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photo-10About that Pilgrimage east ,

Visiting the Golden Temple of Amritsar in the early hours, and bowing and prostrating myself brought me to tears as I reached the top of the Temple, laying down the head and leaning into the heart. Listening to the beautiful broadcast prayers in song in a different language dragged me through my barriers into a different layer in myself. Taking off the shoes and eating in the communal hall fed my body and soul. Bathing in the waters, in the special area for women, was a baptism to consciously declare my intentions for the rest of my life. I felt the grace of being forgiven for my past, divergent, selfish self.


When we travelled on to Varanasi, into the Festival of Lights, I felt I had come to the healing river. We found our space in the open restaurant at the top of our building at 4.00 am and sang our prayers, and bent our bodies into prayer poses that moved us toward  being a better conduit of God’s spirit. Our place overlooked a large expanse of the Ganges. The dawn brought an understanding of all that is possible for me.

Running down to participate in the ritual bathing here was a precursor to time spent in silence on the steps down to the water, listening to others in prayer, their attention to little shrines in the walls. Less and less of Rose, more and more of God was my mantra.


I felt that visiting both these places were a call for me to move out of the crossroads into the next awareness of myself, the next steps on the gold and silver road to God. I know it will not be easy but the beginning of any journey starts with the first steps. I am so lucky they started with climbing up a stairs and in falling into holy waters.


I am very grateful for our host, Siri Amrita (pictured above) and her teaching of Kundalini Yoga, as we went on our traveling way, focusing on “This Little Light of Mine.” I am also very grateful for the care taken by BJ and Lauren of Insight Tours, who shepherded us and cared for us in every way possible. (Lauren with the pink scarf and BJ with the smile.)photo-6photo-7




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  1. mysticrosetherapy says:

    Tears of joy reading your inspired words! Thank you for taking us on your journey–inner and outer! PROFOUND!!

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