Mariah the Leprechaun went looking for gold.

photo 1-148


Mariah goes on a journey of her own. It is her turn to leave the home and go searching for gold. She already suspects that it is not physically real gold she is looking for but an increase in understanding and consciousness. Nevertheless when she see the rainbow land on the tree at the end of the field bertween Hegarty’s and her land she runs there to see if she can see the one with the pot of gold.

photo 2-131


She was sure that she got a glimpse of his shiny green and blue garb but when she got there the rainbow was fading and there was just the quiet sunshine, pure silence and wet grass and some mushroom in a row.

She prepared a spot to sit and rest and to clear her mind again. The adrenaline was high as she ran to find her life at the end of the rainbow.

She was very comfortable wrapped in her wool poncho as she sat catching her breath in the warm Irish sunshine now kissing her heated face. She decided to address the place of the apparition of the glimpses of the glittering green and blue.

photo 4-120

As she slipped away from herself into the other world she again saw the big tree in the corner shimmering with colors of the rainbow and the song it produced started with little soft notes here and the there and the branches reached out and lifted her up into the center of the tree and she became the tree. Her feet were rooted deep into the roots of the tree in the dark earth and her hair reached toward the bright sky, swaying in the leaf heavy branches.


photo 2-132

Mariah transported into the tree

The notes produced a delightful feeling through out her body and especially in her back bone and created warmth in her hips and shoulders, She was full of the rainbow colors twinkling in circles like the rings in the tree, going out into vortices, moving in and out and vibrating. She felt powerful and at the same time accepting the gift given to her by the tree of experiencing herself in an energetic way. The heft of the tunes as they gathered weaved through her in the cathedral 1-147

The animals grazing in the field were all  around her. The horses in particular had an interest in her. They placed their heads toward her in a complete circle as she lay splayed out on the grass with a lovely smile on her face.

She gradually became awake again. She jumped up scattering the mares gathered around. She started for home just pausing long enough to look back once at the tree which was catching the last of the evening sunshine on its top branches. Perhaps she was seeing the fall colors, but she was sure she saw the colors of the rainbow up there waving at her and the faint sound of music. She also noted that there was a little flash of green and blue against the trunk at the bottom of the tree. She went back and discovered green and lilac beads in the grass.

She gathered some mushrooms for supper and was full of tales to tell Uisneach about her adventures. He would be most interested in the pot of gold and the possibility of one being located so near to their home.

photo 2-16

She thought she would hold secret the dream of becoming the tree, the notes and the colors. She could unpack them later with her paintbrush and her singing and would see what came into being.


She wrote out the notes she heard while in the tree and gave them to Uisneach and his band who made a lovely tune from them.

photo 4-91

Uisneach waiting for her to return home

They played them in many ways and ended up with such songs as Honeycomb heart, You are welcome in the Garden, and many others.


The End

And as always I am wishing that all love surrounds you and that clear light guides your way on. I am available for sessions and can be contacted through this site. Love from Rose.



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