The Curley Dreams and the Curley Parsley.

Moriah felt the stir of the springtime, even if it was a bit early in the year, and set off on some travels, visiting family on the way. The pony has his head up to go too. 

The pony was ready to go

She fell into a reverie, trying to remember a dream from the night before, but she could not get it back. She decided to remember some older one about a fat cherub angel dealing with a hugh snake, with a cudgel, hitting the snake blow after blow. Moriah was afraid of the snake and wanted the cherub to club it on the head but the angel ignored Moriah totally. This angel had charge concerning this snake, and that snake was getting blows from the cudgel. 

Cherubs playing music

She stopped at Bernie’s place and he said the snake represented the energies in her back and that they were sluggish and so need this beating from the angel. He thought she should pay more attention to her breathing and gave her an exercise. As she sat on the cart she was to breath in and see the light go out nine feet through her nine bodies of energies. Then she was to breath out and suck in her stomach and lower regions so that she was all pulled up and felt a push in her back bone, from the inside out. 

Breathing in and breathing out

Moriah tried this and found that she could do it easily. Bernie said that it would loosen those bones and those nerves that were settling down too much and causing her to be stiff and sore. 

Moriah was for anything that would help her with this. Bernie said that she needed to continue to pull up her attitude toward the positive in herself and in others. 

She set off again and decided to focus on the cherub a little and do the exercises. She sang some holy chants to the Name of the nameless one as she went along. 

She had a chat about the dream with Druid Bernie.

When she thought of loving God, Moriah had a hard time figuring out how that would look. But lately she came to the notion that God loved her before she ever thought of loving God. 

She looked around and saw the snow drops dancing in the breeze, coming up through the sandy soil and thought of them as a Love bouquet from the floor of the Mother Earth. She could not wait for the primroses to come up in great irregular wheels on the damp banks along the lane.

Wheels of flowers

She met two sisters on her road, and they travelled together for a bit. They were older like Moriah and said they never had children. Moriah asked why and they said that they had noticed when they were about eighteen that the cow who had a lot of calves looked worn out and was slaughtered and the cow who had no claves looked great. They were laughing when Moriah decided to turned down the lane into the bog. Her pony almost stepped on a young fox sleeping there but the fox sprung into the air, oriented itself and was gone. 

A little bog hole

Moriah alighted for her lunch and let her pony graze on the green grass nearby. She lay on a bank near a bog hole full of black water. As the sun warmed her she thought of getting in to the pool but not knowing its depth or how easy it would be to crawl out she stayed put on the bank. She knew that cold black water would enliven her if she slipped in. There was a very light covering of ice around the edges. She rubbed a little ice on her knees. That was plenty. 

She fell asleep and had a dream. 

Spring Parsley

She dreamed she was back in her home place. She was out  in the back yard. There was a blue/black man there with a knife intent on killing a baby, six months old. He had an old sharp knife. Moriah spoke kindly to him and seemed to get the baby and the basket from him. Moriah did not see his face frontally but the side view of one eye. It was white. Moriah went over to the turf shed to hide the baby. She considered putting turf all around the baby but worried it might cry out and give the place away. When Moriah reached into the basket, the baby was not there, only lots of finely chopped parsley, curly leaf. 

She awoke with a fright and was glad to see the pony looking into her face, snorting a little at her anxious fit. Moriah lightly slapped her away,  as she rose up, ready to be on her way. 

Some collards came through the winter in spite of cold temperatures.

When she met Druid Bernie, she asked him about the dream and he said that it was about how the old masculine energies in her would want to kill off the new born sacred coming up in this next round of her life. It was a good sign that she wrested the baby from him. And what about that Curley parsley in the basked, Moriah asked. 

Moriah was eating lots of greens earlier in the year -all 54 leaves piled up.

Bernie asked her about her garden. She said there was lots of parsley coming up all over the place. Bernie said to be sure to eat it three times a day, raw and cooked. 

Moriah agreed, but was secretly thinking, “Nobody eats parsley for breakfast.” 

Bernie, as if he heard what she was thinking, said she could make parsley tea for breakfast and pinch off bits and pieces anytime she passed by it in the morning and chew into the sweetness of the green Curley leaves. The end. 

Love from Rose.  

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