And then the Elastic Snapped.

A dream is like a blue jug in the middle of everything. It needs to be poured out. It is in the pouring out that the miracle happens.

 I am sleeping under the eves for a few months now and I am getting used to the sounds the long wooden oak beams make during hot or really cold times and I am hearing the patter of tiny feet onto the roof made by my fellow sentient beings where they jump from the tree, newly grown up, and onto the gable end. I hear birds in the gutters getting a drink in that one that is not draining well or just poking around in the gutters looking for some sentient larvae or other, to eat.

Spring time in my yard. I thought these green stems were weedy grass until I saw the marvelous purple.

When I looked out my new great window in the attic, the other morning, I see what looks like a rather long wet stain on the green tin roof. Something a little large must have relieved himself there. I did not hear the whole affair. But It  was newly done as it had not rained. It looked like a narrow stream and then a round wet space at the end where it accumulated before dribbling down out into the gutter. 

One of the attic windows

Maybe the Daddy Squirrel is trying to lure a new female here, as the other one and her two babies, have been relocated to Hill and Dale Park a few short miles from here. I worry they are packing their suitcases even now and are planning a come back. At any rate there is no shortage of replacement squirrels in the area.


There is a central space in the attic that goes up into a pyramid shape

Before starting my chants last night, I had found my elastic band and after several tries had made a loop, which I felt would fit around my knees. I needed some resistance when I did the half shell knee exercise, during my chanting. The halfclam shell consists of lying on your side, knees pulled up and the upper leg then raises as far as it can for the count of five seconds. It affects the buttocks where the muscles meet tail bone and lumber area of the spine. It has a way of relaxing the area there.

Exercising in the dark

I had reached the third chant, which I think is so beautiful, even as I am not a great singer. It always brings me into my heart and I am raising within. It was at this moment that the week kneed elastic band choose to snap, just like that.. and I was almost at a loss as to where to place the sound. The chanting must have created an altered state. The unmistakable snap and my conscious mind kicked back in and I realized what had happened. 

Sunshine shadows from the attic

The only thing I could do was laugh to myself out loud in that attic space raising the rafters a little and making the place a little more my own. I took advantage of that mirth to go on a little long as I welcomed such bouts of tummy rippling. It got me past my freak out point so that all manner of things are well. 

From the Dream World – Dream of the Sheep and the Polar Bears.

The sheep are in the corner of a pen and they are jumping up on each other, as they are afraid and cornered. Then the sheep start to turn into Polar Bears. 

Cornered in a box

The images of the sheep and the polar bears brings some conversation about letting go of the farming of the sheep due to it being retirement time. 

The dream is not about this but about the sheep being cornered. 

The dreamer’s attitude and emotion’s are somehow being cornered in himself in such a way that is negative. There is the fear of the sheep and the morphing into a fearful animal also to be considered.  

Mama had her own attitude and emotions.

Many people are fearful of the current virus in such a way that is negative to them.

A man gets attitude and emotions from his mother.

He says his mother was a wonderful person. 

A young son especially soaks up what the mother wants to a point where the young son puts his own feelings and emotions away in favor of what the mother wants. It did not matter when he was a child and he was called a very good child.

Of course a Dad is important to a young son also.

However in later life, his obedience to his mother’s bidding perhaps, to the bidding of the negative anima inside is not helpful to his relationship to other women or to his God in the current moment. 

So looking into this dream should bring him to his moods, attitude and emotions. He might note he has a lot of negative things to say about politics, to society in general. Perhaps he is feeling his age and is bitter about this seemingly pointed slide toward old age and passing into death’s door. 

Perhaps an ability to see what life is really about will beset him, until he realizes that he is here for the joy of his soul and his soul will be delighted to go to the other side when life’s lessons are finally learned and his should would be delighted to sit and discuss his dream.

Where the soul cries for us to facilitate it’s joy.

Some more detailed looking at this dream will help him consider what he might do as a result of having this dream 

He might consider establishing a meditation time to get in touch with his shadow emotions which he is very free to vent. He could get a dream journal and start recording all his dreams instead of jumpig up  like the sheep in his dream, feeling cornered and rushing into a fearful day, not knowing what is biting at his heels, and letting his fears get a lot bigger, as he does not force the fears into the safe spaces that show up in meditation and journaling.

With or without the dreams I recommend that you meditate and establish your relationship with God, that you are protected by the awesome energies that are there for the taking, that only need your daily time to engage. I recommend a minute for every year of your life, as a starting point. May you be in the Spirit. I will pray for you and you can pray for me. Boomerang is the name of the game in prayers, they come back to you and find a home in your heart, with wings on. 

Love from Rose.  

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Stop Squirreling Around

The squirrels have invaded the space above my porch and there is sometimes constant chewing and activity up there. So here I am with my hands joined at the chest, with five pounds of pressure between them and my thumbs pushing into my sternum and the noise above starts up.

I hold my prayer pose, but my meditation is hijacked and my mind jumps. Letting go of the constant movement, two baby squirrels playing, or chewing was a challenge.

I thought of Vicks, because a sales rep at the CSB once told me that squirrels do not like that cool smell on them. I was having a little trouble some years ago also, asking everyone and anyone what to do with them. There are squirrels in Ireland in the cities I think, but were not on our farm.

So I reset myself, which involved saying the squirrels are there to help me see what I do with my thoughts. I pulled back my projections and saw the seeds of all hassle with squirrels. I noticed these thoughts sit on top of all my father’s energies relating to animals that got out of line in his book. He could be a bit severe.   

I asked God for some help. I then realized that the problem is not with the squirrels but with my roof that needs attention. As soon as I saw the squirrel pulling at that piece of tin that prevented him getting in there, I should have gotten help and that was some weeks ago. 

