Love and Compassion



The little mother of four explains that there is a special feeling she reserves for her husband when she remembers his infidelity. We went through the ritual of sweeping out the weeds she grew and the ritual of pulling to get those weeds out of her sacrum and her belly. We found the blue and green of forgiveness and the blue and green of outstretched arms toward him and her children. The other special feeling.

Love and compassion for those who choose to be lesbians, whose choices I defended. I then had a dream of stretching my arms out toward one and laying down the carpet for her feet. The carpet of freedom to be who she chooses to be. A welcome mat, magic carpets everywhere.

Love and compassion for the Blue Heron on the make-do barrier fence post laid across creek in Dayton. The Heron, finding herself in that place, the farmer’s field, with his cattle, having to bring out her love chicks and roll them out within an animal kingdom.

And the rainbow trout, in the confluence of the naked creek and North River, cold spring water falling over ancient perforated rocks, took the bait and was caught. Do we take the bait and get caught in that which is sweet in the mouth but grows bitter weeds in the sacrum and the belly. Can we be like the old trout, which was caught before, casts a jaundiced eye on the bait and leaves it there.

So find yourself defending the innocent, whether children or heron chicks, husbands or herons, lesbians or released rainbow trout.

May your arms outstretch toward those you love and those who need your outstretched arms.

May the blue green light of the heart and above, fly out though the outstretched arms and encircle all with love and compassion, holding to the only thing that is worthwhile. Grow the green of the heart chakra and the blue of the throat, the fourth and fifth chakras. The act of outstretched love, the act of will, lined up with the will of God.


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Licensed Professional Counselor. Dream specialist.
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