photo 1-22

A truck at the stop sign – view to mountains.

There is a slew of cars and trailer trucks coming down her street this morning, in a non stop procession, in a great rush through the intersection where Rose has asked the angels to help stop accidents by standing guard on all four corners of the road.

photo 2-17

Angels of the corners

A loud horn gets her attention, when an accident was avoided as a van was shoved into swerving toward the newly fixed wall.  No body even stopped,  except the hearts of Rose and surely those of the people in the two vehicles.

photo 2-18

Ivy growing in an old dent in the wall

Her stomach is clenching a little after that. She has to keep her attention on her stomach or it goes back to clenching mode. She is sitting with her feet in a hot basin of water, as a way to avoid the hot bath rituals of the morning. She saw that traffic stream before settling out there but sat there anyway. The ritual of the traffic seemed to bring a flow to her fingers even as it stopped her stomach working in its own ways.



Rose has a new Face Book Page especially for Dream Counseling.

photo 4-11

This is how her first posting went:

Welcome to my site. I will post relevant materials here to convince you to look into your dreams. How do you deal with the irrationality of dreams? What is the purpose and what caused them? You can change your view that the dreams are problem children. They are organic psychic element of yourself coming to take you through your blocks, into messages from the unconscious on how to do this. You or anyone else will not manipulate the unconscious and still it comes from inside you. Now you just have to record what is given. I have developed a dream book especially for recording the dreams systematically, to help you on your way. The question “What action will you take as a result of having your dream” is a soul question, only concerned with what is best for you, only concerned with your reasons for being here. And the easy part is that you get to decide on a daily basis what adjustment is best for you. You cannot go wrong with a cognitive behavioral approach on top of psychoanalytic. This my way of working with you . Then the next dream will come as comment on what you just recorded and decided to do. In today’s world you can look inside first and then go from there…. until next time.

Sometimes Rose writes a little poetry for her poetry group and posts it here. This is a recent composition:

photo 3-389

Another kind of wheel

As a child
She saw the great wheel
Startling sound
around and around

Her people got too near
Sucked out onto it
Always reaching
For the just out of grasp
Licks of honey
Drops of wine
Even as they lost their skin
And raw blood dripped
Until they slithered
Onto the ground
Again to heal
As they turned
back to the wheel

Until she was grown
A parent longing
After something just out of reach
She left the ground
Away from that sitting on the gravel
Of her heart gutted fears
Free at last, a chairoplane in the sky
Saying “who are those little peopled own there”
photo 4-8

A man and his horse in Morocco in the distance

Her strings got sucked into
The click clack of her longing
Fastened onto the wheel
Around and around
She hardly noticed her depleting
Her slipping back to the earth
Leached out of all her old blood
Ready to rise
Ready to love all the little people
left on the ground
where she left herself.


photo 4-14

That Wheel

I used to write a lot of “May Yous” and this is one with the traffic metaphor.

May you pause at your own stop signs and consider the right way to go. May the clash and crash of going the wrong way be stalled out by a horn blowing dream that outs you into seeing where your shadow is pushing for the broad and fiery way forward at the expense of the lame, the lonely, the lost in you.  May those large trucks of the collective that are inhabiting you, go back to their own ways. May you delve into what is individual in you, moving forward, joyful to be stalled out in that place of the crossroads, as you bring to mind, what will be needed to bring you back into the center for an up and down fluidity, between your unconscious and your building mind. The truck going by right now says “miles ahead.”

photo 1-20

What she saw in her dream in the sky

Rose had one of those dreams last night in which she was sure as sure can be that she was outside looking up at the blue sky and she sees a huge fish shape, a bit like an airplane going across. She is a little fearful. Then it whips around and is coming toward her. The sky is blue, the flying fish is white with gaps through which she sees the blue. It was a few minutes before she realized she was face down on her pillow in her bed.


