Mariah Bitten

photo 1-223

The kiss

Mariah complemented him on his kissing as that one birthday kiss he gave her felt sweet on her lips somehow satisfying, soft and inviting to her. The game of bones was even better as she won and she had an agreement with Uishneach that he would milk the goats in the morning if she won. And she won by a few little points. There was some renegotiating about a follow up to the kiss but he said it would be this or that, not both. She agreed with laughter on the goat milking not wishing to confuse the issues with intimate details. She might loose the bargain about the goats if she was not careful.


The red quilt over all

And that night while in bed, as he read to her, she made some heartless comment about the contents of his reading and he was soon foaming at the mouth about how some people like to be cruel even if they were not given any gold pieces for it. She got mixed up in the whole painful historic story of famine and cruelty.   It was her wont to defend one side, that need of hers to see both sides of that story, however unwanted and untimely her interjections were. There was only one side of that story he said.

photo 2-198

A little red mist surrounded them

And soon she felt screwed by the errant energy, coming up from his depths, making his breathing long and hard and causing a cough. She was not comfortable to be in this soup of lit up red energy, coming up from between his ears, from between her peaceful loving quilts. Surely she had the right to reject his avalanche of red mist. Surely he should stop the angry emotion that had poked from him this outburst.

photo 3-44

After a protest from Mariah, he locked his emotions all back up and they both got on with the business of trying to sleep, Mariah looking for some herbs for sleeping, and he for his cough.

photo 5-159

A dog bit her on the right cheek 

She had a dream about two dogs coming racing toward her. They were the low to the ground types who know exactly what they want. One of them bit her on her right arse cheek and it woke her up. His eye tooth, keep trying to catch into her flesh. She jumped up in fright. Uishneach put a calming hand on her and turned over. She was left to wonder how something from within was coming to attack her. Surely she had said the right thing last night; surely she was always right with what she had to say. She might consult with the Druid Bernie and see what he had to say.

photo 2-188

The dogs disturbed her 

Next morning Uishneach was out early and milked the goats for her and then cleaned up their resting place, distributing some hay, seeing to water, fulfilling his part of the bargain. The milk, butter and cheeses all had a great flavor when he was involved.

photo 5-130

Sitting on the log thinking about the dream

When she met druid Bernie later that day he had two dogs with him who were full of love and caring and not at all like the dream dogs. They had short legs and little straight up tails. They were equally black and white.

photo 2-91

Druid Bernie

Mariah and the Druid had a long walk through the lovely bog land and sat on logs facing each other as they held the lap dogs. They briefly saw a big red fox running along before vanishing into the ash plants.

Eventually she disclosed the dream to him and while saying very little, his affirmation and his serious face, at intervals, were helpful in getting her to put her shoe on her other foot and to consider the other side of herself that make stupid comments to Uishneach, just before shutting their eyes , between the long and loving quilts at bedtime.

photo 2-63

Flowers from the bogland

He suggested, as he had before, that she conform her thoughts to that other side and to pray to the Angel of Peace, reaching out to that garment the Angel wears and to bring back a piece of that for the morning. This would help her attend to the very delicate and deliberate matter of being in love, what ever was said, and of course love was the only thing that is important in the end.


Rose woke up the next morning and could not catch her dream, only little snippets about her sister and a tray of nice things. She was focused on how her body felt which of course blocked out what that older, mammalian, back brain had to say. She did some deep breathing in the night, forgoing some prayers as she tried to buckle down her thinking and just be with the breath.


She thought she saw a big luminescent pearl falling from the cavity of her head and going down deep and deep into the dark below her and then it came back up as an egg, big and full of light. She lamented her inability to stay with this although but she did manage to focus a few times. She is glad to consider the connection between the highest and the lowest and all that is in-between, even if they are her own figures awaiting redemption.

And if you would like to work with dreams about snakes or other errant animals biting you, gods knows where, be sure to contact me even if the dreams are telling you to peddle faster. You will greatly benefit from slowing down to examine such injunctions. I hope you call me and make time to breath and to record your dreams, especially the ones that you insist on letting go of, in those few early moments of consciousness, when you could catch them by remaining still. It is that work that satisfies the instincts and keeps them from biting you. A little drawing here, a little recording there and all is well. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Love from Rose.

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