Holiday News – Conscious and otherwise.

As I lay in my bed starting meditation, my head was itchy at the back and I started to run my hands through the hairs on my head after I failed to locate the hair brush where I thought I left it on the wooden shelf above my head.

Then I remembered the time I felt all the hairs in my head are attached to nerve endings and that those nerve channels run all the way down each side of the back bone and on down to my feet. I felt their route at that time. It was nice to have that memory from that other time fall into awareness again.

On the Ganges putting my light out into the water to be carried away with my prayers.

I was also drawn back to the time of the Festival of Lights in Diwali when we went on a boat, drawn along by current, quiet with no engine. We stopped the boat and put our own little lights onto the water and said our prayers to our God as we let them go. The votive light was on a leaf and the little light holder was make of mud. It was dark at the time. 

It is the holidays again and in the absence of family, I are free to do as I please. I had a hearty breakfast and before I was recovered I set off for Todd Lake after putting the bike in the back of the new car. It fit in there snug and I was very pleased. 

I went around by Mole Hill, never inclined to go to a place directly. I went by one of the Churches on Mole Hill, and there were hundreds of mennonites there and perhaps two hundred horse and buggies. It was well after eleven and there were groups of men standing outside near the horses, and some women in black holding colorful babies here and there. 

My picture does not do the whole scene justice as I did not feel bold enough to stop and start shooting photos. I could hear their quiet talk. It was a very large gathering. The doors were open in the warm weather. I could not see inside. 

silver Lake in Dayton

I went my own ways looking at the lovely scenery in all directions, mountains and rolling hills with a carpet of black and white Holstein cattle lying out enjoying the sunshine. They found a sheltered spot and were so close together they displaced the grass in that warm corner of the field.  

My trusty bike

Near the top of the mountain at Todd Lake after fixing some loose screws on the bike with a penknife blade and then with a key, it was ready for the 5 miles downhill off that mountain. There was one uphill piece through a pass with I negotiated by meandering back and forth until I scaled the hill. I opened my pink wind cheater coat, I noted I was close to sweating. 

Soaring down hill, I chanted a mantra in four segments, raising an arm, one at at time in unison with the chant. Sometimes I had to hold on to both sides of the handlebars to remain upright. 

have no idea how this picture came about. I may be riding on my bike.

My white scarf was blowing in the wind, the river ran along near the road at times. I stopped at a bridge and almost threw myself into the low flowing water. I resisted and went on.

At the bottom of the hill and I wanted to get into that deep pool of water not far from a camp site/store. I compromised with me agreeing to ride my bike a few more miles, like two, to let off the rest of the steam I was feeling. 

Back in the car, I wandered around through roads whose names were Natural Chimneys, Coakley Town Road and Crystal Springs Road. 

The food cooking in a slow cooker on low was not cooked on my return, especially the two huge potatoes left to soften up in the top portion of the cooker. I turned it to high and went onto the porch to enjoy the mild weather. I thought of the news I got this week of someone doing a crystal workshop. She was instructed to put a crystal in her hand and to hold it into sleep. This she did.

I got a gift of five bunches of kale and a bunch of sweet potatoes for Christmas and felt very good health wise.

Then she had a dream experience of an older family member, with whom she was very minimally associated. He was dead for fifteen years and she had not thought of him for many years and the circumstances of his death were kept secret from her at the time. In her dream he was in a lake with water was up to his knees. He wanted help from her. 

She wanted him to turn toward the light but it took some time to get him to turn around and stop looking into the water of the dark lake that was up to his knees. After some time he did turn toward the light  and like a baby in the birth canal, he was drawn out of his fifteen year prison and went off toward the light. She was very satisfied with this outcome. 

Another kind of knee deep in water in Nepal River, Katmandu, straight from the Himalayas.

When she awoke she asked her mother about this family member and was told he had addiction problems and had dropped in two feet of water after drinking a lot of alcohol. This scared her so much, she did not risk placing those crystals in her hands again, even if she leaves them in her bedroom still. 

That one feather I mentioned.

Waiting on the food cooking, I ambled off my porch and with “my stick” (waking cane) and I set off up the hill with my sights on the graveyard surrounded by tall pines and with eleven tall pines in a circle in the middle. (A few years ago a storm took one of them out.) As I walked toward the pines my attention was drawn upwards and a flock of vultures fly upwards in three waves out of the trees. I found just one short feather that I have as evidence of this event. I looked at headstones and tried to make sense of all the dates and ages of the dead, never thinking of my own demise once.  

That is all the news for now, unconscious and otherwise. I had a lovely day and hope you had too. Keep meditating and praying and hopefully you too will feel your nerve endings as you drop deep into yourself. Love from Rose

On the Ganges River

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