The Zero Card

I am going through a realization again that I am on the broad and fiery road and not on the narrow street, straightforward, wherever the spirit leads. This had been coming slowly to me because of the way I am feeling, what I am reading and the dreams I have and that my client’s being.

I think this is n image I saw on a local truck.

My client brought me a dream about a person whose association brought up the tarot card, the Fool.  As the images in the Tarot are mainly archetypal, I decided to look up the Fool associations in books that I have. It was marvelously freeing to look at the twenty pages about this “Fool” and what meaning he might have for this young woman. 

When we look at various interpretations I was drawn to the image of the Fool from a very old French deck. The fool in this deck was blindfolded and was near waters/cliff, over the edge of which stared a crocodile. The Fool is travelling very light, carrying a thick staff about the length and width of his back bone, on top of which are some bells and has a violin tucked under one arm.

My own clown/fool looking a bit sad.

I had had a dream earlier about what I thought was my back bone; it was raw and meaty and two hands were kneading it like the old style washing machines that my mother used, in which the water goes back and forth to wash the clothes. It reminded me of the staff carried in the hand of the Fool, leading him on.

The hymn from the Christian tradition, says “I go before you always, come follow me and I will give you rest.”  

The eastern religion might see this staff, as the Kundalini energy, which has that ability to go before you leading you in the path everlasting.

My happy clown /fool – painted while I water to see the comet.

The Fool is the Zero card in the deck. It has the power to open you to your spirituality and comes from a time when the Tarot was used to help with such inner journeys.

I do not read Tarot cards usually, but when the image from the Tarot comes up in a dream,  I will look at them to get the archetypal understanding and to see how it is in the life of the client. 

In my client’s dream, this Fool is interviewing her. She is just starting her dreams with me and is a young woman whose past helps her focus on this inner work. She is determined not to repeat the patterns from her childhood. Will she take on the job of inner work? She is very enthusiastic.

For my part, to honor my dream of the backbone, I am focusing on my own physical back bone.

Backbone from the dreams

I am in Physical Therapy and they have given me an array of exercises to do that focus on the backbone. I particularly like the ones that squeeze my backbone in some ways. The top half of my body going to the right and the lower half going to the left and so on, feeling a little like the washing machine effect.

I creep across the thick carpet in my attic space that allows me to feel the stretch between the top half of my body and the lower half.  It is a strange feeling to go back to the crawl that I did as a child, if I ever did. Some children skip the crawl stage.

8pm Meditation time at the beach

I do the child pose trying to get my tush down onto my heels. Sometimes I am the length of my hands up from my heels. The physical therapist was not sure she could help me accomplish this. I like the child’s pose as it helps me with that bowing and stretching down, like the Muslims do five times a day, when they pray.

A friend of mine, who walks the streets for an hour before dawn says the following prayer while walking: “Oh God, My God, My Beloved, My hearts delight.” I like to say it when I am in that stretching child’s pose and it has a calming effect on me, connecting me to spirit, the author and giver of my life. Sometimes I manage to be in the stretch before dawn.

Under the beautiful old trees in Purcell Park in Harrisonburg where I did my 8pm meditation for the Leaders of Nations and other pressing concerns.

Prayer makes it easier to ask God to come down through the backbone and to strengthen it and release from it all that needs to be banished.

I try and obey the therapist who says, “pay attention to the hips as you do the exercise. Don’t just flop around.” It is so easy to mindlessly do the exercises. When I pay attention, I hold the hip steady by clenching my muscles, as I stretch. That is strengthening. I duel task her praying and chanting to my timer on my phone.

Sunrise Meditation at the Beach

I try and always ask my self and my clients about what we can do as a result of having the dream. When you pay that kind of loving attention to the dream, by doing something specific, it lets the unconscious know that we are serious about honoring the dreams and the unconscious will take the trouble to be more forthcoming in the next dreams.

I went to the top of the Blue Ridge at Bare Fence to see the Comet – I did not see it at the time but Think it is to the right of the sun among the clouds.

I read the book “Seven Story Mountain” by Thomas Merton. I really enjoyed the good read, and it felt that it helped me notice how I am not in that narrow way and to consider a more serious look at how I can pray and meditate, let go and be of service in the way I was designed to be of service in this life. Love from Rose.

The center of the Labyrinth at ARE at Virginia Beach – a good spot for evening meditation.

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