Instructions for Getting Started with Dreams.

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Instructions for Getting Started With the Dreams. Do You Want to Get focused on your dreams. Are you someone who never had a dream or they are a bit fuzzy? Do the following activities to…

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Oh the Value of a Doggy Dream

Marvelous mandala

Mariah decided that she was going to charge a gold piece for work with each dream that she was asked to interpret. The Druid Bernie said she could make her own choices about such things and it did not concern him. He noted that she did so many dreams for free that it would be a wonder if she ever got paid in gold for working with people, pulling the dreams apart and pulling a meaning from them. She found that when she charged less that her work was not valued. “If they do not value my work they should not be working with me” she said a little too loud. Very soon she might be idle, the Druid remarked, doing so much for free and then charging too much.

Druid Bernie looking benign

She always wanted her dreamers to come back with the follow-up dreams so she could see how dream images were morphing, make necessary corrections and interpret the follow-up help offered through the dreams. However, when the person with the dreams got a glimpse of their shadow, which sometimes is in charge of them, they hastily make up excuses, find it is too expensive, or say they are only useless dreams, and Mariah has to reset her focus away to the next possibility.

Image from the dream

She herself went through her own excuses, when she brought her dreams to her mentor many years before. She often conveniently forgot her appointments, forgot her dreams, lost her way just getting there, or tried to avoid any meaningful talk. When her shadow saw what was involved, she tried to make a hasty retreat. She would go into all four corners of the room to avoid the center, preferring to stay with praying to the frozen alter of the north, where she was before she ever looked into her dreams.

It takes some work to find a home for the dreams

Druid Bernie noted that intuition was involved with dreams and that the interpretation was from God if it was done right. He said that it was important for Mariah to pray each morning and to particularly ask for guidance and healing for the person, carrying the dreams to her. At such times she had to keep saying to herself “silence” in order to make that connection with the Spirit. Having the courage to say what, was needed to be said, to the dreamer was also a strength she would need to have.

This is a sweet dog I met at Avalon Farm near Broadway, Virginia.

Mariah was given a recent dream on the night of the new moon and it seemed such a mystery. The dreamer felt something bad was going to come through the door (in her dream) and she was right.  A strange shaped bulldog looking guilty, as if he had done something wrong, came through. Then the dreamer’s female dog, called Dixon, came through the door, a dog that is identified as the dreamer’s protector. Dixon’s head was cut to such an extent that it fell off right in front of the dreamer. The bulldog was the guilty party. There was a knife involved, as the head had been cut clean. Mariah was interested in the knife but did not crack open the dream in the moment. However, during the night after 2.00 am she had some insight about the dream.

A little reflection is always a good thing. Photo by Miriam McNamara

Mariah wondered if the dreamer would value such insight, if Mariah was to say it was about a shadow side of her that causes trouble in her life. Would the dreamer pull away from this spiritual work under the guise that her life is too busy for such things. Mariah would love to continue the conversation with her but has to bide her time.

A little disconnect here in relationship

When Mariah was working through her dreams, her mentor would have no trouble saying to Mariah, “the shadow is up” and go on to pull out into truth how Mariah was blind to how she was letting her negative emotions enter her marriage and how it affected her children. Mariah ran into all kinds of relationship problems because of her shadow side, her unruly emotions, and most of the time, even with the dream interventions, which made her think twice about her attitude, it was never long before business as usual would continue on with Mariah.

The Dad

She held on to the idea that she was totally right, an inheritance she had from her Father’s side of the family. He always though he was right except one time when he was older and he was trying to dose a calf, and the calf refused to be dosed.  Her father almost shoved the dosing implement down the calf’s neck. He remarked, as he got his way, “I spent my whole life trying to get the better of my temper.” Mariah stood beside him, as many times before, unable to do a thing as the whole episode unfolded.

Dancing in delight

Mariah had a dream about holding the hand of a young girl. She wanted her to be delighted, to start dancing, as she saw their image in a mirror. Her dream group helped her see that this same childish delight is what she needs in her work and she does have this except when she is brooding about payment and gold.Now she will stay in delight and work beauty into what ever comes her way, in the way of dreams. The end.

