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A truck at the stop sign – view to mountains.

There is a slew of cars and trailer trucks coming down her street this morning, in a non stop procession, in a great rush through the intersection where Rose has asked the angels to help stop accidents by standing guard on all four corners of the road.

photo 2-17

Angels of the corners

A loud horn gets her attention, when an accident was avoided as a van was shoved into swerving toward the newly fixed wall.  No body even stopped,  except the hearts of Rose and surely those of the people in the two vehicles.

photo 2-18

Ivy growing in an old dent in the wall

Her stomach is clenching a little after that. She has to keep her attention on her stomach or it goes back to clenching mode. She is sitting with her feet in a hot basin of water, as a way to avoid the hot bath rituals of the morning. She saw that traffic stream before settling out there but sat there anyway. The ritual of the traffic seemed to bring a flow to her fingers even as it stopped her stomach working in its own ways.



Rose has a new Face Book Page especially for Dream Counseling.

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This is how her first posting went:

Welcome to my site. I will post relevant materials here to convince you to look into your dreams. How do you deal with the irrationality of dreams? What is the purpose and what caused them? You can change your view that the dreams are problem children. They are organic psychic element of yourself coming to take you through your blocks, into messages from the unconscious on how to do this. You or anyone else will not manipulate the unconscious and still it comes from inside you. Now you just have to record what is given. I have developed a dream book especially for recording the dreams systematically, to help you on your way. The question “What action will you take as a result of having your dream” is a soul question, only concerned with what is best for you, only concerned with your reasons for being here. And the easy part is that you get to decide on a daily basis what adjustment is best for you. You cannot go wrong with a cognitive behavioral approach on top of psychoanalytic. This my way of working with you . Then the next dream will come as comment on what you just recorded and decided to do. In today’s world you can look inside first and then go from there…. until next time.

Sometimes Rose writes a little poetry for her poetry group and posts it here. This is a recent composition:

photo 3-389

Another kind of wheel

As a child
She saw the great wheel
Startling sound
around and around

Her people got too near
Sucked out onto it
Always reaching
For the just out of grasp
Licks of honey
Drops of wine
Even as they lost their skin
And raw blood dripped
Until they slithered
Onto the ground
Again to heal
As they turned
back to the wheel

Until she was grown
A parent longing
After something just out of reach
She left the ground
Away from that sitting on the gravel
Of her heart gutted fears
Free at last, a chairoplane in the sky
Saying “who are those little peopled own there”
photo 4-8

A man and his horse in Morocco in the distance

Her strings got sucked into
The click clack of her longing
Fastened onto the wheel
Around and around
She hardly noticed her depleting
Her slipping back to the earth
Leached out of all her old blood
Ready to rise
Ready to love all the little people
left on the ground
where she left herself.


photo 4-14

That Wheel

I used to write a lot of “May Yous” and this is one with the traffic metaphor.

May you pause at your own stop signs and consider the right way to go. May the clash and crash of going the wrong way be stalled out by a horn blowing dream that outs you into seeing where your shadow is pushing for the broad and fiery way forward at the expense of the lame, the lonely, the lost in you.  May those large trucks of the collective that are inhabiting you, go back to their own ways. May you delve into what is individual in you, moving forward, joyful to be stalled out in that place of the crossroads, as you bring to mind, what will be needed to bring you back into the center for an up and down fluidity, between your unconscious and your building mind. The truck going by right now says “miles ahead.”

photo 1-20

What she saw in her dream in the sky

Rose had one of those dreams last night in which she was sure as sure can be that she was outside looking up at the blue sky and she sees a huge fish shape, a bit like an airplane going across. She is a little fearful. Then it whips around and is coming toward her. The sky is blue, the flying fish is white with gaps through which she sees the blue. It was a few minutes before she realized she was face down on her pillow in her bed.


And if you want  to work with the unconscious, the source of all mothering and creativity, shadow and movement, them your dreams are a great way to start. I look forward to hearing from you. Sending out a prayer for you. Love from Rose.

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