Old heart new Heart

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Burning out the old and bringing in the new is about clearing out selfish love from my heart so I can entertain selfless love. In order to do that I have to clear out old ancestral inheritance and some patriarchial nurture from my childhood. Come along on this journey to find more of yourself,  your own wholeness, as this has helped me find more of my own puzzle.

2017-04-26 19.17.24The fire that started it all

The Dream

I had a dream that I am leaving my house that is burning down. I wonder if I will go back in to save something from upstairs but know it is folly to do that. I come back to look at it later and it is an old farmhouse burned out. It is not safe and boards are falling down. I decide against going in. I realize it does not affect my writing.

2017-04-26-19-17-49.jpg The…

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