The River of Life


My companion and I are laid out on the dark warm rocks like a pair of snakes soaking up the sunshine. A blue scarf, on the arm of a tree branch, blocks glare and heat and the shade from tree trunks keep safe our white haired heads. Playing some notes, drawing some dreams, banter. Coming toward the water fall, a canoe with a man and woman in the raft. She has her hand around the head of a baby. She lifts up slightly to see what is ahead and is going over the waterfall fast. The boat stalls out on the waterfall, and as it goes over it flips upside down.

A tall young man is pulling a child out of the water by the arm, coming up wet and flailing. The mother with the baby looses her footing. As she struggles back up against the flowing water, her baby gives a brief protest. Our arms reach out for the four year old who is now shivering all over. We fret over stripping him down as the father makes phone calls. The mother is now standing in the water with her baby asking for help but she is not the priority. She climbs out on the far side giving us permission to strip her child. I wrap him in my cashmere blue sweater and my scarf and chat to him about the water and his name. I call him little boy blue as the sun warms him and I keep rubbing his back in the sunshine. In that moment something descended on me, a love for the little one, a longing to have a grandchild of my very own. His name was Felix, the Latin for happiness. An ambulance came with warm blankets for him, leaving me alone on the bank, holding empty blue clothes and my own little visions of a flipping over canoe, and the family members crawling out on opposite banks.

I am in a canoe on the River of Life again. The unexpected happens and I am shocked to be immersed in the relationship water again, feeling tied and bound.

Turn out the old into the cold water and let it flow away. Soak up that swiftness, that light, that shining through, and the warmth to be had.

Save what is on both sides of the banks. Reaching out with united arms for the new, rescued out of the coldness, the drowning, and the bringing into blueness, warmth and love.





About rlongwort

Licensed Professional Counselor. Dream specialist.
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