Anger Management and the Spiritual – Part 4

photo 3-145

This plant has produced one little flower and I almost missed it.

There are two ways to look at anger. One is to be a victim, the other is to use it as a stepping stone into the spiritual life. So to review, when thoughts of anger connect to emotions,  they trip us into feelings and we are high on anger. This in turn moves us into an angry mood. I should know as I often “trip into the anger.” Cleaning the house for anger was not unknown in my house, when I was a young woman. I now clean in gratitude for a little movement before going to bed at night. Getting angry would ruin my sleep.


photo 1-160

Looking for flowers under big red leaves paid off.

So we climb into the four lower centers and are all fired up.  The original energy goes up through the tree of life, growing anger weeds in the first chakra and there we water the weeds by emotions, as in crying, as in adrenaline release, at the second chakra. The intense feelings in the third chakra starts up some coals of anger. If there is old anger there, they join together. The fire is up and roaring, especially when it is  taken up to the heart center and the air its blown into it even more. Like airing your grievance with yourself and with everyone, increasing the anger. Many will side with you and affirm you in your anger. A big crowd with Tiki sticks in Charlottesville comes to mind.

photo 1-159

My roses are doing well at present

So going back to thoughts will be helpful. Ask your self “Why am I behaving like this, Can I refuse the mood of anger.” What ritual can you invent to stop and conquer the mood of anger. Walking away is a ritual as are many things people do.

photo 2-140

The Tree of Life in our local graveyard.

In a spiritual sense you can use the same four chakras to do the opposite to anger. You want to grow understanding, patience, peace and love, from first to fourth center or chakra. Understand that everything coming your way is meant to be and you can react in empathy for the person, saying that if you walked in their shoes you could not get angry with them. Can you stand in this truth. The spirit operating in your life has you in the middle of this situation. Who will you serve, who are you reference. You can change your thoughts and start the seed of understanding.

photo 5-107

Pattern on a  painted silk scarf I did years ago.

Having patience will activate the second chakra in bringing in a different emotion of tolerance and acceptance. You are throwing water on the anger flare up.

At the level of the third chakra you can make a wish of peace for your self and them, no longer lighting a fire of anger but of peace, forming a blue flame.  And finally when you get to the door of the heart center, fourth chakra, Anhata, you can look in there for the feeling of love toward the other. If and when you do you will detach totally from the angry mood and get in to a loving mood. You send out a prayer for the others. You lift yourself over your emotions, no longer identified with them. The selfish is dropped so that you can attach to the Self, all that is not the little ego, which is a small part of the real you. Look up inside to see the feet of the Perusa, Jesus or Buddha.

So what ritual can you make up to do to shift you into the spirit of Christ and Love, into thinking of the other and dropping the selfish thoughts that make it all about us. What will you carry around on you to remind you, to put fingers on, to hold you back from going into anger? It can be worked. Let me know what works for you.

I remembered the last time I was angry, I briefly wept, talked to someone, wrote a story and was invited to play cards all in the space of half an hour.


It turned into a great morning and now I only remember the laughter.We played Uno and I would be far ahead and then forget to say Uno, usually saying it after the fact, so that I would have to pick up five more cards and so I did not win.My open mouthed scream was guaranteed as I realized my error and everyone broke into laughter. I like to win.

We all won as the laughter gave us good endorphins, even an explosion of them, as we roared laughing together. This laughter puts away stress, and strengthens the immune system. There are many other good health reasons to laugh. Making a few people laugh each day has been a long time aim of mine and now it seems to come to pass most days.

If I can say something within my intimate relationship that is as ridiculous as saying “there is a potato on your head” and laugh then I have not got the stress cortisol going but have the benefit of the laughter and the endorphins right then, improving health and sleep. It is a fine line and making sure I stay on the right side of the brain in this will help. Breaking the anger pattern is important, however you achieve it.

And if you need to find something to laugh at, or someone to laugh with, be sure to come to see me and I will un-doubtedly see a melon on your head and we will discuss the lemon on mine. I have openings in my groups and in my individual schedule at my home office. I look forward to hearing from you.

Being creative is so fun. Love from Rose.

ps A poem I wrote a while ago.


The day the soldier son left

She stubbed her little toe in Lowe’s

Pain shot through her bones


Lots of Tiki sticks on sale at Lowe’s

Lit her brain

She heard a woman complain

“good luck” was all the assistant said


Send “Good luck and good prayers”

he said


Her Aloe plant was broken in the repotting

Tears descended in puddles

Upon its broad stems and against its trunk

“Good Luck” she said as she propped it up

with her holy stone

from Clonmacnoise

In Lowe’s good potting soil.


Sending care package with

Good Luck and Good Prayer

Peanut butter and prunes

Protein bars and pecans

And a can opener

Chia seeds against crusty white bread

Was all she would do


In her prayer life

she searched for something

Other than solids

Sifting in the night

Into an acceptance

of the mixtures

Between what is here

and what is there

where he is sent

where she is left

Finding his way

Finding his base

No wishes, no luck

but good prayers.

The end


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