Mary was and is Delightful and Beautiful

Mary is my youngest and a beloved sister. I miss her since her passing three years ago. I added some pictures and am reposting this in her memory.

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2013-12-24 15.17.35 Mary in 2014  enjoying Macy’s window.

It is three years ago today that my youngest sister died in Ireland. I wrote about her then and have added some new pictures now to honor her passing. It does not seem possible that she is already gone three years. Each year at this time there is a little more letting go. May she rest in peace.

In January 2015 the hearse with Mary’s coffin went down the avenue past the field with the horses, past the middle gate and an unsure fence of low stones and doubtful mending. The hearse was the engine of our train of cars filled with mourners, following her.

IMG_5158 My sister Mary is second to the right of my father, standing beside me, on the left. Then Rita Nelson and a very young John Joe Longworth. Celine Lennon is the bride with my mother in the blue suit…

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