And if you want  to work with the unconscious, the source of all mothering and creativity, shadow and movement, them your dreams are a great way to start. I look forward to hearing from you. Sending out a prayer for you. Love from Rose.

photo 2-14










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Mariah Looking for a New Name

photo 4-19

Red Cactus on the Porch

She was on about her heavy leg again and the Druid was re-lighting up his pipe by poking it with a twig and going to the turf fire to get a little cinder to set it going again. The turf fire was roasting everyone and they had pulled back a bit into the dark of the roon in order to cool off. The weather had turned unexpectedly warm and the air made it feel more like a hot room than a comfort. Mariah was reluctant to open the door to let in some coolness as her leg did not like any kind of breezes and became cold and lumpy like lard, given any excuse.

photo 5-15

Up close with the pot

The druid knew of her desire to have access to Uishneach’s pot of gold and he turned to Mariah with his back to the fire. He liked the heat also of the fire, making his meridians a little livelier, and stared his speech; “There is more than one kind of gold. There is the changing of the lead in your leg to gold, going from a dark grey light into a golden light. Put that through in your pipe and smoke it” he finished up.


Perfect Fuchsia colored Cactus

She was a little peevish about this implication that she was less than perfect in her physical body as she liked to see herself in an elevated manner, flawless in her own way, even if she had a gimpy leg, wounded in her thigh so to speak.

photo 2-15

Shadow and the blue pot

The Druid went on to explain the story of the twin brothers. One had stolen the birth right of the other and that one who had received the elevated blessings got tidings of his twin brother coming to get him with his army of big well clad, well fed, armored men. The brother knew in his present state he would be toast when they came.

photo 1-17

Hanging over the porch

The Druid had helped himself to a slice of brown bread from the breadboard on the table, had put it on a forked stick and was toasting it to perfection in the turf coals. His face glowed red in the nearness to the fire and that smell of wheat and sweet creamy milk filled the room to perfection. Mariah started salivating, watching the bread turn golden, a little black on one edge and listening to the tale from the Druid.


A little black shadow on the left

The slice fell into the coals but he quickly flicked it out and it was ready for a slather of yellow butter, made by the dwarves, who were famous for this other kind of gold that was prized and loved by all. The druid offered  Mariah the bread as it dripped with butter.  She was surprised at this sharing gesture, as he loved his slice of manna prepared in this way.  She said she had her fill already.

photo 4-16

The druid with his back to the fire

The Druid continued with his story of how that one blessed twin, knowing his brother was coming in the morning, started to prepare a ring of stones around his head and one for his head in the middle There he laid down, as he listened for his Source to help him as he faced certain death in the morning. He was centered as surely as the rocks were centered around his head. His little fire of sweet sented twigs sent smoke swirling around him and he drifted  out into a dream after praying for a long time, after silence for a long time. He was waiting.

photo 4-19

A ring of Christmas cactus.

He dreamed of one of the angels coming down a ladder to him and he spent the rest of the night in a deadly embrace with this Angel. Any time the Angel tried to leave, he told him he could not leave, as he needed to be changed, so that his brother would not kill him in the morning.


This blessed twin often felt so tired he was about to give up. The Angel heard his pleas and gave him a wound in his thigh in order for some bad blood to leave him, so that all that stood between him and being changed, could leave him. This woke him up and he was able to be centered about what he wanted. He wanted a new name, a name that only comes to those who know in their hearts that love is the only thing that would work in this case. As his blood flowed out of that wound, as he sacrificed attitudes and emotions toward his brother, he felt the flow into his heart from above and all his feelings were filled with love. He was obliterated in his old ways and was new again.  The angel gave him a new name connecting him to Love.


