Leprechaun Lists

Disclaimer for all the Leprechaun stories on this site. The characters developed bear no relation to anyone living or deceased. They are a figment of my imagination and are being used to bring out some points relating to relationship, and the other possibility of understanding the psyche. If it all makes you laugh, that is a great bonus. I hope you read and enjoy. Once in a while it makes me laugh.

photo 4-73

What’s A little argument?

One day Mariah and Uisneach were arguing about what mattered. She thought that if he ate out of a saucepan and drank out of a bottle at every meal that that would be the worst. She threatened to throw out the contents of both, if she saw him doing that ever. Indeed she wildly slopped his drink into a pint jar,she found nearby to make her point. He felt she was going out the door, and should not have interfered, in a mean way, while he went about his task of having his meal and satisfying a great hunger after his day away.

photo 3-83

I am hungry.

Later they went on a walk together and the argument went on as they pounded the ground and the air with feet and words.


He hypothesized that if he wore a sandal and a shoe on different feet at the same time it mattered nothing in the grand scheme of things. She was intensely quiet and right, stoney, he a little too loud for her liking, like the crows. There were many doors along the way. What if their words went in through the door and stayed? It might be too much for everyone concerned, like having mad crows invade or dissatisfied stones coming in to stay in the corners because they could not walk out again.


When they got home he continues enunciating what is important and what is not and that her mad thoughts about food and clothes were minuscule in the great scheme of things.

photo 2-80

She was lording it over him – She did not have a leg to stand on.

She huffed about not being heard and the relationship needing a certain gentility that suited her. He told her to make a list, that included all her rules and that would solve it all. The list idea danced above their heads as they both took swipes at it in turn. They parted company, him to his study of finding gold and she to her inner search for golden light.

photo 4-74

Ready to play games.

Later when he put his head around the corner to ask if she would like a game she agreed, now soothed by her searching around in books and doing mindful breathing exercises.

photo 1-68

He won the game, which never pleased her very much, but she always liked to play with the words that came from the game. She wondered if this would bridge the gulf between them. Their words, when mixed together gave her the following:

photo 5-46

To bridge the gulf between them

Coin is rut error, maze of fir.Ewe is error in ermine. Fix voice of clay, clear out quips, to get a pot of suns.

photo 5-28

Pot of Suns

Like their earlier arguments there was not much to the words. She did not want to totally let the earlier arguments go, so she brought it up again, half in apology. He joined his hands between his knees and talked of his mother. She should be blamed for everything, because of her awful lists. Mariah told him not to “speak ill of the dead” as she choked back her laughter.

photo 3-84

The end of the argument

His words were laced with the “f” word as he bounced on his chair talking about her  Lists. That was the end of that argument.

photo 5-54

A pub in Dublin with quotes from Oscar Wilde, Jonathan Swift and others

They went to bed happy with their day, he to dream of being lost and back in  “old Dublin,” and of having to be in two places at the same time. She to dream of being held in an evil grip of her own, acknowledging that the struggle for gold involved loss, unrecognizable places and having to be in two places at the same time.The end.

When she, Rose, woke up the next morning she could hardly see straight for the great amount of sleep she had.


After enticing herself out of bed with the mirage of a pot of tea and sweet milk and maple syrup and a cigarette, she set herself up with her glasses and computer and her book. She read about the first chakra, where the yogis placed the symbol of a great white elephant, in the pelvic bowl. Breathing was emphasized to connect this lower bowl, in the sacrum, the sacred place, with the higher bowl where the sixth and seventh chakras can be found in the center of the scull. The emphasis was on grounding. She did a little breathing, mindful of a breath that went down to the first chakra and up into her sixth and seventh in her head.


She felt a wave going up and down her body that made her pause and noticed a feeling of renewal. Her head felt held, her sacrum twitched as her leg straightened. Surely I am glowing, she thought to herself. Nothing unusual showed up on the selfie.

photo 1-98

The Selfie

She spent some time taking pictures of doodle drawings that are all over this post. They arose out of her work with family dynamics in her counseling practice. Sometimes a picture paints a thousand words.

photo 1-99

Family Dynamics

And if you are interested in a MARI Card reading be sure to leave me a message. I find that my own reading helps me pause. Am I pushing too much red energy into the place of forming and developing when I need to just let things develop in their own time. Am I indulging my emotions at the expense of my health? Will my ambivalence block my errors to bring my wisdom and spiritual quest to others? The cards I chose combined with the colors I placed on the cards are connected to a part of my brain that responds to such shapes and colors and reflect what is going on in my psyche. Their function is to bring me into relation with my unconscious to work toward wholeness. 

photo 5-58

Many different things in their heads.

If you want to book a session, a reading or get one of my dream booklets,  The Dreaming Way, you can be in touch with me through this site. I look forward to hearing from you.


Love from Rose and Happy dreaming.












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  1. Melanie Waleski says:

    I appreciate your surrealistic drawing style and word choices!! Peace 🙂

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