Water Fall by the Wayne River

photo-15I spent a warm afternoon by the Wayne River in later February. I sat on a flat stone at the base of some trees, whose bark was white and pink and brown, with rolled peelings in every direction. These trees were by the waterfall and I now alone on the bank, put my hot feet in that water until they cried out “enough of the freezing,” and I pulled then back up onto a warm stone in the sunlight.

I watched that full river gallop along over the low wall that created its own music magic for me, where the water is silver and white and lit up. I pulled the blue scarf over my head and eyes, for shade and for cooling my head, but kept pulling it away to see that wall, to wonder about the space between the water and the wall created by the roiling water, and inserted myself inside there to be a tiny fairy and look out through the water and the light. I felt that imperative to just stay there, in that wakeful moment, myself observed by walkers beside this water world.

Waking up at 5am the next morning, I had a feeling of a cross over my chest pressing me down into a panic attack. I applied my fingers on pressure points and let go physically. Mentally I asked for help, throwing my eyes off to the right, saying in a prayer “I could use some help with some fool things I am grappling with. You promised to help if I asked and I am in a sort of agony about some things at present. Please help me.” And so I started a meditation and prayed “Pull me into a oneness with your Divine Presence….” And somewhere in there I was drawn for a nanosecond into the rays on the river, that silver and white light. A bridge led from me into a Garden at the end of which I saw Jesus kneeling. His hands came down that ray into my throat and they brought the roiling of everything in me into a feeling of peace and love that blew away my fears.

I felt a change that made me smile in the darkness knowing that God has my back and neck and throat and pours an overflowing of Love into my heart.

I was being knit into an awareness of the Throat Chakra, where the will of God versus the will of the individual is centered, where there is the garden in which victory can be had, where fears evaporate.

May I, May we, May all fall into the Light. May I, May we, May all fall into a river of love and come out dripping with it.


About rlongwort

Licensed Professional Counselor. Dream specialist.
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