“Know the known and the unknown now.” Four of the above words include the word “now” which is connected to mindfulness. What is known and unknown about Karma has my attention this week because of my friend’s comment on face book. He said that 30% of what happens to you is “random s…,” to which I responded, “Oh, no it is not.”

photo 3-69

Random or is it Orion’s Belt depicted in stone

I will start with the Our Father and the lines relating to Karma and Debts.“Forgive us our Debts as we forgive our debtors.” The real debt involves our forgetting who we are, so we have to ask God to forgive us for forgetting that we are spiritual beings. Who are we before time began? If you take away time, we are that “I am that I am,” which means we started out as one with God, and we should not forget we are on a journey back there, carrying with us, all that can be learned from this little blue planet until we are filled up with love.

photo 1-2

The other real debt is that we forget that everyone else is a spiritual being, also, on the way back to God. From a spiritual point of view, we are here to help them, our debtors, back to the creator and to have that in mind in our dealings with others. We forget we are all in this together. It becomes a debt if we want to inflict something on them. Jesus on the way of the Cross said “Father forgive them, for they know not what they are doing.” The idea is not to get even but to get back, all of us, to the dimension where God and Love dwell. “Heaven is here now.”


From my art class JMU days

Most people seem to accept Karma as real. It is not an implement we can wield but a fact of life, one of those little laws that come to visit, forgets to go home. Jesus said, “You reap what you sow.” Say for instance you got the upper hand, as a person or community, or as a country, at another time, or now, lorded over the other, so there is debt created. Anytime that we make amends, recognized the other in Spirit, then the debt is paid. Developing a spiritual life that has as its core your development and theirs as spiritual beings makes amends.

My mentor (RIP) said that in a past life she blinded herself, so she could be with God alone and avoid the outside world. In this life she got an infection that affected her eyesight. The violence of blinding herself with burning coals came back to her, as a dream. She felt that she suffered from that act of violence, by being blind in one eye and having issues in the other one in this life.

photo 2-71

Mentors are wonderful people to have in your life

Being on the spiritual path demands a movement into being psychic, about where we came from, where we are going. The memories found in our intuitions, our dreams and our meditations,  will be brought to our remembrance, so we can accept the karma, remember the injustices and release ourselves into grace.

The answers that come from the study of Revelations brings us to the words “Hold fast till I come” meaning that if I do not react to debts, but bring myself to kneel and accept I will receive help. In fact we are promised “I will give you a white stone, and on that stone a new name given.”  A name that is that representation of all we have pulled together in ourselves relating to our oneness with God.  “I will make you into a pillar in my house” is another promise. There is great strength in being a pillar, taking the right path of forgiving and asking to be forgiven for our lapse into the ego denseness of fight and flight and into the idea of that “30% is random s…” and into the idea that we are nothing but…and into the idea that we are here on earth for gain.

photo 5-50

Light into the passage at Knowth in Ireland

What do I really want for the people who annoy me, accuse me? Could I see them holding hands, dressed in blue, finding their way into love? Could I pull down the blue of the sky and the light to give them a wonderful softness in which to go forward, see that opaqueness, opalescence that is in the center of them?


photo 5-17

God’s prayers for us.

And there are marvelous prayers to be sung for others; “May you well, may you be happy, may you safe and may you be at ease.” And the “Guru” word that wishes the other “From Darkness to Light” and the one I got from Maria Prytula, another mentor of mine, now passed on, “He is thine, as I am thine, Let there be peace between us.” Spiritual texts from all our religions are littered with such prayers if you have a mind to find them.

photo 2-57

Section depicting the storm at sea. From the stain glass window in Ballinahaun, Westmeath Ireland

Sitting down with the help of a mentor, specifically to look at the dreams, to get intuitions about who we are, and to see how we are forgetting ourselves, will be helpful. It is what I like to do. I am a counselor with intentions to be helpful, to look behind the door or the mirror.

I have my new dream books available. There are dream leaflets spirally bound and the price includes a ten-minute review with me, of your first dream put into the leaflet. It can be in person or over phone. Let me know where to send the Dreamer’s Way Booklet. You can contact me privately though this site. I look forward to hearing from you. All love surround you. Love from Rose.





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  1. Siri Amrita says:

    I know just who that “friend” is :-). Beautiful blogpost, dear Santa Rosa. We are blessed to know you, serve you and love you. Siri Amrita Kaur

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