Druid Bernie – Part 1


photo 5-216

Brenda’s Tulips

Mariah was complaining about everything again and when she saw the Druid she decided to ask his advice. Sometimes he could be sympathetic and sometimes he was a little harsh but she took the risk anyway. He might take it upon himself to let her know about her shortcomings, but she liked to see herself as above all that. He thought that finding out about shortcomings was a great option if you got it from an honest person.



When she met Druid Bernie, he pulled out his aromatic pipe. Soon there was smoke visible over the hedge from his pipe. They were now walking on the avenue near where the hedgehogs lived underground. A mother hedgehog followed by two babies came out of the hedge and went across the path at some distance. They disappeared again in a second. She had a baby hedgehog pet, much loved, when she was a young child and if he felt threatened he would roll into a ball of needles and only come back out if he smelled some cooked bacon. She loved that pet a lot. Druid Bernie was excited to see them as he seldom caught sight of them even though he knew they lived there



He went over  with her again the choices she made, before birth to live together, to be related as a group, experiencing this or that life, this or that hardship and this or that lesson, celebration, joy etc.

 photo 1-309

“Getting stuck behind a lesson was not a great place to find yourself.”he said. “Sometimes you are carrying to much of the lie of who you are not and something has to happen to straighten you up.”



I thought I was plenty straight Mariah said?

Then the Druid started on his tale of the Hedgehogs. She had heard it before and said to herself “here we go again.”

Mariah was tired and sat into the side of the hedge for a rest. Mariah ate some primroses, mint, dandelions and other sour green shamrock type vegetation, growing in the hedge. She had heard the sour greens would clear her liver out of anger, in the springtime.



Druid Bernie thought they should meditate here and they did. After she had finished her silence, had waited for enlightenment, she opened her eyes but the Druid was gone and was at that place in the avenue where the hedgehogs had disappeared, leaving nothing but the indent where he had sat into the hedge near her. Then she thought she saw the hedgehogs following the Druid in the distance as he left the area.

photo 2-252

Mariah in the kitchen cooking fish soup

Still sitting cosy in the hedge with the sun warming her, she fell asleep and had this dream. Uishneach was all set to go into the woods with a bag and shovel. She took the shovel from him and she set off instead into the woods. She put on an extra shirt. There she fought with the dragon and tried to push him down into the quicksand. But she got caught in the quicksand herself and then the dragon came back up as a crab with a few legs too many. It was coming toward her and she awoke with a start.

She wandered home to make some soup. She worried that she might become too much of a dragon and would end up with a few crabby legs too many which would make life hard for her. Crabs swallow a lot of garbage. She worried that all her whining and carrying on would distort her, give her energies that do not fit in, like extra legs on a crab. Being mad and trying to straighten herself out with her meditation, did not go together, especially, as she did not easily let go of issues that had no real connection to her.  And there was suddenly no love in her inner feelings. It had all morphed her into something unnatural.


This crab has ten legs like it should.

When she served the soup to Uishneach he liked it a lot. “Fishy” he noted with his nose. “Extra crab legs” she mumbled.

photo 2-244

A ladle of soup

She would have to reconcile her own nonsense thoughts and let go. The dragon was still around blowing intermittent bouts of fire up out of her quicksand, in all directions.

photo 2-280

The Dragon

And if you have a dream to share, to tell, you can find me and I am happy to work with the dream, in the park, in the office, in the pool. Spending time in dreamland is always a privilege for me and I welcome such delightful work, such beautiful people carrying dreams too and fro, and up and down from the unconscious.






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