Poking the ceiling under the squirrels at play above my head ultimately did not help anything. Poking at my own thoughts, and pulling them up for the weeds that they are is the only thing that helped. My thoughts cause stress and tension and an avoidance of seeking help for the squirrel problem. 

Where it goes from here I do not know. As I came down the stairs to greet the day, I thought of another person I trust. We have spoken about dreams in the past as he completed work at my house. 

He had a number of squirrel stories to tell me of his son’s house and it is not a pretty tale of squirrels breaking back in after they were thrown out and a battle to keep them out. 

I guess I will have to ask for more help in prayer and meditation for this to be resolved in a good and timely way so that all manner of things can be well, even squirrels. 

I continue to try and bless instead of having an attitude of grumbling. There is little I can control except my attitude. Keeping worry and anxiety out of my head about this situation even as it is being resolved is the challenge. I cannot expect my sensitive stomach to be in the vagus mode, quietly digesting and being creative with what I am eating, if I slip into the fight the squirrels’ mode. 


The other mountain coming into my horizon is the mountain of God. How do I really ask for help. The promise is that my leg and hip pain issues can be helped by God. The holy Spirit works in the heart chakra with groanings. All these years I have been asking and I have described the ups and downs of such struggles. At present I feel I am simmering on top of this possibility.

I have slipped into doing Aquarian Sadna in the night and toward the morning, whenever I wake up. I usually have had a good chunk of sleep by 2 or 4 in the morning. I do not set an alarm but once I wake I know what I will do next. 

White Iris that came with my house

I surround myself with the protection prayer and then chant the various chants for anything from 5 to 22 minutes, as recommended. The time flies by.  I might do some of the recommended exercises for my back during this time (I mostly did pelvic tilts last night) or just put my hands in prayer pose.

From a dream about a mirror – trying to break out of the box.

I am listening for intuition during this time. I have come to love these chants and for the way they make me feel. When I stop I feel the expansiveness in my chest, my worried forehead is smooth again, I can feel energy moving in my body that I usually do not feel. 

From the dream about my soul

There is one chant I struggle with, while I know the others for some time. Sometimes I will try and remember it trying to see the words without help and sometimes I will put on the flashlight and look at the words. Either way it is a journey, which leaves me in peace by the end.  

Afterwards I notice I can have some dreams and I think I had a dream of my soul.

I had spoken to my friend the day before and he said the Hopi Indians said that the times are here for God to open the door in the top of the head. (He had a dream that included the image of working on the top of someone’s head, making adjustments down in the scull.) 

Blooming in the garden right now

My dream included a huge door that was open. Inside is a woman (I know) encased in a net, and doing “soul work” on the floor. There is divine music playing. She is making these lunges, even as she is in the net and she is crying, distraught loud. I almost walk in but realize I cannot and I start weeping outside the door. 

This was a strongly felt dream complete with the music coming through the open door. That is what sacred chants do for you. They open the door. This morning I keep putting on the alarm so I could wake up with a dream. Then I dream a  man in blue colors, greets me with a sideways hug, that lifts me off the ground. Perhaps he knows about social distancing. It felt pretty good. 

Sign up for my blog and that puts you on my prayer list. Prayers boomerang back to you and give you a wonderful happy slap. Happy dreaming to you until the next time. 

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Moriah and the Magpie Cipeens(sticks)

Moriah was in the inner rooms of her house cleaning out the last of the mice after the winter. She had a new white cat called Puddy Woody with a dark patch on the end of his tail that was helping. Some believed that this dark patch grew in proportion to the number of mice she kept out of Moriah’s house.

Where the sun came peeping in at morn

She heard a big commotion outside her house and realized the local drunk was outside. She thought of the last time he came in and scattered the ashes of his pipe on her floor and how he pontificated and lied while under the alcoholic influence of poteen. She was thankful she had changed the locks and did not have to deal with him, even as he crashed around outside.

One eye open and one eye closed –

Some months earlier, she decided that he would never darken her door again, and bring in all kinds of dirt on his shoes and out of his mouth. At that time she had gone out to that pile of rejected magpie sticks and picked two of the longest and the most crooked and half walked and half ran at him, with her eyes flaring in anger and pointed those sticks at him and said her truth ordering him out and never to come back.

He was caught off guard at her lack of decorum, her lack of meekness, as her words tripled up, coming out of her mouth. Her people would not like this lack of gentleness and hospitality. Surely he was hers to care for no matter what! But she felt in her heart this strangeness, this feeling of murder, of being transgressed one time too many and would not be stopped in her gallop, like a murder of crows after a young hawk.

From a dream

Her blood pressure went up just thinking about it all. So she took a deep breath and banked up the turf in the fire, blew on it a little until the cipeens blazed up under the clods of turf and settled down to let the fire become a bundle of coals. She had some fresh rhubarb stalks and she wanted to bake some pies and she had intentions of lacing the pie pieces with whipped cream.

As she sat there in the growing heat, a piece of turf coal jumped out on to a flagstone in front of her and sent up twirls of smoke. She watched the smoke rise into a shaft of sunshine coming in one of the windows. As the smoke rose, she could see all the different beautiful patterns rising to the left and right of the coal. The smoke was blue in color and some rose in long curly whisps and other into shorter clouds with their own unique patterns weaving in the warm air.

A nest in the making

Those patterns brought her eyes up to that great arrangement of twigs, high in the branches, carrying the speckled eggs, belonging to the magpies. She thought of that arrangements between the two birds to let the female decide on this nest and the male carry in all manner of sticks, which she would use until she had a nest that was well in all manner of ways.

It did not matter to either of the birds that most of the sticks were rejected, flung out of the growing nest and landing at the base of the tree. They became firewood for Moriah’s fire.

