Sunday Morning Coming Down


photo 3-286

Flowers by Martha

Saturday morning was a lovely morning, with sunshine and a certain pleasant warmth in the air. The day started with irritation trying to decide where to start the QiGong exercises before 8 am and it was finally settled, to stand in the sun on the back deck. Rose has mixed feelings about all that foot traffic through her house while she tries to get people to not ware the outdoor shoes inside. It is a lost cause as she often does not take her own shoes off inside the house. As always the end result of the exercises was a feeling of love and contentment as the Chi was finally settled in the Solar Plexus.

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Saturday was World Qi-Gong day. Grayson Pritchard offered a free class in Westover Park and this activity was included in Rose’s morning rituals.

buddha-buddhism-chinese-pu-tai-50993.jpegOver twenty people showed up and looking at the movement of those practiced students and the smoothness of the back and fourth was a great pleasure with which to be involved. Because of her connection with the forms for the past eleven years, she did not feel overwhelmed with the practice.

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Horse and buggy near Cooks Creek in Dayton

This Sunday morning Rose awoke early and got up to see if the moon was still high enough to romance with. It was indeed above the house lines by some feet so she quickly got dressed with some woolen lairs and set off to get her face bathed in its lovely white light. She decided to walk down the street toward the town and toward the moon saying some prayers to the Mother. It would not take long for its setting and she did not want to turn her back on it. The blossom trees were already visible in the moon light and the birds and a cat were vocal. She saw no cars although there were some in the distance.  She slowed down her pace, she breathed deeply.

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On the way back up the hill the bell rang for six am and Rose is reminded that such bells and associated clocks were originally used to keep sacred time. As a child, Rose remembers the church bell ringing to denote a funeral or any religions service and it also rang at noon and six pm daily as a call to prayer when her mother and father would always say the Angelus. “May the Divine assistance always remain with us” and “Pour fourth we beseech Thee, Oh Lord, Thy Grace into our Hearts” were all part of those prayers.

photo 2-184

Father Bernie’s Bell

Bells started out as a religious calling to God and Prayer. Bells were used in monasteries, churches and convents in rituals in many different religions.  The bell used by her granduncle Father Bernie in his private oratory, where he often said mass in his Parochial House is in Rose’s office. It is used as a way to call attention to the most sacred part of the Mass, and it calls people into the Presence.  The town bell rings again now at 7 am and the sound goes through her in a very lovely way.


Rose read a psychoanalytic book on the cat as symbol for the divine feminine and making it conscious. It triggered a dream about a cat that she almost stood on and it squealed, as any cat would if under foot. This squeal of the dream was coordinated with a car whose wheels squealed at the intersection outside her house and she caught the last of that sound as she awoke remembering the dream. The yowling cat down the road, cold and waiting for wake up time at his house, comes back to mind as he followed her when she was on her moonwalk. He had a loud raucous yowl in the otherwise silent neighborhood.

photo 5-227

Carrying baggage can get in the way the expression of the Sacred Feminine

How is Rose squashing her own femininity, as represented by the cat, by way of stepping on her feelings, repressing them. More old father stuff, repressed and triggered by events in her life has to be swept out again, another layer. A negative voice, taken in, reminds her of her father. She has to reconsider some things she is brooding about and let go in order to be embraced in the arms of the loving mother, all about her in this springtime. Some of the fantasies Rose brings into her mind need to be lost. Some of her fantasies were and are her original sin, that she needs to control others, that she needs to control feelings, by repressing them.

photo 2-285

A representation of the Sacred as shown in the light

May her dream bring her closer to seeing how she prevents an embodiment of the sacred feminine within her, the creator in her, as represented by the cat. Can she go back to being the Fantasy of the loving Divine mother, acknowledging her breath and blood are of the Earthly Mother, her flesh and bones and bowels are too and then the eyes and ears, such marvelous gifts. May she be able to bring in the “for real” today and release into the heart space where real moon dancing can take place. It may not be easy to pull the stuffing out but it can be done as soon as you realize who is doing the stuffing. May you, may we, may all be found in the presence of the sacred feminine.


And if you want to keep an eye on those dreams and see how they will connect to that which can produce healing, communication, creativity be sure to come my way and I will ring that little bell, light that little cantle, sit in sacred time with you for the hour. I look forward to dipping out of the concrete and dipping into the sacred in this way. This way is not for everyone and you have to be ready to do this work and when you are you will know, unless of course you get caught in the fantasy of what others want from you at the expense of the sacred.  Love from Rose.
























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