Cleansing by Fire

On Sunday morning I asked a group of fellow meditators to pray for me after we had meditated for an hour together. I was dealing with my toothache and wanted some help. It can be a little difficult to ask a group for help but the pain did not give me leave to ignore this opportunity for some relief. 

This tree is down a long time now and is rich in litchens

So I stood up and asked to be held in the light. They were a diverse group ranging from twenties to eighties. Some had a life long meditation practice, others less often and less long. My request was held for a minute in silence, while I was held in the light.

Moments after I sat down, I felt a fire in my stomach. It was an abnormal heat, in the bowl of my pelvis, all the way up to my belly button, where my guts reside. It just appeared and stayed there. I immediately connected it with my request for healing. It lasted maybe fifteen minutes. Was my elements melting with fervent heat as a result of “all holy conversation and godliness?”(2 Peter 3) I read about the coming cleansing by fire and linked it to my request to be held in the light.

I often go to the Park on Sundays as I pass close by the entrance. It had rained for a few days and I had not been out much so even though it was still raining a little, I put on my coat and went walking and exercising. It felt just like what the doctor ordered. I took my pictures and was joined by another for a bit. I felt I could not have asked for more.

Later in the week there was a squirrel on the place where I park my car. It was hardly moving and I could see later there was a painful looking bump on its back bone. He could move but only slowly. It just got to me even though I am not in love with the squirrel in general but this poor unfortunate really got to my heart and I began calling him a sentient being.  

The black cat that was on my porch this morning sitting on my electric blanket, preening himself, leaving a slightly damp place on the blanket from licking himself, left a certain amount of hairs there. I knew he was there from seeing him through the window. But by the time I was out the door onto the porch he was gone. I mention him because he must have found the trace of the squirrel on the lawn and when I came home yesterday evening, he was stalking low on the grass smelling the grass. When he saw me he looked my way with a glassy look in his eyes but did not stop. He lay down on the grass and was rubbing his cheeks alternatively on the grass as if he was totally in love with what he was doing. I let him have his joy but hoped the squirrel had acquired some safe place or had died. Nature has to have its way too.

Walking in the park

My street can be a fast moving place for a squirrel or for a motorist turning into Sterling street. No accidents lately. Hopefully the angels on the corners are holding back any bad luck intended for there.

The stick fell from the tree and laid in very uniform geometric platterns of parallel lines and triangles.

Sometimes I find myself in the position of talking to a grieving person who is so lost to accept the death of a beloved person in their life. Again I felt like dissolving into a puddle as the person cried and cried. I admonished myself to not loose the grip in my role as counselor. I find myself burbling on about birth into this world and the birth out into the other worlds at the end of life. There are over sixty five books about near death experiences. Then I always ask if the person has had a dream or two of the deceased. No not yet but her mother had an experience while cooking dinner of his presence and his wanting certain foods and in certain amounts. This spoke to the grieving person, as the deceased loved food in large quantities. This always helps the person and may also bring in the consideration of the existence of life beyond death. I have become a strong believer in such possibilities from my own experience with in my family. I have blogged about my sister Mary and Mother, both of whom are deceased in the last ten years.

Beautiful in transformation

I am hoping to have a few dreams with the full moon coming, with a meteor shower and solstice all coming together. I will go to a Kundalini Meditation event at the Center here on Saturday, 22nd at 6pm with Siri Amrita. I attended her last yoga class of the year last Monday and had an experience after she played the singing bowl, made of crystal I believe.

I love the fast moving water

My experience was of going around with the sound now going around in the top of my head, as she made her bowl sing by going around the rim of the bowl. It was very loud. I do not think I slept, as how could I, with the volume of sound it made? At the end, I got up and looked around at a loss to remember what had just happened, including forgetting the sound and the bowl experience. Then it came back to me. This sound is said to clear out our minds in a beneficial way and that is what happened.  I am looking forward to the gong experience. 

The stream is fast flowing near by, over the rim of the handlebars of what I call the rocking horse exerciser.

I am finishing up my work for this year but will be back to counseling in the New Year. Doing dream work is a lovely New Year present to give to you. The ego will not want you to do it but sometimes we have to wrestle with it and win what it takes to open to our potential, as in moving up to a new dimension of ourselves, finding our creativity, finding the fast moving stream in our psyche. I hope you do that, as the world needs this kind of attention and love, through you the individual and then in a ringing out unto others in this coming year. Happy New Year to my readers. May yours be filled with loving service and all your feelings filled with heartfelt love. Love from Rose.

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  1. athewriter says:

    Beautiful pics! Miss you!

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