The Heart Chakra and Love

Valentines 2016


On this 14th day of February, Valentine’s Day 2016, I was reminded of one my mother’s favorite hymns.

“Sweet Heart of Jesus

Font of love and mercy

Today we come

Thy blessings to implore

Oh touch our hearts”

My mother had pictures of the “Sacred Heart of Jesus” on the walls, one above a lighted cross. Radiating out from the center of the heart were streams of light.

My physical heart is not in the shape of the valentine heart, yet the valentine heart is our representation for love. Once, while in meditation, I remember that I had an experience in the area of the heart. It felt like a party balloon, heart shaped, suddenly filled the area of my chest; it blew up in the thoracic area in that valentine classic heart shape. It had colors of pink, bright and fiery looking to my inner seeing. It was gone as quickly as it came. In that spilt second, I was given a feeling of what the Heart Chakra is all about. In the silence, in asking to be pulled into a oneness with the divine, love can be blown in and felt. I hold the experience close, a gift of the spirit.

A girl found herself crying uncontrollably after a meditation. She said she opened herself inwardly, by imagining that her chakras were tightened rose buds. She went through the imagining of opening each up as an open rose flower. She did not know why the tears but recognized she may need to look again at many things in her life, to bring her back into an alignment with love. She also needed to close those flowers up again at the end of the meditation.

My friend told me of her crying when she realized her son and grandson loved her. She felt her heart opening as she realized this gift of family love and she was able to put away her feeling that she is not worthy of being loved.

On a personal level, I felt some love this morning. My bathtub drain has been getting slower and slower for some weeks. I tackled it with some very old Drano, vinegar, salts, plunger, and imagining it flowing, with very temporary and limited success. But for no good earthly reason, this morning, Valentine’s Day, that bath water went screaming down the drain. I took it as a sign that I am blessed, that I am special, loved, flowing, cleaned out, and that as something outside of me gave, so something inside has also been given. May I, May we, May all, always remember that without Love, We are Nothing.

Happy Valentine’s Day.





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