Vernal Equinox

Mother Nature is busy again this Spring time

Mariah put on all her green clothes, it was the Vernal Equinox day and a full Super moon all at the same time. She was down the lane, all her house work taken care of, and she had a free time to sit in the hedge and watch the primroses emerge, great wheels of pale yellow flowers opening to the warm spring sunshine, shining out from shaded vernal banks. 


The Druid Bernie came by and lit his pipe and sat on a mossy rock. She told him she had been wondering about her thoughts and the part they played in everything. He encouraged her to keep talking and thoughting, as he nodded between puffs of his pipe. Everyone I look at I have thoughts for and they are good and bad thoughts, likes and dislikes. I can even make myself change my thoughts by having empathy, or walking in their shoes in my mind. Any number of thoughts is free to me, all the time. I may be having seven thousand thoughts every day, or more.

Lots of thoughts

More like seventy thousand thoughts said the Druid. You are eating from the Tree of Good and Evil right there. This is good and this is evil for me.

Trees and their reflections – Thoughts and their reflections.

Mariah said, “I might think of Raisin Dubh and tagged on to that thought is a huge pile of memories, any number of which I can go over. Mariah remembered her mother saying the phrase; “Why are you coming over that again?” Some of the memories are not the best, involving hurt or sadness, of anger and some are marvelous, involving joy and happiness.

The Druid said, “We are hard wired to go over thoughts again, as thoughts might help us plan to stay safe. But we are safe in the lane here now, no need to worry about the past events and we can look at the flowers and hope the hedge hogs are happy making up new families. But they are not necessarily enlightened thoughts, the good or the bad ones.”

So now what?

Meditating into the streams of live.

He suggested that he and Mariah meditate in the silence, stop the thoughts and see if they could see about this enlightenment. Stop thinking if you can and then Silence he mumbled. Let us not eat from that Tree of Good and Evil just for a few minutes.

Talking in the green laneway

She had to call herself back again and again into her center, into her breathing to get to some semblance of silence. She noticed the air coming in and out of her nose. She had the fantasy that the nostrils were pulling air in from over her head and were blowing it back out straight down. She never noticed that before. If the Father in heaven was in her head, then it felt he was breathing her in these up and down motions, and involving her whole body in the process. Was this some secret language of the soul, with no words involved?

She asked God to cleanse her chakras, those seven stars all through her backbone. She thought she could see them. The star shape came to her and she could see how everything jigsaws into everything in those star shapes. Everything and everyone is connected. The Milky Way, full of Star Systems was all included, great circles of God in great broken rings.  

Daffodils are visiting again

She had to jump over the edge and let go of everything that held her head together. She saw her head pealing away on the outside like the peals of an apple, neat and even and going out and out. She merged with the sky, she was not thinking but flying.

Stars and streams of life all down through the backbone.

When she told the Druid Bernie of her experience, he was not much interested but commented that she might be getting nearer to the Tree of Life. It is different from the judging of the Tree of Good and Evil and when you get closer to the streams of the Tree of Life, it is like the sap in a Tree, flowing mightily with life, creating great wheels of flowers and fruits. The core of an apple when cut across is in the shape of a lovely star.

Winter trees against beautiful blue

Druid Bernie was carrying a bag of lovely red apples and he gave them to Mariah and said she could eat one a day before meditation to remind her of her last meditation and to encourage her to continue to seek for the Tree of Life. After you touch off the Tree of Life, the thoughts coming to you will be a little more enlightened.

A full Super Moon

He said he got the glorious sweet apples, from a tree his mother planted in her home place. The place is abandoned but the tree still produces as if there are ten families residing there still. The tree never takes offence, or has any thoughts about what is good and evil.

Like the center of an apple

Mariah took the apples and watched the Druid Bernie as the last of his green robe disappeared around the corner of the lane, held in place by overarching trees and a think hedge. She thought she saw a hedgehog in the distance too with his starry little nose. 

Looking into the river

She went home to see if Uishneach was going to play his whistle this evening. People would soon be coming to her cleaned up house and she felt cleaned up from her meditation with the Druid. They would have a great night between them all with the notes of that little whistle floating to great her in the light of the full super moon on the evening when the sun comes back to greet them with more light and more warmth in the mild northern climate. She felt vernal in her heart, a wonderful green, filled with lightness and of healing. It would keep her going in a very good mood for many days.  She felt she had partook of some spiritual food and it filled her up. The end. 

More flowers in a warm corner.
What stands between the Spirit and us? What untruths, thoughts need to be examined, recycled, trashed, and revised as a step in the ladder of light? Or do we need to side step more of our thoughts, touch into the Spirit through silence, and them we will have more enlightened thoughts. It takes an every day practice of meditation to keep sorting through the nonsense thoughts.
A little cleaning in water is always good before meditation

Happy Vernal Equinox at two minutes to 6pm today to you. Love from Rose.

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