The blessed twin let the angel go up that ladder. He jumped up as the morning wind of dawn blew his little fire into flame and he saw the first light of dawn strike the horizon. He was so full of love for his brother that he went running out to meet him with open arms. He soon saw his brother who was well ahead of his army. When he got to his brother twin,  that twin fell into each others arms and wept in the mercy of such love.

photo 2-5

The fire was out

The fire was out in Mariah’s room and it had cooled down and was dark. The Druid had slipped away. Mariah was dreaming of four angels on the four corners of the room and there was  a great silence.  Mariah thought of her twin dream again and knew she sould look at it a little differently than she had up until now. She might even go to the river and lie among the stones and demand to be changed too, look for a new name among the pebbles. The end.

photo 3-15

Blue sky today hooray with the v of love in evidence

Rose is a little speechless after writing on her porch this morning. The sun is coming out, through light clouds. Her Christmas cactus is awaiting their photo sessions. She heard a beautiful dream of a rock wall created by the dreamer and her father when she was a little one. Some positive feelings coming into her as she does her inner work and nears her later life. And the other rock wall from another dream, used by the dreamer to tell his woman to get down, as his shadow in the airplane takes aim at the aimless women. The dream is telling him that he he has to be in a locked, embraced with his inner opposite, his anima, as he goes through mid life reclaiming what his mother stole from his as a young child.

photo 4-353

Mothers steal some of son’s soul so that later he has to retrieve his anima by doing dream work

And if you would like to work with the people who people your dreams, you can contact me through Psychology Today, where they pride themselves in checking  into their members’ valid licenses and qualifications. If you like my stories please comment telling me what it brough to you. I love your conversations and likes when I get them. Sending out a prayer for my readers.  Love from Rose.








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Did Mariah Want Gold or Healing


photo 1-14

In the Fall of the Year

There is nothing I shall want, she said, as she stared at the place on the counter where the bag of gold used to be. She was practicing letting go of this and that, mostly that gold. It was not easy. She decided to concentrate on getting well next and after that, if she was not dead she would go after the gold again, in a year or too. Meanwhile she would try and figure out how to live without this midas that mythered her. She knew it was not possible to save herself and her health, if she kept harping on about the gold.

photo 5-12

All the leaves on the Wallnut had fallen down already

She went in search of the Druid again so she could get a better grip on what was required of her for her healing. He was a bit reluctant to humor her, saying she had to make some headway, be ready for instruction, before he could get his people together to swing the sticks in the air, boomerang sytle above her head, to create the vortex that would heal her. She thought of going elsewhere for her healing but her inability to walk hindered her and she had to use what and who was at hand to work on her. The druid turned his back on her as he lit his pipe.

photo 4-16

The druid smoking his pipe

Doing her exercises helped her symptoms but she felt the cause was there and had lodged in the area near the top of her right leg. Once in a great while, for about three hours she felt in tune and at that time the pain left her, as she listened to a sweet tune, or held the twin babies that were being passed around. When she was totally forgetting herself she was pain free. She was always surprised when the pain was there again in the night or there to greet her as she sliped out of bed to greet the day.

photo 1-12


There was some instruction, delicate, precise about listening for instruction from within, through her dreams and through her meditations, and through just asking in the dawn light for enlightenment, an understanding of what was happening, what she needed to do to reverse the river of lumpiness, of pain in her near butt region.

photo 1

Where the pain settled

And then as she got her instructions, which she felt she did, how could she get herself to not dicker down what she had received.

photo 2-13

Before falling down they fill with color

She had a dream about twins coming to live with her. She was sure she got instructions from one, which was opposite from the instructions from the other. She looked at the stars in the sky called Castor and Pollock, known to her as the twins also, as they looked at her in their proximity to the yellow moon in the middle of the night sky. They were full of light and caught her attention, but no clearance on which of the dream twins she needed to heed.

photo 5-5

She wondered if the boys on each side of her were twins

When she brought her dream to the Druid, he said that she needed to hold the tension of the opposite views of the twins, and stand in that place between the two, so she could launch into a different direction as the one she was on was not helpful to her or her walking legs. Typical instructions she mumbled to herself. The choice was back to her as usual.