The neighbors are settling in a new dog

A new dog has moved in nearby and Rose hears its sharp squeaky violin barks and its fox like yipping, when she sits out in the morning. It goes away maybe after an hour, but not before Rose’s shadow gets up. She realizes that she needs to move when she hears it, out of the house or into a place where she does not hear it so sharply. Sitting there, as the squeals find a home in her body is not a great idea. Moving away from what bothers her is better until she can get a handle, confront, let go of her emotional reactions to the poor dog, upset that he has been caged alone for the day.

The tree behind my head had seven big trunks.

Like my blog if you do, and comments are always very welcome, and keep an eye on those dreams for news of the shadow. It is always better to know what that part of us is up to so that we will not be surprised when something untoward happens, some big surprise or accident. Sending out love and prayers to you this day. Love from Rose. 

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The Blue Cup

Miss Mariah thinking of doing harm to the ants

Mariah’s dreams had dried up since the last full moon and her hip was looking for a cane to lean on after she pulled it some wrong way while getting over the style recently. Her hip was in no rush to finish paining her as she went around doing half her chores and trying to heal at the same time. The ants were prolific and keeping things cleaned up was more than she could achieve again. Uishneach had taken to yelling at the ants and frightening them in all directions. When he found the ants were lying out beside an open honey jar, taking a comatose rest from the over dose of sugar they got into, he made some sounds from somewhere deep inside him.  She might have laughed at them as they laid on their backs stretched out with their feet in the air, but she was startled herself by Uishneach’s sound and saw the ants wake up suddenly and had to leap into action to save themselves. Mariah did not like to kill things as a general rule but found a few murderous plans in her head, which involved getting some remedy from the dwarves to control the pismires.

The monk with the red face who gave her the blue cup.

Out on the porch she admired her new blue teacup, which she got from a monk dressed in blue with a red face. He was leaning over his upturned  currach, cleaning the bottom, when Mariah saw him. The monk looked lean and hungry and she gave him a lump of her wheel of bread. In between crumbs falling from his mouth, he talked of his adventures out on the ocean for forty days. He thought Mariah was like his grandmother and as he had not spoken to any human for what seemed like a long time, he told her his story, as he sat against his boat. 

The ocean had formidible dimensions, even triangles at times

He said that he walked up and down at Salthill, asking God of the big Atlantic Ocean,  if he would be safe when he set out on his currach to go west on his quest. He wanted some assurance that he would be safe out there on the water. Yet after a time of praying and asking he became less demanding and in this way felt that he would be protected as he never intended to abandon his quest, knowing that God was his dwelling place and that he had trust. He knew it was time to go and accept what ever the water brought him. So he set out on his pilgrimage out over the deep dark waters. The monk slept little over the next few weeks, watched the stars, and the laden skies, the wind and the sun. He told her many dreams and visions before he fell fast asleep.

Out on the ocean it was harder to get physical bearings but easier to get spiritual knowledge

He gave her one of his teacups. He said he would keep one for himself as a reminder of all he learned. It would hold for him the essentials he learned out there on the deep. And the second cup, Mariah asked? The Monk said it was for the first person he met after he came back so he gave it to her to fill with what was essential to know in this life. Mariah though of her seeking and her classes with the Druid and pondered what would she put in there now.

Designs on the blue tea cup

 Maybe… she guessed it would change the more she lived and learned. In the meantime she though it would be very lovely for a cup of tea, laced with sweet honey, and creamy milk and the tea itself smelling of the east and filling her with a good mood. And with that she went as fast as she could to put a cup of tea in front of her as soon as possible, leaving the good monk’s snoring in the distance.  

As she drank her tea and stared into the coals in the fire, she contemplated what was of value to her, in the heel of the hunt, as her mother would say. The only thing of value was to find the way, to have access to the spirit and from there healing and joy and happiness. To take any crosses that came her way, whether pain or perplexing and accept them as needed fare for the journey of the soul. It was of value to constantly ask for help in connecting with this field of value, buying the field, to bring into line that square box of her head place and find the round pearl of great price. 

Dancing around with abandon

She fell fast asleep in the warm silent kitchen in spite of the tea. She dreamed of a woman, with long blonde hair, with an ethereal body, surroundeded with light see through scarves down to the ground. She was standing over Mariah and her cup and out of her hands fell beautiful light, not just filling the cup but running all over the room, filling Mariah with a feeling of comfort, filled up too to overflowing with this beauty and delight. She thought she saw a golden gate in the distance. After she woke up in the cooled off kitchen, she glanced at the cup, with a little pile of black tea leaves in the bottom. Then she looked into that marvelous memory making waves close by, like golden threads full of light in the four corners, and she dancing around in the middle. The end.  

