Sunday Poetry


The above image was taken yesterday and is called The Hand of God in the Ice.
I wrote the poem below this last Sunday 12th January.

Fierce Guardians Guarding

How to bow to them

How to get past them

How to charm them

How to lull

To sit

To insist

To open to the blitz

Light made solid in silver

To carry it to the doors

To the Fierce Guardians

To lay down more and more

To bring in less and less

To connect

To open to the colors of the sunset

To let the blue lift the head open

To be permeated by the gold in the sky

In the solar plexus


To walk toward Heaven

With your lamps lit

With the Pillar of Cloud by Day

And open stars by night

Carrying the newborn

Singing in the Heart

And a fierce Guardians

walking behind.

About rlongwort

Licensed Professional Counselor. Dream specialist.
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