Dreams collected at The Farmer Market


photo 5-231

On my bike at the market in Harrisonburg 2018.

Rose decided to go try and harvest some dreams at the farmer’s market. She pried some symbols out of some unsuspecting people and gave them her cards. She was on a mission and gave a hard time to some of her usual volunteers, who were vague and not remembering  dreams today, finally getting some images from them, even if it was only the image of the garden hose making a symbol for them. There was the alarm dream coming a half hour before usual wake up time, and the dreamer recognizing the need to connect with the spiritual first thing in the morning for her. There were two dreams of anger and those recognizing the need to stay grounded through conflict that comes up. There was the dream of finding oneself at the bottom of the hill with the stones of a rock slide, while at the top was the government holding sway.  Each time there was an effort on our part to place the dream in and about the dreamer, and not in the government or other people. What is governing the individual within has to be considered here.

photo 4-263

Molly Bolands’ quilts at the market.

This week, Rose dreamed she was on a hill and there were many big square stones, all in a row, by three rows and she looked up and at the top of the hill there was a bright glimmering crystal pointing right up. She could see a path, like irregular stairs to let her reach the top easily. It was placed such that she could only see the top half of the crystal. She hoped that people would not destroy the Crystal unwittingly. It was luminescent, shimmering and colors including pink and pale purple lightly dusting it. Then the three rows of square stones started to move, and as she was running, they were bouncing and beating off her in all directions.

photo 3-289

The dream of the stones beating me

Rose is still reading about the feminine and the motif of being beaten in fairytales. In her dream she is being beaten by the big stones. This beating is what has to happen to her as she says she does not want the collective in her to be in charge.  Adherence to the collective opinions within ourselves, will ignores the feminine. When the crystal is let sink into the ground, into the unconscious and not appreciated for what it is, the Divine Feminine, then the collective opinion allows it to go underground especially when we need it in our lives and in our society. It is something loving to cultivate in the psyche, in a discerning way. This will result in love being born, Christ consciousness being allowed to live in our society, within the individual.

photo 1-325

Flowers; compliment of the Divine Feminine, growing close to the Market

And because Rose is engaged with her own unconscious, other dreams come to her to help her understand her own motifs, of the cat and of beatings.  A dreamer was pointing at the cat in the tree and saying “you there, what are you about?” This cat in the tree is unconscious feminine content again. But the dreamer is now talking to it, making it conscious. This generates the motif of a beating again, a fight with something that he felt would definitely kill him. But that is just the stance of the ego, and the fight went on administered by that part of the organic psyche, that has your best interest at heart. The dream beating has the effect of clearing out the energies that drag us around without the truth and then we can be in touch with the truth, with love,  that will make us free.

photo 5-232

More of Molly’s creations. It is a meditation/yoga cushion and a hat but my imagination turned it into some kind of Leprechaun pumpkin hat that will belong to another story.

Rose’s two follow up dreams that she thought were very lovely. She believes that everyone in the dream is her and they came as a gift. She knew her energies had finally changed when she was able to see others for who they are, good people, helpful people within where they find themselves.

photo 1-322

The first dream is about a beloved family member who has come home and is sitting on the countertop, head down, and she did not notice him at all. She is so excited and apologetic, that she had not noticed his presence for two days, as she was working so much at her job. Then she closes her eyes and walks over and put her hands on him in a hug and wakes up with this feeling that all her feelings finally are filled with love. She had a smile on her face ever since; the feelings are strong and visceral.

photo 4-262

My friend Teresa. We exchanged talk about our ailments.

The second dream Rose was with a part of herself she was having trouble getting her arms around but she kept trying. Rose’s hands were on her back and she was finally able to massage her back in short upward movements to loosen out some energy blocked there. This is successful and then they look into each other’s eyes and they are full of tears. The eyes of the other are very beautiful.

photo 2-293

Molly’s fish, good enough for a Leprechaun Story

I am available for sessions and look forward to hearing from you when the head of the unconscious cat has to be taken off and when the shadow/ego has to be beaten. Then we can acquire some truth of an inner creative feminine that when connected to us, brings us to a union with her, where the impossible becomes possible in us personally and in our society. It is a contagious thing and will not only effect the dreamer but many more as well; children, grandchildren, family in general, and community. You too are that one good man/woman that saves the whole lot. I look forward to hearing from you. Love from Rose.



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