On a recent trip to the James River Park near Lunchburg, where I did yoga with Compass Yoga in Staunton with my daughter. The tree behind my head had seven big trunks.

Like if you do and contact me for dream work if you wish. Your journey over the deep of your own unconscious may just be beginning. Start your own dream journal, and record your dreams to begin this exciting work. I look forward to meeting you through your dreams whether you decide to visit with me in my home office or contact me through e-mail. You can contact me through this site and I am also on Psychology Today as Rose Longworth LPC, Harrisonburg, Virginia, where they will keep your information private and send me an email from you if you wish. Thanks for reading and I pray for my readers and I hope my readers pray for me. God knows I need it. Thanks. Love from Rose.

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Lotus Flower

When I experienced a feeling, a movement of energy, through my chest region, I was already writing about Mary as Goddess, Mother of God. The end result is a poem(see recent blogs originally posted about three blogs back) about the energy, about energy in me, about bringing in that energy  into my heart and into the backbone, about the archetype of Mary, Kundalini all rolled into one. That there is the possibility to experience this energy is to be strived for, to be written about, to be meditated into, to be silenced into the receiving of such sacred bounty.  

My mother’s favorite flower.

Our ability to paint goes back 50,000 years plus and many people are affected by these ancient images on cave walls.  I hope these images  on my blogs have a special affect on you to help with bringing you closer to an understanding of what you are made up of, where you are going and where you are from, and how available the energy of Mother Mary is to you once you start going after it, laying yourself open to it.

When I was at a meeting, the fearless leader talked about the mind and how it is connected to the intellect, the will and the emotions. We hear so little about these ideas I had to stop her in her tracks. What does all this mean. I was determined to figure it all out.

The heart signifies affection and to Him first. Am I learning to be more in tune with God’s Spirit? What is going into my mind? Am I using my strength for God? People said things. I scribbled it all down and then some. 

It was just at this time I felt my brain emptying out and there was a lotus shape opening in my head. I could see and feel it. All my thoughts were tucked in perfectly, into each one of those leaves of the lotus. Then they all flew away like a great flock of birds and in their nest was left the lotus shape, opening wider with each breath. And when my brain was emptied, the light was left in there and it was a lovely thing to see and feel. I volunteered this experience. The leader told me to draw it, and it was already drawn as if I had known this inner event was coming to me. We never thought to stop our yacking, drop into silence, as we went full speed ahead to the end of the book.

A blurry lotus drawn before I felt an energetic lotus in my head

It has been fun to discover how to play my Mother’s “Sweet Heart of Jesus” hymn. It has some high notes and when the choir, a few kids and my Mom, would sing in that big cavernous church we always squealed out those high notes. When the priest and church joined in it was a different sound filled with resonance with the heft of cathedral sounds. When trying to play it on my melodica, I always balked at those three flat notes lying there in the middle of the other notes.

But I know the tune so well and know enough about scale to help me try and play what sounds right. Now I find I can play it without any problem, slowly and with love and interest. It is a way to slow down the morning, feel into energy that comes with this focus on the fingers. Singing to the Heart of Jesus is always a good idea for me. I encourage you to sing your favorite songs and plant your spiritual pleasure into the middle of them. It becomes another type of meditation. So many people tell me in counseling how much music helps them. 

These are the sweet hearts of my back yard. We had red currents at home in Ireland, and even though the berries are sour when red, I still love them.

I always ask people about their spiritual life in counseling and this week I was given the image of God coming to visit with green eyes, visible through sunglasses. I love that hint of the green eyes, even through the glass darkly. An other images given to me was of a beloved baby vulture, a favorite bird to help clean up what is already dead.  When something is already dead, giving it a proper burial is always a good thing as a way to have respect for the dead thing. When you do good inner work, naming it and putting the old away respectfully, burying it, will bring closure. 

In my dream I see the side of me that likes to go her way and not mind my prayerful intentions. The dream is mostly forgotten except for that part where there is an intense screaming and resisting. “I see you” I say to her and “Stop It.” I got that latter phrase from a fellow dreamer.  I am smiling a little after I identify who that person in the dream means to me. She is spirited but goes her own way off course whenever it suits her. 

