Dreams into Poems and (Ana)Lysis

I am posting the second videos to entice you into your own dream world. As you put some serious effort into your dreams, they give back to you. This less than one minute video is about recording the dream in the middle of the night, or first thing in the morning when you usually get the dream.

It is a lovely day in the neighborhood. I am free to sit and write and to clean up inner and outer debris. Two robins returned from the south, in the yard and are lovely, and the little sparrow singing her spring song at 9.00 am is very delightful and beautiful on my ears. I glimpsed a buzzard up above the road turning down Wolfe Street. 

photo 3-221

These are the nails used in putting on the shingles. They are little mandala in and of themselves. They looked so lovely in their box when I came upon them outside beside my bike.

The roof on my house is replaced and now that the last check is signed and after the last conversation with the organizer and the workers, I am free to work on the roof of my body and to consider some dreams. The dreams and poems below benefited from some work, both in crafting the poem and in considering what they may be referring to.

photo 2-222

A mandala and dream become one in this drawing


In the middle of the dreams, I noticed how being late, a motif of dream number three, was also the subject of a communication exercise with someone. I love that thing that can happen, as the inner and outer life mesh.

photo 5-174

The more I ground my crayons into this baby , the more my client did the same and changed mood and we both were enlightened by how she finished up her mandala and explained how it was am image of herself and where she is now.

I did a number of mandala during the past few days and am posting them. Some other drawings relate to dream material. Sometimes they are both mandala and dream drawing.

No doubt, I will be gifted by another dream to pull me into more of myself as time goes by. 

photo 2-223

This drawing goes with first dream below, pretty abstract with the purple square in the middle representing the child. I had a feeling that this drawing is truer to what the dream is about and the dream below is a telling of the dream story as seen by the conscious mind.


Dream 1

There is a pass back and forth

Of the child

From his to her hands

Mother to Father

And back again and again

Child in purple dress


And she watching on the side

Wants the child for herself


Interpretation of above dream

Lysis: (where the energy wants to go.)

To appropriate energy

For selfishness

To notice this

To plan the opposite

To let the child be safe between

The father and mother

Her inner child of grace


No supervised visitation

She needs to supervise her self

Watch without desire

Silent loving


Second Dream to poem

(I went to poetry group and the prompt was to start with the word “little.” I choose to work on a dream at this time.)

” Little” remark

I will stay and fix

The food

Sweep the fine dust and dirt

Steep the tea


Steeped herself

she turned

To face the fine dirt

Bereft to be left

Lost behind


She about faced

And was about to follow


When that woman

With the cold dark curls

Turns and says

“Is that what you think?”

photo 5-173

Could that all be the dark curly hair Mandala


She had made a decision

To be a domestic

So that the other bitch

Can go out

And be with him

And his rich friends

Leaving nothing

For the one left behind

Doing it to herself

(Remembering all the people in your dreams are part of you, which brings me to an awareness of that split in me that thinks that being social, being improtant, being rich is something in a of itself. The better thing would be to collect that woman and the other couple together and get them to sit and write her in great contentment, with doing what is mine to do. )


3 Dream

She is late for

The Carmelite mass

A booth outside

Has a gun covered

with the material

of the brown habit

That points at her

Shoots her on the right neck

With a knickknack

Explosive but no marks

a well felt thud

No blood

photo 1-239

Outside the church, with her bags, getting “shot”


Her habit of being late

To Carmelite

To Mountmaru

To the place of birth of

Jesus Love, Rose Love

Connected to Christ

Essean, Mary’s school

Keeps doing the things

That make her late

Hidden cracks

To not create

photo 4-202

An image from someone else’s dream

Part 4 – is part of a synchriostic thing that happened at work where we used the fact a client was late to communicate. The dream above, came to me that night after.

I am at work. They practiced communication skills

“You do seem to want to be late.

Is there anything I can do to help

To change this behavior?”

The reply: Started out an hour early

There were a lot of lights, Had to eat at Beau

Jangles on the way.

Only three minutes late, held up by the

paying for the class. I will never be late again.


photo 4-200

A mandala created while talking – which gets me into the right side of the brain.

5 The Lysis of all the dreams

The work Lysis come from Analysis and it indicates where the energy want to go. What decision is she making to help the energy go organic, to get a glimpse into psychic?

6 Meditation

To go out of selfishness

To leave on time

For the churches

Where she is expected inside

To say “There is nothing I shall want”

To go no more out

To sit in the silence of interior castles

The seven chakra churches


To keep watching the child

Dressed in purple

Laodicean light

candle above the head

Back and forth

Pulling tighter


To each other

until the three

Become one.

Until her head goes back

Her staff goes up

All comforted.


And to comment on the need to not be superior with someone who is late. The communication was full of fun, deciding how to communicate, while dealing with a touchy subject, within group, of being late. After I heard the whole story I  was more tolerant, and left the group full of smiles to myself thinking what a marvelous group they are.

This writing this morning pulls together the last few days and the unconscious materials offered to me from the dream source.  I am looking for an understanding of the purpose to be in this life, interacting with life, considering an answer coming from within, considering the chakras, the inner churches. Meeting the sacred within the three main cavities of her own temple body, the head, the chest and the sacrum. She wants to bring together, through her meditation all she has to offer, to be joined with the infinite and eternal, that is no further away than within. She wants to fill into the purpose for which she is created.

photo 4-198

Created for me by one of my favorite clients.

And if you too want to bring dreams out into the open plane of consciousness, consider contacting me through Psychology Today or through this site. I love to hear dreams from others. I find they often bring me into an understanding of something I am puzzling for myself. I have a license for my business at my house. I have a license to practice counseling from the Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Health Professions.

My orientation is psychoanalytic through dream, mandala and art materials. I have been doing this work for over forty years. I consider all that I meet daily as a gift to me, to be opened with respect and with the prayer of bringing wholeness to all that I meet. I look forward to meeting with you soon. I can be reached through this site and through Psychology Today, where all my credentials have been approved, prior to going up on that site. Love Rose. 





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