First Blog and getting over fear


Writing from September 2013.

To realize how fears hold me back, where it is they located in the body, as sickness and pain and malfunction. What is it like to step off a cliff and to know I will be ok, held – like the flyers in the sky, the moths, the geese, the birds and the bats? Heal thyself – and that is the best healing – unction- balm- to be carried. No need to criticize or take on or fix anyone.

I am getting a sense of calling but so easy to be distracted. I feel peace at the end of releasing that which is in the way. Getting out of the mind into the sanity of The House of the Lord inside.

My mother’s prayers were “Pour forth we beseech Thee oh Lord, thy Grace into our hearts” and “May Thy Divine Assistance always remain with us.”

May all I do prepare me to receive the Grace of God and lean into Divine Assistance.

Trains are in the news.

I had a dream of a train and I am holding out a silver disk to let the train know it has won this disk. It is tarnished. I have work to do to, to continue to run the race and to see what thoughts I have that are tarnishing to my soul.


As the night moth, was drawn to the white trumpet flower

In the moonlight, so may I be drawn to the center of myself.

To seek out God’s place in me and to find that flower and to take in that nectar.

The little flyer folded up completely to get into the Center.

In single pointedness she found in the moonlight nectar

Her answer to everything

Closing up completely to get down to the center.


*Image taken from my completed dream pamphlet.

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1 Response to First Blog and getting over fear

  1. monpanache says:

    Keep it up! I just came back to it too, last month, this time resolving to actually remember to do it!

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