There never seems to be enough time to teach what I am learning through my experiences, my meditation and my home counseling practice, so this writing becomes that outlet, to write out the energy and to have afterthoughts about dreams. I hope you are writing out your own dreams and drawing a picture or two. I love what appears on paper (when I am not planning and not trying to make a perfect picture) according to my conscious mind. Sliding past that conscious mind, when you doodle, opens the brain to listening and learning and the unconscious has a chance to speak from there.

Press the like button, the share button as you are moved to do so. I love this writing and feel heartened to know you liked and wanted to share it too. Thanks. Love from Rose

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Bee’s Knees

Molly, the Quilter in the Farmer’s Market produced this bee lovely pillow cover

Mariah had a dream of the knees. She thought she was awake. But she was dreaming. She is sleeping tight in the spare room the night of the dream. She went there the night before to busy herself for a while, as Uishneach was quietly snoring and she did not want to wake him by puttering. With a sleepless head on her, her hair wild from tossing and turning, she drank some hot liquids, went over a story or two.  She sang a few songs quietly and said a few prayers and finally put out the candle, and was quickly off to sleep. 

Her hair was a mess from tossing and turning

In her dream she is with Uishneach in their marriage bed and she is poking with her fingers into her knees, like the fingers can go into the bones and she becomes conscious as she comes awake in the dream and thinks, oh no, I will wake up Uishneach with all this movement. Then she really did wake up and was in the act of leaving the bed to not disturb Uishneach, when she realizes that she was in the other room, where she sleeps on the floor, on some cushioning. She pondered her dream as she pulled her feet back under the blankets where she poked into her knees in a new way hoping to send in some light and love and healing with her fingers.

Fingers sat the bottom her nose

Next day she was making a rhubarb pie. This springtime there were many stalks and they finally were getting big enough to pull to make into a lovely pie filling. She thought of the druid visiting, and hoped he might come by and listen to her dream. He could help her eat this pie with some whipped up cream. Having a pie on hand for unexpected visitors was a great achievement according to Mariah’s mother.

The pie took a while to pull together

Sure enough, the Druid did poke his head around the door, as she was cutting the rhubarb into little pieces. He had a pocket of wild strawberries, which he got on the banks of the lanes on his morning walk, to add to the pie and to cut the tartness of the rhubarb. She had some sweetener also to make it into a blessed drooling syrupy desert.

Happily working on the pie

As she rolled out the dough to make the pie crust, the Druid settled by the fire encouraging it into a great heat to hit that pie rightly, to make the crust just crisp, melt in the mouth and to blend those sweeteners, the strawberries and the rhubarb. He blew some air, got more kindling, looked for hard black turf to get to the right heat for the pie. He talked of his mother and of how she helped him make a good fire when he was a little boy. The fire was just right by the time the pie was ready, with the crust high around the sides, pinched and fluted, pulled forward and pulled back at the edges. There was a small hole with a few crust pieces shaped like leaves and tucked into that steam porthole in the center.  

The druid looking into the fire

As they sat around the fire nursing the pie to fruition, he pocking coals nearer, or pulling them back as needed and she lifting the lid to see it was going in a safe direction toward being cooked. Nothing raw and nothing burned was the necessity.As so it was, that when that pie make it onto the table it was as close to perfect as could be. The cream was whipped, the tea was brewed, the plates were ready and waiting. There was a glorious silence while they ate.

After this time Mariah proposed to tell him about her dream and he said go ahead. She went into all the details but the Druid appeared to be asleep as he listened, nodding this way and that. Then he awakened with a start and said “I was sure I was awake but I was just having a dream.” He did not tell her what he was dreaming and make no comment on her story of her dream. He said “Be sure to come to the next meeting of full moon in a few days. I will talk to your dream then.” She sent him off with some oatcakes and said she would see him soon and he was gone through the hedge leaving only an aroma of the pie in the air and none left for Uishneach when he came home later. The end.

The tomato wedge came in handy for a mouth

Rose is having a fine spring inhabiting her outdoor spaces for meals and exercises whenever she can. She is having fun spring cleaning, wiping off countertops with soap and water to clean away the tracks of the ants and making sure food is put away all the time. There was no evidence of the ants lately but she left a slice of tomato on the counter top overnight and there were a number of ants caught in the liquid part beside the seeds. On the round backside of the tomato wedge there were three ants asleep that woke up and skedaddled when she poked them with her finger. She washed the tomato off and sliced it into her salad. It was mostly tasteless, which is why she had not finished it off the day before.  

