What are Mari Card Readings?


What are Mari Card Readings?

Mari Cards are a psychological assessment tool. MARI stands for “Mandala Assessment Research Instrument.”

The cards are used as an evaluation system that incorporates the use of color and mandala symbols.

This tool-based therapy can involve drawing a mandala and using a deck of cards depicting drawn mandalas. The client is instructed by the MARI practitioner to intuitively choose cards from the deck of cards.

MARI is an exploratory process based on Jung theory that is used to help unlock information stored in unconsciousness to bring about transformation and healing.

Benefits of MARI

  • Spiritual Growth
  • Personal Transformation
  • Gaining Access to Inner Wisdom
  • Identifies/Unblocks Blockages

Mari Cards were originally developed over a 30-year period by Joan Kellogg, art therapist. *Info taken from About.com

If this sounds interesting to you, I invite you to learn more about the MARI Card readings that I offer. Just visit the page titled “Readings.”

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