The Radiance Broke Through

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Evening sun brought a certain radiance onto the wall above the flowers coming through antique glass

I visited Rome with family some years ago. I visited a church that was at the top of one of the seven hills, in order to see a piece of art that I wanted to see. I sat under and looked at the beauty of the two statues, one of the angel Gabriel and the other was of the Virgin Mary. The Angel Gabriel was announcing to her that she was to conceive the soul that would become the Christed Jesus. She is looking backward from her position at the angel, both looking young and beautiful. A certain radiance was very visible for all to see in the fortunate pose struck by the artist. I am always so glad I saw that art.


Seri Amrita and Hubs, John Bradley standing in the light in Guatemala last year.

When I saw a certain radiance in Seri Amrita after class some weeks ago, I put a paragraph in my blog and she put a paragraph on her blog. They were written separately without consultation, other than the agreement that we would both write about it, the following is the result of that agreement.

Seri Amritas account is as follows:




A few weeks ago, Santa Rosa Maria – a regular Kundalini Yoga student in a class I teach on Monday evenings, had to leave early.  Usually she reminds me before class (she is part of a monthly dream group), so I am expecting to see her rise up a bit early and quietly head out the door while her classmates are often still in savasana. This particular week, we’d not had that conversation, so when I heard movement in the room at that point in class, my eyes opened to investigate.

Our eyes met and instantly, in silence, I understood she had to leave and guessed why. But the experience we shared in that moment was utterly profound and went far beyond that of non-verbal communication (though that was pretty cool too).

The vibration in the room may well have set the stage for it, for it had been a very beautiful class with all there making their best effort and being so focused and Present. Nevertheless, this was a unique gift that by Grace, Santa Rosa Maria and I were given. As I looked into her eyes, which incidentally, are glacial blue and crystal clear- yet still manage to be warm, full of wisdom, humour and love, what I actually Saw was her Soul of purest Light.

I began to beam, because I could not help it. She smiled back at me and what I Felt was that A Great Blessing had come upon me. The impulse to bow to the Majesty of the G-O-D I was witnessing in her was impossible to disobey, so I did. There were tears in my eyes, because one cannot glimpse the Divine and not be overcome.

(Pictures above from retreat to Guatemala led by Seri Amrita in June 2017.)

My Hubs had missed class that week on account of that most dreaded of all diseases, The Man Flu, and when I got home, this was the first thing about which I told him because my heart was so full of it. I began by saying: “Rose and I had a moment. I got to see her Soul!”

Santa Rosa and I did not speak of this for several weeks. Then suddenly after another class some time later, she came up and tried to go after touching my feet. I stopped her by saying I needed to touch her feet. I told her I was so glad she too had felt the sanctity of that experience. We concluded it was a pure gift- two souls sharing a bit of The Journey together and the Magic of really Seeing each other. Brown eyes met blue and their shared Vision was of Wonder.

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Rose’s account posted on 13th, April 2018 went like this:

Rose went to the Kundalini Yoga class led by Seri Amrita as usual on Monday nights. Rose, known to Seri Amrita as “Santa Rosa Maria” loves these classes in general and the way she feels afterwards. Santa Rosa Maria feels full of smiles as she sings the closing song, her arms wanting to rise in the air in delight and jubilation, energy vortices spinning around.  On this particular night Santa Rosa Maria had not told Seri Amrita that she needed to leave early for her dream group so she stayed on, always glad to stay to the end. She folded away her blankets, put away her props and hurriedly went to say goodbye to Seri Amrita. As she looked into her smiling face, in that moment, she felt a beautiful connection to her. She can hardly put into words what she saw and felt. It was in the smile, in the white even perfect teeth, the aura, the whiteness of both, a light shining through her countenance, a slight bow as she trailed around her, her clear eyes connected to hers, brown and white, her arm extended in Seri Amrita’s direction, wanting to bow to her, to kiss her feet. It was not thought out and Santa Rosa Maria did neither, but felt she took a light from her that trailed with her, of glory, of the stars as she left Seri Amrita still sitting in lotus posture near the door. Both blessing and blessed.

photo 3-276

I have thought about the whole moment and conclude that a certain radiance, as Seri Amrita said, broke through in both of us. It was indeed a pure holy and saving  moment, which will stay with me. I am going to Morocco on retreat with Seri Amrita and her “hubs” and will lead a dream workshop in early September, there. Details are on her site ( and there are just a few spots left on this retreat. Pictures below are from our retreat in India and Nepal in November 2016.

And if you want to bring more radiance into your life be sure to bring your dreams to me for consideration. And if the dreams are mined for more information they will surely bring more radiance to you. Love from Rose.

(Pictures below were also taken on retreat with Seri Amrita in India and Nepal, November 2016.)

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