And if you want to consult with me about three dreams, be sure to write them down and bring them through the little opening in the big hedge, leaving behind something and coming into the reality of your unconscious and what wonderful flowers, in the form of dreams that are being cooked into a lovely pie for you, your own mandalas of all that heals and all that cares about you.

I have an apron on, so I must be doing something.

Love from Rose

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Mariah’s Head in the Sand

Trying to remember a dream

Mariah had a fitful night but slept well enough after meditation when she saw a great golden staircase and an inviting angel standing there. She felt herself turn in a liquid gold spin around and she hoped she was the right way up now. When she got up she considered going out to get some mint and rhubarb stalk to help with the morning ablutions. 

Her hair was a mess that morning

She did not want her intestines to go back to sleep for another day or two so she threatened them with a sour stalk of rhubarb, boiled in water and swallowed quickly. She was sure that would avert that tendency to go back to their safe place, swallow up the drugs of inertia and not be called upon to move for a few more days.  

That rhubarb was sour

She had to stop drinking the monster pots of tea and was replacing the marvelous black leaf from Africa with a little pale green mint leaf from the bottom of her garden where the herbs grow. She also put on a pot of vegetables, to be sure of the inner clean and clear going ahead. 

The moment the cat saw the mouse

She sat out to eat her oatmeal and her sprouts and nuts and seeds and three dates. She was wondering what she looked like as she had broken her mirror a few days ago. The cat had run up the wall after a mouse and she had a shoe in her hand. She threw it at the mouse in an effort to help the cat but she missed the mouse and it hit into her one and only mirror. She had a great expense and time wait to get this mirror. Now it was in a lot of very little pieces, the biggest of which was useless to see her face.

The mirror was in many pieces

She pushed her food around her plate as she chewed and chewed and came up with a few different faces for herself, at which she smiled. She wondered about those hairs on her chin and thought she would have to go see the dwarf of the chin hairs to have a few removed. 

The nuts were a little burned but tasted lovely

Today was the day to go to the hedge school, the weather was good and she had a few questions to ask of Druid Bernie. He was quick to ask her how she was doing with her errant thoughts. She told him of her friend who would not share her dream with Mariah because it was so profound. Mariah was a bit miffed at her and went around telling the story in her head of how her friend did not recognize Mariah or her ability with the dreams. Druid Bernie said if he had a stick he would surely hit Mariah up the side of the head with it in order to tell her once again not to get into any such rivalries with her sister friend and to pray for her until the pain of pride left her and she could go on with her life without having to be right in this case. She would be better off looking at her own dream.

Mariah was a little mad at her friend.

Mariah had the dream of finding lots of jewelry in the sand, and quickly picked up a group of rings and hid them away without looking at them. She did not see if they had value. She did not want to have anyone come by and claim them away from her. There was also other jewelry, slim earrings, silver maybe left behind by the people who were swimming in the ocean. She did not see the water but felt they were left behind, and the people long gone to whom they belonged. Mariah had done a meditation before this dream and had asked for the dream before going back to sleep at first light. She did not remember it first thing when she woke up but it came back to her in the kitchen as she readied the corn meal and sprouts for breakfast.  The corn meal and sprouts came from a previous dream, which she felt was telling her what to eat. She did feel good on that fare. 

The Druid though she might be stealing from herself relating to the jewelry above. Such stealing often goes on when we do not recognize the spirit in ourselves and there is a wrong use of energy. That silly jewelry would do her no good but listening to the voice within that would tell her not to be minding such baubles in the sand but to take her head out of the sand and find the delicate path through her own desert. It would need very careful attention from her, as she wants to move forward.  

Her head in the sand

She had a good day and in the evening there was music and great cheer at the crossroads and she could feel herself turning around the right way as she spun in and out in the ceile circle dance. In between times she asked everyone for dreams. She heard the dream of chewing the mint and putting it down as a boundary against evil spirits, and singing a beautiful chant as well. The dreamer knew the chant and woke up singing it. At the Ceili the young dreamer took time out to do a call and response with her sister friends and everyone was spell bound. And there was the dream of going on a long journey and not knowing whether to start out from a low place or a high place. Finding the middle way might be in order, the Druid said. The end. 