photo 5-2

Twin Flamingos – the black and white of the situation

She did not care to talk to those two, twins of her dreams. In real life the twins she knew were at best horse thieves, at worst, well she was a little afraid of them. However, she sat with the twins together and thought of all she knew about them, of what they might say, why they were in her life bargaining for the space around her, wanting an exact third. One of them was already sitting in a make shift construction of boards in one of her rooms. Mariah thought of the boards at the end of the lane, for a moment.

photo 4-15

For a little minute she thought she saw how to step on their heads and launch into a slightly higher place, where the space was free, free to all three of them. She saw a shadow of herself walking in her house, at peace, in love for a moment with her life, accepting all that it consisted of, keeping her mind to this and not that. She would get a hold on the great criticizer in her and sew it up, like a Halloween mouth, not allowed to say the usual things, or better still to sit with the criticism and to take out her own needle and thread and poke it out of herself, all that was belonging to those twins, in her, and then sew up the wound. Every time they opened their mouth she could repeat. It would keep her very busy. She would have to just go back repeatedly and walk in peace through her house. How not to dicker it down? How to hold on to the spirit of truth and peace and love as she went her way as the winter came in. She would keep trying, was what she concluded, be optimistic, be kind and smile more. It was some kind of a start she mused as she began preparations for the evening meal for Uishneach knowing he would surely show up soon. She went outside to find a stone to put in the bone soup. The end.

Rose is happily working with dreams and was the dreamer in the corner at the Open House at her part time counseling job where she practices as an LPC. Many people work with her through their dreams in a psychoanalytic way.

And if you want to work with me at my home office later in the week I will be happy to bring you to the idea and the feeling, and the fact that dream work is soul work. Let me know if you like my story above. Sending out a prayer for you. Love from Rose.


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Mariah at the Hedge School

photo 1-11

Happy Halloween from a dream

There was a formal gathering forming at the Druid Bernie’s hedge school and  Mariah decided to stay on and listen. They wanted to talk politics and Bernie would not let them until he got out his spiel. “You have to send love and light to the leaders, even if you do not like them. Love your enemies is the injunction. So send out love to them for two reasons. Firstly so you draw that love energy of God down through you and send it back up across the solar plexus, through the heart and out through the third eye to your enemy. In this way the love, the prayer blesses you twice, crosses your body twice. Then it goes to the other and comes back to you as a lovely cloud of love. Boomerang! What is not to like about this!

photo 1-12

What is not to love

Secondly, if you send out those hate thoughts, to that person you are hating on, they are waiting for such energy to build their empire on, those negative thoughts are what that enemy relies on and feeds on. So do not send those dark thoughts to them. Besides, when they boomerang back, they hit you full force in the face again even as they did on the way out of your third eye, and now coming back to you as well as crossing the body twice before you send them out.

photo 2-11

She might be harboring a few negative thoughts but the eyes have something else.

That is one of the great laws, and should not be ignored. You cannot be luke warm about this. Spew those negative thoughts out  before they get a hold on you.” The Druid Berney was out of breath and paused to have a rest and a smoke. Then he continued:

photo 5-10

Holding in the light

When you send light to surround a person, when they are all lit up, then everyone can see what they are doing and take away the support for the thing they are doing that is wrong. Win-win situation.” There was a certain amount of quiet after this and the political debate was arrested and Mariah was glad.  She basically always liked to stick her head in the sand about such things wanting to have her less than love thoughts squared away for those nearer her nose.

photo 5-9

The great outdoors

Other things they talked about were how being out in the fresh air, traveling in nature usually cures anything that ails you. It helps overcomes some natural fear of being out alone. When you are outside then comes that uplifting, that upwelling of energy leaving you with a feeling of peace, that energy that brings up the grass again and again, reliable, underfoot, a great miracle. Others really liked the dawn and spoke of the lovely light that happens at that time filtering into the brain, bringing understanding of things much greater than the individual’s little concerns.

