Dream Group

My First Family Dream Group

I had a marvelous time doing a dream group just a few evenings ago, to which an eight-year-old boy came. Doing a dream group, with children included, is my dream come true.

photo 4-67

Children’s art

He had some dreams but could not remember one for the group. He agreed to draw anyway. He made a picture of his favorite game and his father laughed when he saw it, as he recognized what his son had drawn. It was a great pleasure to see the father sit beside his son and help him play with his toy quietly, after they first came into the room for dream group.

photo 3-74

Children’s art mask

After the boy had finished his picture he agreed to do one of his family. He made himself first with big hands. His father asked some questions about the big hands but I was not in favor of this critique of the boy’s efforts. The boy said “I should not have made them so big.” I disagreed with him and said they were perfect. His mother was amused. She also had big hands in his drawing. I do not know the meaning of this but he will use his hands in some great ways before he is finished.

photo 5-53

Sunshine mask

He wanted me to help decide which shade to color his eyes. I did not want to stop in my tracks to pay that much attention to his eyes but after some back and fourth I agreed to look into his eyes. They were a combination of the two colors he had picked out, dark brown on the outside rim and middle and a lovely light hazel color in between. We laughed when he drew his sister without her head and he considered leaving her that way as she had plenty to say to him.

Painting the eyes can be a challenge at times.

The young girl’s dream highlighted her confrontation with the first inclinations of growing up and out of her home and the transformations that will bring. Sometimes the Cinderella Fairy Tale does not prepare the tween for the real world. Will I turn into a dog, will I be dressed in big dresses with hoops. Dreams always consider what stage the dreamer is approaching. Plenty of conversations with parents will be helpful.


Child’s art

Both parents considered what their dreams were saying and they both noted they would be prepared to do anything to get to the door that emits light when opened. To hold the tension of the opposites on a ladder that not only moved along but also included the up down directions between heaven and the unconscious was also an indication of a willingness to work with the dream offerings. “I have been chipping away at this for some time” the dreamer said.

photo 1-82

Mask found at Knowth in Ireland

We looked at mood in a dream and the dreamer said that the mother did not have moods, and after a long pause, when I was stunned into silence at this, the dreamer said she was an alien, a robot, and then laughed uproariously. All the adults joined in and the group was over. Both their dreams told me they will make good use of dream group, and will treat lightly whatever comes up.  Their next dreams will respond to this paying attention to their dreams in this first dream group. I am looking forward.

I am happy to say I have made a booklet of my Dream Leaflets. I am calling it the Dreamer’s Way. Details are on the Home Page. And if you would like to be in a little dream group, get a few friends and or family together and we can start. Yes it will bring up what is underneath but that will give you the advantage over shadow and ego. I hope you will consider studying your dreams in these times, as the time is now for you, to understand yourself better and in this way be helpful to those around you and in your community. I look forward to hearing from you. Love from Rose. 





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