The couple followed their goal of building something round and safe for the new brood. Mariah was trying to make her house safe and round for herself and keeping him out was a definite goal. She thought he must surely bring her something she could use but it was the same story and she no longer got fire in her eyes for him, but knew how to keep him out. He could definitely look in the windows but not out her windows.

As the mother bird would not tolerate anything that did not fit into the roundness near the sky, so Moriah was rejecting him as one of the wrong kinds of sticks to have in her life and he could no longer make presentations to her of any kind.

As the momma magpie was in in the process of growing some round miracles eggs to be laid soon, Moriah was forming her own goals now for growing her new forming worlds and for bringing out something that shines and full of flight.

As Moriah though of this, she warmed up some more and fell asleep and in that sleep this dream came to her, and when she thought of it afterwards, it gave her pause.

He was pointing to rebellion

An old black bird man, sitting in the corner, was pointing her in a direction toward youthful rebelling girls and boys, yelling and brandishing arms, in one of her inner rooms. He asked her to notice this young green spring rebellion and she should consider those green guns ready to shoot her into something new.

The pointing finger

Moriah fell forward and caught herself before falling into the coals thankful that she was awoken by the drunken yells traveling in the air away from her. She now knew she made that right decision and she turned her back on him. She was listening for the new language of harmony and love and she started making some rhubarb pie, that she could share. She knew Faith would like some and her two old women neighbors who lived alone. The end.

In my counseling work I sometimes work with people with substance abuse and also with people who have to live with the substance abuser. I got some of the dream pieces and some of the situations from others and I ran around it under the bird’s nest trying to bring out something that shines. 

Please sign up for an email bringing you my blogs, one or two a month and sometimes more. Thanks you for your reading and the agreement is I will pray for my readers. Hopefully you are a praying person and will pray for me also. The more prayers I get the shiny my words will be. Love from Rose.

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Moriah the Leprechaun wants some action.

Moriah was sitting out in the spring sunshine. She had been watching  a pair of Jackdaws going through the motions of making a nest in a tall tree in the back of her yard. She had a good view and was far enough away that her curiosity was beyond the awareness of the building birds. 

The Goddess of Spring was busy all around her.

The female was in charge of the nest. The male had the job of bringing little sticks to her to make the nest. She would take each stick in turn and both would go down into the nest and disappear. Them Moriah might see the stick being thrown over the side of the nest and land at the base of the trunk of the tree. 

One orchid bloom appeared on her plant after several failed attempts earlier – Moriah was delighted.

Then the male would have to go collect a stick form somewhere else and the ritual would repeat itself. It was taking two weeks to complete the nest. Moriah left a piece of colored shiny metal for the jackdaws and it was gone the next morning. She presumed it would make the chicks above average and their feathers full of the blue shiney. 

The jackdaws nest

One morning when Moriah was all wrapped up in her dowdiest brown and green garb, she must have blended in, for the pair of jackdaws, mated for life,  landed near where she was sitting and they proceeded to do their mating dance, with the male trying to land on the female like an unbalanced flying machine. Their coats of beautiful feathers took on a blue hue from the spring sky above as they danced around very close to Moriah.

Moriah was watching the jackdaws.

She remembered a time when she and her sister were about eight and nine years old and her sister decided to catch a baby jackdaw out in the fields. She leaped on the young bird and was so surprised when the sharp black beek, now captured between her hands and her chest was sharply attacking, so that she let it go again with a cry. 

She was looking forward to seeing how the young birds would fledge and she was looking forward to gathering up that lovely pile of kindling dropped at the foot of the tree by the jackdaws. 

There were jackdaws in other the doors nighter up.

Mariah noticed that the sap had risen in the tree above her and the catkins were all peaking out in every direction. She wondered what tales that tree would tell if they could talk to her. She had just seen a sparrow catch another sparrow by the leg, flip him upside down and hold on to the leg in the private part of the branches. She was so surprised and could hardly understand what she was seeing.

Somebody else besides the birds was upside down.

The sparrows’ lack of awareness of spiritual rule keeping seemed to be nil. When Moriah threw out the crumbs from the table, they might ignore this great bonus and leap at each other’s heads to try and run off the competition. She concluded she was not in charge of the sparrow behavior, only her own. 

The druid was approaching her door

She was surprised to see Druid Bernie coming down the lane when she was on her way in from the turf shed with an armful of sods to get the fire going and get some food cooked. She was delighted at his sudden appearance, with the only herald being a big group of starlings landing in her tree for ten minutes. She knew that meant something, but only after the Druid appeared did she realize the meaning. 

Traveling in the Wicklow Hills

He told her tales of his winter travels through the Wicklow Hills to see Glendalough, to fast and to do spiritual work with the monks. They were determined to find an understanding of the laws relating to the white shadow of the cross, to healing and to talking to Dia. 

“I want to do the same” Moriah said but the Druid waved his hand in the air and did not think she would bother herself, but to leave that sort of thing to the monks. 

She made some barley cakes for the druid as he was hungry after his travels.

Well she had got a hold of some good writings giving her some clues as to what might be involved. She was learning that being disappointed with others was to be used as a stepping stone to better things, and if she would look for the better things and expect the better things then she would stay optimistic and could ignore the depressing disappointment. 

When she told this to the Druid, he said  “Funny you should say that, but I was just thinking about that. The monks asked me to leave and I was disappointed. They did not care for my telling of the rules.” 

One of the round towers at Glendalough

He went on to explain that when he started on his way home he was greeted by a double rainbow that shone into the valley and onto the round towers and he took it as a sign that his time there was done and that the promises of Dia for him would be on the road home, where he had some lovely dreams, visions and apparitions. 