photo 5-310

hedge school

Mariah was in bed later not sleeping, listening to some gentle snores from Uishneach.  She decided to do the exercises given to her by a shaman to help with her stiffness. Sometimes the shaman looked like a woman and other times shape shifted into a short man with bangs and longish straight hair and big square teeth. Mariah was going over all this, thinking she was over imaginative and at the same time doing  the stretching. She  hummed and she said prayers for short periods that corresponded to the amount of time she was supposed to do them. Sometimes she stopped both these as she found areas or spots on her that were tense and tight.

photo 3-11

Working on the body

She got a glimpse of royal blue and white and somewhere in her midriff she saw the yellow crescent moon shape. She followed the eight shape at that area and was surprised to feel its movement, an energy swinging around in her yellow center. When she worked on her head and the back of her neck, which was also in its own stiffness, she ran her fingers in a line up the center of the back of her head, her elbows close to her ears and noticed her hair was making quiet a noise of its own like waves of the ociean going in and out. As her hands came over her brow, some of her hair flew onto her face almost frightening her. At this time she noticed the hair had a connection down her trunk, out each side of the spine and down over her rump. It was fleeting but she is still pondering the whole experience when Uishneach woke up.

photo 3-341

When she told Uishneach about the whole experience he seemed to think it was his due to make a laugh and suggested she was growing a tail. She suppressed some rudimentary remarks about his tail and turned on her side, on her side of the bed and was soon fast asleep. The end.

photo 5-2

Twin birds of Halloween

Rose had a dream about twins, who have moved into her house and there was an argument about who paid what and how much and it was going to be based on the square footage of the house and who used which rooms etc. The yard was even included. It was triggered yesterday by talking to someone who was one of a twin and dreamed of two men, one light and one dark, who were threatening her.


This is a case of Rose’s unconscious levering open, triggered by the symbols of the twins from the day before. Rose is pleased to be graced by a dream again as this is the first clear remembered one in a while.

And if you want to come and associate to your dreams for an hour, as that woman yesterday did, I will be very glad to supply the questions that will get you into seeing what that aspect of yourself is up to, what it is holding you to when all the time you are wanting to be freed from those difficult shadow aspects of yourself. I can be reached through Psychology Today where you can see my credentials. I can be contacted through this site also. I look forward to hearing from you. Please like if you do and a comment or two will always be appreciated. Sending out a prayer for you. Love Rose.

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Workshop in Washington.


On our way to Washington

The day stared out early for this Kundalini Retreat Workshop. I careened through a red light looking for the right road, to be at the pick up for 6 am in Harrisonburg.  I had to circle the block just once and our meeting place was where I thought it was.

photo 4-10

Fall is here

At our destination in Washington, we set up in rows, maybe eight across the room. Each person had a partner. The tall bearded helper said I should advocate for myself to find a partner and sent me in the direction of the woman helper at the door. Then I sat on a chair and waited. Then one of the other very much older women helpers found a young woman to sit with me. She looked young, and beautiful to me. The opening chant was full of the music of the spheres.

photo 5-305


She yawned a lot and avoided my eyes at first, but as we did hour after hour she began to focus on me and yawned no more. They were half hour chants, looking into the eyes of the other, knees touching. Later they went into one-hour chants. Some I knew and sang out with all my might. I love those chants. The hours in the afternoon that made the biggest impression involved the eyes.

photo 3-392

The eyes

The first of these had us make a shape with our hands and look through the space created by hands into the eyes of the other. Her eyes seem to turn a royal blue and I saw peacock feather colors and shapes around her. The following hour we were instructed to place our backs against each other, facing away, and yet imagining looking into the eyes of the other at the same time. As the back of my chair was now at my front, I sometimes had to use it as leverage against my partner. Most of the time my hands were in prayer pose, joined in front. At one point I slipped out and had a vision at this time of blue and white grey smoke coming up over an altar, streaming looking crinkly.

