A Dream of The Host

photo 5-304

The Host

I had a dream after our Monday Night Kundalini Yoga class. In my dream, I am in bed. My yoga teacher, Seri Amrita, is at the side of my bed and has put a stepping stool there for me to put my foot on, as my bed is high off the floor. In her hand she has a big “host” as big as her face. It is white and lighted. She is going to put it on the stool where my foot will land.

photo 2-369

Picture of host and my foot going on it.(I encourage my clients to not be critical of the drawing. This is not art for art sake but a drawing of the dream.

I thought of the prayer “Lord God of Hosts.” The host from my cradle religion is white and is called “Holy communion.” It was very sacred, was something we received as seven year olds. It was preceded by our first confession.

photo 3-377

Another appearance of the host within the mandala

The dream came the night after a Kundalini Class given by Seri Amrita. She had concentrated on having us preform heart-opening exercises. My arms are used to the array of exercises directed into the heart area between the arms. The host will cause me to “walk in the light where ever I may be…. walking in the glory of the light” part of the words from a Quaker hymn connected with George Fox.


I have a prayer I have used over the years with the words “Lord God of Hosts.” It is something I prayed in the morning as I woke up, looking out to the eastern sky asking for help with guidance for the day. On considering the dream Seri Amrita may represent my higher self, showing me how I can step onto this light as I awake up.

photo 2-368

This stepping stool beside the bed, is available to get me over my stumbling. There is the possibility of stepping out into the light and all that will mean for me, as I  open my heart to the work I do. I feel peace every time I see this image in my mind. I call it to mind now, as it is so fresh from my dream.

photo 5-305


Today I had some active imagination work with the dream. I decided to work with the “Lord God of Hosts Image.” Another name for Lord God of Hosts is Father. I usually consider the presence of Jesus, associated with love and my heart chakra and is the Christ light.

The higher chakras represented in my brain are connected to God the Father as in “Our Father who art in Heaven.” That piece of us inhabited by the father is the heaven within, or at least a place from such energy to rest in us.  I have been making an effort to be more silent so I may hear the Father and see if there is some voice from the heavens available to me. The conversation went like this.

photo 4-339

Rose; “I am at the door.” Father “No, I am at the door”

I do not particularly see the door. Yet next thing I am in front of a huge door that is open and I see light inside. It is swirling a bit. Green and white mist and lighted.

photo 1-421

Beautiful doors created us everywhere in Morocco. Seri Amrita pictured above also. 

Then the voice is saying, “ If you had the faith of a mustard seed, you could move you and all present with you now into my space, knocking down all walls and all doors. I am as near as your heart inside, I am as present as the bowl of your brain.” I feel moved; I feel my heart soften a little.

Dreams come in many different kinds, dreams of encouragement, of knowledge, of chastisement, of showing our shadow side, good and bad. Dreams of the Kundalini energy in the body, health related dreams as well many others. Why not pay attention and write down your dreams. Then you can get support and get the attention from me, who has been working with dreams for nearly half a centaury now. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you in my home office here in Harrisonburg.


No dreams yet of riding the camel

Be sure to like my blog if you do and to comment as I value your words. Many thanks. Love from Rose.



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