Let me be a Servant too.

On Sunday Morning I heard a dream from one of my more artistic and literary friends. The main part of the dream is that she just knew she was to be a servant now. She was amazed at the understanding that came to her and said her whole life would be different from now on. This dream, on the surface is just a dream but because the dreamer looked inside, this dream is awakening her. She has some years to call her own. She does not need to do more things. She already knew it was connected to seeing God in the other person all the time.

The Hymn with the words; “Let me be your servant too” came to my mind. The Universe in its oneness never ceases to be a servent in every direction. From the ground we stand on to the infinite heavens there is servitude. We have free will to not be servants and of course we have taken the liberty to be our own little gods, with little reference to the oneness of all. The energy is high and is climbing toward being a servant of the most high God. Stop the talk of nothing and place the heart of God in you on them.

Let me be your servant too

How can I be that servant too. When I walk, I pull back from my own rigmarole of thoughts and reference the up and down of the energy of God in me. It has a grounding and expanding effect as I breath into my center. I mumble to myself ofter “Thou art my dwelling place…..” A little breath work and intention goes a long way.  I connect it to the following reading from Edgar Cayce.

All that we ever have been

“For in the body there is that center in which the soul is expressive, creative in its nature – the Leidig Center. By this breathing, this(Leidig Center) may be made to expand and open the seven(spiritual) centers of the body …Thus an entity puts itself…into association or conjunction with all it has EVER been or may be. For it loosens the physical consciousness to the universal consciousness.”(2475-1)

A depiction of image from 2nd dream about Life Seals

Life Seals

I had a dream about the concept of “Life Seals.” The evening before I read about them and thought of the Life Seal that was painted for Edgar Cayce. It highlight the symbols that were important to Cayce through out his past lives and brought forward to help find his way spiritually in this life.

What we bring to this life that helps us in our journey toward the divine.

The Life Seal helps with having some symbols around that will remind the soul of helpful areas from the past when the soul gained in the journey toward God.

More things on heaven and on earth than are dreamt of in our philosophy

I thought I could never do that. However during the night I awoke to an image of an oval, surrounded by gold and a line of gold across the center across the front and middle of the pendant. On that gold strip across the center were three symbols, a cross, a heart and a shamrock, depicted very small. I was not all that sure of all the details as it was a fleeting image. I was delighted that I got my first image relating to my Life Seal.

Next day I told all the details to my friend and the next night I dream into this Life Seal again. I am with my friend again in the dream and call out to him that the symbols are here again and I can get a better look at them. We are looking down on them.

Angel of the morning

This time I see a blue cross that has a base. It is much bigger image than the previous night.

Next morning, first thing, I walked to my office where I have my oil crayons and mandala paper and proceeded to draw the blue cross. Then I wondered about the other two symbols. I decided to place the shamrock behind the cross and noticed that the shamrock makes heart shapes when put there.  I made the shamrock green, for its connection to the heart chakra and its energy in us. 

Symbols from the unconscious

When I look at the symbol in terms of the MARI cards, it adds another layer to my Life Seal. The cross itself lends itself to the place on the MARI that is connected to endings. In this one there is a blue and green behind the symbol which links the card to an attempt at healing the pain and being in control of that process. It lets me know I am comfortable with changes and trusting the process. Yes.

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Love from Rose.

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2 Responses to Let me be a Servant too.

  1. Doris Martin says:

    Your paintings and drawings are exquisite! I read about the Life Seals but I’m not sure that I understand the concept. I do so appreciate the dream of “Let me be a servant” and how a dream when it is attended to can change one’s life.

    A friend recently told me about a nightmare – how does one deal with those kinds of dreams?

    • rlongwort says:

      Doris, I like to have an hour with the person and see what is sparking the nightmare. Sometime the body will give you a nightmare if a wrong decision is about to go down. Othertimes they can be related to past trauma that is sparked by some stress that is happening in the here and now. Always good to have some counseling relating to the nightmare. Rose.

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