Of Levitation and Leprechauns

photo 5-233

Uishneach had gotten a bit thin

Mariah thought that Uishneach’s shoulders were loosing girth, looking more like hangers for clothes than something to fill out clothes. She thought he should be doing some upper body exercises, carrying gold rather than looking for it. He was not too happy with her observation saying that he was exercising plenty in his own way, in his own time, swinging out of branches, climbing up for a better view, going down into dangerous mines and pulling up boulders when needed. He was negotiating stumbling blocks and turning them into stepping-stones all the time.

photo 3-291


She was a bit grumpy with him as he would not listen to her side of a story, instead going off at a tangent, which did not please her, referring to a time she had mislaid his gold, lost a lead for him, broke something or threw something out that belonged to him.  It happened at the time he was away for a few weeks when her quilt disappeared with him.  He felt he had lost a lot of his power due to her habit of jumping over his shoulder boundaries and he had never been able to get it back from her.

photo 1-327

The Quilt

She said she would throw him out on top of his head if he did not improve and do as she asked and strengthen up his shoulders and stop going off at tangents. He said he would need the magic ring and when she would throw him out he would be able to levitate and fly around even if it was only in a backwards fashion. She had forgotten where she put his ring. She knew he was making fun of her.

photo 5-230

Having a meeting with Uishneach was always the pits. It was easier to put up with what was annoying, to have something substantial to chew on, than to clear the air. Bang a few doors, mutter a few things, say “I will throw you out on top of your head.” This usually did the trick and the next morning, he might be anxious to make sure she is pleased with him after she went into the devil’s pocket for a bit. Later she might be able to come out of such a place and make fun of  the devil’s horn.

photo 5-235

The Devil and her horn

When she met Druid Bernie she had the habit of using him, as a confessor and he knew her well. She told him her sins and a dream about levitating and how she started screaming in her dream as she went up from her lying position. The screaming woke her up.

photo 3-295

Levitating in her dream.

He started up a story about the boards at the end of the avenue and included in his tale the story of a saint that was able to levitate. The saint made fun of “The Auld Boy” and had ways of keeping himself out of the Devil’s Pocket. The saint was a holy man and was full of mirth and delight. He made fun of the Devil’s horns and he levitated backwards. The Druid thought this was very funny but Mariah just stared at him. He stole her dream and squished it into his moth eaten story. He laughed so hard he woke the hedgehogs up.


The hedgehogs thought his story was funny.

When they discussed the story he noted that it would be a good thing to make light of her life, her possessions, her diet in order to bring a little levity into her. Her heavy handed habits of consumption, heavy feelings of owning Uishneach, eating too much beef, pretending she was not, looking at life in an oppressive way, insisting on seeing the negative, and wanting to control other independent forms over which she has no control. Getting into the Devil’s Pocket to get such control is an option but it brings crookedness and creates horns on the owner of such control. Brushing aside the gangs of controlling thoughts and the heavy meat of her life would be a better option. Then she could be happier and say, “It does not matter” hundreds of times during the day.

photo 1-326

Was she in the devil’s pocket or the other way around?

She would need to take meditation seriously and bring in that light throughout every cell. Maybe then she would get a little closer to real enlightenment, be less held down and be able to help others. The whole ascension idea, not practiced for a very long time, with few reports of this anymore, might be worth talking about if she would let go of the thoughts that tied her down fast to the ground, not letting her move spiritually. The thoughts, held in there millions, had that habit of taking away which might lighten her up, enlighten her and let her have levity in her life.

They sat and meditated to start practicing letting go and she observed some little movement of something inside that felt bright, rearranging, focusing on her heart energy, getting through the plastic in her back to the real bones of her. Her body was just on loan from some marvelous savings bank and maybe she would get it to work a little better now. The End.

photo 4-266

Rose cleaned out her basement and she could feel the chi change in her house. Many trashcans and repurposed items destined for the second hand store made their procession out into a huge pile in her yard. When the relevant trash pick up comes she will be ready to lighten her piles of trash that she found in her physical space.

In her inner space she finds a dream of pretending and may be getting around to considering the pretense she holds to her heart, that the little she knows is enough, that the little bit of laughter she has is enough, that the little bit of love she doles out is enough and that she is good enough. Her seriousness, when it comes to relationship is as heavy as a ton weight and could do with a scrub and spring clean out, that her heavy thoughts make acid in her system. She is not sitting  out enough on the grass to soak up the magic of mother earth. That is where there is no pretense as the trees are their real selves and are putting out their own suns in their crowns, toned down to green so we can stare at them and feel the shade, the flowing sap within them if we are quiet enough. Buddha had good reason to sit under the tree where he leavened himself into enlightenment.

And if you have the urge to get past the pretense and take a look at the dream life, I am happy to put aside my pretense and take a serious look at what needs spring cleaning inside. Call me and I will help you past that resistance to getting into the real in the room in my office. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Love Rose.


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