A smile from the virgin meant a lot to the Druid

He dreamed of a beautiful marbled, black and white stone, twenty feet long, that he found near the top of a cliff. His vision was of the white shadow of the cross and the power he felt when it fell on him, as he fell on his knees before it. His apparition was of a beautiful virgin smiling on him with a smile that put a warmth into him he could still feel. 

Moriah did not have any such good blessings fall on her but she make a concerted effort to pull her thoughts away many times from slights she suffered at the hands of others and only found relief when she sang some chants and seriously asked for blessings on the heads of those she found most offensive. Then she felt optimistic and let go of her ties to revenge and ick feelings. The end. 

Dear Readers, sign up for my blog if you will, let me have your comments and your likes and I will be well pleased and pray for you. I am trying to be oft in prayer  because I notice when I am not, my ideas and thought can run into negative rabbit holes and I sure do not want to stay there. Love from Rose.

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Morning Exercises of one sort and another

This is a description of a short half hour in my life. It happened at 8.00 am this morning as I went out to do Qigong on the porch. We are standing six feet apart minimum to avoid any contamination relating to the current plague we are all dealing with. 

From the JMU Arboretum

My whole job has changed for now, and involves doing counseling over the screens. Sometimes I have to deal with voice delays, dogs jumping on client’s keyboard every time he hears my voice, and general panic from myself relating to a slew of new passwords for counseling web sites. 

My tulips

Mostly I am ok now but have the urge to pull the blankets over my head first thing and wish things to be otherwise. I know I have to follow this with prayers to the Lord God of Hosts…. It always help a lot to be dragged out into the rising sun and brightening sky with an invocation to the Spirit that holds all this up in space. Saluting the Chi in little and big ways is a good start to the day. 

Dandelions – to eat or not to eat

After I got up I made sure I had some hot drink to bring with me to the porch. I filled it up twice as I had too much meat over the weekend and I needed this water helper for some reasons that will remain unmentioned here. 

I decided to be bare foot and noticed that it was not too cold and the spot I stood on warmed up quiet a bit with the help of my body heat and when I had to change feet positions I went back time and again to my foot spots, now noticeable in the lengthening grass.  

More flowers at the Arboretum

The tulips closed up overnight and looked all together compared to yesterday in the heat of the day when they looked like they were all undone, all leaves fully open. If I catch them at the right time of the day the black shiny in the center looks totally blue as it reflects the sky.

These paper white daffodils are also in my yard.

A cardinal, above me on the wires over my hedge got my attention, singing in the now bright sunshine. I looked up just as it decided to fly down to the spot I was now occupying, on the lawn. I saw how he adjusted at the last minute and avoided a crash with my face. I could feel the brush of wing go past the side of my face. 

No shortage of greens this springtime -only toilet paper.

I wondered if he was mate to the female cardinal who started a nest, between some branches in my back yard tree yesterday. She inserted a piece of white plastic, 3” by 1”and just left it there. Her mate was very near to her at the time and another male on the branches lower down. The wind blew the plastic down and away before long. The tree is leafing out and so lovely in its pale green coat. No sign of the cardinal follow up at that nest site, at this time. 

As we got into our stride with the exercises, I heard a questionable noise on my tin roof over the porch. Then a squrrill, stuck a head over the gutters and proceeded to squeeze itself into that small hole and go into the crawl apace over my front porch. 

Exercisers on Dublin Castle Grounds

This event happened very suddenly and I started to scream. I was out on the lawn and had a good view back to where this happened. I could not help myself and my co exercisers were shocked at the noise I created. What I suspected has come about. 

Every morning as I sleep near the roof in my attic, on the other side of the house, I hear a squirrel on my roof, same time each morning, about sunrise, as he/she makes their way across my roof. It is distinct footsteps. If I am awake enough I scream up at them to be gone or I rap on the rafters and or clap my hands. It causes the squirrel to pause but not to change the behavior. 

The Scream

This happened before and a few hundred dollars later, we did not capture the squrrill but blocked up all the possible spots the squrrils can get in, on that part of the house, after we were sure we would not lock him/her in the roof space.

As we continued with the exercises, I am usually consulted about whether or if we have done two or three of “Upholding the heavens.” But I was distracted by the squirrel feelings and was not able to say but said anyway we still had another one to do, even though I did not know in the moment. Our fearless leader said that “Rose is in bad humor.” 

I so wanted to say something back, to say a lot and as we continued, I found about three other things she said to me in the past and distant past and was lining them up bullet style to fling her way. I was just a little restrained by the other person, as she will not put up with many comments in the middle of our sacred chi increasing moves. 

I did caution myself, ask myself if this would benefit anyone, and even through I agreed with my higher self that it would not, my lower self continued with the formulation of something that I could launch against her. 

The tree that looks like two elephants
It is in Hill N Dale Park in Harrisonburg

Luckily, for us both, I was now feeling the effects of the chi in my body and began to get in control of my thoughts, my ideas and said nothing. I was so glad as it gave her a chance to share with us some exciting news that involved a motor bike. She was having a marvelous time going up and down the valley in the fine weather. 

A little shadow man came out in a woman’s dream recently – we had fun discussing the possibilities of how it operates in her life and we found lots of ideas.

So I will conclude and leave you with an image from a dream, in which the shadow animus, is observed escaping, not controlled, and ready to cause as much mayhem as he can. We have to always be checking in on our opinions so that the shadow part of us does not get away with being mean and punitive whenever it can. 

The roots of this tree are reaching around

Happy dreaming. Reach around into your unconscious. I am using and Zoom to continue with my counseling practice. It helps me reach around the quarentine.

I prefer to do my counseling in person but we all are having to make some sacrifices. Please sign up for my blog and it will come to you each time I write. I look forward to your likes and comments and to your increasing the numbers that read my musings. Love you Rose.

