Morning Exercises of one sort and another

This is a description of a short half hour in my life. It happened at 8.00 am this morning as I went out to do Qigong on the porch. We are standing six feet apart minimum to avoid any contamination relating to the current plague we are all dealing with. 

From the JMU Arboretum

My whole job has changed for now, and involves doing counseling over the screens. Sometimes I have to deal with voice delays, dogs jumping on client’s keyboard every time he hears my voice, and general panic from myself relating to a slew of new passwords for counseling web sites. 

My tulips

Mostly I am ok now but have the urge to pull the blankets over my head first thing and wish things to be otherwise. I know I have to follow this with prayers to the Lord God of Hosts…. It always help a lot to be dragged out into the rising sun and brightening sky with an invocation to the Spirit that holds all this up in space. Saluting the Chi in little and big ways is a good start to the day. 

Dandelions – to eat or not to eat

After I got up I made sure I had some hot drink to bring with me to the porch. I filled it up twice as I had too much meat over the weekend and I needed this water helper for some reasons that will remain unmentioned here. 

I decided to be bare foot and noticed that it was not too cold and the spot I stood on warmed up quiet a bit with the help of my body heat and when I had to change feet positions I went back time and again to my foot spots, now noticeable in the lengthening grass.  

More flowers at the Arboretum

The tulips closed up overnight and looked all together compared to yesterday in the heat of the day when they looked like they were all undone, all leaves fully open. If I catch them at the right time of the day the black shiny in the center looks totally blue as it reflects the sky.

These paper white daffodils are also in my yard.

A cardinal, above me on the wires over my hedge got my attention, singing in the now bright sunshine. I looked up just as it decided to fly down to the spot I was now occupying, on the lawn. I saw how he adjusted at the last minute and avoided a crash with my face. I could feel the brush of wing go past the side of my face. 

No shortage of greens this springtime -only toilet paper.

I wondered if he was mate to the female cardinal who started a nest, between some branches in my back yard tree yesterday. She inserted a piece of white plastic, 3” by 1”and just left it there. Her mate was very near to her at the time and another male on the branches lower down. The wind blew the plastic down and away before long. The tree is leafing out and so lovely in its pale green coat. No sign of the cardinal follow up at that nest site, at this time. 

As we got into our stride with the exercises, I heard a questionable noise on my tin roof over the porch. Then a squrrill, stuck a head over the gutters and proceeded to squeeze itself into that small hole and go into the crawl apace over my front porch. 

Exercisers on Dublin Castle Grounds

This event happened very suddenly and I started to scream. I was out on the lawn and had a good view back to where this happened. I could not help myself and my co exercisers were shocked at the noise I created. What I suspected has come about. 

Every morning as I sleep near the roof in my attic, on the other side of the house, I hear a squirrel on my roof, same time each morning, about sunrise, as he/she makes their way across my roof. It is distinct footsteps. If I am awake enough I scream up at them to be gone or I rap on the rafters and or clap my hands. It causes the squirrel to pause but not to change the behavior. 

The Scream

This happened before and a few hundred dollars later, we did not capture the squrrill but blocked up all the possible spots the squrrils can get in, on that part of the house, after we were sure we would not lock him/her in the roof space.

As we continued with the exercises, I am usually consulted about whether or if we have done two or three of “Upholding the heavens.” But I was distracted by the squirrel feelings and was not able to say but said anyway we still had another one to do, even though I did not know in the moment. Our fearless leader said that “Rose is in bad humor.” 

I so wanted to say something back, to say a lot and as we continued, I found about three other things she said to me in the past and distant past and was lining them up bullet style to fling her way. I was just a little restrained by the other person, as she will not put up with many comments in the middle of our sacred chi increasing moves. 

I did caution myself, ask myself if this would benefit anyone, and even through I agreed with my higher self that it would not, my lower self continued with the formulation of something that I could launch against her. 

The tree that looks like two elephants
It is in Hill N Dale Park in Harrisonburg

Luckily, for us both, I was now feeling the effects of the chi in my body and began to get in control of my thoughts, my ideas and said nothing. I was so glad as it gave her a chance to share with us some exciting news that involved a motor bike. She was having a marvelous time going up and down the valley in the fine weather. 

A little shadow man came out in a woman’s dream recently – we had fun discussing the possibilities of how it operates in her life and we found lots of ideas.

So I will conclude and leave you with an image from a dream, in which the shadow animus, is observed escaping, not controlled, and ready to cause as much mayhem as he can. We have to always be checking in on our opinions so that the shadow part of us does not get away with being mean and punitive whenever it can. 

The roots of this tree are reaching around

Happy dreaming. Reach around into your unconscious. I am using and Zoom to continue with my counseling practice. It helps me reach around the quarentine.

I prefer to do my counseling in person but we all are having to make some sacrifices. Please sign up for my blog and it will come to you each time I write. I look forward to your likes and comments and to your increasing the numbers that read my musings. Love you Rose.

In Christ Church Cathedral with my sister Frances, who has retired to Dublin.
Windows and woodwork were fantastic.

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