Mariah’s Halloween Love Stories


Artwork from Morocco

When Mariah visited with her friends, a marvelous story was shared by a widow of some years, of how she was able to leave her deceased family man/lover of many years and move without regret into her new lovers arms. The widow and her new lover had discussed and planned the where and when of the start of their new life together. It was in the nights between the first two moons of the year and a few nights before their tryst. It was cold in the widow’s bedroom under the roof, well cushioned by feathers, well fortified by insulation, and she warm as toast underneath, sleeping alone.  She was thinking deeply about these new arrangements, with a little backwards salty staring into the past thinking of the separating of the pillars of her new and old lovers.

photo 2-4

Pillar in Marrakech, with holy writing on upper part.

There were no opening in the room and yet it felt like there was a movement of cold air around and around. But she was falling into sleep, she was hypnogogic, between lovers, between sleep and between the sheets. She tried to rouse herself but was too far gone down and yet with all the commotion of the moving air, she began to feel a form, spooned onto her back, an arm resting lightly on her, holding her tight and she with her hand laid on his arm near his wrist. It could not be her new lover, as the weight of him did not feel right to her but the form brought her back to her deceased lover. She called his name, as she rose up only to see him fly into a thousand pieces of white ghostly papers that faded through the air leaving her alone in the dark room.

photo 2-6

Old lovers/old olive trees

Her old lover, of many many years, some long and hard, wanted to hold her one more time, wanted to say good by, wanted to tell her it was all right to go to her new lover without a smidgen of regret, of hesitation, free to love again on this little earth. She felt all this as sure as she felt the certainty of his form holding her. He broke through from the other side riding in on her elevated emotions, her love for him, her excitement, her growing forward. He brought the cold circular wind to hold him together enough for her to feel him, to communicate with him. It gave her a holy blessing of finishing up something of her past life and starting again.

photo 5-5

 Rose in Morocco. They offered me a job, nothing else.

Unlike poor Orpheus, who went into the underworld to get his wife back, the widow fully appreciated this visit from her old lover, wishing her luck and saying goodbye. She did not need to have him back but she had the same experience as Orpheus, seeing him fade through the air, as she looked around.

photo 4-4

A pomegranates growing on the roof of the Jasmine Riad in Marrakech. This fruit is associated with the underworld.

When Mariah heard the above story, she linked it into the blessings that come through contact with the dead, that comes in the form of vision/dream. This is a loving story, the making of love, of love infused into life on this earth, first with one person and then with another in the best possible sense, trailing blessings in the going forward, bringing love and sweetness anew into life here in this earth.

photo 5-8

Other lovers negotiating; maybe the price for the fine red fez hat! The city of Fez is below and front.

This also reminded Mariah of the dream a woman had in her sixties the night before her second wedding.  Her dream shows her being linked by her father, to give her to her new lover. She was all dressed in white and white blossoms of the Spring in her hair. The bride took it as a lovely confirmation that it was ok to go ahead with this marriage, making a love start into her life again as she negotiated her later years.

photo 4-8

A lonesome man and his horse in Morocco.

And of course there is the story of Mariah’s mother appearing to one of her family members saying that practicing love on this earth is the most marvelous thing, the greatest opportunity, the ideal place. When all the feelings are filled with love, this body starts operating like a giant love station; complete with turbines inside designed to envelope the givers and the receivers with love, miraculously changing everything. The end.

Rose had a lovely afternoon in Hallandale Park. Sunday is her day to go there with or without company to exercise. She slowed down to watch a cardinal eating from one of the big yellow things fallen from the tree and littering the path. One had broken and the bird was very busy eating seeds from the inside.

photo 5-4

Rose started to stalk toward the bird and it remained there until she was within about six feet of the cardinal. In this quiet stalking Rose could hear all the birds singing in the nearby trees. She saw a Wilson Warbler with a little yellow on its head. It was very small bird, on its way south for the winter. The half pared walnut was on the path under a walnut tree. It seemed like the squirrel did not come down to retrieve his nut. So far  there is little color in the park but the path was pretty with nuts and leaves. Rose did the exercises and one of her favorites is on this one below.

photo 1-7

Lovely tee shirt as worn by Melon Pie

Contact me if you want to tell me of such similar things that happened to you relating to love. There is great wisdom to be taken from such contact with loved one, dead or alive, and from the loving reach from within to complete you, to fill all your feelings with love. Love from Rose. 







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