The Feet

One toe has almost disappeared when looked at from underneath

One sunny afternoon lately Rose took a look at the bottom of her feet and was amazed to find one of her toes underneath has disappeared. The foot on the right side in general looks older, had a sticking out bone, maybe a bunion below the big toe, which whenever it gets a chance, sports an ingrown toenail, the big toe she means. 

New York Pedicure

All this is inspired by the woman on Facebook who got a gift of a pedicure for Christmas and when she went to use it, the woman attending to her gave her a look when she saw her foot and took out the “cheese grater” to straighten everything out. Her comments made me laugh. 

Somebody is reading the Secret Teachings of all Ages

In dreams the feet are what you stand on and depending on what is happening with the feet, there will be an interpretation found.


Her recent dream involved her animus, her inner male person. As it was a real man she knows, she initially wanted it to be about him and his girl, and she had her own ideas/plans about it all. Later she though of it as her owndream, about her inner male energies, as imprinted by her father. Rose’s dream man is having an interview with his bosses and they have notes about what he said and when. They said that he said that since he had the baby, he has not been able to concentrate properly. 

I mended these slippers again for the New Year. They both have blue soles now.

The baby is Rose’s attempt at connecting with the presence of God. This male part of her psyche, an archetype, is not very helpful and complains. The only thing she could relate this to is her way of complaining, of looking at that which bothers her, going over it and not letting it go. 

Rose has four living sisters, all fruit from the same tree. I love them all.That has to be me in the center, as I am the smallest of them all.

One of her lovely sisters said to her “there you go again, feeling sorry for yourself.” Rose looked around, to see if this insult could be about someone else. No it was her. (They were on the phone.)

There is really nothing to complain about. It is better to declare the no one owes you anything. It is the “forgive us our debtors ” injunction. They may still owe you but as far as you are concerned, no one owes you. You can feel something falling off of you as you do this. The promise is that what ever you owe to God will be dropped by God as a result of you forgiving others.

It is not that difficult to notice how this complaining takes up quiet a big portion of her time, and is a record going around and around. She always puts something on it to be looked at from all angles, to be complained about. When it is quiet done she puts it on the shelf. At the least reminder, trigger, she pulls it back down, and set it to rolling, adding to it if she can. She can be triggered by any nonsense. She is also bored  with this being sorry for herself. 

The ability of the mind to go around and around will be always there (until she wears it out and becomes senile or not.) She can choose what she will put on that record. Right now it is this writing and she can do the same thing with this record, looking at what she is writing from all angels, waiting for the twists and turns to carry her into the presence. That is a tall order but the mind is the servant of the spirit and is meant to help us. It gets into a gangly mess if used upside down on complaints. It is a tool of the ego then. 

I got cabin fever last evening, not having a party to attend and our usual haunt out of commission due to recovery issues. I rode my bike up a hill and as I walked along due to the steep incline, I met a young woman I am acquainted with, smoking on her porch and joined her as she told me her dream and her life. She is a courageous and daring  young person, who is not yet twenty-two. Then I rode my bike to see a young family that I know who lives near by. Again we had a lovely time and discussed a dream or two, as she plied me with some pieces of her dinner leftovers. I had root vegetables earlier, and was very hungry for those “oh so yummy” morsels. 

 The de-j’a-vu dream/event became the topic. I wanted to connect it to past life experiences, that we are triggered into the same past life memories more than once in this lifetime. It might be as simple as hearing the drops of water coming off a roof, so real, so near, happening exactly the same on two different occasions. Then throw in the fact, that we are here to learn about love and spirit as we grapple with servitude, health issues, lack of money issues, whatever comes our way etc. There is always an interface with consciousness, our own higher consciousness, directing us, instead of pushing and pulling based on our fears. 

In the end I am left with the inklings I have. I had an inkling to leave my house on my bike, to go with the direction I was to go, to talk to those I talked with, to loose my cabin fever, to exercise my bones, to feel connected and to put on my bicycle light and hope that my own little light can keep blinking in the right way in this coming year. I wish you a great New Year.

Keep praying and all will be well, you for me and me for you. Meditate five times a day and in the middle of the night, and/or at 8.00 am. One minute for every year of your life. All times are good times to entertain the higher consciousness.Love from Rose.

Tina, the most lovely black cat.

Like my writing, share or comment. I appreciate your attention to this and wish you a glimplse into what is so close to you, what is there for the asking. Love from Rose.   

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