Lines Written Above the River

Hanging upside down

I love to visit Riven river where it is so decorated with large rectangular rocks. The light in the flowing water its such a treat and is ever changing depending on the leaf cover, the blue sky reflections and the time of day. I always feel drawn into the water even in the winter and went in the water as late as a week ago. I threw myself under about 13 times as a sort of winter baptism for cleansing and for invigorating my slowing up body.

I jumped into the water here in Banares, where the Ganges flows by.It was deep quickly.Our apartment was about three stories above.

The lines composed below have been gestating for a few weeks now. The poetry started with the Harvest moon when I had a lovely dream of a man who was young and beautiful. His dark hair fell over half his face and he had a shy smile. It is always a good idea to acknowledge such a gift with a little writing and painting. He unlocked my feet where they was stuck.

From my imagination to yours.


Caught in the moon

She hung upside down

Happy to be a fool

Until pearly drops


From toes to nose

Over the top of her head

Oystering her all over


The view from the top of the steps at our digs in Santorini – We were surrounded by water

Her moon river young lover

Hovered over her



In the early evening

Goddessing her

Rectangular stones above Riven River


King of angels

Waters of Babylon

Under rocks

Bathing her

Healing leaves fall

On her naked body

Bonsai in Brooklyn Botanial Gardens showing off Autumn leaves


Leaves leaping from

Rounding branches

Chance letting go

To fall down 

On her upturned toes

Glancing off her knees

Rooling down long bones

Circling in her leg tops

Bathing in her basin

Rounding her breasts

Licking her chin

She butterflies

The leaf passing by

With her tongue

Sticking to her forhead

tangling in her long hair

Falling on the ground

Upturned toes



Carried on the sound

Of wind

Blown over river stones

To gather around the man

Waiting patiently

For the meeting

Waiting for timing

To let her slip into his lap


Leaves getting ready to fall


In Sunlight she hangs

Above the pools 

Above the three stones

She sees her fish


His orange fins

As he weaves back and forth


The black and white lines

of the edges

telling her of Damulzi

Her lover

Lost on the mountain

When her need is the sorest

Fish with orange fins

The inner Man can come alive in the imagination of poetry. The metaphors relating to the Hanged Man of the tarot cards plays into the art of that place where we have to stay in an impossible situation for some time. These situations come up often, maybe daily for us. I meet people in my work who are caught in such court orders and such relationships. They appreciate the feeling of there is nothing you can do but wait.

I am in a new place again having finished my old relationship and having to hang in the in-between of my decision and without seeing into my future that my conscious mind might like to have.

Nevertheless, I am happy writing and meditating and feeling new feelings of being unstuck, and released in new ways. Sometimes when something is over it is over. Everyone benefits from the change.

I hope you are remembering your Dreams and that you are getting some insight from them. Please sign up on this site for an email which will come to you when I post a blog. Please keep me in your prayers as I keep you. We are the people of the light, keeping each other in the light. Love from Rose.

PS: I am starting a dream group on December 4th at 9am. I have one person signed up and hope to collect a few more over the next few weeks. Contact me at if you wish to find out more details. Thanks.

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1 Response to Lines Written Above the River

  1. mother wintermoon says:

    Beautiful!! Love the energy here and your words of wisdom. Unstuck is the best feeling! Happy dreaming and manifesting! Blessings galore, MW

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