In Christ Church Cathedral with my sister Frances, who has retired to Dublin.
Windows and woodwork were fantastic.
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Glendalough in Ireland

I am back a full week from Ireland and feel very lucky to have gotten in under the wire of being blocked for five hours at the airport. I walked through without any hitch. The sign on the local church informed me it was not luck but that I was blessed.

Trains and boats and planes – and escalators

I was carrying back to USA an old watercolor painting I had painted of my parents in the nineties. It was of them being sweet to each other and I managed to loose it somewhere at the Dulles Airport. I did not want to bend it, so I was carrying it separate in a pink plastic bag. I emailed the airport about it but it did not make it into lost property. I am not expecting to find it again.

Water color pencils – not of my parents,

Loosing the painting is symbolic of letting go of my parents in some deep way. It felt like a distancing of some kind, a letting go of the past. It comes with some tears but also grateful for having had Ireland as my motherland. I appreciated the warmth and the good food prepared for me in the home place. I wish I had carved out more time to be there in the midlands of Ireland, this time around.  

Selfie taken in my sister’s house in Dublin. We did some art together most mornings – She creates what she calls cat doodles, as seen behind me.

I do feel blessed to be back, wanting to kiss the ground in Virginia. They laughed at me at work saying that if I kissed the ground in Dulles surely I would pick up the virus. I am a little longer in America than in Ireland at this point in my life.

From the yard, early crocus from the ground in Virginia

Many beautiful things happened in Ireland, meeting family, a reunion and visiting two sites, one holy and one secular.  I also unexpectedly ran into two people I had known over forty years ago, with whom I had shared a “yoga” house, for a few years. Brendan and Shiobhan hugged me soundly and Brendan told me he still meditates. 

Unexpected meeting from long time ago – Brendan still meditates

I visited Glendalough, the “glen of the two lakes.” It is a monastic site complete with two round towers. Saint Kevin was the monk that created a special stone bed on the side of the mountain, overlooking the upper lake. I wanted to visit the bed but it was not too clear how I might do that, and walking a lot is not an option for me now. 

Siobhan and I lived in the same house many years ago. It was such a pleasure to hear my name being called by her.

I had to be content with focusing on the river that ran three feet deep and came from the lake and ran along by the road at times. I separated myself from the family for a bit citing inability to walk any further and went off the road and down to the mossy bank and dropped down into the water. This river was cold like the ones in Virginia I visit but was bearable. 

Saint Kevin’s River

I held on to a tree but was not dragged in any way and said my prayers and hopefully let go of my sins with the help of Saint Kevin. I sat on a cold wet mossy rock to get my breath and redress. This was a spa treatment of a different type.

Where I got into the river – with the help o;f the mossy tree.

Since I came back I was reading that Saint Kevin was followed by a lovely, lonely maiden to his cave.  He was so mad at her, it is reported in a ballad, that he flung her into the lake. The Moore ballad said she was shocked at his reaction to her as was I. It also said she was drowned in the lake.

Perhaps Saint Kevin’s maiden did not look as good as King David’s girl.

As our little car went over Wicklow Gap toward Glendalough, it was rainy and sunshiney at the same time. As I looked out my window into the Valley below, a beautiful rainbow stretched out before me like the hand of God. It left an impression on me of the colors of blue and violet. It was a fleeting moment, as we rushed along between hedges blocking my view intermittently into the Valley.

Wicklow Mountains in the background.

Back home in Virginia, I am greeted by lovely weather. It is the week of the solstice, where our part of the earth tilts toward the sun again. I went to the river in Rawley Springs and enjoyed the water. I got in a number of times as well as climbing up a steep incline to where the great rectangular rocks hang. It was quiet and sunny and the rocks were warm. 

The rocks near Rawley Springs have wonderful colors on them

Climbing up can be hard. I acquired two walking sticks, left there by other climbers, which helped a lot. I was at a loss as to where to put my car key and put the ring in my mouth to hold on to it. This proved very unreliable and I saw my key fall and start rolling straight down toward the river. 

I was blessed again, as it stopped just within reach, stopped by a l little hemlock sappling. After that I caught it in the strap of my sandal and secured the end of the key under another strap. My hands were free and I was bent on finding the upper path, which was a good bit safer and less steep. 

Water reflecting the sky above

First time I got into the water I went up to my waist. The second time I went in up to my neck and finally I dove in on the third go around to get my hair and head under. Getting into water always has the feeling of baptism. I also dropped into the water  thirteen times, up and down quickly. I think I learned that that was a practice in some eastern religion. I copy where I can in the hopes of my soul being cleaned up some more in this life. 

Jesus seemed to like the water too – someone holding a towel for him.

I am cleaning up my house and rearranging things in the hope that this outer cleaning, spring cleaning, will bring me into someplace new, some inner place so I can see the seven chakras within as well as ride along on the rainbow colors that we all have emanating in all kind of directions from within ourselves, right under our own noses. Love from Rose.

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Forgiveness as Wishing Well and not Judging

One New Yorker spoke of his heritage. His father’s people were killed in a Pogrom and his mother’s people were sent to concentration camps. We had a moment talking about what this is like. It was beyond words. I told him I have been working on forgiveness and he was certain “no way” in his case.  He put his hand up in the air and looked back over his shoulder as he looked into the past of these atrocities. 

Door to forgiveness

In my anger management group there is a unit on forgiveness and I felt I needed to rewrite the whole thing. I found an article in Venture Inward (Edgar Cayce magazine) on The Practice of Forgiveness (Written by Jennifer Hadley) in the last year. Her advice on how to forgive is particularly useful. I adapted it into my ideas below.

