Happy New Year 2019

When the Druid asked Mariah why she though she was on the earth, walking about, she mulled it over in the next few days. She knew it was the time of the change from moving toward darkness back to light, the days would be getting longer, the nights shorter from here on out. She knew she could have another go around the sun this coming year and she would try and make some difference to something. She was sure the Druid would have something in mind, new year revolution and new year resolutions. 

Mariah out in the moonlight looking for meaning

She roamed about watching for the full moon as it cast its light into a cloud above. She sang the old song to the moon, “Moonlight so light and pale, from the sky falling.” Then she dropped into the old wooden seat beneath a tree and watched the last moon of the year rise up. She saw some meteoroids streaking through the atmosphere. One landed near her feet and she saw it glow briefly. She would pick it up later and keep it for a talisman of that night, a stone tachyonised by coming through the atmosphere, something to see through even though it looks black on the outside. This Cintamani Stone would be treasured by Uishneach and he would be very interested in seeing what she had found. 

Pleased to see a Cintamani stone at her feet.Two faces in one maybe.

She decided to meditate in the here and now, to see if she could raise herself enough to see into the next year and what she could do to improve everything. First of all she was very quiet, very mindful, trying to think nothing. She kept her pen and paper near in case something spectacular happened. 

She left paper nearby and the cat was a bit of a disturbance for a while until he left her.

She thought about breathing down into the five petaled pelvis, bringing light down, bringing blow down into the pelvis. Orange was pushed out of the right side. The red and yellow went up and around. The eyes of the healer were on both sides. The division, the seeing around the corners. Throwing herself away, less and less of her and into the center to access the blue line up and down, full and overflowing.

The light she saw in meditation was not this light.

Then she saw a brilliant light in that space as she breathed in and out and held that breath out. In that space, which was three dimensional, there was a nanosecond of light. It was so quick, so bright, so diamond, so silver. She said her Source is a nanosecond of light that is brilliant, running. God is all time, God is all space. God is the time she puts in, in the space within looking for the Face. God cannot be forced, God cannot be taken. Om Mani Parma Om, traveling into that which covers the farthest Ones. The longer she stayed quiet, the more peaceful and loving she felt. 

She fell asleep there on the bench, feeling at peace, saying that she and the Heavenly are One. She dreamed of a great tree with water all around the bottom of it and she was standing up to her knees in the water. There was more to it but she did not write it down and so was left with the image of the big tree, which at the time just after having the dream seemed a marvelous thing. Happy New Year she said to no one in particular as she made her way home into the warmth of her house. The end. 

The tree was 9″ across or more

Rose made her way to Purcell Park and not being too anxious to vex her knees by walking, she decided to do her Qi Gong exercises beside a pond with the river behind her. It was only as she was finishing her set that she realized she was under the biggest tree and had her photo taken there. And while she was not up to her knees in water, there was the pond in front of her and the river behind her. She remembered her dream of the night and was taken aback that she failed to notice that lovely tree when she stopped there first. She loved being there for a change as she often spent time there with her children in the past when they played on the old airplane for many contented hours. 

Last night Rose went to a great after Christmas Party at Lois Crawford’s home. Rose had a very jolly time talking about dreams with a few people that shared a dream or two. She had a hard time sleeping later but managed some nods and winks until she woke about 2 am and meditated. She is looking for the “peace that passeth understanding” and sometimes feels a little glimpse of this as she insists on going inwards, deeper until she crashes into that touch of light that is nothing like anything she can describe, but is everything like she needs and wants. She hopes to put herself in the way to rise up that light of Christ so that that can make all the difference to herself and others, that is her ideal for the New Year. This is that which will make a difference to her personally, in her community and in her country. (If you raise me up I will bring all men to me.”)

She started out as a pen drawing self portrait above and evolved in the last day or two with the colors.

As the New Year comes in, my feeling of anticipation is less. I hope to do a poster board representing what I want to bring into the New Year coming, 2019. I will put some representation of my ideal there. Hopefully I will not forget what I am about. I want to be of service to others through my gift of the dream interpretation. Come share in this through dream counseling and I will help you find your ideal and your gift that speaks to the reason why we are both here in this lovely blue planet. It will speaks to the Druid Bernie’s original question above; why we are here in the first place. Happy New Year. Love from Rose.

Thirty nine year anniversry, married in Ireland on 29th December 1979

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pps this is the link to blog I wrote last year. https://roselongworth.com/2017/12/28/at-the-party/

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