Who Owes What to Whom?

Moriah the Leprechaun was with a trusty friend, Gympie, known to her for many years. She has often met with her of a morning and gone for walks to keep their old bones limber. This morning Gympie was complaining about her cousin and was incensed with her. Moriah said that she was having trouble with her cousin because of some issues left over from past lives and they were in an intimate relationship with each other to work out the past karma.

Gympie paused as she stared at the beautiful primroses in a huge wheel of creamy yellow flowers in the mossy bank. “She was only meant to stay for a little while, a month or so and now it is four years.”

Moriah said “I rest my case. Fate has a way of pulling things together that need working out.”  

Moriah noted that Gympie’s face became a little red as she bent over to get a primrose and stick it in her mouth. As they both chewed the slightly sweet honeyed flowers Gympie’s color receded. “I do not believe in past life rubbish. “ said Gympie.

Moriah did hold to this doctrine of reincarnation from the east brought to her by her Druidic Beliefs and from Druid Bernie in particular.  He liked to think you could not get away with anything in this life and that every jot and tittle had to be accounted for. If you were harsh on someone, they came back to you to give the harshness back to you, in the next life. 

Moriah’s friend Gympie

Someone turns up on your doorstep and insists that you have nasty high expectations from them that are beating them into a pulp, when you know in your heart you did nothing of the sort to them. However their perception is correct, because you were cruel and unusually harsh to them in the past life. We hold these strings out to each other for a good fight about it all how ever long ago and far away.

There is no end to the variations, whether it is about dishes, teapots, money, land etc.

We can learn in unconsciousness and in pain, having fist fights or shillelagh’s fights and or going to jail for a very slight reason, or we can pause and say that surely I owe something to them from a past life.

Through working with the person, praying privately for the person, and wishing them well, we begin to mend the breach and forge the path between us. We thank them for what they did to us and ask them for forgiveness for what we did to them.

Forgiveness was always available.

Gympie said “Are you trying to tell me that my cousin and I are intimately connected from another time and I have to accept that we have work to do together to resolve the issue, me accepting her accusations, and working with her, not pushing her out, but working together to resolve the issue.

Gympie’s cousin

Moriah and Gympie continued their conversation as they drifted up the avenue beneath the tall hedges trying to meet in the middle above their heads. The small robin redbreast hopped along before them picking at grass ends and foraging for breakfast too.

A huge white looking larvae fell out of the hedge close to where the women were standing. The little bird flew away but then decided to brave the nearness of the leprechauns and darted in and carried the larvae off to the shade of a pine tree, where she doled it out to one of her offspring, who suddenly appeared batting its wings and opening its beak. The baby bird swallowed the larvae whole. Moriah thought of having some eggs for breakfast in that moment.

Wheels of primroses

As they went along, Gympie said she had a mishap at her house, as there was a small hedgehog dead in the grass just a few feet from her door. Her dog and cats went out to smell the decomposed animal, and Gympie felt it as a personal insult to be near this rotting smell. She was glad her dog had not rolled in it before she cleaned it away.

Moriah said it was just a reflection of the vibrations going between her and her live in, represented by this stink in the grass. Gympie got a bit red again, composed herself and said “No, that was just a coincidence.” They were munching little shamrocks of green sorrel by now swallowing the bitter taste, knowing it was good for them.

They both felt refreshed and went their ways at a fast clip back down the lane. Moriah lost some ground to Gympie who was determined to hear no more about Moriah’s opinions about accountability, at least not on that day. The end.

The little birds flew about them.

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Our combined prayers with move mountains especially if we have the faith of a mustard seed. As for me and my house, I am continually referencing the seeds of the mustard and smiling, so much so that I felt them bouncing down from above in my mediations this morning. Love you Rose.

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3 Responses to Who Owes What to Whom?

  1. doris martin says:

    Rose, I love the drawing in this tale of Gympie and Moriah. I find the karma/past life accountability fascinating. It seems that regardless of whether it was part of a past life or not, we owe it to ourselves and the other to figure /talk/pray things out, especially in one-on-one relationships. The question comes to my mind then – what about relationships between races, nations, cultures – I’m thinking particularly about immigrants, desendents of slaves who still are treated unfairly and Moslems (women in particular). Does past life repercussions apply here too? Help me understand. Thanks, Doris

    On Sat, Jul 25, 2020 at 8:13 PM Rose Longworth Counseling wrote:

    > rlongwort posted: ” Moriah the Leprechaun was with a trusty friend, > Gympie, known to her for many years. She has often met with her of a > morning and gone for walks to keep their old bones limber. This morning > Gympie was complaining about her cousin and was incensed with her” >

    • rlongwort says:

      I do not know what to reply about the masses etc but I will think about it.
      Thanks so much for your comments.

  2. rlongwort says:

    Doris, I looked back over your question about whole races of peoples. I would still hold to the idea that everything that happens to you in particular is for your good and if you take it as an opportunity to bless the other person who is in your face/difficult, then you are ahead. Any time I about face myself and bless the other or walk away and quietly pray for them, or send energy to surround the person after I have been in meditation, I find things change for the better between us.

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