Review of Vivir el Dream

Allison K. Garcia

My dear friend Allison Garcia has written a wonderful book called Vivir el Dream.

In it she has demonstrated an outstanding knowledge of her subject, which is the immigration issues in the United States. Allison is a counselor, as well as a writer, by trade. She has listened well and has written us into a story that is not afraid to expose the racial slurs used in the U.S. and to demonstrate the love between her people from other countries.

Vivir kindle cover new

She has picked up on all the injustices that occur.

There is her heroine, the daughter of a young woman, who came over the desert with her as a baby. The mother is raped but the baby is safe. However this baby does not have papers so she has to go through school as an immigrant without ever being sure of her path. She is one of the dream babies (The Dream Act). Going to college becomes a nightmare for her in spite of wonderful grades.

Her mother has worked very hard and is ignored by the system. She does not have papers, which later is a heartbreak for her. When she left her home country, she was escaping an abusive situation.

The American who is depicted in the story brings in all the bias and cruelty to which the immigrants are subjected. He particularly uses the heroine as someone to talk to but ultimately brings her heartache and betrays her. He becomes that person who goes back into the woodwork, and is not held accountable for his crimes.

Allison also shows what it is like for an immigrant to have to go back to the country of origin, without the language or support system, just because we here in USA feel like we can do this to another human being after the dream babies have been here all their lives, up to adults.

I was very pleased to have this book, as it helped me understand the whole cultural issue connected to being immigrant in the States, including the work they do, the roles they fulfill for the rest of us.

I was lucky enough to come here as an immigrant with papers. I am lucky to have found my place here. I do long to go back at times, and I can travel back but this is the place for me. I am sure that many of those who are here from other countries, working so hard, for little pay, deserve better and the rest of us should put some umph into making sure they are treated the best. Allison has put her umph into explaining what is at stake for us as well as the immigrants.

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  1. mysticrosetherapy says:

    Thank you for posting a very timely book! I love the cover art too!

  2. athewriter says:

    Thanks for the lovely review!

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