The Importance of being in Earnest

An artistic response to exploring who God is in a Bible Study.

Yoga links the eastern and western ideas relating to the spiritual and brings in the whole idea of chakras. Kundalini on the one hand is a force in the body, that travels from the base of the spine to the third eye going through the seven chakras along the way from base to top and on the other hand She, Goddess/God, is the sleeping snake, resting at the base of the spine, rising under certain conditions.  

Red Orange and Yellow are the colors of the lower chakras

The dream symbology, and the dreams of people surprise Rose with the vividness of colors connected to chakras and the movement of energy, sometimes as snake, within the body. There are books connected to Yoga and breathing, linking up with meditation, bringing in the body and getting us out of the head. And there is Rose, practicing meditation daily and paying attention to the body. Sometimes motivated by disease, which gives her a better focus, a better motivation to go within looking for awareness and be in the spine physically as well as metaphysically. She has some great days now.

Blue and greens are included here representing the higher chakras.

Another way for Rose to get out of her head is to go to the Kundalini Yoga class as given by Siri Amrita, at the Center(Icehouse) here in Harrisonburg, where Siri Amrita uses a combination of exercises and breathing /mudras that target chakras. She uses sacred mantras and wraps it all up with songs she chooses. Being moved by familiar songs “Oh Mother hear my prayer” and last night again, as she played a “Hail Mary” song, students are moved to commit to God/Source, and feel the prickle of the tears behind the eyes.  

On a recent trip to Washington to be in a day long meditation. Siri Amrita is second from right with two other attenders. We had a great day.

All the words of one of Siri Amrita’s recent mantras eludes Rose now and Siri Amrita would not want her putting them here, as she feels there is a tuning in and a tuning out process that goes with them and is anxious that this invocation of protection bookend all such spiritual practices.  Rose’s personal bookends are the Our Father to start meditation and The Lord is my Shepherd to end. She often sings them, especially as she ends her practice. Her choices come to her through her mother religion and reinforced by the Edgar Cayce readings. (Edgar 

Joe and I are attending a full moon meditation near Harrisonburg, led by Siri Amrita on lower right.

They particularly appealed to Rose, as she has already had such familiarity with both this opening and ending prayer.  Jesus gave the “Our Father” to his disciples when they asked him how they should pray. The Psalm 93, The Lord is my Shepherd, closes the chakras down at the end of meditation. 

Inner light and outer lights from a little shop in Marrakech

Siri Amrita’s has a start up chant and her finish up song is “May the Long Time Sun Shine upon you.” One of Rose’s friends, christian, asked Rose in alarm what the words meant of the chant in an ancient tongue at the beginning of practice. Rose cannot keep it all straight, but it is addressing Source and ways to be closer with God, just like the Our Father. She just knows that when she sing “May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you…” she feels she is swimming in an ocean of love at the end of practice. At the end of the class Rose is full of smiles and feels she has turned herself around right.

The blue of the sky and water and the brown of the earth and the white rocks running between. White stones by the River Wayne.

 The imagery from last night’s Monday Kundalini class stays with Rose. There were three images associated with a mantra, that stay fresh in her mind, as an artist. The first connection was to the lower part of her, as in the three lower chakras, the earth of her, by seeing a deep red grey earth color in the area below her heart, down to the root chakra in the lower part of the pelvic basin.  The second connection is the electric blue of the heavens, connecting her to the higher chakras from the heart up through the head, from the throat to the third eye. The third image was in between the throat and the bellybutton, in the heart area. Straddling or connecting the above two colors of rich red gray and electric blue is the white light, in a circle/bubble, in the center, woven into the heart area.  It is the white light energy connected to the heart, is Christ energy. Rose has had the experience of seeing stars flying out in all directions from the heart area.

I am being invited to put my step into the white light but my leg is bent out of shape about it when I had the dream. Green represents the heart.

The above exercise brings Rose back to the dream she had about Siri Amrita, when she gave Rose a huge host and asked her to step into it, no longer the ritual but the living in and the giving out of light.

Holy Communion, the Host, is part of the ritual of Rose’s mother religion. She partook of this communiton from the age of six, when she received her First Holy Communion, in a white dress preceded by her first confession. In boarding school, going to Mass and Holy Communion was a part and parcel of the daily rounds. She continued with the practice in catholic churches in Ireland and in Virginia, until about fifteen years ago or so. With the dream of stepping into it, the host symbology, has brought Rose to a different energetic awareness. Her understanding of that light in the heart area, big and round, and if she evoke this holy communion of Christ, Jesus, then she had something to give within the babble, bubble of her life.It is the “Our Father’s” will to give us this pouring down into the Heart Area. We have to receive the light, with the emphasis on the “receive.”

Some pouring down going on here

Now she sees it more clearly, as the white energy in her, connecting her to the heavens and to the earth. The words from the “Our Father” are; “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” in the higher chakras as in the lower chakras. She is excited to write about this deep connections between many things including the stream of life that underpins the psychic, the psychoanalytic, the dreams, the unconscious, all religions and the right side of the brain bringing in color, experience.

She had a conversation with God recently as to why she is not cured of her pain etc and uses some unholy words like “You were always curing cripples, so why not me.”

She got an answer in her next meditation along the lines of Jesus coming to her and showing her the light in the heart and the light that can be given out from that place where heart light and love reside. It was like Jesus was saying “We have an agreement” relating to this host that is not a ritual but a literal giving out of the energy of Christ/Source/God/Love to others she serves, when she meets them. It is not particularly related to the job but it can be.

Love Rose.

Like if you do, share if you dare, comment if you will, contact me for a counseling session if moved to do so, see my dream counseling Facebook page for inspiration relating to recording dreams and say prayers for me and mine. I am praying for my readers. May you ever be in the arms of the Light filled Beloved.

A deep blue sky behind me.

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  1. rlongwort says:
    This is a picture of New Grange in Ireland. The pouring down picture above reminded John Bradley of his visit to the above place.

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