2013-07-10 10.44.13

Old Steps into a church in Donegal in Ireland

At the end of the sessions, near six oclock, my feelings were full of love for everyone and I hugged anyone who sat near to me. The older woman who found me my partner, said that anytime she saw me during the day, her heart felt glad. My heart also felt glad to be there. For a few days after, I sometimes fell into thinking of having eyes in the back of my head, which gave me a strange feeling in my head. There is a forty-day period following such workshops, in which that which started will become embodied and I am staying aware of such things as much as I can. I am looking forward to keeping account of these times.


The Ant Story Continued.

Queen B said she found Rose’s story about the ants, in a recent blog, hysterical. She liked the comment that Rose made about not knowing why the ant was so interested in her.  Rose said the ants had disappeared again noting that it was cold out there. The Queen B said it was too cold for them and they did not have winter coats. Rose often noticed the ants travelling in a line in the direction of her house, and along by the house wall.  Rose was not bothered to stop them there. This warm afternoon seems to encourage travelling ants again and there are a few about. Two were in the bottom of the soup pot, without little red coats.

2013-06-17 17.27.27

Rose made some wheat grass a few years ago and ignored it as the roots knit together. It was in a round pan.

Rose thought of that ant on her glasses, and that he had the intuition that he was on the bridge of doom with her eyes, fixed on him, where he is madly dashing. When he goes around on the side bar of the glasses and runs into the wilderness of her white hair, it is the void as far as he is concerned and should be avoided. Leaping down on to her well-oiled face is just another sea that will not suit and bog him down up to the top of his Wellington boots.

2016-10-31 09.50.04

What the ant saw from the top of her glasses.

Rose remembers a number of bigger ants from a few years back that found her honey pot up in the cupboard, out of her line of vision.  When Rose sees that pot she might stop and get a spoon and eat several spoons of honey. Seemingly the ants had the same idea. Rose’s eating of the honey seems to spread some on the outside of the pot that collects around the pot up in the cupboard. The ants can smell honey a mile away. So they came. Rose had forgotten about this honey pot and there was little else in this cupboard but the honey pot. Now it is full of food she mostly does not like to eat. Anyway, when one of her grown children came for a visit, he opened this cupboard and called out to Rose. She ran over only to see about twenty of these larger ants in the cupboard. Most of them were lying on their backs, sleeping. Rose definitely saw this. Rose reached for a wet cloth and started yelling like a banshee at these ants. They woke up with a big start and flew in all directions. Some got away but some were lynched for likening her honey.


And if you have a meditation story or an ant story or are dreaming about some ants or meditation, be sure to let me know. If you find these stories fun be sure to comment or like as you feel like. I hope your life is sweet as honey and that your sleep is as restful, as the ant, who has found the source of all sweetness and sleeps very soundly as the earth dances around the sun. Bye for now, sending out a prayer for my readers. Love from Rose.

2016-09-24 17.57.41


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Mariah’s Halloween Love Stories


Artwork from Morocco

When Mariah visited with her friends, a marvelous story was shared by a widow of some years, of how she was able to leave her deceased family man/lover of many years and move without regret into her new lovers arms. The widow and her new lover had discussed and planned the where and when of the start of their new life together. It was in the nights between the first two moons of the year and a few nights before their tryst. It was cold in the widow’s bedroom under the roof, well cushioned by feathers, well fortified by insulation, and she warm as toast underneath, sleeping alone.  She was thinking deeply about these new arrangements, with a little backwards salty staring into the past thinking of the separating of the pillars of her new and old lovers.

photo 2-4

Pillar in Marrakech, with holy writing on upper part.

