Travelling- inner and outer.


A little fun in the desert with our camel guides

I am home from Morocco and rested up some. I watched the movie “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” and there was plenty to like about it. Paul Newman was a young man in the movies when I was young and of course Liz Taylor was… well they were breath taking together. The only piece I remember clearly from seeing the movie some years ago was that Big Daddy ate “hopping John” at his birthday meal.  Why I remember that one piece is a mystery, much like the way a certain dream comes to us and not another.


Riding the camel is unforgettable and a little scary at first. When I relaxed I got really relaxed going with the swaying back and fourth.

I had a few little dreams that I am playing with since I came home. Two very difficult men rolled into one are represented as one in the dream. Both think a lot of themselves; one is like running into a stonewall that is selfish and the other; everyone loves to hate. I recognize this energy as the part of me that does not want to do things that need doing. When I am dancing with these two we can ignore a leak in the porch for a long time, not do errands and let the skylights stay filthy. This energy has plenty of power in me and goes on and on.

photo 5-297

Date palms along the river – with the city on either side of the river. We are in the Atlas Mountains.

As a result of seeing him/them, I feel a little balance, as I consider how I am not using my male energy. It is not about the men in particular, one of whom is less selfish and much more personable now and the other I have not met for years.

photo 4-335

A window into the mosque

I feel I have discovered a window, which I am cleaning off in the psyche and it helps me with my actual windows in the house, to be cleaner. I have to shake up this male energy, before I turn into an old woman pronto. I am shifting that energy now. It is great at giving excuses for not getting on with my life in a way that brings me satisfaction and happiness. I will need to notice it again and again.


All our guides were male and knew how to make us laugh

My second dream is about a white dog. I was in Morocco at the time of the dream, having travelled a long day in the van with my group and got into bed and fell into a sleep. I am woken up from the dream with a start, before the night began in earnest, as I see in the dream a white dog barking up in my face twice. I have my blue bike as protection. I am wondering if I should throw my bike at the dog. Then I am concerned that I will not have my bike to ride away on.


After the camel ride – They might have christened me Ali Mama.

The white dog represents the white energy we are given in the root or first chakra. I can use it how I like. I can be impolite to my roommate, asking her to be quiet, ignoring her efforts to say the shower is scalding and the shampoo bottles are made of glass, and the shower of stone. Then the unconscious lets me know I am barking out that energy onto my roommate and bringing in negative energies between us. A little patience here, understanding there, peace and love in my heart would have gone a long way. I was a little like the guys I spoke of from my dream who are obnoxious.

photo 3-365

A date palm laden with dates

My sweet roommate was silent but my unconscious was quick to let me know my barking was heard loud and clear. There is no doubt that such imagery of the barking in my face, is to get my attention about something that needs correcting. I was so kind to myself at the expense of my room mate.

photo 3-370

A skylight in our hotel in the blue city

Also I used the dream imagery above, with someone who is having a difficult relationship with her mom, relating to barking into the past. She immediately understood the need to keep the bike to go forward. Throwing down the means of going forward, to be obnoxious to someone, is not what brings us into life.

photo 1-415

I may look like I have a halo on my head but really I do not.

So about that movie which got me to bed late, puzzling about why I remembered the hopping john; pig’s feet and black eye peas cooked together. Maybe it was because I made this dish once, around that time, which cemented this image in my mind. Or maybe it was the wonderful way the father and son were real with each other at the end of the movie. Dreams will bring some check to us when there is no one else that will dare, especially when we are not bringing love to our neighbor, the ones we find nearest to us, in any given time.


In the meantime I am scheduling and will be glad to work with you and your dreams, consider your spiritual path, check into the chakras and ask if you are praying or meditating. You can leave a message for me here or you can go the Psychology Today Site and check out my credentials and find a contact number, which will forward your number to me. I would love to hear from you. Love from Rose.





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