photo-14Meditation this 3 am brought me back to what happened to me at the top of the Golden Temple in Amritsar. I was overcome with emotion; it felt cleansing, weeping that went through me, focused and yet not focused on any grief. A response to the vortex of energy on which I climbed? There I sat beside a man weeping. It silenced us to everything we wanted and opened us to the sky above, into oneness. And tonight I wanted an opening at 3 am. Only when I gave up my wants did I see the golden silver light that would have blinded me if I saw it in its purity, its entirety. The crown of my head lifted a little, like the lid on a pot, my solar plexus shifted and I am. May this change continue to grab hold on me, unblocking me, giving me words for the wonderful.

About rlongwort

Licensed Professional Counselor. Dream specialist.
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2 Responses to Meditation

  1. Prem says:

    Thank you for sharing your divine writing about your divine experiences! The world needs to understand HOW god happens in individuals and you describe the beauty of this mystery as no one else can! In the West we need a new kind of poetry in words like yours to help us catch up with centuries-old Self Realization writing of indian mystics! We all need to pay attention to our Soul via travel and dreamwork like yours! THANK YOU!

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