The practice of forgiveness adapted by Rose to a particular situation.

I found someone to be mad at, who refused to acknowledge me because I refused to discuss some current political issues. I was insulting to him about his always talking. I was in fairly close proximity to this person and felt the presence of this conflict for a few days – a well felt intense energy.  I half-heartedly prayed about it but gossiped just as often to who ever would listen to me. 

Image from Chester Beatty Library in Dublin, Ireland.
Another door from an ancient manuscript.

I was growing my own weeds relating to this whole thing. I watered them with my emotions and fired them with the heat of my anger. I grew them in the darkness of my nighttime musings. I aired them with my associates whenever I could. This is a poor use of the energy through my four lower chakras.

I got good advice to “just let it be” and “pass no remarks”  and “I am glad you shut him up for once.” But this is not forgiveness. Over time I will not be angry, as I get on with my busy life, but I will be haunted by the little episode any time I am triggered into remembering.

I did not get over the grudge, and was not able to stop putting my life force and my thoughts into the whole episode. 

The lower door into a round tower in the GlendaLough in Wicklow Ireland.

Jennifer Hadley says that Love is the only healer and that “True forgiveness is when we are willing to stop judging the people and the situation.” And “True forgiveness is the release of the meaning we have made of things, releasing our attachments to our interpretation.”

At this juncture of writing, I joined my fellow church goers in spirit for the ten o’clock service, due to social distancing, as I had travelled recently and was advised to play it safe and not go to church. Then I went outside to meditated in the fresh air. The birds were very vocal, the street busy and my neighbor’s dog started barking inside next door. He only threw himself at the window once during his barking. I got cold and after twenty minutes went inside. 

A dog in a doorway at Glendalough Monastic Site in Co Wicklow.

During all this time I tried to make myself let go of the dog barking, going back to my practice. I kept making an attempt to connect to God in a way that acknowledges I do not have a clue and cannot approach God with my rational mind. Later I sent love out to my readers and forgot to send it to my person that was still wandering around in my thoughts in a negative way. I did feel into the need to forgive myself for my words and for my mistake, upsetting the other. I think that helped.

Jesus’ baptism – getting cleaned up for his mission on earth – golden bird descending

My resentment is that I was treated “that way” and my regret is that I was not able to gain the upper hand in the situation.

A river that flows out of the Glendalough lakes in Wicklow.
I had a quick dip to help with some forgiveness.

If I fall into the idea that he is the same as me, has the soul needing saving the same as me, and that he needs and deserves love as much as I, that would be me changing my interpretation. The advice from Hadley gives us is to go into our hearts and say “I do not want to judge this anymore.” We can get into the door and go into the heart through our dreams, prayers and meditation.

High and low doors on the Round Tower. Crows had taken up residence on the higher up doors. From Glendalough, Co Wicklow.

I had a dream once of my father, after his death, coming to me to say “We are all the same.” If I am interested in maintaining the idea that I am all good and he is all bad, that I am all right and he is all wrong, then I am not interested in the truth that will make me free.

Lack of forgiveness can turns things upside down

The other recent dream that wakes me up about my negative thoughts is one of a rat coming through my roof into my arms. I am again trying to control this wild animal and he goes for my right groin. The dream gave me pause. It caused me to meditate and pray more diligently, more focused so I could be free and the naked truth of my thoughts could be changed.

The naked Bethsheeba with King David taking a peek from upper left hand corner. She has golden hair. He intends to kill her husband.

This whole episode falls into place when I keep going after having peace about the situation, through my meditation, through prayer, chanting and through asking for help. Eventually I see that everything comes my way for my learning, to not judge myself and to not judge the other, to love myself and to love the other, to wish him well and wish myself well by doing this inner work that I have embarked on. I have no cause to interfere with anything he chooses to do to me, that is outside of my control and that is karma. I have the option to pray for his soul and leave it at that.

Love from Rose.

In County Wicklow, Ireland

PS: Please sign up for an e-mail. Please pray for me as I pray for you. We both will be the better able to be helpful to others and to practice forgiveness seventy times seven. 

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Ashes on Ash Wednesday

Mandala with oil pastels

I went into the catholic church on Ash Wednesday, on  a whim. I saw a big crowd leaving and found out that I was in time to go to the Spanish Mass, having missed the English one. When I went inside I though I was in the Cathedral in Guetamala, with no white people there except myself. There were very young families sitting together, with five of six children from 6 months and younger all the way up to late teens.  The main church was already filled up and I was directed into the old church adjoining through a wide passage way. There was a big tv on the wall and I could see the priest in the distance both on the tv and through the church entrance. There were singers and instrument players, with good music and voices in Spanish. 

On my way to Mass

I know the form but did not understand the language. I was content to be there, as if I was led into the space. I had no prior plan to go, yet there I was at 7.30pm. I felt warm inside, both literally and figuratively.

The ashes was organized. “Remember man thou art but dust and into dust thou shalt return” were the words I heard when I was a child. It seemed the words in spanish were shorter. The ashes was wet and a very distinct cross was made on each person’s forhead in a dark gray. Somehow the centers of those crosses looked white. 

Then it came time for the consecration of the mass proper. I have been wondering how Jesus fits into this whole spiritual journey. My mother was so into Jesus, through Jesus to God. My bible study is the same speaking of protection through the spilt blood of Jesus. I also know a healer woman who talks to Jesus all the time as she goes about her work. 

My version is that Jesus was a special man. He had many past lives and had grown as a soul to the point where he agreed, wanted, to save us all, which many think he did. He shows us the way to be connected to the Father and told us expressly, that  because he made his connection with the father, now we can too. And for good measure he returned to the Christ Spirit, to being a spirit man, one with the Father. So in that sense he became a son of God, and as a son got back all the privileges he had as a soul, before the foundation of the world, which included all the miracle making and ability to ascend, heal the sick and raise the dead.

