Dream from the Anima

Foraging yellow kinglet went up one side of the tree and down the other side and flew in front of my face to show me its beautiful yellow markings.

After the Druid Bernie left she thought she would get her new warm knitted socks on and go on a walkabout, as it was a fine evening and she liked watching the birds, with the sun shining. She could only find one of her socks. Where could the other one have gone? Then she searched the usual place of the socks; she searched her clothes; under chairs and beds, by the doors, in the blankets but had to settle for an older worn pair. When she put her foot into her boot, after warming the boot on the hob, it was then that she found her sock. It had stayed in her boot, lining it and not visible. Her foot pushed it down before her toes and it felt like an errant mouse scrunched in the bottom. She thought of all the times things had gone missing on her lately and felt like giving a long list of memory failures to the inanimate sock, but let it go.

Work in progress

Because it was the end of the year, the Druid Bernie was going around asking questions randomly of people – “Why do you think you are here and having answered that, why are you doing what you are doing now today.”…. As in sojourning on the earth and what is the reason for all this fuss of your life.

Yellow kinglet

The two women at the local market did not want to answer either question and continued venting about the chief druid, and all the things he does that are incorrect. One was sipping a hot drink, as it was cold and she looked very pale and shivery. She could not be persuaded from her task of venting. Another said she was there to help her friend pack up after the market because she wanted to help her. The Druid seemed happy with this talk and as they walked to her home, he said the latter had the right idea, that finding ways to give love, to be a servant was in the right direction.

The new socks

As she was getting the turf fire higher she heard the Druid Bernie say that she does have free will. She remembered one of her village grandmothers’ saying she did have free will to choose her attitude, the rest was a matter of having an accepting attitude to what ever life dished up to her.  The druid said that if she could accept that, she would be able to move forward more lightly on her path. 

The lovely river attracts a lot of birds

“Okay,”she said, “so I accept I can choose my attitude, redirect my attention to other thoughts, so now what.” The Druid said that it all depends on the intuition, the dreams, the meditations, inklings, the holy writings. That is a lot of variables she said.

Mariah said, “I have an attitude of making some lovely tea for you and I am glad you are brightening up my room right now and that we can share. I do not have any milk this morning for your tea, as the dwarves let me know there are some problems with delivery.

A little mood just caught in her thoughts.

Will I get in a mood about that Druid Bernie wondered out loud? “Well there you have it” she said, “what mood are you going to choose about this tea?” He pulled out an orange and offered her some and he sipped his tea without the milk. They got in a very good form as the mood enhancing tea took its effect. “I have redirected my attention from my greedy desire for milk in my tea” said the Druid with a half smile.

Some of the family

The Druid said he had a dream of being with another fellow, who was helpful. This fellow wanted him to write out his ten favorite words. He showed him ten favorite words left on the wall by a woman who had been there recently. The only word he brought back from the dream wall was “Lest”. Mariah turned the tables on the Druid and quizzed him. He said the word “lest” was one his grandmother used, as a caution, to make sure and do something “lest you end up a lazy old slob etc.” She used it many times to force him into the way, the path she thought he should go. “What is wrong with that?” asked Mariah.

“Well now that I am an old Leprechaun, I have to make sure I am not using this method on myself to force myself to do certain things lest my Grandmother’s curse come upon. My job is to look to the dreams and intuition to help me. My inner woman is that woman who left the word for me in the dream, “Lest.” I have to look again at what was put into me from a very young age by the women in my life, mother and grandmother. ” Oh I see” she said. “Yes, Grandmother was a formidable matriarch and had a strong influence on me in a strangling way and it is my job to loosen those bands and drop them.” “Do not drop them on my floor” she said as she swept the last of the dirt out the door. “My old grandmother’s attitude will not serve me well now as I try and let go of all the “lest” in my life.Thanks for the help with the dream” and he went his way.

Grandmother and her Lest

When Uisneach came home, Mariah talked about their ten favorite words as they played their game of bones. They took out pieces of paper and wrote down many words, which were crossed out just as often. They settled for the words that came up through the game and make up poems for each other with the words that presented themselves. These words gave them license to say things, to consider things they might not bring out into the open, otherwise. They felt they went on a path where the spirit was leading, giving them mighty words, which they flung around the room letting them land where they may, ringing in laughter into all corners of the house. Some others joined, brought in by the laughter and there was music and good cheer before the night was over. They finished up with the song “Love is my Religion” sang by the band  “Melon and The Batticus.” Mariah was very grateful for a full and fun filled evening, having laughed her sides sore.   The end. 

Happy Holidays, Happy Christmas, Happy Solstice and Sat Nam to all my readers. Hope that you find all your favorite words to fall out of your mouth, and all your favorite foods to fall into your mouth. I was cooking lions mane mushrooms which I got in the market and other winter vegetables as that is my task for the party.

All the above came to the party and while they may look serious, there was a lot of laughter and even though the joke was on me a time or two, I laughed more than 200 time that evening. Let me know if you like or if you laugh as a result of the above words.Love from Rose.


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