The Our Father

Our Father – The prayer of Jesus. This is it – use it to talk to the Father. Use it at the beginning of meditation. God gave us Light at the beginning and let us out of the garden with it. And we took it and went racing out with it and have it for aeons now and have used it in the best and worst of times and now we are here aging in this life in the best and worst of times. Help me reach as God reaches toward me. Help me put up more that a doubtful little finger.

So I want to use the prayer and I want to talk to God. How am I doing Oh Father in Heaven, Holy is thy name, just above my head or just inside my brain. Look down through my brain to see if Thy Kingdom is coming in me. Is Thy will being done in me. Shine the light into my Chakras, into the Seven Churches, The Seven Lamp stands. How am I handling what is yours in me, that Light, those talents. Are they buried, am I using them a bit. Can I take you out of hiding. Can I bow my head for forgiveness of all that I have built that is robot, that is Frankenstein. Can I pull back into Love – rolling our of thy Kingdom Come in my Heart Chakra.

About rlongwort

Licensed Professional Counselor. Dream specialist.
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