My job is not to be a Jesus, but to follow my way, what I came here to do, to link up with Father, and find that secret way, that is threaded out to me as I walk the pilgrimage that is my life. I can step off the path any time and go back on also, asking for forgiveness, asking to be taken back in. Will this life bring transformation, will I ascend? I honestly do not know and expect to live and die like others. Because Jesus made the grade, then he broke up the barriers and many more can get through to a true spiritual state. It is all there in the gospels if you want to ferrit it out. The old testament has it too. 

When Jesus said that “This is my body and this is my blood given up for you since the foundation of the world” was he saying that he found a way to sacrifice his own wishes, his own body and blood, his earthly being, physical body, literally and figuratively, in favor of what he had agreed with the Father to do. This is what brings the transformation. 

And as I sat there, on my little hard seat, in the back of the back, watching as the tv lost its signal, I peered through the openway and thought that Jesus was on the alter, dresses as the priest. These Spanish speaking people were there for the hour and a half and I think they brought in this vision for me, to help me understand, to give me a genuine experience of what is possible through these rituals. “Do this in memory of me” took on new meaning for me.  

The mass was in Spanish and when the priest told his sermon, he made his congregants laugh genuinely. When they shook hands with me they were full of smiles and friendly. 

I drank the blood and ate the body, and did  it in memory of Jesus, the Master.

The Cayce reading say that Jesus is the pattern, and that that pattern is available to us through doing as he says, being in the fruits of the spirit, listening to our dreams, caring for our bodies, watching our mental musings and meditating into a link to our Father which is always only a meditation away. Start the journey and more will be given. 

I made up a new song to the Father “My Father, from where I come from.” I am linking into who I am before time began, before the foundation of the world. Will I be able to give up my body and my blood in favor of the spirit that is mine from the foundation of the world. 

I find joy in my work of this writing and in my work with dreams. I hope wisdom comes to me to help me in this way. I will continue with the meditaion I do and I am feeling how connected it makes me feel and I am open to experiences what come my way, in churches, with people, in nature, alone at night meditating.

Love from Rose
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I Am Sending You Light

I came across a second hand book called Atlantis, which was written by Edgar Cayce’s son, Edgar Evan Cayce. The message for me in that book is that the divisions between two factions, was so great, that it ended up in the continent sinking, about 10,000 years ago. 

An art piece commissioned for the Met – not Atlantis

Cayce was fond of saying that the same people are here on the earth again to face what they did not face them, to find a way to get past the two factions and become one in an united country. Both sides think they are right, and that it gives them leave to soundly hate the other. 

In New York, I visited with my sister’s friends and solicited dreams and talked about other spiritual stuff. One group had strong Irish connections and dreams of returning to Ireland. One woman said she had a great connection to the spiritual through attending “latin” mass daily. 

Myself and the sister in New York

Often, in the middle of eating the food, people want to pound on their least favorite political person, even if they have a wonderful spiritual connection, through their spiritual practice. As we were eating lunch, I took up a piece of fair colored white loaf from the basket and placed it on the table and said that was their favorite person to badmouth. “Well how should I deal with that person.” she asked. 

I am sending you light.

I said that she should go to her mass(or what ever spiritual practice you have) and when she feels she has raised the energy, fallen into the stream of love and peace, she would send that light energy to surround that person and that is a way to love your enemy, probably the only way forward. 

Children of the Law of One versus the Sons of Belial

I have always had this practice for the last fifty years, when I first learned about meditation (Edgar Cayce style). I routinely prayed for the “Leaders of Nations.” I have some favorite leaders but scatter the light at them all at this time. 

His headdress is composed of seven heads – at the Met

This act of surrounding a person with the light is different from sending the light directly to them. If a person has asked you for this support you can do that but if you are just concerned about a person, some one caught in substance abuse, for instance, then you can surround them with the light. 

Could be caught up in something

I had occasion to interact with someone whose alcohol level was high and I had to act gingerly with him.  He might be some one I would surround with the light.  The idea is that when you surround your political person or the person close to you with the light, it is like a light that shows them up and then others, that can help them, or need to see them aright will see them. You let go of your own judgments and let the light do the work for you. Cayce likened it to a car, under a street lamp. That light sent out protects you too.  

The train coming around the corner at full speed and putting the brakes on made the platform shake under my feet – I love trains.

So after my visit to the Big Apple, I had a nightmare dream complete with a horse, who is determined to run me down. I see the big cedar tree of my childhood and run toward that but I am too far away to make it on time. As I hear the thundering hooves, I turn and put up my arm against the horse and then the horse veers off to one side. 

Cattle seldom wish to enter a pen voluntarily

Something similar happened when I was a child and was charged with getting the large steers to go in a certain direction.  Shouting and waving arms was encouraged, even if it did not always work. The whole family was expected to play the game of getting the steers into a pen; something the leader of the pack was not so keen on. The animals were full of energy, grazing on green grass and with a river at the far end for water. They seemed to always love getting away from us and galloping all the way down to the river. We usually were successful the second time around with them. 

Horse complete with short legs and spinning mandala on flank, human hair on his head and tail and short legs.

In my dream the chasing by the horse happened a few times and I woke up to this. The added complication to this is that when I first saw this horse it had very short legs but had normal legs when it was chasing me. 

This could be a unicorn, as it has a form on its head – those kids were creative.

There is a paper horse at my house that was made by one of my daughters when they were pretty young. I was too busy to be helpful, so when the horses were done, the legs on them were very short. The younger child cried that it did not look like a horse at all. I said it was a fine horse and the tears were dried. 

Invoking protection is always a good idea.