There were no opening in the room and yet it felt like there was a movement of cold air around and around. But she was falling into sleep, she was hypnogogic, between lovers, between sleep and between the sheets. She tried to rouse herself but was too far gone down and yet with all the commotion of the moving air, she began to feel a form, spooned onto her back, an arm resting lightly on her, holding her tight and she with her hand laid on his arm near his wrist. It could not be her new lover, as the weight of him did not feel right to her but the form brought her back to her deceased lover. She called his name, as she rose up only to see him fly into a thousand pieces of white ghostly papers that faded through the air leaving her alone in the dark room.

photo 2-6

Old lovers/old olive trees

Her old lover, of many many years, some long and hard, wanted to hold her one more time, wanted to say good by, wanted to tell her it was all right to go to her new lover without a smidgen of regret, of hesitation, free to love again on this little earth. She felt all this as sure as she felt the certainty of his form holding her. He broke through from the other side riding in on her elevated emotions, her love for him, her excitement, her growing forward. He brought the cold circular wind to hold him together enough for her to feel him, to communicate with him. It gave her a holy blessing of finishing up something of her past life and starting again.

photo 5-5

 Rose in Morocco. They offered me a job, nothing else.

Unlike poor Orpheus, who went into the underworld to get his wife back, the widow fully appreciated this visit from her old lover, wishing her luck and saying goodbye. She did not need to have him back but she had the same experience as Orpheus, seeing him fade through the air, as she looked around.

photo 4-4

A pomegranates growing on the roof of the Jasmine Riad in Marrakech. This fruit is associated with the underworld.

When Mariah heard the above story, she linked it into the blessings that come through contact with the dead, that comes in the form of vision/dream. This is a loving story, the making of love, of love infused into life on this earth, first with one person and then with another in the best possible sense, trailing blessings in the going forward, bringing love and sweetness anew into life here in this earth.

photo 5-8

Other lovers negotiating; maybe the price for the fine red fez hat! The city of Fez is below and front.

This also reminded Mariah of the dream a woman had in her sixties the night before her second wedding.  Her dream shows her being linked by her father, to give her to her new lover. She was all dressed in white and white blossoms of the Spring in her hair. The bride took it as a lovely confirmation that it was ok to go ahead with this marriage, making a love start into her life again as she negotiated her later years.

photo 4-8

A lonesome man and his horse in Morocco.

And of course there is the story of Mariah’s mother appearing to one of her family members saying that practicing love on this earth is the most marvelous thing, the greatest opportunity, the ideal place. When all the feelings are filled with love, this body starts operating like a giant love station; complete with turbines inside designed to envelope the givers and the receivers with love, miraculously changing everything. The end.

Rose had a lovely afternoon in Hallandale Park. Sunday is her day to go there with or without company to exercise. She slowed down to watch a cardinal eating from one of the big yellow things fallen from the tree and littering the path. One had broken and the bird was very busy eating seeds from the inside.

photo 5-4

Rose started to stalk toward the bird and it remained there until she was within about six feet of the cardinal. In this quiet stalking Rose could hear all the birds singing in the nearby trees. She saw a Wilson Warbler with a little yellow on its head. It was very small bird, on its way south for the winter. The half pared walnut was on the path under a walnut tree. It seemed like the squirrel did not come down to retrieve his nut. So far  there is little color in the park but the path was pretty with nuts and leaves. Rose did the exercises and one of her favorites is on this one below.

photo 1-7

Lovely tee shirt as worn by Melon Pie

Contact me if you want to tell me of such similar things that happened to you relating to love. There is great wisdom to be taken from such contact with loved one, dead or alive, and from the loving reach from within to complete you, to fill all your feelings with love. Love from Rose. 







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Mariah and what she dreamed.

photo 1

Getting near to Halloween

Mariah thought it seems strange to pigeon hole the complexity and complicity of God/Source into a place, out beyond the march of time and space, out through portals, out beyond Orion and Sirius. Uishneach had been expounding some of his source theory again. Her head was so full of it she soon fell into sleep.

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At the end of the lane

Mariah had a dream she was pulled up by the color bones to go out past the board, blocking the way at the end of the lane.There she found God and his twin brother sitting behind the boards, looking at their experiment, that is the leprechauns, in all their complexities and complicities.

