin salads with lots of raw vegetables and an alkaline diet in general, avoiding constipation like the plague also. This is working for the most part except when I travel home from New York, do not drink enough water and generally graze the potluck fare presented to me.

I have a castor oil consciousness as I have used castor oil packs since my twenties after reading about them in the Edgar Cayce Readings (edgarcayce.com.) Castor oil is known as the “Palm of Christ” in Europe. I did not hear of it in Ireland and my mother did not make use of it in any way. I love it as a massage oil. 


As you can see from my agenda above it takes what it takes to change things around. But the big categories remain the same. Exercise, relaxation, diet, etc are all needed. Getting the unconscious involved for me is also part of what I am doing. I draw pictures of my hip pain sometimes and I feel that brings in another level of awareness and consciousness. The art brings me around the corner to see what will help, what will heal.

I love working with dreams. I sometimes am drawn around the corner and see more than is obvious. I love this connection that comes in amid the art and the attention to dreams. The Psychoanalytic is the way for me. I sprinkle in the cognitive behavioral as needed also as the both together are a great combination. Deciding what to do as a result of having a dream is acknowledging the unconscious, paying attention, being in the moment and disciplining self for a new way forward. The cognative/behavioral piece is “do the exercises, Rose.”

I loved visiting with my family in New York, taking a break from my life here in Harrisonburg. Being with my three grown children and my sister, who is soon to retire to Ireland was a lot of fun, especially the music connection. We made a music video under the direction of my music daughter and we laughed a lot.

I will conclude with a short piece I wrote after meditation:

We are the stars, five-pointed stars, meeting others at our points and getting closer into jigsaw puzzles. When we withdraw in meditation, in Jap, we go into a one pointed center in the center of our stars, that brings us close to others, as they are in their centers, and this is the place of the portal to the center of God, inside and outside, into the collective unconscious that holds those who can help us and those we want to help. Dreams may come from the collective center with some message for everyone or from the individual center to help me and others we are concerned with. Love from Rose.

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Addiction Support

I have been promising Adam Cook to put a guest article on my page for some time.  He is concerned with addictions. I was an addictions counselor in my earlier career before retiring and working with dream counseling. I love the way he lists out all the thing that are helpful.

Adam’s work in this article is to show us some important things to look out for in working through issues. His mission is aligned with AddictionHub’s to help people find support with issues relating to addiction.

The following is Adam’s article.

Artwork by Rose

Recovering from addiction is hard.  Determination is required to get past the isolation, mental blocks and depression of withdrawal.  It is, however, possible for addicts to overcome these issues. Here are a few tips for those in recovery to get their lives back on track, so they can truly thrive.

The importance of connectivity

One of the deepest human needs is for bonding on a deep level.  Social connectionis a critical part of overall mental health and well-being.  As such, the lack of connection is one of the main causes of addiction.  Over the past few decades, a lack of social bonding has been repeatedly tied to increased drug use. However, the opposite is also true, and, in many cases, inserting social interaction back into the life of an addict greatly eases the recovery process.  Connection is paramount in recovery, so getting into some kind of social group is critical. Consider joining a class – yoga and meditationclasses are easy to find and have the added benefit of helping develop your mental health. 

Mindfulness meditationhelps to focus yourself on the root causes of your addiction, ultimately allowing yourself to release the negative emotions and come to terms with your experiences.  In a group setting, it can also provide support in emotionally vulnerable moments. 

Follow a regular exercise regimen

Regular exercise has proven benefits to contribute to your recovery.  To start with, exercise– particularly cardio – releases good-feeling chemicals like endorphins and serotonin in your brain, which create a high feeling that may ease withdrawal and also boost feelings of self-value and self-esteem.  Addiction rewires the way your brain operates, but exercise helps foster the development of new neural pathways and creates new neurons in the hippocampus, which controls learning and memory.  Together, these neurological effects help to heal your brain. The best part is that there are plenty of exercise optionsto explore such as walking, swimming, or group fitness classes, and they all boost your recovery. 

The other major part of exercise is the establishment of a routine.  Routines combat withdrawal because they provide something for the recovering addict to expect and anticipate.  If you choose to do your daily exercise at the same time when you would have used drugs or alcohol, you can take care of that step in your routine while fostering your physical and mental health.  Finally, exercise also reduces the stress hormones in your body, making it easier for you to get a full night’s sleep and wake up refreshed the next day.

Spend time in nature

When you’re experiencing withdrawal, it can be tempting to sit quietly at home all the time. However, nature can be surprisingly helpful.  A series of studies found that people can feel psychologically renewed after just fifteen minutes of time spent outdoors.  Adding in a short walk or a deeper level of nature (a hiking trail as opposed to an urban park, for instance) heightened the positive effects.  Increasing the exposure to an hour or more began to show similar neurological effects to exercise, effects that could combat depression and increase feelings of interconnectivity.  

Additionally, it’s difficult to refocus your life when you’re dealing with constant levels of stress.  Nature can help – going for a walk outdoors each day significantly lower your regular, resting amount of stress hormones.  These effects have been even more pronounced in people dealing with disorders or addiction. 

Find a hobby you enjoy

One final simple way to reset your life is by acquiring a hobby or two.  While it may seem overly easy, having something that you enjoy and look forward to can be powerfully impactful for recovery, greatly reducing the chances of a relapse.  Learning a hobby in a group setting can also boost your self-confidence while providing a group of supportive, like-minded individuals. Finally, hobbies – even ones as simple as reading a book or birdwatching – stimulate your mind, forming additional neurons and extending your mind’s longevity.

The most important part of recovery is connection.  Whether you pursue meditation, group exercise classes, hiking, or birdwatching, try to find a group to join.  With time and support, you can overcome your addiction and begin to thrive.

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