Horses appear in Revelation and they are connected to the four lower chakras per Edgar Cayce interpretations. However if they are not normal horses, have queer legs, look semi human in some way, they are difficult energies from the unconscious. The dream makes me be more careful with my prayers of protection especially when dealing with someone who is over the legal limit by two times. The dream caused me to use mantra to help clear out my energies so such a horse cannot get to me. Turning and facing my own unconscious energies and myself is always a good thing. 

Another beautiful day in the Burg here, sunshine and close to 60 degrees.  It is great to sit out, do some Qigong with Elizabeth Scott on my front porch and continue on now with completing this blog. I got one message from the street while I wrote; 

Art from a station in Brooklyn – with evening sun shining through

Two girls walking by, one saying “But he is definitely shooting himself in the foot.” They were the only words that came into my ears from them, having a little reference to my dream through the feet. Love from Rose.

Ps: You can sign up for my blog if you like such writings. I look forward to your comments etc. Thanks for reading. I promise to always pray for my readers and I sometimes do. 

A windy snowy wintery day a few weeks ago. – We are have better than average weather this month.
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Our Own Prayer Wheels

Silver Lake and the Prayer Wheel.

From the dream world

I went to Silver Lake again to hear the falling of water, dropping down ten feet and not touching anything on its way to hear the splash at the bottom. It is where the water is diverted away from the wheel.

That mill wheel reminds me of the huge prayer wheels in Tibet. Maybe the owner of the mill wheel will see fit to put it back in order, not to grind the gains but to remind us of the prayer wheels in our selves that need to be sent to turning again, and by turning, turning we come around right.

In Tibet those wooden wheels make a huge noise and could be pushed easily enough by me as I circled them and prayed. I took time out to go around and around, the girth of which was probably twenty feet each or more. Two were set side by side. I can still see and feel the place now easily. There were lots of red and gold colors there. Gods and Goddesses were set in the corners. The temple housed the wheels. The doors and the gates were open.

This image was on display in Richmond Gallery

Let me be a Servant Too.Being a servant is what makes things sacred. In meditation you can make that commitment. Then everything can be approached with this nod to being a servant to God. Relationships with everyone will bend to this commitment. You may have to accept what comes you way, knowing you are a servant wherever you find yourself. Relationship with that special other person puts you in the position of being a servant to the soul of the other person, bringing out the best through attitudes and activities.

At the Spa

I went to the Korean Spa with three younger women to celebrate Chinese New Year and a birthday. We had a lovely time going in and out of the cold and hot offerings.

I liked the hot rooms followed by the icy room at forty degrees, and I liked the steam room and or the sauna followed by the 60-degree cold tub.  

The hot rooms had such names as charcoal room, amethyst room, clay ball room, etc. These rooms ranged in temperature from 120 degrees to 168 degrees. These treatments have a way of reducing inflammation and pain and I appreciates the rest and break this kind of activity affords my body.

There is a lovely echo in the steam room and I sang a chant and the three girls did harmonies. They left too soon, saying they were too hot, and I was happy for the connection to heaven there in the misty room, however brief.

Chanting and Enchanted

I have been singing to my hearts content. I am playing with the singing to “Our Father” except I have changed it to “My Father” and tacked on the phrase “from where I come from.” It makes the foundation from where I come more personal. I am addressing that “I am” from where I have my original origins, both outside and inside of me. This centers me in my efforts to be pulled into my spiritual place, to be kept in the Way, to get to ride the streams of love and light that are there for the taking, as I find my way.

Bone Dreaming and Breathing

It was the fifth anniversary of the death of my youngest sister Mary last month. I got some of her cds and one of them was about bone breathing. It was strange to listen to this cd that she must have listened to a lot, as it is worn in places. The voice of the person speaking in English in a heavy accent has you breath into your bones, expand them and let them float and drop them. No bones in the body were spared. It was very relaxing. However I had to shake off the association to my sister who died from cancer, the nasty type that grew into her brain. My irrational fears receded as I went deeper and I know Mary is where she is supposed to be.

News from Harrisonburg: I was thankful to see a murder of crows on Saturday. They flew over as I was writing on the porch. When they wheeled over again I jumped up and glimpsed the majestic hawk among them. I knew there was murder on the crows’ minds from the sounds they were making. I take my entertainment where I can these days. 

Other News from Harrisonburg: The corner house across from me runs high with party time through the weekend. Two big vehicles let a number of young men and a girl out to go into the house. The girl, dressed in blue jeans and high heels and with thick blonde falling hair, decided to stand in the center of Sterling Street, facing the oncoming cars and yells “Run me over.” Her arms were outstretched and she looked so well put together. A cautious driver slowed to a stop. And then she let him go. I hope she is not run over in any way. 

Parcels on the Porch. I had an unexpected parcel on the porch addressed to someone else. I see a telephone number and call. It is the mother of one of the boys living in the frat house across the road. She was sending her son something from Apple. The box was very light, as I had been shaking this to see what I could not see. She said she had also sent a box of food to him. When her son came to collect that first box, he was so young looking. Later I laughed to myself as I now have the telephone number of a mother of one of the boys across the road on my phone. I said hello to the boy and he gave me a sheepish look. I may know a little too much about him for his liking. 

She was a little rowdy on the street

Birthday. I had some texts from my lovely grown children today, ahead of the actual birthday. I have a massage and a Kundalini Yoga Class scheduled as well as some Meditation in a group in the morning. I went to eat out in the evening with some special friends who included me in there celebrations. 

May the next year of our lives be filled with intuitions from creative helpful dreams that flow to us like the water in the Virginia Streams, not just carrying the water, not just carrying the Life in the water but also carrying the Water of Life to us. Love from Rose.

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