Anger Management Part Three – The Chakra System

photo 4-125

When I told a JMU student I was a dream interpreter, she spat out a few sentence in a row, “can you tell my life? can you read my chakras? can you open my chakras?…” her long blonde hair flying around as she expressed herself. There is awareness among the younger generation of the chakras. Many healers concern themselves with “opening the chakras, or spinning them in the right direction” for their clients Also the word chakra is part and parcel of the Kundalini Yoga classes, that look at them as spiritual centers, wheels, and vortices of energy integrated into the spinal column and into the head of the person. The intent is to get the chakras working together for the good of the individual and for society. The white lighted crown over the head of the Christian saint, the tongue of fire, the Third Eye between the brow are all representative of the higher chakras.

photo 3-136

Someone has been painting the roses red at night

On a simpler level the chakras have their own seven colors, as in the rainbow, and we are told that “If thine eye be single, the whole body will be filled with light.” and they vibrate to the seven notes. Chant and singing vibrate the chakras which are themselves tuned to the notes of the scales. Music brings us into tune. Music accounts for that lovely feeling we experience at times when the right tone is set.

photo 2-135

My Fall Roses are in Tune

There is an Angel over each Chakra in the Book of Revelations. The Seven Churches correspond to the chakras. The one over the third eye, Pituitary Gland says: “You are neither hot nor cold, I wish you were hot or cold. And because you are lukewarm I will spew you out of my mouth.”

photo 3-113

There was nothing lukewarm about the coffee this lady served us in Antigua. She has been doing this for sixty years she said. 

This is the place where our thoughts have full influence. This Angel wants us to be aware of our intentions, our concentrations, our possibility for concecration. Then the Angel says “ Don’t you know you are poor and naked and blind. You should buy of me gold tried in the fire, and white raiment.” Spiritually this chakra is there to do our bidding but the Angel is not happy when we use this church in us for only selfish thoughts and intentions. There is the possibility for getting the fruits of the tree of life from there, one for every month and leaves for the healing of the nations.

photo 2-133

On the Rooftop at dawn with the leaves for the healing of the Nations.

The gold tried in the fire is the connection to the third chakra. The thoughts we have in our head are tried in the fire of our belly and if they are not found worthy, they are thrown back at us for another round. Did the anger we created by our thoughts burn us up, ruining our adrenal glands, wearing out our hearts. On the positive side of the third chakra, we have a white stone and on that stone a new name given when we use it correctly. Yellow is the color of the third chakra.

The heart and its associated chakra, our head and its chakras and our adrenals and its solar plexus chakra are all linked. They work in concert obeying our wish for revenge, for the feeling “someone has to pay,” for all that has been endured, all abuses. When we work toward a oneness, then they work together for our good.

photo 1-150

The pink light of dawn in Guatemala

The white raiment and gold is sent to you for your efforts to stand still in meditation and you are no longer blind and poor and naked, seeing the old memories and letting them go through the influx of energy from above. All things are brought to your remembrance. Past life recall is possible through this inner work, moving from left brain into right brain.

photo 4-125

Art activity brings you into the Right Side of the Brain

If I am angry with someone, triggered by my thoughts, I will spend extra time in meditation looking for the answer. It can come in a glimpse of a past life where you were less than kind to that person. It will come as a memory of past abuse. Then there is a rising up of what wants to be expressed toward the other rather than a flaccid ego wallow around in passive rage and complaint toward them.

photo 5-101

Rolling out of your own center

And when you feel yourself slipping into conflict again, can you remain true to you self? Do not slip into the temptation of pushing it all down. Do not slip into reaction to the person. Do not slip into arguing. Do not slip into defending yourself. Let go of the idea that you are better than they are. Then the city of angry thoughts and their fire can be quenched.

photo 4-123

As you can see Seri Amrita keeps both cheeks turned in the right direction

The injunction is to turn the other cheek, to love the enemy, do good to those who hate you, pray for those who would calumniate you. Prayer and Meditation are the cooling answer to anger and bring in the right brain perceptions that allow you to cool down.

My old mentor warned me that the more I meditate, the stronger are my thoughts and if I indulge in the anger, it has a bad affect on others and on me. I have to re-consider what I am doing.

photo 5-103

I tried sending light to surround some people who wished me harm to my face, praying for them as a way to reduce the stress and anxiety. Over the years it worked in those cases but I did not consider applying it in the “seventy times seven ways” to all the little irritations and criticisms I have.

photo 5-102

My intention is to see the light in everyone, as a soul from God and it is not my job to fight or fix them. I will be better served by trying to control, observe myself and want for nothing from others except to send good prayers after them, see them as the same as myself, a person spat out by God, for this great sojourn on the earth, making progress in our own individual ways, in our own time, back to Oneness as a helper.

photo 2-134

I have been fertilizing the roses with coffee grounds. They look pretty high on caffeine

I hope you enjoyed my three Anger Managements and that it helps you understand yourself and set goals for where you are going. Let me know if I can be a helper to you. I can be reached through this site. I hope you get the help you ask for and that all love surrounds you. Love from Rose.

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2 Responses to Anger Management Part Three – The Chakra System

  1. kindfeelings says:

    Meditation definitely helps with anger. A big challenge is being angry and stopping in the middle of that anger to go meditate. Or deciding to be mindful when the anger arises. Knowing what to do when angry is one thing but actually doing those things when the anger arises is a challenge. A challenge but not impossible.

    I enjoyed part 3, and will read parts 1 and 2 when I get the time.

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