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God and his brother

God and his bro had reduced their earth to a box on the table holding the worlds with out end. They were wondering if they should let it go on. Mariah got a shock but kept listening from behind the boards.

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The box on the table

She heard them say that the earthlings can be all so petty and blind, even the best of them – fighting about who is in charge, ignoring the pain and suffering of the poor, of the working too hard, of disease and death; it is all there, they mused. And when the earthlings come to the boards here at the end of life, they are all carrying the basket of their experiences, huge megabytes of Akashic records.

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Carrying records over the bridge

God and his brother became like a pair of drunken spirits as they wafted in the upwelling that came from this little box on the table. All those emotions, complexes made them greedy and they could not do anything but let it go on. This whole fascinating earth had become much wider than they expected from this feeling point of view. In spite of the cruelty, in spite of those who liked revenge, who liked to pull out nails slowly so the person could remain out of shock and fully experience this punishment, this exquisite pain, in spite of wars, pestilence, famine and the many abuses of each other, they had to let it go on. That pain all around and the troubled water itself that gave it up could continue. Water, over which spanned the bridge of God, separated by them on that day, long ago, from the deep and laid out beside the dry land, was fascinating to them.  They were simply sipping on that exquisite nectar offerings coming up from that bottom and that box. God said he way preferred the love that came up and the bro said he much preferred the other.

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Both sides

She dreamed the Druid, in white robes covered in black overcoat,  came up to her pointing gently at her and saying, “Step away from the board and bow your head and ask for God’s blessing.” They both dropped to their knees. The dropping down went on for a long time so that she was falling and as she awoke her head was bowed into Uishneach’s back and he was trying to wake her up. He said she kept bumping her head into the small of his back and it was giving him a pain.

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The pain got to Uishneach

He had to make a visit to the Druid’s healing place and ask for help as he was bent over in pain. The druid’s helpers were inclined to leave him waiting so Mariah had to stick her head around the corner and insist he be seen. The druid was very busy with an old man who was deaf and was shouting. It was hard to get any attention.

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The bird of Halloween

It was many hours before he was able to get a potion for his pain. The Druid mumbled about a block in the waterworks and some stone blocking the way and causing the pain. He said he had just the thing for such pains. It worked immediately. Uishneach was happy to meet up with two witches whom he had not met for many years.

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One  witch had a little accident

Mariah wanted to talk to the Druid about her dream but the druid was not very responsive as he was having a busy night with other emergencies. She went home exhausted, looking up at the stars and mulling about her dream. She was a little happy for the walk in the cool air.  She would surely have a good nights rest and no more nightmares after all that. The end.

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Growing outside under some butterfly bush

Rose is having a busy week dragging in the plants to avoid the promised frost and sweeping up the mess left behind. One of her bedrooms is like that of a hoarder so she hopes to clear it out soon. The halloween decorations are getting into full swing on the street.

Her plants outside have gone mad and the ivy is trying to cover up her house. She whacked some of the hedges back. She meditated in the night and felt pulled up by the shoulders to write the above story/dream from Mariah. She found ants trying to set up shop on her counter under some neglected papers. She startled them into scattering in all directions. The line of ants near her computer spot is no longer traversed by ants looking for a left over crumb covered with honey. However there is an ant that has found his way onto the frame of her glasses and goes back and forth whenever she is two busy to swat it out of her life. She eventually laughed at the profound interest this ant has in her.

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I  had a lovely session on dreams today and much satisfied to be working with the psychoanalytic and art therapy modes and some cognitive behavioral piece that asks the dreamer “what action is needed now as a result of having your dreams.” A dreamer had a dream of the waves of the ocean being contained by a glass barrier for her even though they were eight stories high. She noticed she had a smilar dream a few months ago where it was again contained with glass. Working with her dreams prevent her from being drowned even though she is going through some big relationship issues. Contact me through Psychology Today. I also have a Facebook page. Please comment, share or like as you feel moved. Love from Rose.

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