And if you want to work on your dreams you can check me out on Psychology Today and find my credentials relating to counseling. Some of the dreams above are my dreams and some belong to others. Few people get away from me without letting me have a dream. After the yoga class on Monday Night at the Center here in Harrisonburg, run by Siri Amrita, I felt particularly intuitive when later I went to my dream group of many years. The yoga class was devoted to developing intuition and I thought I could see the dreamers as they walked through their dreams and I thought I could feel into the meaning for each person involved. It is what I hope to do best and sometimes do do best.

My broken selfie feature on my phone puts me into a mist of sorts.

Love from Rose.  

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Chakra Experiences – The Heart

Dream version as she leans back on the dream image below

In the kitchen of my childhood home there was a picture of “The Sacred Heart.” It was a picture of Jesus standing, and out from his heart, a light shining through each bar, radiating. In each prong of light were the promises of Jesus. We never read those lines, and did not have anyone read them to us as children. When electricity came to our house, with a rural electrification scheme, my mother positioned a little cross that stayed lit all the time at the base of this picture.

My mother had great devotion to the Sacred Heart. One of her favorite mantra/prayers, was “Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in thee.” Her countenance would change into an introspective look, and she would whisper it a little to herself. It reminds me of the women, who came to me for counseling, complete with interpreters and would reference God with some words in a foreign language, and look upwards, wave a hand spirally upwards, as they said their prayer.

Rose leans back on this dream person

Before my dream, shared in last blog, in which I experienced a feeling, a movement of energy, through my chest region, I was already writing about The Goddess and mindful of the bounty of Spring as expressed in the trees and flowers on my street.

I was connecting it to the heart chakra also. The end result is a poem about the energy, about bringing in that energy into my backbone, about the archetype of Mary, Kundalini all rolled into one. That there is the possibility to experience this energy within my chest region came as a gift to me, following my intentions to be more in love with a particular person and with life in general. This is what I strive for, what I want to write about, what I want to meditate into, to be silenced into the receiving of such sacred bounty.   

I have been painting at the river, at home and at meetings.  Our ability to paint goes back many thousands of years, and may have a much stronger effect on us than the written word, which is said to be more recent development in our pre-historic journey. So I hope you too can be affected by images that appear in these pages.  I hope these images have a way to help with bringing you closer to an understanding of what you are made up of, where you are going and where you are from, a way to feel into that ambrosia of the soul that can go through us in the most unexpected ways, through our chakra system.

Like near death experiences or out of body experiences, they are profoundly felt, never forgotten and influence life in a new way thereafter. They are not of the physical body but the physical body has the chakra, the electric station, and the place for such energy to flow and to be felt. It is sacred and is of the heart. 

The Goddess birthed the sky

In her blue flying mantle

Galaxies are her diamonds

Hail Holy Maker

Of me a little woman

In mulieribus unum*

Gives me a rainbow arc

Over the heart

Out into the arms

Milk of human kindness

For growing babies

For greying skin and kin

Goddess coming through

Standing stone circles

Lighting up the standing cross

Maker of my imperfect bones

Shaper of all that is sacred

The Milky Way

A white band

Laced with stars

Infinity, electricity.

Down my swaying back

Weaving into my flesh

Horsetail down my flanks

Both ways at once

Circling around

And up and down

Way below the heels

Each strand carrying

Streams of life

Into the red earth

Out into the blue

Through her green heart

**A lifting balloon.

*Latin phrase in Holy Mary Prayer, which translates to “Among Women.” **Once I experienced in meditation, in about 2002, a feeling of a balloon blowing up in my chest area.

Doodle of the speaker.

I am still seeing some people in my home office and the numbers are increasing, which feels wonderful, as it is my mission to work in my home office with dream counseling. I had two workshops planned also.

I also work at the Center for Marriage and Family Counseling where I do individual counseling and a couple of Anger Management Groups each week. I love this work and sometimes I feel a little over the top, working too much, but mostly there is time to write and enjoy a movie or two, clean up the house, fight with the ants and anyone else that is around, and meditate and exercise lots of times each week.

I had an impulse today to give my vacuum away to the second hand store. I realized I did not clean the carpets much, as taking it out was such a chore. It feels so good to let it go. I cleaned out some leaves out of a drain spout and within seconds, the water went rushing down the spout. During the storm yesterday, before I let that water go, I stood under that flow of water flowing over the top of the gutter, onto me yesterday . The weather is warm enough to stand in the rain and not freeze. A little baptism always suits me. 

Until next time, Love from Rose.

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