The Pneumatics.


Winter leaves of the house plant

She woke up at 4.00 am after five hours of sleep. She likes to get up at 2am but is always glad to get more crumbs of sleep as often as possible. She drank some water and went to the other room so as not to disturb her partner. He never complains about her rustling about but her breathing in meditation can be noisy. She tried to buckle down her thinking to a sometimes zero, and to just be with the breath. Opening prayers of protection and intention were all finished. Releasing stiffness and pain and now on down the road into the land of the pneumatic.


photo 1

The Pheumatics

Rose is beginning to catch on that the breath is important in getting in touch with the body. The physical body has a big part to play in meditation. If she breaths into the trunk of the whole body, aware of the three cavities in turn, head, thoracic and pelvic, she can feel the big flat bones in each area moving downwards even as the breath pushes up and gets the energy through the back bone flowing upwards. There is mindfulness involved and there is a listening for inklings to move in certain ways and adjust in accordance with that. She is experiencing more energy.

photo 2-216

The forgotten dream gets its now imaginary drawing.

She has to be careful how she uses that energy. When she is finished her work of counseling, or of cleaning the house, it is important to let go of what ever came up within, and examine the feelings she finds. Washing the hands, acknowledging moods in the moment, keeping set to what her goals are, all helps.


Doors into the above and the below

Getting in touch with a building anxious stomach energy, which has an explosive feeling and needs to dump, sparked by work, by other, by cleaning, can be a gift, an opportunity for a shift. She has dislodged something in herself but would like to see it only in the other as projection.

photo 5-158

A little stomach problem

Seeing where this energy comes from, and asking for help, as well as listening to the inklings from the spirit about, what she needs to do to release that negative energy and then doing that, is a challenge. The ego to whom she has always turned for defence, for control, is at her elbow offering assistance, cruel words and advice. Old habits die hard. But she cannot let herself get away with using the conflict to get back into the lower chakra energies of push, war, and demand. She is no better than a little tyrant in her own kingdom.

photo 3-218

These violets just came into bloom and are happy in their own kingdom of the sitting room

The lower chakras have gone rogue again and will play havoc with the peace of her house, her body and her mind. She has just jumped into the fear, demanding and control, and left the spiritual goal and emotion of love. Her ego is more anxious than ever to appropriate her new energies.

photo 2-196

a little ego goes a long way

The dream of the war comes back to her mind and she knows she has to look deeper for the water of life and realize that the only war that needs her attention is her own personal war with the ego. She has to bring the spirit into the here and now and open the pipes of spirit, already embedded in her, whatever feelings and emotions come up for resolving.

photo 4-196

Now she can mumble, “I know nothing” and “there is nothing I shall want,” “God will give the increase” and “let all my feelings be filled with love.” She is not willing sometimes to agree to all these statements but can agree when the thinking has gone away from Love. But she is trying, leaving shorter intervals between the time she is sparked and when she resolves it. Her turnaround time needs to be shorter if she is to win this war. She achieves this when she meditates as it shifts her into a higher dimension and it is easy to see from there what her ego is up to. A little humility may be involved also.

She remembered the big luminescent pearls again, falling out of above, from the cavity of her head and going down deep and deep into the dark below her and then, coming back up as an egg, big and full of light. She is glad to consider that connection too between the highest and the lowest and all that is in-between; even as the in-between is full of her own figures awaiting redemption.

And if you have some little personal wars of your own going on and have some inner characters that need redeeming, and do not know where to turn, come visit me and we will look at your own personal dreams, where the beautiful pearls of great price are to be found and to shed some light on the tricks that the ego plays on us. Together we can look at the feed back loops within and tease out how to bring us into deeper happiness and joy as we search for that “peace that passeth understanding.” It is just a reach away. Love from Rose.

In the cold weather, Rose, the Buzzards and the cat were all seen out on their respective porches.












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  1. I look forward to all of your posts. ps. where is the clay head with plant coming out?

    • rlongwort says:

      I remember putting it into some blog someplace but can not find it now. Sometimes the site has been hard to handle and upload pictures lately so I will have to include it in some other blog someplace. It was a piece you fired some years ago.

      • The clay head appeared in the email version of the latest blog. But then not when I clicked on it and saw the word press version, head was missing. It looked so great with the plant coming out.

      • rlongwort says:

        It is appearing on my blog just now. When the violets are in bloom it is even better. I think I better water it right this minute.

    • rlongwort says:

      I put it into the Pneumatics post and it may be sticking there now. Rose

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