I See the Moon, the Moon sees me.

My version of the moon

The wonderful moon eclipse inspired many people last Sunday night. In spite of it’s lateness, octogenarians and young people alike made a point of looking at it, as it went through it’s phases, all the way to 1.00 am and later. They spoke excitedly of it noting how they got texts from family members to be sure and look at it. 

It was a cold clear night for the most part. I was not too careful about dressing my lower half and just wore my light slippers on my feet. I had the sense to put on a coat and my big shawl on overly pjs and something resembling a hat, which kept falling off my head, when I lay down. My preferred hat, made of soft wool, a balaclava type, was missing in action hiding under a cushion. Even a wall hat did not want to go outside


The man on the moon perhaps

My plan was to get under the (small) electric blanket I keep out on the porch and to lie down and look up from the dry boards of my porch, leaning out of the place I had chosen, as the moon was on a trajectory out of my sight all the time, over the roof, from where I lay.  I moved with it and got closer and closer to falling off the porch. My neck has a little extra tweak in it since that time, but well worth it to see the moon. Even with some wrapping up of myself in that electric blanket and putting another blanket over my feet the wind was very inquisitive and blew on me from all directions. 

I watched that pearly moon, no longer flat but round in shape, as it showed off its luster in the sparkling coldness of that night.  I had intended to meditate but had to keep adjusting those slippery blankets, which fell off of me and off of the porch. I just knew I should be meditating deeply, but old Jack Frost, was determined to keep me in my body by virtue of the cold. I was wide-awake all the time.

Where the dominos fell

The other problem was that when my head was covered well, my eyes could not see the moon for the hair and the lip of the cap too close over my eyes. I just had to keep adjusting. In getting a pillow on a chair I knocked down a big box of Domino bricks and just left them there to freeze like myself. I had left them on a chair to discourage the lovely black cat, Cocoa, from using my electric blanket as a way station, a place to clean his coat, in the sunshine, on those lovely warm days.

Tina was not around outside

There were people on the street and I heard the crunch of their feet on the grass nearby where there is no footpath. I wondered if a possum might stroll by but happily there were no animal visits that I was aware of. Those littler sounds most likely were the wind. That is what I told myself. Stabilizing the blankets around me in a better way, mostly alluded me too.

I watched the eclipse go full tilt from white round pearl into silver dark. It hung there near me, it seemed in its fullness, inviting me to stop and step on to it. It seemed so near. Some myths say that the moon gets filled up with souls who have passed away, and when it is full with those bright light-bearing souls, they all leave for the Many Mansions on the night of the full moon.

Many mansions

As I watched the dark silver moon, I saw a little sliver of golden light on the side of the moon, making it look like a cup turned on its side, light pouring out. As that light got stronger and filled the moon back up with light, there was a blue aura all around the backside of the moon as the sun made the sky around the moon look a dark blue. That blue was just on three sides of the moon. Where the sun started to shine on the moon, the sky was darker.

 When I got up I was astounded at the feeling of heaviness in my body, not unpleasant but noticeable and groundling, connected to light so far far away and feeling the pull of the moon, like a lay line into my heart. 

The moon travelled down to her.

I dreamed I found my lost earring with the two pearls on it, under a bench, near where a truck stopped. I was so surprised to find it there, as I had lost it twice lately, in reality. The pearls looked big like that moon above. I was happy and just for good measure many of my lost gloves were there also.

Feeling a little chilly

I will leave you with some words I wrote after a recent meditation:

I wanted to see the ocean recently but no one would go with me. Then the ocean came to me. With The body as ocean and the place where the tides meet land, in an out, the breath of the sea, ecstasy, Thy breath of me. In my breathing, going down through me, like the tide, in and out at the edge of the ocean, white and blue and green. Water and breeze and sand swishing in and out in the body and breath movement. God in the heartbeat. I am Thou Thee. A great peace and at the ocean. Felt the hands of love at the heart and felt loved, once again with Thee, feelings of delight and beauty, stars flying out of the heart area. Flowing back and forth around the hips and down the legs, feeling all love surrounds me.

Pray for me as I pray for my readers. Like if you do, share if you like and comments are so sweet and great to see. And an hour working with you and your dreams is the biggest gift of all. I am on Psychology Today, where you can find my contact information or on this site as a message. Love from Rose.

She got a little moonlight into her palm, taken while on the Ganges River in Benares at the Festival of Lights.

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