photo 5-198

Old mandala art/ self portrait

I had another dream about my passport. I scheduled my air tickets to Morocco for real last Sunday evening and that night I had this dream.

photo 3-251

I am going on a trip by air and the flight is that evening. I have not looked for my passport in the usual place yet. Then the dream is filled with frustration with not being able to find the passport. I am at work looking in the filing cabinet there, but I cannot see the file names very well, as I do not have my glasses on. This effert of searching produces no passport. Then I am told to go and look in the filing cabinet called “LOGOS.” It may be upstairs in the attic or downstairs in the basement. I am greatly relieved to be given this direction. I see Logos written in big capital letters.

photo 1-273

Mandala from 1990s

The beginning of the dream bring me an awareness that I do not have permission to leave for Morocco. Morocco is called the City of Mystery. I hope to understand this garden of mystery I find myself in daily. So the opening part of the dream is telling me that I am not getting it, I am looking in all the wrong places to solve this passport into Mystery.

photo 4-227

Art class self portrait maybe

My feelings of frustration, which hold me back from this mystery, are always close at hand, and I fall into frustration easily. I pray that my feelings be filled with love, but that is not what I am practicing as much as I would like. The dream tells me I do not have that passport in my hand. I am looking for love in all the wrong places. I need that passport now, this evening.

photo 1-276

1995 self portrait

My eyesight is in question here. My mother was declared legally blind in her seventies but got around. I feel the blindness of having to always have my glasses on when I am writing etc. I often try and do without, as glasses, my glasses, have the ability to hide behind beds, in coat pockets, and some of them have their own passports to leave me completely. The dream may be showing me that this sight to see things of the dream, of the Spirit, is not there. I may even go blind as I age. I am looking in the wrong places or have a blindness for what is required of me now to claim that Morocco Mystery in myself. It is needed now, today, to get that lift into love.

photo 3-250

Title on this piece by one of the children was “Monster in the kitchen.” I have no doubt that it is a representation of me through the eyes of the child following behind me. The wood stove to the right has a pot of water on it, and steam coming out of it.

The lyses of the dream, the true analysis is shown in the last part of the dream. I am to go up and go down in myself.

photo 3-249

More children art. I suspect this was done by my son. He liked that yin yang symbol but not sure

The basement below is representative of the unconscious where the energy is held that fuels the Mystery. Accessing the above and the below, from bottom to top of back bone comes to mind.


photo 3-252

Another self portrait of one of the children

Some people call God Source. Logos(Greek word for Word) is sometimes substituted here. I will find my center by changing where I look for my sourse, my inner center. I do not find it by pushing out in the usual four directions.

photo 4-228

Mandala of four directions

It makes a difference when I sit to meditate in the middle of the night and say to myself “After 40 years do I need to change how I am doing this” as I set myself into a concentrated, consecrated inner traveling up and down in myself and finding that center, out of which all life comes, which is the Source of all.


This dream is a promise to me. It points to more direct talk with me from my unconscious. It is trying to make the invisible in me visible. The whole thing may be strange to my rational mind but it is the cosmic voice telling me to look for the Logos File. There is a redical shift from going forward to a going up and down within. This is my “aha” moment for this dream. I feel I am hitting the mark with this and it is grace from heaven to hit home, to get the bread of heaven, and Water of Life that nourishes me and makes me satisfied. The inner center is pointing to “LOGOS,” a file inside myself that I can find and open.

photo 5-199

And if you want to open some files in yourself, give me a shout and we can set up a time to work on your inner life and journey. You too can hit the mark, find your own Logos file and see what you have sequestered away for yourself. I look forward to hearing from you. Love from Rose.











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